Ann’s Art Project Ch. 06

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As soon as the dean waltzed away, Sue jumped to the column and yanked the handles upwards. She whispered, “Hey, Ann, are you OK? This… woman…”

“I… I heard every word, Sue,” hushed Ann, “Fuck, my tits felt like they would pop any minute! Thanks for releasing those handles. What a stupid, stupid idea. I should have seen that coming! I should have used a safer mechanism to fix those foam boobs into the holes. But now it’s too late for that. Fuck it. You can’t imagine the pain when these things clamp down on your tits. Fucking unbelievable!”

Sue giggled, “You sound like you’re fine though, otherwise you wouldn’t be bitching like that. I’ll keep an eye on the handles from now on. Hope none of the visitors messes with them!”

“Thanks Sue, you’re a real lifesaver!”

Kendra watched the two women with interest. She had been lucky to get one of those rare visitor tickets for the professional day, only a few students ever got those. It was so much more fun to look at the art without so many people around. She had planned to visit every booth and interview the artists for her little project, but when she saw that column again, her plans took quite a turn.

That column. She remembered that thing only too well. Kendra pretended to examine some artwork just opposite of the booth, but in reality she had been keeping an eye on what happened over there for quite some time.

Back at the dean’s office, Kendra had been told that this column was some spectacular artwork of a highly skilled fellow student. Artificial tits! She still couldn’t believe that the artist got away with this blatant use of a pair of fat plastic udders to attract attention. And then her boyfriend, well, now ex-boyfriend, sucked on them like a sick freak! And when she finally landed a hit on those stupid plastic pillows she got told off for it!

But something was wrong with that silly piece of artwork. Why was this girl always around, moving those handles up whenever somebody pushed them down? It looked like it was really important to her. Was that girl the artist? Her idiot fellow student that made her boyfriend suck on plastic tits? She had to find out more.

Sue saw some visitors approaching. It had been rather quiet since the dean and that reporter had left, and she already doubted that setting up the booth was worth the effort.

A group of people looked at Ann’s work with interest, poked into the taut breasts on display and discussed emphatically just how life-like they felt. Sue smiled. She could only imagine what Ann went through whenever someone touched her tits.

“Is this your work?”

“No, I’m just taking care of it. The artist is busy with something else, but she may be around tomorrow. My work is this video running in the background.”

“‘The Hatching’…. catchy name. And well-made, too! Are those breasts the real thing or fake like those on that column?”

“They’re the real thing. The model went through quite some effort during production!” Sue grinned.

The guest chuckled, “Would have loved to see that. The end result is pretty spectacular though. Is it up for sale?”

“The video?” Sue never thought about selling her work. How much should she charge for a copy?

“No, the column. I would love to put that into my garden…”

“Sorry, no, it’s not for sale!” replied the disappointed Sue.

“Is there any other artwork from you or the other artist?”

“No, this is all we got right now.”

“Understand. I think you guys should continue this good work. It’s really inspiring. Never seen something like that!”


“Here’s my card in case your fellow artist decides she wants to sell her piece after all.”


And that was only the start. More visitors came and went and Sue had to explain their work to many of them. She laughed, smiled, made things up, and collected one card after the other while Ann’s sensitive breasts got examined, poked, squeezed and marvelled at. Sue was exhausted.

Once the booth was empty again she whispered, “Hey, sweetie! Hope you are doing well in there!”

“It’s… it’s fucking incredible! All those curious hands! You can’t believe how this feels! I’m on cloud nine!”

“Good, good… Listen Ann, I really need some coffee now. And a bio break is in order, too. I’ll be back in a few moments, OK?”

Ann was concerned. Without anyone paying attention outside, wouldn’t she be in danger?

“I… i don’t know, Sue,” she hushed, “What if some freak comes along?”

“What freak? This is an art exhibition, there are tons of people around! And everybody things your tits are made of plastic anyway! What on earth are you afraid of?”

“I… well…”

“It will be only a few minutes. And I really have to hit the bathroom. Please, Ann…”

“S..sure. But be quick, OK?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

Ann heard Sue leaving the booth. The sound of people talking far away was all she could hear. Her body was on high alert. What if somebody would visit her now, while Sue was bahis firmaları away?

