Angel Hunter Ch. 04

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“Sheeeep. Come on, it’s been weeks. Can’t we take a break? Go somewhere nice?” Lex whined.

“Nice? You were all gung-ho about angel hunting a couple of weeks ago.” Shep smiled, as he sewed the latest hole in his coat shut.

“Yeah, well that was a few weeks ago, and we were in New York… that place tricks people,” Lex scowled. “With its sparkling lights and hot guys everywhere.” He crossed his arms and pouted.

“Sounds terrible,” Shep said, not really paying attention.

“Your face is terrible,” Lex mumbled.

“Somewhere nice, huh? Like a vacation?” Shep asked.

“Yes! Please!” Lex fell back on the hotel’s uncomfortable couch.

“Like where? We just got back from Barcelona, killing that one Arch… what was his name again?” Shep asked, still not really paying attention.

“I don’t know. Paris? Rome? Hawaii-” Lex said, ignoring his question about the Archangel they had killed in Spain.

“How about Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to go,” Shep said. Lex’s eyes lit up as he sat up straight.

“Wait, really?” Shep nodded slowly, not looking up from his sewing.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” He jumped up from his seat and kissed Shep on the temple. Shep scowled and shoved him, but couldn’t help the smile that crept across his face as he glanced up at the demon who frolicked around the room happily.


“I hate you,” Lex grumbled.

“You wanted Hawaii, you got Hawaii,” Shep smiled.

“A vacation isn’t a vacation if you’re working!” Lex threw the map at him. Sometime during the flight he had seen that the fifth angel was located on the big island.

“Maybe we can do some surfing afterwards,” Shep smiled.

“Fuck you.” Lex stormed off, ignoring the tall man wearing a lei made of real flowers greeting them as they got off the small plane. Shep chuckled and accepted the gift from the smiling man.

“Don’t pout, it doesn’t suit you.” Shep sat down in the bus that would take them to their hotel. Lex just glared at the seat in front of him.

“You’re a terrible person,” he finally spoke.

“You know you don’t feel that way,” Shep smiled, enjoying the demon’s anger.

“Yes I do.,” Lex kept his arms crossed.

“What if I tell you I got us a private condo on the beach?” Shep asked. Lex glanced at him.

“I would say you’re a liar,” Lex replied, though he didn’t look like he was convinced either way.

“Well I did,” Shep handed him a small packet with information on the rentable condo.

“Holy shit you did?” Lex smiled, excited for the ‘vacation’ now.

“Yep. No one around for miles.,” Shep smiled.


Shep stretched as the sun broke over the horizon, waking him from his deep sleep. He looked over at the empty living room and frowned. The only sound that filled his ears were the waves breaking gently on the shore. There wasn’t any cursing, or mumbling, or even yelling from the leather-clad demon. Shep was shocked at how uncomfortable the silence made him. In just over a month they had become so close.

“Lex?” he called groggily as he stood up.

“Outside!” the demons peppy voice floated to his ears.

“What are you- oh my god,” Shep stopped in his tracks as his eyes looked over the naked, pale flesh of Lex’s body. He sat on the beach, in the warmth of the sun. He smiled happily with his eyes closed, not even realizing that Shep was drooling over him.

“What?” He finally opened his eyes.

“You’re very much not wearing anything… uh…” Shep stumbled over the words, trying to avert his eyes but they kept being drawn back to the soft cock, completely shaven clean.

“Didn’t think you’d mind, sorry,” Lex smiled, making it obvious he wasn’t sorry. He was enjoying the attention he was getting.

“Uh… yeah.. could you put something on?” Shep asked, making no move to look away from the tight muscles and soft skin.

“But the sun is so warm,” he whined, poking out his bottom lip. “How about instead, you come and join me?” Lex winked.

“Come on, Lex. We have the next angel to kill.,” Shep suddenly got serious and walked back inside.

“I actually have somewhere to go, today,” Lex said.

“Somewhere to go?” Shep frowned. “You’re dead, Lexington. I don’t think you need to go to the grocery store or some shit,” Lex rolled his eyes.

“Funny, funny. The big man downstairs actually wants to talk to me.,” Lex said.

