An Office Incident

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The admin manager of the small freight-forwarding company in Sydney, Brian Holmes, told his six staff he needed someone to check invoices with him in the morning.

That meant working Saturday when Monday to Friday workers would normally plan to sleep, or take kids to sport or go to the mall or the beach or perhaps do some gardening or paint the fence.

Five of the six workers stared blankly at Brian, hoping some mug would volunteer.

Thirty-year-old Genita Browne had nothing planned. Her marriage was scraping the bottom of another low and her parents were away so another boring Saturday loomed for her, with her grumpy husband adding to his bad temper by going to golf to play miserably.

“I’ll do it.”

Everyone including the manager looked at her and smiled.

That evening Genita said to David she’d be working at the office until after midday.

“Who’ll get my lunch?”

“You will.”

He sighed and said he might eat at the golf club.

Genita went to work for the 9:00 start next morning with the intention of flirting with Brian, who was pushing fifty. She wore her ‘Sure Hit’ perfume, a short dress and a front fastening bra that emphasized cleavage.

Brian glanced at her and said hi and immediately looked back again, fixing on her cleavage.

She smiled and he smiled. She said softly, “Like what you see?”


“I asked had you liked looking at my boobs.”


She signed thinking he wasn’t really interested. Either that or he suspected the breasts become so heavy over the years they now drooped unattractively. Ah, perhaps she’d lost her appeal to men, including her husband?


“Yes,” he said, shuffling paper.

“Do you engage in sex outside of marriage?”

Invoices dropped from his grip.


“No, invoices,” she said but that quip was lost on him.

“Brian have you gone after rookie outside of home?”

He frowned and said they should get started.

She cupped both breasts and said with as much sweet innocence as she could muster, “Get started?”

His eyes appeared to be bulging. He attempted to say something, but no sound emitted. Finally he choked, “Jesus Genita, back off.”

“I take it at your age you are still interested in sex?”

He swallowed and said, “If I answer will that be the end to this disturbing provocation?”

She nodded and he said, “Yes I remain interested in sex.”

Genita decided to go for broke, “What with me?”

Appearing mesmerized by her sultry gaze he said yes.

“Oh shit, no I meant no.”

“Too late Brian. Your first answer stands.”

“God Genita, please don’t breath a word to anyone about this casino oyna incident.”

“We haven’t done it yet.”

“I mean the verbal exchange.”

“I’ve forgotten we had been talking. Being blonde has its advantages.”

He looked relieved.

“What color are my panties?” she asked, holding her dress hem hip-high.


“Can you see a damp spot?”

“Yes a really large one.”

“Come around your desk Brian and touch my pussy.”

Brian hurried around the desk and went off, saying he was taking a toilet break.

Genita checked her watch thinking if he took longer than three minutes he would have been masturbating.

He returned after two and a half minutes to find her sorting invoices.

Brian stood behind her making her nervous.

“I’ve thought about what you said. Where do you want me to touch you?”

Genita hitched up her dress, parted her knees and pulled aside her panties.

“Run a finger up the slit. But you may do more if you wish. I’d like us to go the whole way.”

“But that would be adultery.”

“Yes and goodness know why adultery has stigma attached to it.”

Brian’s two fingers were soon making disgusting squelching sounds.

“God I wish my wife could lube like you do.”

“Please don’t talk about your wife to me when we’re fucking Brian.”

“We are not fucking yet.”

“We will be as soon as we’ve done with these invoices. Back to your chair and let’s get done with our chore and then you can pig in.”

“”You mean rut.”

“I have no idea what I mean.”

Two and a half hours later, Brian called triumphantly, “We’re finished our chore.”

He yawned and said in dismay he’d lost his erection.

“Flip it out and I’ll resuscitate it.”

Genita went around the desk, looked at Brian’s piece and said in awe, “Gee Brian, I didn’t know you packed this much.”

As soon as she bared a tit and pulled his limp dick toward the nipple, the tube in her hand began to stiffen.

He said in surprise, “Fuck me!”

“Oh I intend doing that Brian.”

Genita sucked it up really hard and then bent over his desk, butt side up.

“Wow until now I’d always thought the cunt and anus view was an unappetizing look.”

“Well eat them Brian if they’re that appetizing.”

He prepared to go down on her and said, dreamingly, “Oh my, not a single hair in sight.”

“No,” Genita said, wondering what lazy tarts he’d gazed upon.

Genita’s pussy was practically pulsating and her anus felt four inches wide when Brian had completed his routine. He was awesome.

She reached for her purse and handed him a condom.

“It’s colored strawberry.”

“Don’t be canlı casino a girl Brian. Color is not everything. It’s protection we need.”

