Ann: The Married Years Ch. 03

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Ann stood in the lobby, her head resting against Neil’s shoulder, clutching his arm with both hands. A soft hum escaped her lips, the happy sound making his heart skip as they waited in line… again.

It had been a whirlwind couple of days traveling to Michigan, filled with waiting, waiting, and more waiting. It seemed they spent more time inching along than they did actually traveling, the result of countless problems just trying to fly five hundred miles. They had both wondered at one point if they were in one long endless line that stretched from their home all the way to Ann Arbor.

Yet they finally arrived, only to find themselves in another one. This time though, the line was an expected one. And it was welcomed.

Breaking the silence they’d shared since leaving the wedding reception, she quietly asked, “Is this where you and Dawn stayed?”


“The night you met Denise… is this the same hotel?”

He kissed her tenderly on the forehead. “Yes babe. It is… you have an amazing memory.”

It pleased her that she’d gotten that detail right. They were back in the town where he’d met his old flame, if you could consider someone you merely spent one incredibly erotic weekend with by that archaic term. Dawn was more like a brightly burning meteor that had crossed his path, forever changing his future. And he’d done the same for her; the two forever indebted to each other for the brief moment in time they shared. A moment that now shaped their happy lives.

Ann and Neil had returned to Ann Arbor for Dawn’s wedding to Jeremy, a ruggedly handsome man that fate had brought into her live shortly after she and Neil helped each other heal from broken pasts. The ceremony was a beautiful celebration of a couple in love that were about to devote the rest of their lives to each other. But for Ann, it was also recognition of an unusual bond she shared with a woman whose kind heart and incredible sexual appetite helped pave the way for the relationship she now shared Neil.

In the days leading up to their trip to Michigan, Ann began recounting Neil’s adventure that had taken place exactly a year before. After all, the wedding itself was on the anniversary of the day he’d met Dawn, which was not a coincidence. The stories he’d told her of that magical weekend played in her mind like an unseen movie, each scene imagined in her head, but seemingly real. Now that she was in the actual place where those explicit adventures happened, she couldn’t help but wonder how what she’d envisioned as the setting actually compared to the real thing.

It reminded her of living in the Shenandoah Valley, where silver historical markers dotted the landscape, informing tourists of events that had taken place long ago, describing what happened where, and who was involved. She couldn’t help but smirk, thinking there should be some kind of commemorative sign on display in the lobby, telling the world about what Dawn and Neil had done in that hotel, and the significance of it.

“Screw Civil War trivia,” she thought, dismissing something she considered rather boring in comparison. Tingling from the idea that she was standing in the very spot Neil and Dawn had been in before going upstairs to fuck each other silly, she mused, “That would be information worth sharing.”

Looking around the beautiful lobby, she sighed happily. “Hmm… I thought so. It looks very nice.”

Her voice was soft, almost dreamy. So were her half-open eyes. She looked relaxed, and yet he could see the fatigue in her face, even in her sexy smile.

“How are you holding up?” he asked.

“I’m okay… a little tired, I suppose.”

“I can tell. It’s been a long couple of days. We’re going to sleep well tonight.”

“Are you thinking of sleeping, or something else?” she asked, arching her eyebrow, snaking her hand around his waist to pull him closer.

He held her in his strong right arm, his hand squeezing her shoulder gently. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m not thinking anymore. I’m too tired for that. But I was wondering.”

“Ha… what’s the difference between thinking and wondering?”

“If I’m thinking about something, it means I’m consciously trying to reason something out. It’s a lot more work. But if I’m wondering, it’s more like I’m just curious.”

“Okay, so, what are you curious about?”

“I was wondering if anyone can see what’s dripping down the inside of my left thigh right now. It feels so naughty.”

“Well, you were a very naughty girl, Anna.”

“Yes I was. But you certainly found a way to take advantage of me, didn’t you?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s what you wanted.”

“I just wanted fucked.”

“But you needed more than that,” he grinned, making sure she realized the difference.

Giggling, she kissed his cheek. “True, but I never expected you to do that!”