“About what?” Shep asked. Forgetting canlı bahis that Lex was naked, he stepped back outside, before rolling his eyes and turning his back to Lex to continue the conversation. Lex shrugged.

“Hell if I know. But he wanted to talk. I feel like it’s a wise choice to say ‘yes’, don’t you?” Lex joked.

“When is he going to-” Shep shut his jaw when he turned around to see the spot Lex had been occupying was now empty.


Lex blinked rapidly as he realized he was no longer on the sunny beaches of Maui, but in a plain gray room with a dart board hung up on the wall. A small table sat in the middle, a few rows of red darts occupying the cold metal table top.

“Deja vu,” he laughed, and picked up a dart.

“How are you doing, Lex?” The familiar man in khaki shorts and a hawaiian shirt stepped forward, his voice warm and friendly. Lex smiled.

“I see you dressed for the weather,” he pointed at the shirt.

“I can never decide what to wear.,” he chuckled and snapped his fingers, switching to a blue business suit, gesturing to himself and raising an eyebrow to ask which one.

“I like both. The blue goes good with your eyes,” Lex smiled and threw the dart, missing the bullseye by a good couple of inches, frowning.

“You were never good at this game,” he tossed one, and hit just to the right of the bullseye.

“Why do you always get to pick?” Lex wrinkled his nose.

“One of the perks of the job. So, this Shep guy…who is he?” the Devil asked.

“A friend,” Lex shrugged.

“A close friend, considering I had to put some clothes on you before I dragged you here,” he laughed.

“I think I’m closer to him than he is to me,” Lex mumbled.

“Ah, unrequited love,” he nodded. “I’m sorry.” He walked up and pulled their darts from the board, handing Lex his.

“He’s human… he thinks-” Lex’s voice cracked as he fumbled with the darts.

“Is he a follower of God?” The Devil asked. Lex knew that he probably knew more about Shep than Lex did, but was kind enough to stay out of it and ask Lex personally.

“No,” Lex shook his head. The Devil’s eyes lit up.

“He’s one of my children, then. How wonderful,” he laughed.

“He doesn’t worship you, either” Lex bit his lip. The Devil frowned.

“He hasn’t chosen yet?” he asked.

“He won’t choose. He hates both sides,” Lex said.

“I see…” he seemed thoughtful. “And what do you think about this?”

“I don’t know… what happens if you don’t pick a side?” Lex said. “Is there more to life than an eternal party?” he asked.

“You don’t want to party all the time? That was what you wanted when you died,” he said, thoughtfully.

“I-I don’t know…” Lex said quietly. “Is there more?” he asked.

“I can’t tell you that, Lex. You know that,” he shook his head. Lex sighed.

“What if he dies and something terrible happens to him? Don’t get me wrong, I love my after life. But how much longer will I love it? What if there’s more?” Lex asked. The devil simply shrugged.

“That’s your call. I can’t give you any direction on that,” he said. “Do what makes you happy,” he said.

“But I don’t know if it will make me happy!” Lex shouted, getting frustrated. “I don’t even know what will happen,” he sobbed, black tears falling from his eyes.

“You know. It hurts for me to see one of my followers in pain. But I can’t help you, Lex. You know I love you.” The devil rested a hand on the back of Lexingtons neck. He pulled the demon in and kissed his pale forehead, before stroking his hair just behind his horns.

“I know,” Lex mumbled.

“I’ll do what I can to help you. But even I have a boss,” he smiled. Lex looked up.

“You do?” he frowned. He had never thought about it. The devil nodded.

“Yep. But I can bend the rules when I need to. You’ve always been my favorite, anyways,” he whispered the second part, before he was gone, and Lex was back naked on the beach.

“Jesus, there you are,” Shep said. “I was beginning to get worried.” Shep walked over to Lex in the sand.

“Sorry… how long have I been gone?”

“A day,” Shep replied.

“A day?! Jesus…” he swore. “Goddamn time zones. Why does hell have to be so far away?” he mumbled. Shep chuckled.

“So how did the talk go?” Shep asked. Lex stood up and brushed the sand from his nude body, before squeezing into his leather pants again, shimmying them up his slender hips.