Kendra saw the artist leaving. That was her chance to take a closer look! She headed over to the column to start her investigation. The girl strolled over to the peculiar column and put her hand on one of the strange globes. Time to have a thorough look at those things!

Kendra had to admit that those breasts indeed felt like the real thing. They were so squishy and springy, so close to the original that she could almost make out the heartbeat. Did those fleshy balls just get goose bumps? Kendra examined the blushed, bulging balls. That was just not possible, was it? Her fingers closed around one of the little buds. She sharply twisted the little nipple and watched closely. It got hard! the little sucker got hard! And did she just hear somebody gasping?

Kendra pondered what all that could mean. Then it hit her like a sledgehammer. Of course! There was a real woman inside! These were real breasts! That was the only way this could work! This artist was a fraud!

She grabbed one of the warm globes with might, closed her fingers as hard as she could, and whispered to the column, “I know your secret, bitch! And I will make your life miserable, promise!”

Ann bit her tongue in an effort to not scream from the pain. Her tit was on fire! That girl’s fingers were a fucking vice! And she knew it! She knew that Ann was inside! Ann panicked. She felt exposed and vulnerable. Where was Sue? She really needed her right now!

“So what do you want me to do now?” teased Kendra, “Should I chew off your nipples?” she twisted the little buds hard, “Or maybe bite into those glorious globes?” her fingers sank into the taut balls, “Or maybe just make them blush a bit more?” her flat hand crashed into one of the breasts leaving a white, hand-shaped mark, “Well, I’m sure I can come up with some more interesting ideas…”

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” screamed Sue as she saw the girl slapping Ann’s boobs, “Don’t you dare to destroy this piece of art!”

“Art? Rrrright!” laughed Kendra, “I just had some fun with your friend’s tits! No reason to freak out! By the way, what are those handles for?”

Kendra grabbed one of the golden objects and yanked it down.

Ann gritted her teeth as her breast felt the brunt of the unforgiving clamp again. Tears drenched her flushed face, her lips quivered in despair. She felt so tremendously vulnerable being at the mercy of this unknown girl.

“Oh look, the tit is changing color! Must be a real challenge for the girl inside! Can’t imagine how that must feel!” sneered Kendra as Sue dashed to the handle to release Ann from the pain.

“But now this piece of art is totally out of balance, I should pull the other one down, too!”

Kendra jumped to the other side of the column and ripped the second handle down. Ann’s other breast was mercilessly crushed and bloomed up in response. The poor artist groaned in pain.

“Stop it!” screamed Sue as she ran to the other side to release the clamp. But Kendra was faster, dashed back to the first handle and yanked it down again. Sue couldn’t believe it. How could that girl be so mean? Sue frantically chased the rogue visitor and tried to catch her. But the damned brat was always a bit ahead, yanking down the handles so fast that Sue had a hard time to keep up.

Meanwhile, Ann was trying to understand what the hell was going on outside. The horrible clamps with their sharp teeth bit down on her bloated breasts time and time again, just to be released shortly after. It was like a freaking metal maw chewing her tits off! Her face was wet with tears by now, and her lips were quivering in pain. She could barely keep herself from screaming out loud.

Finally the torment stopped. Ann heard her friend huff and puff, desperately trying to collect her breath, “So sorry Ann! I hope you’re OK! Your boobs took quite a hit!”

“What the hell happened?”

“That stupid girl… She found out… She knows you’re inside, knows that the boobs are real. And she’s pissed for some reason. Tried to catch her, but she was too fast! Ran away now…”

“I know! She talked to me, told me how she would make my life miserable! Shit! shit, shit, shit!”

“Calm down! Chances are she won’t tell anyone. Let’s just proceed as planned! It’s only a few more minutes until we’re done for the day anyway! Fuck, what’s that?”

“What’s WHAT? Sue, tell me what’s happening, please?”

“Cameras, huge-ass cameras! And a huge crowd! They’re heading right towards us! I think it’s a TV crew… and there’s the dean. And that reporter. And sooo many people. Ann, I think the entire board of our freaking school is having a look at you. Keep still, I’ll try to manage.”

“Fuck! Don’t screw up, Sue! Please?!”

“Are you the artist of this piece?”

“Well, I’m the creator of this video playing in the background, but the column? No. That’s Ann. But she’s busy right now, so I stepped in for her. We have a joint booth.”

“So kaçak iddaa she’s not available for an interview?”

