Another Love Story Ch. 02

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Catching her breath, she gathered up her things and followed him out of the conference room. Instead of taking the elevator with everyone else, he motioned with his head toward the stairs. The stairwell door had no sooner shut behind them when he turned around and placing his free hand behind her head, drew her into a deep and passionate kiss.

His whole being kissed her as he began to adjust to the realization that the very thing he had desired for so long was very close to happening.

He slowly pulled away and led her down the 2 flights of stairs to their floor. There was no one left in the office since it was after 5 already and the long weekend was ahead of them. She dropped her notebook and purse on her desk and raced after him into his office. She shut and locked the door behind them as he placed his laptop on his desk and turned around quickly.

He pinned her against the door, not too forcefully, but with gentle and deliberate strength. This time he took her face in both hands and kissed her, his tongue exploring the depths of her mouth. He pressed his body against hers and felt her nipples hard against his chest. He couldn’t believe he was finally kissing her. In the depth of his mind, his insecurity began to give him pause.

“It’s been 6 years since I made love,” he thought to himself. “I hope I remember how.” But his deep affection and desire for her and her obvious responsiveness drove all thought from his mind. She was all that mattered in this moment.

She felt suddenly weak as the pressure of his body against her own began to overwhelm her. This is what she had wanted for so long. To feel this man, she cared so deeply for, in her arms, finally to kiss him with her whole heart. She gave herself totally to his advance. She could feel his hard cock pulsing in his pants as she pressed her thigh between his legs.

He instinctively knelt on one knee, lifted her left leg placing on his shoulder, and pulled her panties aside to reveal her already wet labia.

She leaned hard against the door to keep her balance and let her head fall back canlı bahis as she felt him spreading her labia allowing the warmth of his breath to touch her exposed clitoris.

He began to kiss her labia, moving steadily upward. His tongue flowing in and out of her pussy until he paused with his tongue firmly planted against the ridge of nerves on the front wall of her vagina, the place where all of her feeling came together, her g-spot. As soon as his tongue struck it, she sighed, a deep sigh of what he hoped was joy. As he heard her, he realized that the eggs were still inside her and in fact his tongue was pressed between them and her g-spot. Slowly and gently he tugged the small wire attached to them and as they slowly came out of her, he replaced them with the two middle fingers of his left hand. With his palm facing up, he removed his tongue and began stroking her g-spot with his fingertips, not hard, but again with deliberate pressure. He moved his tongue to the skin just below her throbbing clit and from this vantage point he began to lick her from the bottom of her clit to the tip and back down again pressing her clit against her pelvic bone as he did. He heard her give a deep groan and felt her whole body shudder as a flood of vaginal moisture almost poured over his fingers.

He kissed his way on top of her clothes back to her face. He hesitated a little until she took his face in her hands and pulled him in for a full mouth kiss,tasting herself on his lips. His fingers were still inside her resting on her g-spot and now the palm of his hand was against her clit. He squeezed gently pressing her g-spot toward her hot clit.

She gasped, the noise on slightly muffled by his mouth. She had to pull out of the kiss to catch her breath as he squeezed again and held tight. She wrapped her arms around his waist, placed her head on his shoulder and shook.

He released the pressure and she released a small but deep moan. A third time he squeezed, this time a little firmer. She breathed hard in his ear and as he released the pressure, he felt her whole body cum as bahis siteleri she screamed.


Her voice trailed off as her knees started to buckle under the force of the orgasm.

He held her up kissing her neck as he slowly removed his fingers from her dripping vagina.

She regained her footing and pushed him a way just far enough to undo his belt and khakis, pushing them and his boxers down around his ankles. She took his shaft in her hand and turned around facing the door. As she leaned over grasping the door knob with her other hand, her body became parallel to to the floor and she guided his massive cock toward her waiting pussy.

He lifted her skirt and with her panties still askew he entered her. As soon as the head of his cock parted her labia, they both shuddered with delight. He began entering her slowly, 3 inches in, 2 inches out, 5 inches in, 3 inches out. He proceeded at this pace until he felt the tip of his cock pressing against the top of her cervix.

She was cooing and moaning by now. Because of the girth of his cock and the tightness of her pussy, each forward motion almost pulled her clitoris into her vaginal cavity. The ridge of the bottom of his cock was firmly against it causing incredible friction.

His hips began to pump her faster and harder, barely responding to his brain’s continued requests to slow down, don’t hurt her, make it last. He couldn’t slow down. He wanted this too much. He couldn’t remember wanting anything more in years.

He felt her vaginal walls contracting around his cock and her voice rising in intensity and he broke. Years of pent up emotion and seemingly gallons of hot white cum exploded out of him filling her.

She felt his load pouring into her, felt his body shuddering and heard his guttural groan and she came. The power of this orgasm made every nerve in her body overload with pleasure. She felt not only a tremendous release of physical pleasure, but also a deep release of emotion. Once again she was reminded that she felt so much for bahis şirketleri this man. She could feel tears of joy filling her eyes as she continued to ride out the combined orgasm, pushing back toward him every time he pushed into her.

This time, his knees began to buckle and he slowly fell to the floor, stretching out on the carpet, wet hard cock standing straight up like a soldier at attention.

She felt him sliding out of her and turned around to see him sprawled on the floor. Her first thought was, “I’ve killed him.” But she could see his chest rising and falling rapidly with each breath.

She straddled him and began to kneel down. She realized that unlike most men after an orgasm like that, his cock had not diminished in readiness one bit, so she decided to take advantage of it. She guided his cock one more time into her waiting pussy and slowly descended until she felt her bottom touching his legs and her cervix being stretched upward by 10 inches of throbbing manhood.

He groaned unconsciously as he felt her take him in. He was not sure he could do this again until she began to rise and fall on his shaft and then grind against him. He could feel her clit rubbing his cock and pressing hard against his pelvis as she continued her motion.

She took his hands in hers and placed them firmly on her breasts. He happily lifted them as her head fell backward and she leaned back and pumped with increasing speed.

It only took a minute or two before they again came together, shaking and moaning and pouring sweat and cum.

After riding out the wave, she lay down on his chest and he held her tight, stroking her hair as they both tried to catch their breath.

After a few moments, he rolled her over on the carpet and they lay facing each other.

“Cara, what are we going to do?” he asked with clear honest pleading in his voice. “We work together every day. “

“You’re a smart man Ian, you’ll figure something out. In the meantime, we will be as professional as we ever were during working hours.”

“I guess we can try.” He said, already lost in thought about the future, especially the immediate future of a long weekend without her to hold. So he held her, close to his chest and they laid there for the better part of an hour neither wanting to let go.

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