Angel’s Story Ch. 04

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More in my continuing saga. Is it bad that these are now out of order? I couldn’t stand to not write about my amazing experience with James and so I put that before this .. Hope you don’t mind. This one occurred Summer of ’03. Just as an FYI, this is story 4 in a multi story run. It stands on it’s own but might make more sense if you read them all. As with all my stories, the names have been changed to protect the guilty and you must be over 18 and not offended by graphic descriptions of FABULOUS sex to read on. Otherwise, go play on Disney J ~ Angel


Welcome to my world. I’m 28, single and live in a normal Midwestern town. I guess I knew when I was younger that I had a totally different outlook on sex than most of the narrow-minded prigs I grew up around. I don’t think that you should hide a major part of your personality, and so I tended to gravitate towards people who felt the same as I did. I found that the easiest way to keep things anonymous and still interesting was finding men online. I didn’t honestly set out to set things up with someone, I would get online bored, looking for people to talk to, and it would just happen. They’d say something, or comment on a picture in my profile and that would lead the conversation in a different direction. I have a “type”. Doesn’t every woman? I like my men tall and thick, with nice big hands and well honestly, a big thick cock too. Why would I bother with someone who wasn’t going to satisfy me? And honestly, most skinny pretty boy types don’t go for someone who’s a full-figured gal. I like myself the way I am, nice soft skin, big breasts (46DDD, no I’m not lying), well-rounded hips and milky thighs. I’m not a size 2, but a real woman. I like real men. I want a solid thick man between my thighs.

Have you ever had a one-night stand? I don’t normally consider them anything I’m interested in. I figure if I’m going to get laid and I end up loving it, why would I want to set it up so I can’t ever have it again? If someone’s that amazing, give it to me as much as I can take it. And yes, I CAN take it. My drive is higher than any guys I’ve been with, save James.

I “met” Shane through a friend. She was convinced I was lonely (only kind of sort of) and needed companionship, he was sort of separated from his girlfriend. (She was in Peru, I’d say VERY separated, if you ask me) We talked for several days before deciding to meet up. Our conversations started innocently enough. This time, I honestly wasn’t looking for a great orgasm but rather a great friendship and maybe more. One night after we’d started talking more, he called while I was in the bath. I have a Jacuzzi tub and I had it filled with bubbles and lotion and was relaxing. I find it a turn on to be doing something so naked and wet while this person has no idea on the other line.

He must have heard me splashing because I heard his breath catch in his throat.

“What are you doing?” he asked suspiciously. I got quiet.

“Why?” I asked back.

“I hear something,” he said. “What is it?” I grinned.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I questioned him as I scooped up some water and let it dribble down over my skin and into the bath. “Don’t you know?” I could hear him paused, breathing softly.

“Are you in the bath?” he asked quietly.

“Yes,” I said softly, “don’t you wish you were here too?” I was just teasing him.

“Oh God yes,” he groaned. “I have wondered what your skin looks like”.

He had? I hadn’t known this. At this point he’d never said anything about thinking of me in a sexual way. Suddenly, I was hot and flushed for another reason. Thinking about him wanting me in that manner was making me wetter than any bath could. I could feel myself getting turned on. My nipples got harder and my pussy tingled a little. I leaned back against my bath pillow and ran my hands slowly over my breast.

“Do you now?” I asked quietly. “Well right now it’s all pink and wet!” I grinned and then laughed.

He coughed and I could hear him kinda groan again. “You’re killing me, Angel. Now I’m imagining you naked and all covered in bubbles!”

“I casino oyna am”.

“You are? All over you? Every.. where?” He asked again. I could hear his breathing pick up and I felt my skin get tingly. He was turning me on and hadn’t even said much! I slid my hand from my breasts over my tummy and between my legs. My sponge was floating nearby and I grabbed it and rubbed it slowly over my pussy.

“Yes, everywhere. I’m all bubbly and soapy and warm. I smell like lavender and aloe bath salts.” My breath was soft and barely above a whisper.

“Do you.. “ He paused. “are you .. touching yourself?” he asked quietly. I moved my arm so he’d hear the water splashy gently.

“Yes,” was all I said.

“Oh Angel,” he sighed out, “I wish I could watch!” I heard his bedsprings creak as he laid down on it. “I want to see you all spread out and pink and so sweet I could taste you”.

“Listen..” was all I said as I cradled the phone in one hand and slid my other between my thighs. I sighed softly as my fingers slid between my pussy lips. I loved to play with myself and I loved to be watched or listened to.

I moaned and slowly slicked my fingers back and forth over my clit and inside my vagina. I know my breathing quickened as I worked myself up.

“Oh Angel, oh baby,” he whispered. “I want to hear you cum for me,” he asked.

