An Interesting Evening In

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“Are you coming to bed yet?”

“Soon,” I promised, not even looking up from the computer screen.

I supposed I’d become something of a computer addict. Since we’d pooled our available resources and purchased this new computer the thing was hardly switched off. I glanced at the clock on the toolbar. Just after 11pm… I’d been “working” at the computer for four hours solid. And what, pray tell had these long hours achieved? Not a darned site of anything! At that precise moment in time I was playing onscreen Solitaire. Just skipping away time.

I tore my gaze away from the screen and looked at her. Her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders, a pale-blue blouse that looked silky in this light, a short skirt and white stockings to complete the picture. she looked a dish! I resolved to finish the game quickly and join her in the bedroom. Who knows! Perhaps she might feel fruity and need some loving!

Once more my hand reached out to grasp the mouse and direct the pointer over the onscreen cards.

She sat down on the edge of the computer desk patiently waiting for me to finish the game but I was instantly distracted. She opened her stockinged thighs a little wider and, from my seated position, the gusset of her panties became visible.

I swallowed hard… my concentration flew out of the window. My hand gently touched her stockinged thigh, stroking the sheer silk. A little higher, the onscreen card-game temporarily forgotten as my finger-tips pressed into her warm flesh.

She opened her thighs just a little wider as my fingers moved higher to caress the bare flesh at the top of her thighs. She giggled; sweeping her long brown hair back from her smiling face. “I thought you were concentrating on your card game?”

She gave a little aroused gasp as the back of my hand brushed against her pussy. She tensed and then relaxed as my fingers touched her through the thin material. “The cards can wait,” I whispered softly.

“My word!, she exclaimed, leaning forward to place her flat palm onto the crutch of my trousers, “is that a torch in your pocket? Or are you THAT pleased to see me?”

Her slender fingers stroked my stiffening erection through my trousers. My fingers still touching casino oyna her love-mound through the material.

“I’m not sure,” I replied mischievously. “Perhaps you ought to investigate further.”

Her fingers pressed and prodded gently outlining the growing shape of my thickening cock. She stroked my length and giggled, “I don’t think it’s a torch, Stan. I can’t find an on-off switch on the side. My fingers just then had worked their way inside her garment and were gently stroking the little outer folds of her pussy. I could feel her heat with my wicked finger-tips and she wriggled her bum on the desk as I teased her.

She got up from the edge of the table and kissed me. And, as our lips explored and tasted, she pushed my office-type chair further away from the desk, descending to kneel upon the floor between my feet. Her fingers plucked at my belt and pulled it from me before taking the tag of my zipper between finger’n’thumb and deftly pulling it down. Then, after a mere for seconds fumbling, her hand slid inside to touch my shaft… and it was my turn to gasp.

“No…” she murmured, “I don’t think it’s a torch now.” I just loved the sound of her giggle.

She pulled it out into view and stroke up’n’down it a few times. Then she leant forward and lapped at it were her tongue. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, my cock twitching with anticipation at her touch.

At that point she stopped. Seeing my disappointed face she laughed. “Don’t worry darling. I’m a loooong way from finishing with you!” Hurried she plucked at the buttons of her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders to slither onto the floor. What was she wearing? A basque? I wasn’t sure but I certainly liked it!

Once more she reached forward to grasp my cock, her fingers around it and her thumb smearing the little tear of pre-cum over my shiny helmet. Then she slipped her lips around it and enveloped my cock within her marm mouth. I couldn’t help it… my right hand moved down onto the back of her neck and pushed gently as she began to vigorously suck my engorged cock.


This was good. Her exquisite mouth bobbing up’n’down on my shaft as her tongue swirled against the under-side. She certainly knew how to suck canlı casino cock!

“Well…” I said mischievously, “Is it a torch?”

She slipped my hard-on from her lips just long enough to say, “No! It’s a big, hard prick and it’s gonna fuck me soon!” before continuing with renewed enthusiasm.

I just groaned as her lips and tongue went wild on me. Yes! I wanted to fuck her! I wanted to fuck her good!

My cock slipped from her mouth with a wet ‘plop’ as she stood up once more, her short skirt slipping down her sheer legs to tangle around her ankles. She stepped from them and swept them across the floor with a flick of her foot.

I seized my opportunity, slipping behind her and, as she bent down to retrieve her skirt, my hand guided my urgent erection just where we both wanted it. My cock nudged against her fat pussy lips just briefly before sliding inside her waiting folds. She gasped as I filled her full of cock, plunging deep inside to claim her.

I grasped her hips and pulled her onto my shaft. I paused… just slowly grinding my hips forward. “Oh yes!,” she whispered hoarsely, “Fill me with your cock!”

I began to fuck her. Deep’n’slow. Just the way we both like it. Slipping out until just my angry helmet was inside and then plunging forward again until her warm ass-cheeks pressed against my thighs. I heard her whimper with lost passion with each deep thrust. I just didn’t know which bit of her to grasp! My hands roamed over her body, relishing in the feel of her naked arse-cheeks, the feel of the tops of her silky stockings, the taut lace across her tummy and the weight of her confined tits.

And as my passion mounted, the tempo of our rut increased. I watched each time my cock, sticky and glistening wet slipped from her before reaching back to bury it to the hilt once more. Faster! Fucking her fast and deep.

Don’t you dare cum in me yet!,” she shouted. With that she stood, my cock slipping from her to stand tall’n’angry up against my belly. She turned and took my arm almost shoving me to sit once more on my office chair.

Before I could enquire as to what she wanted she had straddled my thighs, her fingers already guiding my shaft towards her goal. As my helmet slid between kaçak casino her hot, wet lips she sat down taking me deep.

“Now I’m gonna make you cum!, she hissed between clenched teeth. “I’m gonna make you fill me with cream and I’m gonna drown you in pussy-juice at the same time!”

She began to ride me. No finesse here, just a fast fuck. Her pussy muscles started to ripple against my excitement as she rode me and I knew I couldn’t last long. The feel of her silk stockings as they brushed against me. The full globes of her ass in my lap as she ground her hot gash onto my shaft. Deeper. Faster. Her tousled hair flying as she fucked me good.

I know I couldn’t take this for long and I tried to clench my ass-muscles to delay the inevitable but to no avail. I could feel my balls tighten. I groaned as her efforts doubled. She pulled that little face as the excitement welled up inside her and she began to cum on my prick. The contractions deep inside her cunt was too much and… ARGHHHH… I shot my load deep inside her demanding folds.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!,” she wailed as I pumped my cream into her hot snatch!

“ArrrghhhhFUCK!” I did just that! Pumping again and again until my twitching, jerking shaft could come no more. Her arms clamped around me as my trickled it’s final dribbles into her clenching pussy.

Our breathing ragged. Panting. My cock still buried in her hot pussy. She smiled as her fingers gently caressed the back of my neck. “Well…” she said breathlessly, “I told you I was going to make you cum.”

We laughed. And as she laughed I could feel the mixed juices of our efforts trickled from her pussy and wet my balls. She giggled. “Someone’s getting wet bollocks.”

She leant over to retrieve my cigarettes and lighter from next to the now-forgotten computer and, flipping open the packet, took one out before throwing the packet back down. Her slim fingers clicked the lighter as she lit it and she inhaled deeply. She took another draw before taking the cigarette from between her lips and putting it in my mouth.

A drew deeply, filling my lungs with that post-coital smoke. Again… before she removed the cigarette from between my lips to kiss me softly.

“Now,” she said, are you going back on the computer? Or are you coming to bed to fuck me all over again?”

What can I say? Computers are quite a good thing but…

I won’t need mine until morning!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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