An Indian Widow’s Choice

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Chapter 1: When Fortune Shapes Fate

It’s a hot summer day in India, but there is no happiness in Monee’s family, the crop is failing due to a terrible drought that swept through southern India, and to make things worse, her husband who has been working in the city as a construction worker in order to support Monee’s family died in an accident.

Monee’s family was very poor, but she has some good education, though able to speak English, Monee have a very heavy accent that is quite exotic, but that didn’t help at all and now Monee and her parents in law are facing starvation if she can’t find a job, soon!

Monee and her husband are without children, and he has left nothing except debts for her to take over. Monee sobbed in the nights, mourning for her husband and her misfortune.

Mean while, half a world away I called an agency and placed a hiring ad for a live in Indian housekeeper, the pay offered is $400 US per week.

The agency has specific instructions from me to look for one in Monee’s neighborhood. When Monee heard of this from her neighbors, she thanked the gods in bestowing this opportunity on her as she rushed over to the agency’s local temporary office and presented herself as a candidate.

Monee know that her plump figure with large soft tits will capture the attention of many men, and she has a meager hope that she can get the job and be able to support her family.

But even that little hope diminished when she sees the long line up in front of the office, many of them young women, fit and firm, beautiful with fair complexion compared to her dark dusky colored skin, and some wear very nice silken sari.

Monee suddenly feel so ashamed at her old cotton sari when she go into the line up. The young girls look at her and casino siteleri gossiped, laughing and pointing at her, saying what kind of a woman Monee is to abandon her family, and commented that she must be a dirty lowly slut and they distanced themselves from where she stands. Monee bowed her head in shame and waiting quietly for her term into the office.

After 3 hours in line up, Monee finally entered the air – conditioned office, the agent there looked at her from head to toe, and grinned. “Sit down,” he said, and Monee obeyed. Sitting down on the big soft chair Monee is suddenly aware that her hair is in a thick ponytail and not oiled, and she is sweating heavily under the sun and the strong musky scent filled the room.

Her face reddens, as the agent speaks, “I see that you are interested in this job, but tell me, why I should send you to my client? He is young, handsome and very rich; tell me why he would choose you over those young beauties out there lining up.”

Her heart sunk, for what this man said is true, Monee has practically nearly no advantage over these girls before her, everything she has, they have more and better, except maybe on the fact that she is already an obedient devoted housewife and is familiar with housework duties.

“I can clean, cook and take care house really good!” Monee stammered and trying her best to convince the man sitting before her that she is the one, for she needs this desperately. After an hour of interview, Monee left the office with a promise that if she is chosen she will be informed, Monee walks out the office, her heart heavy as she think feverishly on what job she can take if she isn’t chosen.

She walks slowly back home and prepared a small meal with whatever food that is left in the house. canlı casino The next morning Monee walks to the office again, with a small hope that the job has not been taken and that she can convince the agent to send her to me so she can support her family.

There is, as always a line up of girls, and Monee gets into the line up, again feel herself inadequate standing with those young stunning beauties who hope they can go to America and maybe even be offered marriage.

But her hope shattered when the agent come out the office and tell everyone still in the line up that the job is taken, they have chosen the one to send to America to meet her future employer, me.

Disheartened, and sad, Monee lingered after the girls had gone back home, and the agent saw her; he called out to her, “Miss Monee, Miss Monee! May I have a word with you please.”

Her hope rekindled, and Monee walk toward him. He invites Monee into the office and after both are sit on a chair, he said, “After looking through all candidate and present them to my client, as much as to my surprise, he has chosen you to be his live in housekeeper, your us visa has been granted and you should pack your belongings Mrs. Monee and be ready to leave in 3 days.”

She gasped, unable to believe her good fortune, nervously, Monee asked, “I am so grateful for you sir, oh you saved my family from starvation, I wish god smile on you sir.”

The agent laughed, warmly, “Thank me not, I did nothing but present your info to my client, he is the one who has chosen you for the job. And remember, if you displease him, he can send you back to India.”

“Oh no, oh no, I will do everything¡Kanything to please him, on my honor I will be his good servant,” she said sincerely, unaware the wicked grin kaçak casino that the man sitting before her has on his face.

3 days later, after a teary goodbye with her parents in law, Monee boarded the designated flight to America, she has but a small cloth bag with her, in it she packed the only spare sari she has, and today she wears a see green sari, with a creamy white blouse, her hair well oiled and arranged into a thick shiny silken smooth ponytail behind her head.

Her bindi red, and her mangal sutra and maang displayed proudly to show her devotion to her husband and her chastity. It is the first time Monee ever leaves the small area of India that she lives in.

She is nervous, scared, and wondering what life she will live when she meets me, and she wondered if she will be allowed to wear these things that she holds dear in my house.

The flight is long, and aside from sleep and eat, Monee watched the movies, even though she can not understand most of the dialogue, she found television a great luxury for in her village there is only one TV and that is in the public office for the purpose of news broadcast and the quality is very bad.

13 hours later, the plane landed in New York, and people lined up to go through customs. Her hands trembled as she hands the customs agent her passport with the American working visa, he looked at her and then allowed her entry without much questioning.

Monee walked around, awed at the huge dynamic building she finds herself in. Scared, Monee finds herself a chair in a quiet corner and sit down, holding onto her small cloth bag tightly and wondered when she will get to meet me, Mr. Steve, her employer.

From what the agent in India told her, I am young, and rich, very much younger than she is, for I am only 24 of age as the agent told Monee. 24, Monee wondered, that is about the age of her younger brother, why would a young man like myself would hire a plumpish Indian housewife like herself instead of those young beauties presented to me.

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