“I bahis siteleri don’t know,” he rolled his eyes, tired. “Good and bad.”

“I’m sorry,” Shep said, honestly. Lex looked up at his different colored eyes.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “So, how about this angel?”


“What kind of angel hides in a national park?” Lex mumbled.

“You know, every time I think the whining is going to stop, it starts back up again,” Shep laughed.

“Well excuse me. I didn’t realize all of this shit would require so much hiking or I never would have followed you,” Lex mumbled.

‘If it were up to you, all of the Archs would be hanging out on a hotel room couch or the stage at a gay bar,” Shep laughed.

“You’re a gay bar,” Lex mumbled.

“Stop that,” Shep rolled his eyes. “What are you, twelve?” he asked. Lex grumbled as he hiked up the trail.

“Where is this bitch, anyways. Why do I always gotta ask this shit? Can’t you just tell me before we take off? Why isn’t there a bus to this shit,” Lex stopped and rubbed his sore feet.

“He’s up there,” Shep pointed to the volcano ahead of them.

“Fuck this I’m going home,” Lex turned around.

“Oh, come on,” Shep pulled him back.

“No, this is bull shit. Every time we go looking for something I either gotta fly up a goddamn mountain, or get carried up the goddamn empire state building. Now what? Now I’m gonna get pushed into a goddamn volcano, that’s what. I always be gettin’ shot with arrows and pushed off buildings-” Lex continued rambling as he followed Shep up the volcano.

“What about the last guy, you didn’t get hurt during the last one. What was his name…” Shep snapped his fingers.

“See, you can’t even remember the guy! He wasn’t even that important. Chamuel. His name was Chamuel. And no, he didn’t set me on fire or anything like that. One out of three ain’t bad,” Lex scowled.

“Don’t be such a-” Shep was silenced when he started screaming. He fell on the ground and pulled at his coat and shirt.

“Shep?” Lex gasped, falling to Shep’s side.

“What the fuck!?” he swore, as he stripped himself of his top. A large burn sat on his shoulder. Lex held up his coat, a hole burned right through it.

“What happened?” he frowned, looking down at Shep’s shoulder. Shep was silent, focusing on something above them. “Shep? What happened? Are you okay?” he asked, gently touching the tender skin around the burn.

“Shhh…” Shep shushed him. He frowned and looked at him like he was insane.

“What are you-” Lex followed Shep’s finger up to a tree above them. In the tree, was the sleeping Archangel. “Who knew they slept,” Lex shrugged. The angel looked different from the past ones they’d already killed. This one was the same sickly gray color, but red streaked its feathers and dead hair. From it’s mouth, dripped red lava. By it’s slim and bony hip, was a sword resembling Solias, though it’s fire didn’t give off a warm vibe, the flames even made Lex shiver.

“How did it not wake up?” Shep stood up on shaky legs, still wincing from his burned shoulder.

“I don’t know. You definitely weren’t quiet. We aren’t even close to the summit yet, why is it here?” Lex asked, looking up at the volcanic browns and blacks of the summit, not a single tree in sight. Down in the forest, he could now see black spots where the angels drool had burned away the vegetation.

“I don’t know. Where the hell is he going to sleep on the summit? Bury his head in the sand? There’s more tourists up there too,” Shep whispered.

“Why don’t we just kill it and get back to the surf?” Lex whined.

“Be my guest. Just don’t look at me when he wakes up.” Shep held up his hands innocently.

“You’re the one with the swords,” Lex played with his whip.

“What, like I’m just going to stab him,” Shep rolled his eyes.

“Why not?” Lex hissed.

“I don’t know! It’s just so much easier when we’re making snide comments at them and they just spout off some nonsense about how unclean we are,” Shep said, whispering in a high pitched voice as he became more frustrated.

“Shep…where did it go?” Lex pointed to the now empty tree branch. Shep whipped his head around and blinked twice at the empty branch.

“Fuck,” he swore. Suddenly, the angel landed behind Shep, sword in hand. He raised the sword and brought it down, but was stopped when Lex’s whip wrapped around his wrist, and tugged. He held onto the weapon bahis şirketleri tightly, but it did give Shep a little time to move. He drew his own dual swords, and prepared to fight.

