An Evening In with Mom Ch. 03

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The next morning we woke up and mom took a shower while I made something to eat. I was off on a 3 day business trip with my job, and I spent the morning packing. Mom and I said very little to each other, probably because neither of us knew quite how the other was feeling about the whole situation. I kissed mom on the cheek and headed off, with the image of her standing in the doorway in her oversized t-shirt in my mind.

The next three days were hell. I could not stop thinking about mom and how good it felt shoving my thick meat into her wet hole. Or how good it made her feel when I sucked and blew on her erect nipples. When the trip was finally over, I was excited to be coming home to mom, and looked forward to continuing what we had started. I got in really late on Thursday night, and opted for bed without bothering my mother. Friday morning I arose after about four hours of sleep to go to the bathroom, not bothering to throw on my shorts as I was the only one downstairs. Oh yeah, and also because my mom had already seen my thick penis as it slammed into her only days earlier.

As I approached the door half asleep, I saw the light already on in the bathroom, and mom’s image reflecting in the mirror. I had no clue why she would be down here in my bathroom, but I lost any thought process when I saw that sexy ass wiggling around in there. Her dark hair was up in a pony-tail which also seemed a little strange as mom never has it like that. The sight of her tight delicious ass immediately brought me and my cock to life, and I decided to surprise mom by catching her off guard. I ducked down so she wouldn’t see me in the mirror and I closed in on her slowly and quietly. My dick was now leading the way as I got to the door. Mom had on just a nightie, and she seemed oblivious to my approach. I was now right behind her crouched down, and I moved in for my prize.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her sexy asscheek as I pulled her closer to me. Now I expected her to possibly be a little startled by my touch, but she let out a yelp that woke the neighborhood. She casino siteleri whipped around, knocking me to the floor, and there she was, my sister Kim with a “what the fuck was that?” look on her face.

Yeah, apparently my twenty year old sister had come home for the weekend, and now that I think about it, I did remember she was supposed to be home this weekend. She stared me down, my hard cock dangling in front of me, stiff as a board because I thought I was about to get laid. In my defense, Kim is the spitting image of my mother, with the exception of a larger chest and slightly plumper ass. People often mistake them for sisters, so my mistake was somewhat understandable. Staring back at her, I couldn’t help but devour her body with my eyes. She wore a blue nightie, her huge tits almost flopping out in the open, with a gorgeous ass exposed.

“What the fuck are you doing?”, she screamed at me.

“I’m sorry Kim, I didn’t know you were home, I thought you were mom”

As I said the words, I knew I fucked up. Kim’s quizzical face confirmed that and she asked,

“You thought I was our mother so you snuck up behind me to tongue my ass???”

She barked at me, all the while turning me on even more until mom rushed in after hearing the noise.

“What is going on here?” mom asked, and as she analyzed the scene, she saw my hard cock hanging between my legs, and she saw Kim’s nipples hardening through her shirt.

I covered myself and ran out of the room, back to my own room and closed the door. I heard the two of them talking but I couldn’t hear what they said. I had a more urgent problem at hand (pardon the pun). My cock was aching with the images of these two sexy vixens in the room next door. I lay on my bed, my cock aimed for the ceiling, and I started to rub my shaft and squeeze my balls with my other hand. The pleasure was too much and I exploded all over myself and onto the sheets. As I returned to earth from that cum, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. My mom was there, and she witnessed my eruption. She entered canlı casino my room and came over to me and with no warning or concern over what just happened, mom bent down and sucked my softening cock dry. She then reached down between my legs where my cum had leaked down, and scooped a glob up into her mouth. I stared at her in disbelief, until finally mom spoke.

“Listen, I just wanted to let you know I tried to explain to Kim that nothing had happened between us, but she wouldn’t listen to me, and she locked herself in her room.”

Mom said that it might be weird to face her now but they would figure something out, and not to worry.

Not worry, I thought?? My sister saw me naked and knows I’m fucking our mother. Not worry?? I assumed Kim would never talk to me again, and I got dressed and left the house, with no destination in mind. A few hours later, I got a text message from Kim to come home for dinner.

Hmm, I thought. Maybe this won’t be that horrible after all. I jogged home, and as I opened the front door, my shorts were yanked down and I felt a hot mouth take in my limp penis. In the background, my mother stood and watched with a sly grin. Holy shit!! I looked down and saw my older sis bobbing up and down on my dick. The front door remained open, and anyone could see us passing by. Sis let go of my cock with a plopping sound, and looked up at me.

“Mom explained to me what truly happened between you two, and I can’t blame either of you for what happened. After all, mom is gorgeous. Her body is so sexy, and her tits make even my guy friends drool. Her ass is sculpted perfectly!”

“And mom, who can blame you for devouring this thick slab of cock? The second I saw it in the bathroom, I was obsessed with tasting it!”

With that said, she engulfed my cock again and went to work, giving me a hot messy blowjob. She would pull her lips away slowly, leaving her saliva connecting the tip of my cock and her tongue. The sounds of her bj were too much for mom, who was now sitting on our couch with a hand in her crotch. I couldn’t kaçak casino believe what was going on, but I was not about to argue. Instead, I reached down and cupped Kim’s oversized tits through her bra, squeezing them and rubbing them all over. My slut of a sister then used her hands to undo the bra and free the most magnificent set of tits I’ve ever seen. The whole time, she kept her mouth on my cock.

My hands massaged those puppies and pinched her nipples until she started to moan softly. Kim yelled for mom to come over and take a breast in her mouth. At first, mom seemed a bit shy, but Kim got insistent and yelled again for mom to get over here! Mom came near, and Kim force fed a tit into mom’s warm mouth. She sucked it good, and licked all around the nipple as Kim moaned some more. I managed to kick the door shut with my foot, but in the process I lost my balance and Kim and I tumbled to the floor. My cock was still crammed down this nymph’s throat, and mom never lost a beat in joining us on the floor for more sucking and grabbing. My erect dick was harder and longer than it ever was, and my ladies definitely took notice. They both crawled on either side of me and took hold of my cock. As mom leaned in first to have a lick, we heard the garage door buzz.

“DAD!!!!” we all cried at once.

My father was home from his trip and would be walking through the door in seconds. Mom took off for the upstairs as sis and I grabbed all the discarded clothes and dashed into the first floor bathroom, the only chance we had before dad strutted in. The whole downstairs smelled like sex, and I knew there was no way he wouldn’t notice. He seemed not to for now, as my mother came down to greet him as if she’d been sleeping, and not about to suck their son’s fat cock until it shot hot loads down her throat. That left a naked Kim and I locked in our bathroom in the corner of the hallway where little noise could be heard. Hmmm, I wonder how we can pass the time before dad disappears upstairs, which wouldn’t be until after he eats breakfast and catches up with mom on what he missed at home. I took a look at sis, who was sweating and oozing sex, eager to fuck. She looked down at my hard on, and we looked at each other and smiled.

“I’m gonna ride that big cock like never before, but in chapter 4, Sis said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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