Ananda Ch. 05: Gretchen is Cooking

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This is the last story in the Ananda Visits series. I’ve created lots of future possibilities and potential side stories. It depends on the scores and comments. I have other stories that need writing.

Summary: It is the last night before Ananda and Gretchen leave for their homes in Europe and their second year at university. Ananda has become a competitive hunter of cock in the wild and is teaching my wife something about it. Stunning blonde Gretchen is hanging on to her virginity in hopes of a special experience with a special someone, despite the dark, sexy role play she initiated with me the previous two nights in my office.

In the first story, ‘Ananda Visits Her Nanny,’ my friend’s daughter visits and gets her cherry popped by me after a street festival. In the second part, ‘Ananda Returns With Her Roommate,’ Ananda returns a year later with her blonde roommate and shows me her new skills. In the third part, Ananda leads her blonde roommate, my wife, and me on an exciting evening of sexy dresses, lewd public behavior, and girl-on-girl sex. In the fourth part, Gretchen surmounts her conflicts, and learns how to own and express her desires, even the dark ones involving a stern uncle, whipping, and anal sex.

All persons depicted are over 18.


On Friday, I left work so that I could get home early. Ananda and Gretchen had an early flight home the next morning. Holly had agreed to take them to the airport for a last chance to talk. I had been imaging the possibilities for a wild evening given the debaucheries of their visit. I replayed the night of dancing in their sexy dresses, followed by them emerging from the limo wearing no dresses at all.

Ananda was in the kitchen wearing a sexy black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps, a cinched waist, and loose short skirt. Her legs glimmered with silk stockings. She was barefoot. She was trying to rub off a scuff on one of her sky-blue high heels.

I said, “Here, let me get that for you. Where is everyone?” I licked her shoe several times and started rubbing out the scuff with the cloth Ananda was using.

Ananda said, “Holly is getting dressed. We’re going out dancing tonight. Gretchen is out shopping. She said she wants to stay in tonight and cook. I think she wants to cook a German dish for you.”

“What? I thought we would all be together for your last night,” I protested. The scruff was invisible now. I handed the shoe to Ananda.

Ananda stood up to slip into her shoes. “How do I look?” she said as she twirled her back to me. She bent over at the waist then ran her hands slowly up her legs from her shoes, smoothing her stockings to the top. The short black dress pulled up so I could see her lacy stocking tops, the old-fashioned clips, and garter straps. No panties. Her bald pussy gleamed as if it had been freshly waxed and oiled.

“Delicious,” I said. “But I have to say I am disappointed you are going out on the hunt for cute cock on your last night here and taking my wife with you to assist. Do you have to go?”

Ananda said, “I’m not going cute cock hunting. Tonight, I’m the wingman. Holly is the hunter tonight.”

I said, “What? Holly is going cock hunting?”

“Wrong again,” Ananda said. “Holly is not hunting for cock. She is learning to chase sweet, young, pussy.” Ananda smiled. “You have that in common.”

Just then, Holly came into the room. She was wearing a short black cocktail casino siteleri dress, too. Hers had a halter top that wrapped around her neck and exposed a lot of her large breasts at each side. She was wearing her red high heels. Her legs shimmered with silk. She said, “Who has something in common?”

Ananda said, “You both have a taste for young pussy. He was complaining about the plans for the evening, and I told him what we were doing.”

Holly came to me and kissed me. She whispered, “When I get good at hunting, I’ll bring some home.” She rubbed her hand on my cock and winked. She said, “Gretchen planned the evening. She left you specific instructions for the German wine. You’ll have to go to a bigger wine shop. She said you should make a point of returning home at six o’clock sharp and under no circumstances are you to come back early. Gretchen is cooking for you tonight.”

Ananda gave me a lingering kiss. Then she squeezed my cock and said, “Cute cock. Remember the things I told you.” Both girls put on lipstick, and they were off.