It had been an incredible ceremony. Sure, the picture casino siteleri perfect day had something to do with it. It had to be a bit of a risk for Dawn to commit to an outdoor wedding, but she and Jeremy had a backup plan, although it became evident early in the week that it wouldn’t be needed. The weather pattern had been favorable, with Lower Michigan being in a stretch of upper 70 degree days, along with bright, sunshiny skies and low humidity. But it was the wedding itself that made the afternoon so special.

“Doesn’t she look incredible?” Ann grinned as they watched Dawn walk past them, her face beaming; her hand holding on to her new husband’s arm.

Her short white wedding dress was stylish and chic, looking more like the cocktail variety, accentuating her womanly curves. The short veil came to the middle of her back, showing off more of her body. It was more like something one might wear to a wedding, not in one, and Ann found herself admiring it because it wasn’t traditional. It wasn’t as daring as the one she’d worn, but it was certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the time-honored dresses most brides wore.

“So does Jeremy,” Neil said, looking at the dashing figure he cut in his black Armani suit.

“I love his accent,” she sighed, recalling how he recited his self-written vows, his thick New Zealander inflection making them sound even more romantic.

“Yeah, it still amazes me that he’s a Kiwi.”

“It amazes me that we’re here. Just think baby, a year ago today, you were…fucking her,” she giggled.

It was true. Dawn had timed the day of her wedding to coincide with the anniversary of the day she and Neil had met. That they’d had sex that night seemed such a stretch. He’d only gone to Ann Arbor to escape his high school reunion, and what he envisioned to be a vivid reminder of his failed marriage. He wanted to flee town to play a little softball instead, but it ended up so much more than that.

It became a three-day weekend filled with fun and adventure, the highlight of which being the torrid sexual tryst he shared with Dawn. One that helped them each heal from the emotional scars that had been inflicted on their hearts. He never dreamed he’d end up getting laid that weekend. That turned out to be an incredible fringe benefit of sorts. But in the end, it was so much more than just incredible sex with an amazing woman. It turned out he’d found a lover instead.

Ann was taking great pleasure in reminding him of that. Literally a year to the day, he’d just watched his lover, as he thought of her, get married, her heart fully mended, her life seemingly fulfilled. Neil didn’t know which was more astounding; that Dawn had gotten engaged and decided to marry on the one year mark of the day she first met him, or, that that same encounter had allowed him to move beyond his past so he could find his own happiness. In his eyes, without the weekend he spent with Dawn, fate would have never brought Ann into his life.

Still, he had to chuckle at the way Ann had said it. Arching his eyebrow, he turned to look at his own bride, the two having been married just six months. “Yes, I fucked her. What’s your point,” he smiled.

“I don’t have a point, really. I just find it remarkable how things ended up. She has Jeremy, I have you, and we’re all incredibly happy. And none of that would have happened if you hadn’t fucked her a year ago… today! You have to admit, ours is a pretty surreal love story.”

“That it is, babe… so is theirs. And for the record, the first time, we didn’t fuck. We became lovers, first. You know that.”

“I know,” she giggled, loving that she could tease him about something so intimate, and that he wouldn’t get mad about it. “But… you’re going to fuck me, aren’t you?” she asked hopefully, her eyes shifting toward the old majestic barn next to where they were sitting, her heart pounding with anticipation at the thought of how he might take her.

The crowd waited to file into that barn for the reception. Taking her arm, he stood behind her in their row waiting to move. He could feel the excitement running through her, and he knew for sure what she wanted and how. He actually knew it beforehand, but the way she responded to his every move proved the mood she was in.

Pressing his body against her, he reached down, slowly pulling at the hem of her short skirt, his hand wandering underneath. Quickly brushing his fingers against her bare ass, he leaned forward and whispered, “I’m not sure. I may just make you wait until we get to the hotel.”

“Oh God,” she whimpered, her body bristling from his words, and that he pulled his hand out from underneath her skirt. “Please Neil. I need –“

“You’ll do what I say, Anna. I know what you want. But I decide what you need.”

