Appalachian Love

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Lillie stepped onto the porch of her tiny cabin and was met by the brilliance of the setting sun on the western horizon. Placing her hand on her forehead to shield her eyes, she wondered if he was out there somewhere right now, watching her.

She turned and looked at her reflection in the window. Her plain cotton dress, damp and clinging to her skin from the late afternoon heat and humidity, accentuated her figure. She raised her arms above her head and turned in a slow seductive circle.

She cupped her hands to her mouth. “Why don’t you come out and show yourself?” she teased, in her smooth southern drawl. There was no answer, but she thought she saw a shadow of movement behind the huge moss-covered oak in her front yard.

Lillie, who had just turned eighteen this past November, was the youngest widow in the valley. She wouldn’t be a widow now, she thought, if that old tree hadn’t fallen on Jake and mashed him flat as a pancake. But, what happened had happened, and there wasn’t a thing in the whole world that would bring Jake back to her.

Lillie sat in the rocking chair Jake had made for her. It was solid oak, strong and sturdy. She thought back to the day of the funeral and how her Pa had said, “You’re gonna need a man around to help with these chores. I got your ma to tend to with her bad back and all, so I ain’t gonna be of much help.”

“I can do them myself, Pa,” Lillie remembered saying. “I’m a grown up woman.”

Her Pa turned and spit a dark stream of tobacco juice. “Jake was a good boy, no doubt. But you can’t tend a garden, plow corn with that old mule, keep up hogs and chickens, and do all the homemakin a woman’s got to do all by yourself. I know you’re powerful sad that Jake is gone, but I don’t think you should wait too long to get hitched up again. And another thing, you’re nigh on twenty years, and your belly ain’t swelled up with the first youngin.”

“Pa, don’t say such as that. I can’t think about youngins or another husband when I don’t even have this one long buried.”

The memories continued as she rocked and watched the glare of the sunset turn into the purple cloak of night. Crickets chirped, and somewhere in the distance, a night owl screeched. Lillie squinted in the direction of the oak but saw no shadow. Had he gone? If so, she knew he would return.


Billy Ray slipped down the bank of the creek bed as easily and quietly as a deer. He knew Lillie Perkins hadn’t seen him. He had spent most of his nineteen years hunting and trapping in these hills and hollers, and he knew how to be quiet and nearly invisible. Tonight was no different. When his chores were finished, he had walked the two miles to her cabin. On the way he thought on how he had tried to court her. Lillie enjoyed the attention he paid her, but there was something about that ole Jake Perkins that won her out. Billy Ray was jealous because she had picked Jake for a husband, but not angry. Jake had been a good man, hard workin and honest. But now, Jake wasn’t around anymore, and Lillie needed someone to look after her, and he was just the man to do it. Even if he had to play second fiddle to Jake’s memory, it was worth it to have Lillie.

Billy Ray, with his hands tucked in his overall pockets, continued walking the creek bed. Maybe if I went back now, she might be sittin at her needle work, he thought. I might be able to peek in and get one more look at that pretty face before I go home. There had been many a night he had laid in his canlı bahis cabin and thought about Lillie. He glanced up at the full moon and made his decision. He would go back for one more look.


Lillie finished carrying the last bucket of water from the well for her bath. She already had a large pot boiling on the stove to add heat to the water. After such a long day walking behind that ole mule, she was ready to relax. She released the string holding her hair tied to the top of her head. Her long blond hair fell easily below her shoulders. Before slipping out of her dress she stopped long enough to add some fresh honeysuckle blossoms to the water.

Outside, Billy Ray was making his way slowly toward the cabin. He knew she hadn’t gone to bed because he could see the light of her kerosene lamp. He slipped up silently around the porch and ducked below the partially open window. Slowly, he raised his eyes to the bottom of the window ledge. “Glory be,” he muttered at the sight before him. Lillie was unbuttoning the first three buttons on her dress. He could see the tin tub filled with water, and he caught the smell of fresh honeysuckle. He knew the right thing to do would be to look away at this most private time, but he couldn’t force himself. He didn’t want to.