Brian banged away patiently and with little variety and not muttering endearments.

After fifty minutes, Genita finally slid into a heart-warming ejaculation.

Genita told him to pull out and she’d suck/jerk him off and did so, enjoying the strawberry flavor once the odor of pussy juice had cleared.

As they were leaving the building he said, “That was swell Anita. We must do this again.”

“Perhaps but why not try the other females. They all do it.”


“Yes,” she said but not adding perhaps not with him.

He grinned broadly and hugged her goodbye.

* * *

David was in the kitchen drinking beer when Genita arrived home. She kissed him and he said, “Hi, nice perfume.”

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Genita said and ran to the bathroom where she called Brian.

“Hi where are you?”

“At home and about to go inside.”

“Thank goodness I’ve caught you in time. Go and shower and wash your hair. Your wife might smell my French perfume which is very strong. I’ve just thought about it.”

“She’s not home but thanks anyway.”

Genita had a quick shower and changed her clothes.

David said sourly he’d played badly at golf.

“I know darling. You have been a little down all month.”

“Sorry. I must say it’s been sometime since you called me darling.”

“David I’ve had this great idea. Come to bed now.”

“What? You never like having sex in daylight.”

“Well that’s what I’m talking about. We have become too regimented having sex, banging the same old way. We tend to do the same old things socially and at home always sit in the same chairs and watch the same TV programs. We need to put the zip back into our life.”

“Bed you say?”

She grinned and asked was he interested?

He growled and picked up Genita and carried her to the bedroom.

He said, “Sex you said?”

“Yes and give it to me hard darling.”

“But you tell me I’m hurting you.”

She laughed and said that was then, this was now.

He put her down and she turned and ripped his shirt open, buttons flying in three directions.

“Jesus Genita.”

“It’s only a shirt. Fuck me and fuck me good.”

“Jesus Genita are you on drugs?”

“Do it without a condom darling, I want a baby.”

“But you said we should wait another couple of years… oh that was then, this is now.”

“You’ve got it baby. Inject me with that piece of meat and no I’m not on drugs and have only had two coffees all morning.”

They undressed and Genita pushed her husband on kaçak casino to the bed and sat on him, slowly sliding down on his erection.

“Shouldn’t you be on your back to fuck if you want to get pregnant?”

“I have no idea David. That was probably advice your mother gave you. I’ll look into that.”

She began bouncing and squeezed until the going slowed from greater resistance.

“Jesus baby, you’ll pull the head off my cock.”

“Oooh we can’t have that,” she cooed, easing the squeeze.

She climaxed and he followed seconds later.

“Grab a condom.”

He said he thought she didn’t want him wearing one.

“I do when you take me up the butt.”

“Omigod, you mean now?”

“Of course.”

“B-but you don’t… but that was then, this is now. Up your shit hole again; jeepers Genita, it has been such a long time since you honored me by offering your butt. How long has it been?”

“Six years, four months and twenty-one days, but that’s only a rough guess. You may talk foully to me darling and I’ll rip your back.”

David worked in his thumb.

“Wow darling, your hole is very pliable already.”

Oh-oh, she thought. He might guess.

“I began working it open just now in the shower,” she lied.

“Oh Genita, you’re being so lovely to me. How about we go away next weekend on a second honeymoon?”

“That’s a lovely idea my lovely man and in the meantime I’ll read up on best practice for getting pregnant.”

David eased her open using pussy juice as lube and then rolled on a condom and began the gentle insertion.

“Wow I don’t recall ever getting in this easily.”

“Can you remember back six years?”

He laughed and said of course. He suspected she’d purchased an anal vibrator.

Time to lie again.

“I did but accidentally dropped the el cheapo into the bath and it died.”

“Well darling, I want you to keep your asshole pliable,” David said. “I’ll buy you a vibrator you can use in the bath. Only the best for you, er us and I’ll also buy top-grade anal lube. I like your idea about putting more oomph into sex.”

“Could you also buy me a strap-on?”

“What for your girlfriends?”

“No asshole. I’ll use on you. Stop, you’re far enough in until I get used to anal sex.”

“Fuck waiting. Here take the lot,” he said, shoving forward into her.

“Omigod,” Genita shouted and then giggled and said that felt great.

She said, “Keep this to yourself but Marcia asked me at tennis last weekend had we ever thought of having a threesome.”

“Oh, so her husband is still screwing her sister?”

“Yes and um should I invite Marcia over mid-week?”

“That’s a great idea. I’ll need food shortly if we are to fuck through to dinner time.”

“Oh my good boy; of course I’ll feed you. Obviously there’s nothing like afternoon sex and a piece of ass to get you into a better mood.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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