A flash ran through her, wondering what was to come.


It wasn’t some ominous demand, or a harsh rebuke. There were no dark overtones. He’d said it very calm, as if he were just stating a common canlı casino fact; like it was sunny outside, or the grass was green. It was a simple reply to what he knew she was hoping for, and it was his way of letting her know that while he recognized what she wanted, he wasn’t going to commit to anything; at least not yet. He was also letting her know in a polite, loving way, that he was controlling her for the time being.

He didn’t have any intentions of letting Annabelle make an appearance. They’d shied away from any bondage games for months, content to find other ways to appease their sexual appetite, and they were happy with that. In fact, she hadn’t been Annabelle since that first weekend after they married. It was partly because of the sudden arrival of Anna Renee, and her need to be punished from time to time. It was different, but it was exciting for Ann to play a slightly diverse role.

Well, it wasn’t a role, really. On the two occasions they’d had big arguments, not long after that initial one early on in their marriage, she’d found herself yet again being on the receiving end of a raw spanking from her loving husband, followed by a hard, pounding fuck that left her both sore and extremely satisfied.

It wasn’t something that had been planned either time, other than the fact the punishment didn’t happen right away. Neil let his anger subside first, waiting for over a day each time before taking matters into his bare hand and using her perfect ass as a way to reprimand her behavior. In truth, she knew she had it coming both times. She’d been petty, and he’d been more than patient, but she couldn’t help herself, pushing his buttons in ways that let her know she’d crossed the line.

And to Neil’s credit, he did everything in his power to resolve issues that came up in their marriage in other ways. Most of the time, it worked. They’d had plenty of disagreements since that first fight. But only twice did it escalate into something where he felt the need to walk away. Actually, the common denominator was that he drove away. And that was Ann’s sign that she’d gone too far. Like the first, both of the other arguments had to do with her being impatient, not getting her way immediately. Now, she knew that if that ever happened, the consequence would eventually mean she’d become Anna Renee, and she’d feel that sting of his hand in ways that made her cringe.

It also made her wet, and she knew what would happen once the punishment stopped. The hard, angry fuck he’d give her; the silent, aggressive nature the encounters would take on. He’d spank her ass, and then take her, in whatever way or manner he deemed fit. Yet she could always feel his love coming through, no matter how hard the blows to her ass were, or how forceful and unpredictable he’d take her body and use it for his own pleasure.

In fact, Ann couldn’t get past that part. It had happened just three times in the first year of their relationship, and the first was more pretend. Well the fight wasn’t, but the feeling out process of how to deal with the aftermath was. It was the other two times that shaped her; and them as a couple.

Yes, they’d been a couple for almost a year, and married for over six months. But the advent of Anna Renee was less than that, and it astounded her how she reacted when he’d call her that name. It was like a freak phenomenon that took place between them. When he fucked her the last two times, he didn’t appear to have much care for whether she enjoyed the experience or not. He was simply using her, and using sex as his form of retribution. Almost as if he was saying, “If you treat me the way you did, this is how I’m going to treat you in return.”

It was how she reacted to that treatment that boggled her mind. It seemed such a heartless, primal, mean-spirited way to treat a wife. And yet she loved it. While she hated that she made him so angry that he felt the need to leave, and she deplored the idea that she could become so selfish and petty at times that it forced him to flee in the first place to keep from lashing out the way she had toward him, she couldn’t help but feel a tingle between her legs. It wasn’t something she ever expected would result from an argument.

She had always believed in the concept of make-up sex. She had even experienced it before, with boyfriends from her past. But this was on a whole different plain. Neil would take her verbal abuse, the snide comments making him upset. He’d try to reason with her. In response, she would become confrontational, countering his rational arguments with biting sarcasm. She’d deliberately push his buttons, knowing she was making things worse, but unable to stop in the heat of the moment. Her competitive nature always kicked in, wanting to win the argument.