“See, this could have been over already, and now because he’s awake I’m going to get hurt,” Lex threw his hands up in exasperation.

“Oh shut up and keep him busy for me,” Shep said, and charged forward. Lex moved his other hand to one of the chains around his chest and used it to occupy the angels other wrist, pulling him down to the ground. He hissed and beat his gray and red wings as he pulled at the restraints. Shep moved around him, and prepared to strike. Suddenly, a pool of red lava poured from the angels mouth, along with a sickening gagging sound. It burned through the leather whip quickly. He swung his arm back, pulling the other from it’s socket. With another sound that made Lex’s stomach do flip flops, he spit up another hefty amount of lava, missing Shep, but landing a few drops on his already burned shoulder. Shep screamed and missed the angel, burying his sword into the soft earth.

“My whip! You cock sucking whore, I use that!” Lex scowled and cursed at the being, who only hissed in reply as he shoved his arm back into its place.

“I know you have low standards, but that shit isn’t getting anywhere near my cock,” Shep said, as he pulled his sword from the ground.

“Screw you,” Lex mumbled as he dropped the ruined whip and charged the angel. As the angel swung his own sword, recovered from the ground, Lex used his own momentum to swing himself onto the angel’s back. He wrapped his arm around the neck of the creature and squeezed. As it shrieked and struggled, it spewed lava onto Lex’s hand. He gritted his teeth and screamed.

“Lex, I can’t get him… I’ll hit you!” Shep said.

“Do it!” Lex shouted.

“What?!” Shep said, confused.

“I can’t hold on!” he screamed louder as the lava burned away another layer of his toughened demon flesh. Shep shut his eyes, and sent his sword through the angel’s chest. As the blade went through the rotting skin, into the dead organs, and out again through the gray skin, Lex winced. The sword wasn’t long enough to go all the way through his torso, but it did bury itself a good inch and a half into his chest. He cried out and let the creature go. It vanished into a pile of dust and Lex fell to the ground.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay? Lex?” Shep knelt by him, swords forgotten in the dirt. Lex groaned.

“I told you I was going to get hurt,” he whined. Shep laughed and helped pulled him up off the ground. He covered the wound on his stomach with his good hand, and looked at his burned one.

“Can we go surfing now?”

“Yeah, lets go surfing.”


Shep tore the last of the gauze as he finished wrapping Lex’s hand.

“It should heal in a little while. You lucky demon bastard. This shit is going to scar,” Shep mumbled, as Lex began bandaging his shoulder.

“That’s okay. I always thought scars were sexy,” Lex smiled. Shep stared at him.

“What’s been up with you lately? Ever since we left New York you’ve been extra flirty, Sex Offender,” Shep said.

“I told you not to call me that,” Lex scowled, and pulled too hard on the bandage, pinching the burned flesh.

“Ow!” Shep winced.

“Sorry, my hand slipped,” Lex lied.

“Sure…” Shep rolled his eyes. “But seriously? What’s up?” Shep asked.

“You don’t care,” Lex mumbled. Shep looked at him.

“I don’t care? Since when? We’re friends, Lex. Of course I care,” Shep replied.

“Friends?” Lex hesitated before continuing to bandage the burns.

“Yeah, of course. I know…” Shep sighed. “I know I’m not good at showing that kind of stuff, but I do care about you. I really did worry when you were gone,” Shep mumbled.

“You did?” Lex asked.

“Yeah. It was too quiet. Didn’t think I would miss the whining,” he chuckled. Lex looked up at him, smiling a little.

“I didn’t know…” Lex whispered.

“Well, you do now.” Shep swallowed, and smiled a small smile. “Thank you,” Shep said, slipping on a loose thin cloth shirt so he could be comfortable.

“Sure.” Lex nodded, and shoved the first aid kit back in Shep’s backpack.

“No, really… thank you,” Shep said.

“It really was noth-” Lex was silenced when Shep took his chin in between his fingers and kissed him passionately. Lex gasped as Shep thread his way into Lex’s mouth and nibbled at his lip as he pulled away. “-thing…” he whispered, swallowing loudly. Shep blushed and stood up.

Lex watched as he walked away, heart beating a mile a minute.



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