“Sadly no. But maybe I can help out?”

“We’re recording the different exhibitions and interview the artist. The material will be used to promote the school cross-country but it will also be used for selecting the candidate that gets the ‘best of show’ award.”

“Wow! Rather unfortunate that Ann can’t be here then…”

“Indeed, indeed. so maybe you can tell us a bit about the background of this work?”

“Sure! So, where to start… Well…Honestly, Ann has always been a bit of a weirdo. Since I know her, her work has focused on the female breast, on the different sizes, shapes and forms of these wonders of nature. Her goal was to perfectly recreate a breast, to make a piece of art indistinguishable from its natural counterpart. This piece shows just how well she managed the task. Just look how nice the material feels, how it deforms oh so gently if you poke your finger in it. Unfortunately the true marvel will be difficult to capture on video…”

Ann felt fingers poking into her hyper-sensitive flesh, pulling at her tender nipples. Her breasts were so sore from those clamps that the slightest touch forced more tears into her eyes. It took everything she had to stay silent.

“This video in the back actually shows Ann’s real breasts. You can see how similar, yes, almost identical they look. The ‘hatching’ of her breasts could of course be interpreted as Ann’s immense talent breaking free of the morals of society holding her back.”

The camera zoomed in on the movie and on Ann’s exposed breasts from all angles.

“Thank you!” replied the dean, “Thanks for the insight.”

And off they went.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the exhibition will close shortly. Thank you very much for your visit.”

“Thank god it’s over!” groaned Ann, “Is it safe to get out now?”

“Stay in there for a moment. You’re almost done, sweetie!”

“Ugh… I really need to get out! My boobs are killing me! Can you at least open the handles again? It hurts like hell!”

“They are open, sweetie! Otherwise you would be screaming!”

“Really? It hurts so much!”

“Your tits are just swollen from all the excitement, honey. No reason to freak out, they still look healthy…. kinda. Looks like everything’s clear now. Get outta there, quick!”

Ann’s fingers found the control buttons, and small motors whirred into action. The swollen mounds shook slightly, then disappeared behind the wood. Ann’s arms were showing up at the top of the column, and soon the whole, red-faced, bare-breasted girl emerged from within the art piece.

Ann quickly yanked her flimsy dress over her hurting breasts and muttered, “Bra’s still inside and also the plastic models… Can you help me turn the column around so they fall out?”

Sue nodded, smiling, “How are you? everything OK?”

“Except that my tits buzz like some hornet’s nest? Yeah, I’m fine. just glad I survived this day. Come on, help me turn this thing around!”

Both women grabbed the large, wooden object and tilted it slowly. Soon, the two rubbery objects rolled out of the darkness and unceremoniously slithered on the show floor.

“Here there are, your second pair of boobs!” smirked Sue, “Let’s attach them again!”

“And my bra? Where’s my bra?”

“No idea. Fuck, this thing is heavy. Let’s put it down again, please?”

Ann sighed, “That’s an expensive one! I need it!”

“You’ll get it out soon enough. But let’s focus on the important stuff first. Let’s prep this thing for tomorrow and be done with it!”

“Alright, alright,” groaned Ann as they erected the column again, “Just tell me that I can go home like this?”

“Home? We’ll hit the bars first! we have something to celebrate, right?”

“If you say so…”

“Your first public show! And I think it was quite a success! Your boobs got on TV for god’s sake!”

“Ugh, don’t remind me about that,” groaned Ann, blushing furiously, “So can I go out like this? With no bra and just this flimsy little dress covering me up?”

“Well… without the bra…”


“You look hot, Ann! Your boobs bounce around so nicely, everybody will like to touch them!”

“Sue! That’s not what I want to hear! OK or not OK?”

“You’re fine, honey. We’ll just go out for a drink anyway. You’ll be home soon enough.”

Ann sighed, “Fine. Let’s pack up and head out. Tomorrow it’ll be just the plastic boobs. I really need some rest!”

Sue and Ann were soon sitting in a nearby bar, Ann only too conscious about her unprotected breasts that were still buzzing from the day’s work. Both had ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and were looking forward to a good chat.

“So how did you like it in there? You had probably more people touching your naked boobs today than you had in your entire life!”

Ann smirked, “Most of the time it was really exciting. Not seeing what’s going on outside is absolutely the best. kaçak bahis But once they started to pull down those handles? The horror! I really should have thought that one through before!”