When he’d had enough, he’d leave to calm down. He never provoked or lashed out at the time, knowing he was bigger and stronger, and that any physical reaction would only make things worse. It was a line he would never cross in the heat of an argument. kaçak casino Yet later, when he had time to rationalize a response, it suddenly took the form of corporal punishment. She’d been bad, so a sentence would be issued, and then carried out. He would spank her, and then he would ravage her body, almost cavalier in the way he treated her; consumed only by his own sexual needs.

When he would rip off whatever she was wearing, it made her loins burn with desire. She would long to be treated that way. It felt just and right to her. And somehow, she got off on it. The more distant and aggressive in nature his carnal conquest of her body was, the stronger her resulting orgasm would be.

It was such an unexpected byproduct. She never dreamed that she could derive such pleasure in something seemingly so base and demeaning. But that was simply how it appeared on the surface. He never actually hurt her, and she could always sense the underlying love in his actions.

The other odd thing was now it was always in the back of her mind. Those three arguments, particularly the last two, and the physical reply that followed, had happened well over four months before. In fact, they’d barely had a disagreement since the last one. But the mere suggestion that it could happen again kept her on edge.

She’d found herself on more than one occasion contemplating what would happen if she said something combustible during a minor spat; mulling over the options, thinking she could easily escalate the situation. But that would be contrived, and she knew enough to know that anything that wasn’t genuine would be sniffed out quickly. Neil was too smart for that.

No, the desire to start a heated exchange just wasn’t there, no matter how much she might enjoy the eventual result. No fight was worth that, no matter how much her body craved the abusive attention it might receive. In truth, she feared such a move would damage their relationship. The idea of picking a fight just because she loved the feeling she got when they ‘made up’, even in the unusual way it took shape, didn’t seem like a healthy thing to do. Besides, there were so many other amazing ways he made her feel sexually incredible, why bother.

That was on her mind when he’d said he would decide what she needed. Both of them knew Annabelle wasn’t in the cards, and obviously neither was Anna Renee. But Anna… that was a given. She was always there. It was just in what form she’d take shape. There were so many different variations of Ann behaving naughty that it was sometimes hard to disseminate one from another, or more importantly, which one might come to the forefront. Neil was simply stating that while he was aware of how she was feeling inside, he was the one that was going to select how they played at the reception.

But he was lying to himself if he said the idea of fucking her somewhere in a secluded spot in that barn didn’t appeal to him. His cock was hard, her incredible ass tempting him as she pressed back against his body. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close as they waited for their turn to move, her soft moans driving him wild.

“Do you want to do it right here, baby?” she cooed, glancing at his eyes over her left shoulder.

“Yeah, right,” he grinned.

“I’d do it if you made me,” she winked, knowing it was an offer that would never be taken seriously.

For half a second he considered it, wondering if he could get away with lowering his zipper to extract his fleshy tool, before slowly inserting it into her bare pussy while they stood in the row. It was pure folly, the moment gone as soon as their friends Mark and Jill moved into the aisle, leaving a gap that forced Ann to start walking.

Taking her hand, he came to the realization that he needed her as much as she professed she needed him. “Come on, Anna. Let’s find someplace inside where I can make you do things you never thought you’d do today.”

“Sounds like a typical Saturday to me,” she joked.


It was hard to imagine being disappointed at Dawn’s reception, but they were as soon as the walked into the barn. Not that they had any right to be. The place was perfect The inside was breathtakingly spectacular, the decorations alone enough to make Ann gasp visualizing all hard work and painstaking effort it must have taken to prepare it for the festivities. The aroma coming from the buffet made Neil’s stomach start to grumble.

But it was also nothing like what either Neil or Ann had expected, and that proved to be a bit of a let down. While the entire outside looked exactly like a barn, restored to appear as it might have in the era long since past when it was built, the inside had been totally gutted, converted into a giant room that could be rented out for special occasions, including weddings and receptions.

In redoing the inside, gone were the telltale signs of what the structure had originally been designed for. That made sense on the surface. Who would be willing to rent a barn in the middle of a city, if it were actually a barn on the inside? But that didn’t stop Ann from feeling disheartened when she saw a huge room full of people, and no place to steal away for a private moment.

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