At six, I re-entered my home with the four wines I had been sent to find. There was a mélange of new smells, perhaps roasting meat, something vinegary, and a familiar fruit scent – apricot. Feeling a little playful and truthfully a little put-out, I called out, “Honey, I’m home.”

In the kitchen, I expected to find dirty dishes and mounds of spilled ingredients. It was spotless. The island counter was empty but for two tall wine flutes. The table was set for two adjacent rather than two across. Several small plates were stacked on the sideboard along with some covered pots.

Gretchen was at the sink, rinsing something. She turned off the water and dried her hands. She turned to me and smiled.

“Liebling!” she said. She was wearing a simple ecru housedress, knee-length that buttoned up the front to a trimmed open collar: no jewelry, no make-up, and slippers. Even plain, she was gorgeous.

“Just put the wine next to the fridge. I’ll take care of it. Why don’t you change into your comfy clothes and slippers, and put some music on? Everything is almost ready.” Gretchen turned back to the sink to resume her task.

In my bedroom, I changed and started my quiet jazz playlist on the sound system. Art Pepper drifted through the air setting a mood. I returned to the kitchen.

Gretchen had set a plate of smoked fish and what looked like salted dark bread next to the wine flutes. I opened and poured the sparkling wine and handed Gretchen a glass. I asked, “How shall we toast?”

Gretchen said, “So much has changed while I’ve been here. Tomorrow we leave. It feels like an old year changing into a new.” She kissed my cheek. “So I have declared this our New Year’s Eve! I prepared a sample of my family’s favorite New Year’s dishes. It is traditional to toast to good luck and new beginnings.”

I clinked her glass with mine. “To good luck and new beginnings!” We each took a sip and then another. I set my glass next to a little ceramic pig that I hadn’t seen before.

We stood there and ate and talked like old friends. She asked me about my day and my work in general. I told her about tinkering with old motorcycles and guitars. The sexual tension I felt both from the spanking I gave her and the desire to explore the body mostly hidden by the house dress unwound. I felt myself entirely at ease with her. It was delightful.

Gretchen canlı casino asked me to pour the white wine and be seated. She placed a green salad in front of me. It had pears and pomegranate seeds. The salad was dressed with a tangy oil and pepper.

Gretchen said, “My father is an engineer. He grew up on a rural farm but did well in school. He got into a good university and started working in the automobile industry. When I was little, we had an apartment in the city. Now my parents spend most of their time at their country house. It’s a bit larger than the apartment.” Gretchen ate a bit of her salad and took a sip of the wine.

“He was very loving and involved, but oh so strict. He would spank us when we misbehaved, or worse. Then all was forgiven with hugs and kisses,” Gretchen said, and then seemed to look into the distance. “He is quite handsome; all my girlfriends think so, too. I love him very much.” She looked at me and laughed. “There was no uncle. I just wasn’t sure I was ready to call you Daddy, or that you were ready to hear it.”

I laughed, too. I said, “I was pretty sure you had a plan, and my job was to go along. It makes me hard just to think about it.”

Gretchen said, “Down, tiger,” and patted my hand. “Our next course is a lentil soup – my mother’s recipe and then a little roast pork. We can keep this wine for the soup, but we will want the next wine with the meat.”

The soup was delicious and savory, but missing a flavor that I usually included.

“No onions or garlic,” Gretchen said. “It’s New Year’s Eve. We might want to kiss later.”

The dessert course was slices of apricots and pears, with slivers of almond and swimming in brandy. I poured a chardonnay ice wine and lit the brandy.

I said, “It has been beyond wunderbar having you both here to visit. The sexy bits, of course, but just being together has been a pleasure. In truth, I think we will miss you. I know I will. I will miss you.” I smiled at Gretchen. “But to be honest, I think things are going to be a bit unsettled here. I mean, Holly is out on the hunt tonight with Ananda. But that’s just part of it. We’ve seen and done things that can’t be undone.”

Gretchen took my hand. She said, “It’s going to be alright. I’m sure of it. Ananda thinks so, too.”


As I helped clear the table, Gretchen said, “Our old apartment did not have a dishwasher. Let’s do these by hand like my parents.”

