An Old Friend

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I’d had a really dull morning at work and, combined with the fact that the sun was shining brightly and I was stuck in my office, my mood was such that I took a lunch in the nearest pub.

Sitting there in the beer garden, enjoying a drink and the sunshine (and the girls walking by….) I didn’t realise that a girl I used to go to school with was sitting with some friends on the table opposite me. It wasn’t until she came up to me and offered to buy me a drink that I realised who she was. I didn’t want to break up her group or intrude but, as they were going on to another pub, she was free to chat me. We said our ‘hellos’, hugged, and got another round, and settled down to chat.

Jo was always cute, but I hadn’t seen her in eight years and I’d forgotten just how attractive she was. Don’t get me wrong; she wasn’t the most beautiful woman alive or anything, but she was pretty damn hot!

Her hair, which hung down past her shoulders, was a reddish blond, and she always had a real sexy smile. She was about six inches shorter than me and, as we caught up on old times, I realised that I kept looking at her breasts as she talked. She was wearing a thin T-shirt, which showed the outline of her bra, and her nipples were clearly visible through it. She caught my eyes once or twice, but just smiled in that flirty way of hers. That’s when I remembered that we had very nearly had sex once. And so did she… the topic of conversation went back to how we’d gotten drunk when my mum had married my step-dad, and had stumbled back to her parents’ place and had fallen into bed.

We kissed, and got down to our underwear, casino oyna but we had been good friends, and we knew to stop it there. I was kind of regretting it, when she said that very same thing!

“Really?” I asked, trying not to choke on my drink. “Why’s that?”

“Oh, come on!” She laughed, kicking my leg under the table. “I fancied you rotten for years!”

“Really?” I spilt my drink that time.

“Oh, yeah….” She smiled, and leant forwards. “And you look even better now.”

“Really?” I said, smiling. And longing for a better line in conversation. “I guess you’ve got a new man now though, huh?”

“I wish!” She laughed, stretching back, her breasts jutting towards me. “I’ve been single for far too long…”

“I know what you mean, Jo,” I said.

We had sat in silence for a minute or two, when she finally spoke.

“I’ll probably regret this,” she sighed. “But I will if I don’t ask, so…”

“I don’t really need to be back in the office today,” I told her, smiling. She blushed. “If you wanna have a drink or… something.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Jo,” I leaned towards her. “I haven’t seen you in God knows how long, and I probably won’t see you until the reunion in a couple of years. So…”

“My flat is only two minutes away.”

“Do you really wa…”

“Shut up before I change my mind!”

And, with that, she stood up, took my hand, and led me out of the pub.


We walked back to her place, arm in arm, just making small talk. We got inside, and she offered me a drink. I sat on her sofa, and she sat opposite me in an armchair, turning the TV on. canlı casino Richard Madley came on, grinning inanely and talking about tampons.

“Man,” I muttered. “I hate this!” “I could, erm, put a video on if you like.”

“Yeah, sure,” I smiled. “That’d be cool.”

“Hot, more like!” she laughed, running a hand through her hair. “I wasn’t thinking of watching your typical Blockbuster rental, sweetie.”

“Oh, err…” I blushed. “I’m easy, so…”

“I hope so!”

“Ha ha,” I said sarcastically, and kicked my trainers off. “May as well make myself comfortable.”

“Great idea,” she said, getting on her knees as she put a video into the machine. I made a low “Mmm” sound, and she looked over her shoulder at me, grinning. “Hold your horses, stud!”

“Sure, ma’am,” I said, making a quick salute.

“There,” she said to herself, getting up and settling back down into the armchair.

I turned to the TV, and saw it was a pretty explicit porn movie. Two girls were sharing a guy, and each other. Turning to Jo, I saw she was paying pretty close attention to the screen, with one hand holding her drink, and the other casually stroking her breasts.

“Watch this much, huh?” I asked, and she blushed.

“Well, you know…”

“Sure do!”

“Bet you’ve a pile of these movies in your place.”

“Well…” It was my turn to blush. “Maybe.”

“Hmm,” she smiled. “How does this rate?”

“Well, my trousers are getting a little uncomfortable, so that can only be a good sign!”

“Take them off, then.”

“You know, I was hoping you’d never ask.”

I stood up, and unbuckled kaçak casino my belt, and took my trousers off. I put them on the floor, folded, and, after taking off my socks, sat back down. I was facing Jo, with my legs a little apart. I glanced back at the screen, and saw that the guy was letting the girls take turns to suck his cock.

“Leaving those on?” she asked, nodding towards my boxer shorts.

“This from a fully-clothed woman!”

“Right.” With that, she put her drink down and pulled off her T-shirt, followed by her skirt. She then sat in the same position as me; feet on the floor, legs slightly apart, with torso twisted a little so she could see the TV. “I can’t believe we are doing this.”

I took my own shirt off, and sipped my drink, looking at her body. Her nipples were erect, and her thong was slightly askew, so that I could see just a little pubic hair. She seemed to keep her pussy pretty trimmed.

“Anything you like?” she asked, seeing where I was looking.

“Plenty, thanks!”

“So,” she said as she stood up, removing her underwear. “How about now?”

She sat back down, and spread her legs a little wider than before. Her lips were open slightly, and I could see from where I was sitting that she was pretty wet.

Without answering, I took my boxers off, and sat back down. I took my cock, which was pretty hard by now, in my right hand, and slowly started to stroke it.

“Oh, you tease…” she gasped, bringing her left hand down to her pussy. “You still watching this movie?”

How could I, when she was rubbing two fingers against the opening of her sex, while she gently squeezed her nipples with the other hand?

“What do you think?”

“I think,” she said, slipping the tip of one finger inside her. “That I need something bigger than my finger.”

To Be Continued…

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