Lillie suddenly turned toward the window. Billy Ray ducked quickly. He heard her footsteps on the wooden floor. Then she was at the window, peering out. She was holding the front of her dress together with one hand, while she pulled the thin cotton curtains closed. Billy Ray held his breath. He didn’t think she saw him, but he wasn’t positive. He waited until he heard her footsteps as she walked away, and then slowly raised his head again. Now, silhouetted by the curtain, Billy Ray saw the cotton dress drop to the floor and Lillie step out of it.

She looked over her shoulder toward the window for a moment, turned back to the tub, and smiled. She slipped easily out of her under garments and stepped into the tub. She reclined and let the fragrant water encircle her. She hummed an old mountain tune as she squeezed the sponge over herself.

The outline of her body just before she stepped into the tub made Billy Ray’s heart skip a beat. She was prettier than any of those women he had seen in the city girl’s magazine last year. Her skin looked soft and smooth. Her breasts were large and firm, like melons on the vine. Her hips were well rounded and sturdy. She is one fine lookin woman, Billy Ray thought, as he felt himself growing large inside his overalls.

The humming stopped. Lillie tossed the sponge from the tub and began speaking softly. Billy Ray leaned closer. Over the splashing water he could hear her.

“Oh my lover, caress me now. Touch me how I liked to be touched. Lay me down and let me spread myself for you. Your hands big and strong, and yet tender against my skin. Yes . . . just like that.” Through the thin curtain he could see the outline of her left hand as it moved across her breast. Her right hand was below the water as she began to rock gently back and forth. Her movements were becoming more determined, her head rolling from side to side. Moaning now, she called, “Oh yes, take me.”

Billy Ray couldn’t stand the pressure any longer. He unsnapped the two buttons in the crotch of his overalls and released his cock. He stroked himself slowly as he continued to watch and listen.

“My lover,” she nearly wailed, “fuck me hard now.” Lillie was thrusting her hips in bahis siteleri the small tub. Water splashed onto the floor. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she yelled with each thrust as she neared completion. Billy Ray’s mind was spinning. Sweat poured from his face as he quickened the pace on his rigid cock.

“Billy Ray Shaw!”

He stopped suddenly and nearly fell over backwards.

“Billy Ray Shaw, I know that’s you outside my window. And I also know you have been watchin me for a long spell. Now, if you don’t get in here this minute, I’m gonna come out there and drag you in here myself.”

Billy Ray quickly stepped onto the porch and was met by Lillie wrapped in a small quilt.

“My, my, my,” she said, staring downward. “Looks like sumthin’s done got you all worked up. I don’t reckon you been watchin me while I bathe myself now, have you?” she teased.

In his haste to get to her door, Billy Ray had forgotten to button his overalls. Not only that, but his cock was standing straight out and as hard as a corn cob.

“Miz Lillie, I . . .”

“Shhhh! There ain’t no need for you to explain,” she said, still fixing her eyes on his cock. She took him by the hand and led him into the cabin and closed the door. “Sit over here next to me, Billy Ray.” She patted a spot next to her on her feather bed. “Fact is,” she continued, “I know you ain’t been with a woman in some time. And me, I ain’t had a man since Jake passed. Now, I ain’t sayin I’ll marry up with you or anything. I’d have to have you talk to my Pa first. What I am sayin is you just happen to catch me at the right time. I’m feelin like a doe in heat.” She nuzzled up close to his ear and whispered, “You can have me if you want me.”

Billy Ray was a big man, but he took his time and was gentle with her as he laid her back on the bed. He pulled the small quilt aside. She was even more beautiful than he imagined.

Standing, he unfastened his overalls, stepped out of them and joined her on the bed.

“Hold me tight and kiss me deep and hard,” Lillie said, wrapping her arms around his neck. He ran his tongue slowly along her neck and ears. Moving to her chest, he circled his tongue around each hardened nipple. Lillie ran her fingers through his dark wavy hair.