There were just a few glasses and plates, and some steel pans Gretchen had used as chafing dishes to keep the soup and pork warm. We stood close, side by side, she washing, me drying. Mostly, we worked in silence and in comfort with our thoughts. We bumped elbows and hips. Gretchen hummed a tune I didn’t recognize.

I said, “My mother said that doing the dishes like this was the most peaceful part of her day. No one bothered her.”

As we finished, the music system started playing the Miles Davis album ‘Kind of Blue’ and the track called ‘All Blues.’ It was perfect for the moment.

I said, “You will waltz with me, Frauline?” I held out my arms.

Gretchen smiled with a deep joy in her eyes. She came into my arms. She fit. The plain dress couldn’t hide the feel of her body once I was holding her close. It took a couple of false starts to establish the lead and the rhythm. Then we moved as one. We were as one.

When the song ended, I looked at her, kissed her gently, kaçak casino and said, “Danke.”

Gretchen held my hands and looked at me for a long time. Finally, she said, “Come with me.”


Gretchen’s room was neat. Her bag was packed and open on the stand. She pulled her feet out of her slippers. She unbuttoned her housedress from the bottom and let it slip off her shoulders.

Gretchen folded the dress and placed it into her bag. Underneath the dress, she had been wearing everyday white underwear. She had on a full bra with wide straps even though I knew she didn’t need the support. Her big panties covered her completely. Her friends at school would probably call them granny pants. I remembered the mail-order catalogs when I was a kid.

Gretchen said, “Let me undress you.” She pulled my sweater over my head and dropped it on the floor. She scraped her nails across my chest and nipples. She tugged my sweat pants down a little and then knelt to the floor to remove them with my slippers.

She looked up into my eyes. Gretchen ran her hands across my cock, then inside the waistband of my underwear to take hold of it. She held my balls and pulled my stiffening penis out above the band. She pulled my underwear down and off. She tugged at my cock and said, “Lie on the bed.” I did.

She stood and lowered her panties and left them on the floor. I could smell her arousal. My cock was raging. Gretchen reached behind to unhook her bra. She shrugged the straps loose, held it modestly in front of her for a moment, stood straight, and let it fall to the floor.

She was, is, stunning. All blonde hair and tanned skin. Large, full breasts standing proudly on her chest, nipples erect and straining. Her hairless pussy was glistening wet and starting to engorge. She turned slowly in a circle so I could see her ass. I admired her entirety—a goddess.

Gretchen climbed onto the bed and straddled my legs and moved forward until her pussy touched my cock. She rubbed her wet lips with my cock until it was slick. She scooted forward a bit more, raised up, and tucked the tip of my dripping cock into the beginnings of her tunnel. She took my hands in hers, looked into my eyes, and lowed herself all the way down on me.

Gretchen winced as I felt the barrier tear. She paused and then wiggled her hips a little to get comfortably settled. My heart was beating rapidly.

Gretchen said, “I’m yours forever, for the asking. I need to finish school. Don’t wait too long.”

I said, “I will be at your graduation. Not before – I will need that time. I would like to meet your family.” My heart snapped with pain and soared with hope.

Gretchen smiled with love and joy like a radiant sun. She said, “That’s perfect.”

And then she fucked me.


When I woke the next morning, her bags were gone. Only the granny panties remained, folded on top of my clothes. I dressed and wandered through the adjoining bathroom into Ananda’s room. A few empty bags and boxes remained, nothing more.

In mythology, if you see and touch a goddess, a hole is burned into you that can never be filled by another. You feel the despair every minute of every day. Whether you are defeated or inspired to rise is the test of character mortal men have to meet without respite.

I wondered what the girls would talk about on the ride to the airport. I sat at the kitchen counter with my coffee and spun the ceramic pig. I used my phone to restart ‘All Blues’ again and again. It’s probably not really a waltz. You can dance to it if you have the right girl in your arms. With the right girl in your arms, you can do anything.

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