“But what are you doing?” I asked him. I heard his jeans unsnap and a zipper slide down.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he asked. “I undid my shorts and now I’m stroking my dick!” he said. I could hear his hand moving, he must have licked his fingers or started to pre-cum. “My cock is wet at the tip from being so turned on and I’m laying here thinking about you soaking in that water with your fingers between your legs and wishing to God it was my mouth there instead!” he answered.

Hearing his words made me even more turned on. I laid my head back again and started really playing myself. I let my one hand pinch my nipple and then slide down between my legs. I moaned and made noises while I played, softly talking to him about what I was doing.

“Oh yes, Shane, now I’m sliding two fingers in my cunt and my thumb is teasing my clit. My nipples are hard and I’m thinking about your mouth sucking on them. I want you to hear me cum and wish you were inside me” I said.

I could hear him playing harder, moaning and groaning, answering me in soft harsh words. I knew he was close, I’d heard enough men cum before to know what the panting and the breathing was leading up to.

“Cum for me, imagine its all over me, all over my tits, imagine you’re sliding inside me.. oh Shane, oh God..” I trailed off as I heard him start to cum. I worked at my clit till I could feel my pussy tingling and suddenly I was there too, cumming in the water listening to him and aching so bad I couldn’t stand it.

I laid there, quietly breathing and listened to him start to clean himself up. He didn’t say anything and I didn’t know what to say, really, to someone who hadn’t really said anything before, but now had listened to me beg him to fuck me and came listening to me play with myself.

“God that was hot” he said. I knew I agreed.

I finished my bath quietly that night, thinking about what I would do if I saw him. Would I agree to meet him? Would he be a good lover? Was he even going to stay in town? Did I want to have a one-night stand with him, knowing he was leaving the country in like, four days?

I thought about it off and on for the next few days. Suddenly, an opportunity presented itself sooner than I thought. Things arranged themselves so that my friend who knew him and I were both off at the same time one evening. She decided to drag me over to his house and we’d all go out to dinner. I dressed carefully that evening. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when we first met, if I’d want him touching me or not, but I knew it was in the back of my mind. I wore Capri pants, something easily removable, and a tank top with a nice bra. ‘Might as well show off my best features’ I figured, as I put on some perfume and lotion

Of course we canlı casino hit it off. There wasn’t even a little bit of shyness between us. He was completely my type. You know you can see a picture and think they are, but until you meet them, you never know. While Kelly sat across from us at Steak and Shake, he slid his hand up and down my knee. I could feel my nipples get hard. As Kelly chatted with us and we all ate our supper, I felt his hand slide higher, moving my thighs apart slowly. My pussy slowly started to swell. And as I finished my shake and she sat and smiled innocently, he took my hand and put it on his hard dick and rubbed his crotch against it. I was out and out turned on at this point. I don’t know how Kelly didn’t see us playing with each other.

She got in her car and I agreed to take Shane home so she could go get to bed. I didn’t have to work in the morning. Shane climbed in my car and took up where he’d left off at the diner. As I drove, his hand slid up my shirt and slowly started cupping and teasing my breast. My foot pressed a little harder on the petal as he flicked a finger back and forth over my nipple through my bra. When he finally gave in and tugged down the lace cup and put his hand in, I had to pull over. I just couldn’t take it. I hadn’t even kissed this man and he was about to make me cum just by flicking a finger over my nipples!

I leaned over and tugged his shirt, pulling him close and kissing him as passionately as I could. I put one hand in his hair and locked onto him while the other reached down and started sliding over his jean shorts. He kissed me back, both hands on my breasts, under my tank top. His fingers squeezed pinched my nipples and massaged my huge breasts while I stroked his cock through his pants. Finally I couldn’t take it and pulled back.

“You’re driving me nuts!” I said. He laughed.

“That’s the idea. To drive you nuts with wanting me inside you!” he grabbed my hand and put it back on his cock and held it there while he moved his hips up and down. I know I wet my panties right then and there. I hooked his finger in my bra and pulled me towards him. I still had my hand on his cock and was squeezing it and rubbing it when I felt him start to unhook my bra. When it popped free, I pulled back to take it off. “I want to touch those,” he said, nodding at my chest. I glanced around.

I’d pulled off the main road onto a side road. His side of town was different in mine in that it was less populated with the cookie cutter housing. These were older homes with larger yards and small farming lots open to the road. We were well off the beaten path and since it was after midnight, I figured most of the people were asleep. I pulled up my tank top and let my breasts fall free. His hands were waiting to capture them. I left my arms up, my tank top wrapped around them, holding onto the roof as he lifted one up to suckle. He wrapped his lips around it, one hand holding my breast the other teasing against my lips. I opened my mouth and started to suck on his thumb as he started lightly sucking and biting on my nipple and breast. My hands gripped the felt on the roof and I sucked harder on his thumb. I know I was moaning around it.