He felt her legs open in invitation. As she gently pushed his head lower along the flat curve of her stomach, he could smell the lingering scent of honeysuckle on her skin. He took his time kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. A shiver ran through her when she felt his warm breath against her pussy. Light blond hair covered her outer lips. Using his fingers, he carefully pulled her lips apart and ran his tongue up and down her inner folds.

“Oh Billy Ray that feels so good,” she moaned, rotating her hips in a circular motion.

Stopping him, she said, “This ain’t fair. I can give as good as I get. Lay down on your back.” When he rolled over, she lowered her pussy onto his face while she took his swollen cock into her mouth. He licked and sucked hungrily as she pushed her now soaked pussy against his face. Lillie returned the favor as she grasped the shaft of his cock and sucked eagerly on the head. She knew he was close to cumming when his breathing became short pants, and the pumping of his hips increased. The closer he was to cumming, the faster he licked and sucked her. This was sending her over the edge. Lillie felt the first wonderful contraction of her orgasm as Billy Ray sucked hard on her clit, arched his bahis şirketleri back, and emptied his load deep in her throat.

Lillie turned over and snuggled her head on Billy Ray’s chest. “How long you been watchin me?” she asked.

“Quite a spell,” he said, stroking her hair.

“That makes me feel good,” she said, and giggled.

“You want to know a secret?” she asked, running her finger along the hair on his chest.


“I was hoping it was you. I figured it was, but I wasn’t for sure until I saw you tonight outside that window.”

“I’m glad it was me to,” he said, and kissed her.

She felt his cock growing hard against her. She stroked him a few times and said, “I know just the place that belongs,” and she rolled on top and straddled him.

Truth is, Jake had been the last man inside of her, and that had been over a year ago. She missed him. There were nights when she dreamed Jake was there with her, positioned behind her, and holding tight to her hips as he pumped furiously into her, and herself, filled with pure animal lust, would cry out loud enough to send an echo through the hills when she reached the height of her orgasm. Upon waking, however, she would find herself alone, soaking wet, and frustratingly horny.

Now, as she lowered herself onto Billy Ray’s large cock, she would satisfy her lust. He was bigger than Jake had been, and it took a few moments to adjust to his size, but it felt wonderful. Billy Ray groaned as her pussy gripped him like a warm slick velvety glove. Lillie rocked slowly at first, savoring the sensation of being filled. Soon, she leaned forward and began raising and lowering her hips, allowing his cock to piston in and out of her. The sensation of his cock stretching and caressing her clit sent waves of pleasure over her entire body. He massaged and pinched her hardened nipples. She felt like she was on fire. Her focus was centered only on release from the wonderfully sensual pressure that was building in her groin.

“I’m gettin close, Billy Ray,” she moaned between thrusts.

At this moment, Billy Ray wouldn’t care if the whole damn mountain was on fire. He was in heaven. He held tightly to her ass as she thrust herself faster and faster on his cock, her long blond hair swaying in sweaty tangles around her face.

He felt the pressure of his cum rising to the head of his cock, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he erupted.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah . . . nowwwwwwwwwww!” Lillie wailed, as she slammed herself down hard on his cock, her pussy contracting in spasms of ecstacy. Again and again the pleasure rolled through her until she thought she would faint.

Billy Ray, unable to contain himself any longer, squeezed tightly to her ass and groaned with release as he emptied himself into her.

They lay for several minutes, her head resting on his chest, his cock still inside her.

He rubbed her shoulders and stroked her hair. “Lillie, I don’t care if I do have to play second fiddle to Jake’s memory, I love you, and I always have.”

She looked up and smiled at him. “Billy Ray Shaw, I can love again, and you don’t have to play second fiddle to nobody.”

It was nearly sunrise before Billy Ray snapped the last button of his overalls. “Would you like to come back and call on me this evening? I’ll cook us some vittles,” she said, as he reached the door.

“I reckon I’d like that a lot,” he said.

“Where are you goin now?” she asked.

Before closing the door, he said, “I expect I’m gonna pay a visit to your Pa.”

Smiling, Lillie turned over in bed and pulled the quilt around her. She hummed a sweet mountain love song until she drifted off to sleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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