Sue giggled, “Accidents happen. In the end, it worked out quite well I think. Just my little movie didn’t get much attention. Your boobs were simply too much competition for me. So tomorrow only the plastic stuff, right?”

“Right. And I will finally have the chance to actually talk to people. I just hope the dean doesn’t show up!”

“No worries, it’ll be open day. Much too crowded for his liking.”

Ann noticed a group of men openly staring at her breasts. Some were winking, one was openly whistling.

“Hey, I think we need to leave. This gets creepy.”

Sue looked around, saw the men making pretty explicit gestures. She grabbed her glass, dumping it in one go.

“You’re right. Your boobs are a bit much for them. Let’s go!”

Ann gulped down the drink, “I’m tired anyway. Let’s call it a day. Hope I can get some sleep!”

Ann was relieved once she arrived at her place. She was hungry, spent and really exhausted. She made herself a quick meal, managed somehow to do her usual evening routine, and crashed only a few minutes later. The sleep was deep and satisfying.

Ann dreamt of breasts stuck on trees, growing on plants. It was a common dream of her, but this time it was much more intense than usual.

When the alarm went off, Ann could barely move a finger. Slowly reality returned and she somehow managed to sit upright.


The slipping bedsheet really hurt on her nipples. Ann blinked, trying to remember where she was. The exhibition, right! Her gaze fell on the clock. One hour to go. The column. Her boobs. Her ears glowed bright red as she remembered the day before, the hundreds, thousands of hands groping her breasts. She looked down, brushed over her chest. Ouch! They still were so sensitive from all the groping and squeezing!

The young artist couldn’t stand the thought of a bra pressing into her tender flesh, so she decided to look through her meager collection

for something she could wear without.

Her mood only got worse as she searched for something fitting. Nothing seemed good for an event like this. Plain jeans and white shirt? Boring. Fluffy skirt and some odd jacket? No way.

Suddenly, a wicked thought hit her. She was an artist! A boob-artist, focusing on breasts! Shouldn’t she be more aggressive in marketing herself? Plenty of artists had quite a weird fashion sense anyway, so couldn’t she be just as weird and unconventional in her choice, too? She could choose something that really highlights her expertise, her own speciality, her… tits! And if she dresses up daringly enough, maybe people wouldn’t pay too much attention to those plastic boobs either!

Ann remembered a present she got some time ago, a daring costume for Halloween. Actually it had not been appropriate for Halloween either, maybe more for an adult costume party of sorts. She opened a few boxes searching for it.

Hidden beneath lots of clutter, she finally found the sizeable package and pulled it out. ‘Breast-Maid’ was written in big, pink letters across the lid. She remembered how her friends laughed when they handed over the present. Apparently some of them had found out about her breast fixation and decided to play on it.

Ann opened the box and placed the different parts across her bed. There was a cute, white headpiece, a short, white skirt, a black-and-white corset, a white apron, and even some fitting, black high-heels inside, topped off by a black, fluffy feather duster for good measure. The only difference to a standard maid outfit was that the corset had a large gap on breast level, and even the apron was tailored in a way that it didn’t hide anything of importance. The only item supposedly covering those tender pillows were a pair of tiny pasties that would barely hide her nipples!

Ann cringed at the thought of wearing this abomination. It would certainly give her all the attention she needed though. Nobody would even take a look at those plastic boobs stuck on that column if she would stand right beside it with her boobies barely covered. And her tender breasts wouldn’t have to endure a constricting bra either! But walking through the city dressed like that? No fucking way!

She wiggled into the corset, carefully pulling it close until the little hooks slipped in place. Ugh, tight! She could barely breathe. Ann donned the apron, put on the shoes and headpiece. There were even some fitting earrings, gloves and a necklace!

The girl walked over to the mirror. She gaped at the image in front of her. Good lord, she looked like straight out of a manga! And her boobs looked even bigger than usual with this corset squeezing everything together! She placed the pasties over her nipple to check if they would cover those sensitive spots. Barely. But those cute cow heads on them really added to the overall image!

Could she really wear this at the exhibition? She looked at the mirror again. All strategic spots were covered, so technically it should be fine, but…

The phone rang.

“Ann? Where are you? The show is about to open any moment!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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