“Mmm oh God, yes yes, that feels so good,” I said. He pinched the other one and I gasped. “Harder!” I ordered him. He bit down on my nipple and I couldn’t take it anymore. I let go of the roof, stopped sucking on his thumb, and pulled away from him. I pushed him back against his seat and car door and leaned over him. (Did I mention I love bench seating?) I tugged on his snap and undid his zipper. I wanted his cock in my hands and in my mouth. He was playing with my hair, rubbing it all over and gripping it lightly as I teased him. Finally, I pushed his shorts down and had his cock in my hands. I leaned down and looked up at him as I guided his dick to my mouth. His eyes locked with mine and his hands clenched in my hair. He pushed up with his hips and pulled my head down. He was quiet but I clearly heard him.

“Suck it baby” he ordered me. I opened my mouth and made like I was going to slide him in. Instead, I just kaçak casino lightly blew air across the head of his cock. I heard him hiss a little through his teeth. “Oh ya,” he muttered. I licked the head like a dripping ice cream cone, up and down and all over the top. I leaned back and blew again. I could feel him jerk. My tongue lapped at the hole on the head of his dick and my hand slid a slow rhythm over the shaft. I finally locked my lips around the head and sucked hard. He pushed my head down again, making it obvious what he wanted. I won’t lie to you folks, I’m not a fan of deep throating. I suck dick with the best of them and I love to make my man cum, but once he hits my gag reflex, it’s generally all over for them. I start coughing and sputtering and that ends that. I wanted to just let go with Shane, for some reason. He wasn’t pushing too hard, just enough that I was going downward.

I felt him hit the back of my throat and I swallowed, trying to overcome the urge to cough. I did, and he pulled back out, and I sucked slowly on him as he did. He was groaning and moving my head for me, up and down, just slow enough to give me time to swallow when he hit the back of my throat. He wasn’t as thick as some I’ve seen, but he was longer than most and I just managed to keep my mouth on him. He started moving faster, my hands holding onto his hips, his hands still locked in my hair guiding me, breathing heavily. I didn’t want him to cum yet, I wanted him so close he could feel it, but I wanted him to wait and cum all over my breasts so I could watch his face.

I pushed away from him, his hands falling to his sides to grip the chair. His eyes were closed and he was thrusting into my hand. He just kept going faster and faster when suddenly I stopped. His eyes flew open and he stared at me.

“What are you doing?” he asked. I smiled

“Come here and fuck me first,” I begged. I sat back in my chair and lifted my hips, tugging my pants down. I kicked them off one leg and then slid over him. I wanted to be on top for this ride. He was rock hard and still wet from my saliva; I was drenched so sliding inside me was no problem. He leaned back as far as he could, I straddled him, and pushed down on his cock. I felt him fill me up and we started to slowly rock. He put his hands on my tits and I ground my pussy down on him. The heat from our playtime was making the sweat run down my back. I pushed the button for a window to crack, but I wanted to be careful. Mosquito bites were just as annoying as nosey neighbors and I knew we weren’t being quiet.

He worked his cock in and out as best he could. I rocked against him and came quickly. He leaned forward, sucking on my neck and biting my shoulder. The heat, still stifling, made everything fuzzy. We slowly fucked to me to several more intense orgasms before I could feel him starting to get closer. I stopped moving and slid off him. I didn’t want him cumming inside me. I had other plans.

“I want to watch,” I whispered. “Cum on me,” I told him.

I wrapped my tits around his dick and licked my cum off the head of him as he slid in and out between my huge tits. My hands pushed my tits together and my mouth sucked the tip of his dick in over and over. I felt his hands clasping on the chair and finally in my hair. It was matted to my head, the ends wet with the moisture in the air. My mouth worked him quicker and finally I just gave up and started licking and nibbling gently all over his balls and cock. His precum was sweeter than salty and flowing quickly as this point. I wrapped my hand tight around the base and jerked his dick so that his cum would cover my tits.

“Watch me do this,” I whispered, but his eyes were already locked on the cum starting to spurt from him. I leaned forward, my tits hanging pendulously from my chest. His cum hit me and ran in small rivulets down towards my nipples. I squeezed him tight and milked it from him. When his body stopped spasming I slowed down and rubbed the head all over my cum-soaked tits. He just smiled and watched me. He ran his hands over my face and I kissed his fingers. Using his t-shirt, he wiped us off and we both pulled back and settled in the seats. We finished cleaning up and chit chatted for a while.

I heard later that he had left the country to go find his girlfriend down in Peru. Good luck Shane.

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