Another Dateless Saturday Night

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It was another boring dateless Saturday night, so I called you to see if you wanted to come over for take out and a movie. You said you’d bring the food and the beer if I’d go grab the movie. You worked too hard to have time to meet a woman and I gave up men after a disastrous relationship. We were perfectly matched to be best friends. We ate dinner as you showed me the progress on your latest project for work on your laptop then we settled on the couch to watch TV.

When you got to Skinamax, you stopped flipping channels long enough to watch some cheesy faked sex. I give you a look and tell you I could do better than the bimbo on the screen. You laugh and tell me that maybe you’ll give me a chance to prove it later. I laugh at you because there’s never been anything but good friendship between us and you knew I hated men with a passion except the man who invented Duracell batteries.

Finally you decided to turn on the DVD and watch a movie. After a while I got tired and cuddled up with you. You put your arm around me and we get comfortable. I make you watch a really sappy chick flick and suddenly you turn my face towards you and you kiss me sweetly. I wasn’t expecting it, but suddenly I realized I liked it a lot and kissed you back. Suddenly I’m making out on my couch with my best friend.

We kissed for canlı bahis what seemed forever until you started playing with my breasts and undressing me. You were fumbling with the buttons on my shirt so I helped you gain access. I slipped out of my bra and you threw it across the room. I laughed at you while you played with my nipples with your thumb. I moaned as they started getting hard, so you started sucking on them one at a time.

After all the times you told me how to get a guy in bed when I was dating other people, I finally figured out that it wasn’t what you wanted me to do to other guys, it’s what you wanted me to do to you. I put my hand in your lap and discovered you were happy to see me. I started to stroke you and you don’t stop me so I start undoing your jeans as you keep sucking on my breasts and licking my tummy.

I take you out and I think magnificent. I was amazed at its size since you always played it down when I asked you about it. I stroke you gently and you respond well. I lick the tip and you let out a little moan. I still can’t believe we’re doing this as your hand slides down my PJ bottoms. I start going down on you and you let out a louder moan as you find my clit.

“Wow! You’re shaved? I never knew.” You said to me and I laughed.

“Not to your liking?” I ask.

“No. bahis siteleri Not at all. I like it a lot. Was not what I was expecting at all.”

I smile at you and start licking your balls. I take one in my mouth and massage it with my tongue and you love it. I suck you off like a bitch in heat as you get me off with your magic fingers. As I cum in your hand, I can’t help but suck you hard. You feel like you’re ready to cum and I work harder to make it happen but you make me stop. You get up and take your jeans off. You’re adorable standing there in your boxers. You come over to the couch and pick me up. I scream and laugh at the same time. You head for my bedroom and I do not protest one bit.

You lay me on the bed and start sliding my flannel PJ bottoms off of me. You lick the tops of my thighs as you do this and I can’t help but go nuts. There’s no doubt in my mind that I want you to make love to me. You spread my legs apart and then slip out of your boxers. You get on your knees at the side of the bed and slide me across the bed so that my ass is even with the side of the bed. You start blowing on my clit and I beg you to eat me. One lick and I was yours for the taking. You lick me into ecstasy and I cum in your mouth this time. As I release, you lick me harder and my whole body shakes with pleasure. I beg you bahis şirketleri to take me and you laugh at me.

“I’ve wanted you to be at my mercy for a long time baby.”

“I want you so bad. Please fuck me.”

You rub my clit with your rock hard cock and feel myself getting wetter. You tease me with it then finally you slide in my soaking wet pussy and you have to put some effort into it because I’m not used to someone as wide as you. You get a rhythm on and the way you fill me is driving me insane. I scream your name and beg you to go faster and harder.

You take it slow and steady and I feel another orgasm building up. You finally pick up the pace and we both explode together. I feel you release violently within me as my orgasm milks you dry. You go limp and fall down on top of me, totally breathless.

“Oh my God that was worth all the waiting for you.” You say. I smile and nod my head as you kiss me again. We fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, I wake you up with a cup of coffee and a kiss. As you sip your coffee, I point to the bulge in the sheets and say, “It would sure be a shame to waste that.”

You smile, take a big sip of coffee, put the cup down on the nightstand and grab me by the wrists, and pull me into the bed. I laugh and tell you to stop but I really don’t want you to. I wonder where our relationship is going to go from here, but I’m not worried because it can’t get much better than this. Suddenly I realize that I no longer hate men and let you do what ever you want to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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