An Open-Minded Family Ch. 02

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After I heard that mom was gone for some shopping I went downstairs again. I had some fast breakfast and went to college. The whole day my mind was full of mom and what she looked like this morning. I couldn’t forget her nipples pointing out at me. And I don’t know why but it got me turned on knowing must have seen me getting hard.

So don’t get me wrong, I have never before thought of mom in any sexual way though it turned me on hearing her and dad having sex. But I guess it could have been everyone having sex next to my room to get me hot and hard.

It was about 10 p.m. when I came home. I’ve been with a friend after school and sport and we played some computer games. Back in my room the thoughts about this morning were back in my mind. It was then when I recognized another letter lying on my bed. It was moms hand again. I started to read . . .

Dear Steve,

I feel sorry about what happened this morning. It wasn’t my intention to upset you. I just wanted to talk to you about sex as we did so often before. I thought and still think dad and myself have raised you and your sisters so open-minded that you have no problem talking about sex. We never had any secrets and we always tried to let you know that sex isn’t something dirty or that it is wrong to have sexual fantasies. Even I want you to know that it isn’t wrong to watch porn magazines or adult films. It is a very normal to do such things. Dad and I do it as well and we don’t fell ashamed. And it is natural as well to masturbate. Everybody does. Your dad masturbates and I masturbate. Sometimes we do it together or watch each other doing it. And even your sisters do it; I’ve talked to casino oyna them about it several times.

So you don’t have to feel ashamed and you don’t have to worry about getting a hard on this morning while I talked to you and you watched at my tits. I think this is very natural for a young man your age. To be honest I am a bit proud that my body makes you hard.

I never thought that a woman my age could turn on young men your age.

Do you think I’m sexy honey? Did you enjoy watching my body?

I still want to know what you think about the magazine and the girls in it? Do you like it? Do you like girls shaving their pussy? By the way have you ever seen a woman’s pussy before? And how about the pics with the cum covered faces. Did you love them? I think most men like to see girls covered in cum, don’t they?

If you still feel ashamed talking to me about all this why don’t you take a paper and write an answer to your mom?

Your loving


‘Wow, Mom, your are damn hot’, I thought to myself.

As I said before we have been raised very open-minded and sex never has been a taboo but I couldn’t imagine my mom being so open. I was hard and so I decided to take a hot bath while enjoying myself.

I was lying in our bathtub and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water all around me. I let my mind wander and again thought about moms letter and the evening when I saw her after she has had sex with dad and went to the bath when some cum dropped from her pussy to the floor. I started stroking myself when I heard the door open. It was mom who came inside.

“Hey, sweetheart, I’m sorry but my bladder is killing me. canlı casino I have to pee. Do you mind?”

Although the bathroom door never has been locked I couldn’t remember being in bath while mom or one of my sisters peed.

“It’s all right mom, I don’t mind.”

I tried to hide my swollen member so mom wouldn’t see it but it was impossible ‘cause the tub and the toilet face each other. This means when you have to use the toilet while someone is taking a bath you have to watch at each others face. I tried to behave as normal as I could.

Mom went to the toilet and pulled her pants down. Instantly I recognized she didn’t wore panties. She sat down and watched at me and started smiling. For the very first time I heard what it sounds like a woman taking a pee. And I loved it. I tried not to stare at my mom but I failed again.

“Honey, are you staring at your mom again? Do you try to get a glimpse of your mom taking a pee? Oh, you are such a nasty boy watching your mom peeing. Would you like to see some more? Would you like me to spread my legs a bit apart so you would get a better view? Do you like watching girls taking a pee, sweetheart?”

“Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare at you. I was lost in my thoughts and wasn’t aware staring at you.”

“Honey, don’t feel ashamed.“ I heard my mom say, “It’s alright. I can see that something got you excited. Your cook has gotten quite hard!”

“Mom!“ I heard myself saying. On the one hand I felt upset but on the other hand I felt turned on by my mom watching me. So I stopped trying to hide anything.

“Nice tool you have, Steve. I can’t believe how fast you have grown up. It seems kaçak casino to be like yesterday that I’ve nursed you. Oh, I still remember all of it. I loved breastfeeding you. It has always turned me on as you sucked my nipples. It always made me wet and got me hot. Most of the times I masturbated after you fell asleep or when your dad was at home we had wild passionate love. And your dad loved to suck my breast as well. He loved the taste of my milk. And I loved to cover him all over in my hot milk.”

She hadn’t stopped peeing while telling me all this things. But she hadn’t spread her legs and now she had finished.

“Honey, now I’m done now and you have mist your chance to watch me pee ‘cause you haven’t said a word.” With this she got up put her pants back on, washed her hands and was going to leave me alone.

“Take good care of this nice cook!“ she said before leaving.

‘Man, my own mother is such a hot babe.’ I thought to myself.

And she is playing with me. She would have shown me her pussy if I just have had the courage to ask her for it. I could have watched her peeing. Wow, this is for sure one of the hottest woman I will ever see.

I left the tub and went into my room. My cook was still hard as a rock and I couldn’t hide it. I took the magazine and shot one of my biggest loads ever. Afterwards I recognized that I actually hadn’t watched the pics. I just remembered the scenario in the bathroom. I jerked off thinking about mom. I awoke the next morning about 9 a.m.

It was Friday and I was the only one left at home. I asked myself if I was dreaming or did all this really happen? It did. I recognized my dry cum all over my belly. I decided to get into moms game. I sat down to write a letter for my mom.


To be continued

Fell free to tell me what you think. Any comments are welcome

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