An Edible Journey Ch. 02

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Our edible journey continues. Like any journey where you only have a vague or perhaps imagined, ultimate destination, ours ended up with some unexpected twists, turns, and decidedly slick and slippery curves. Little did I know that by unleashing my wife’s inner slut, I also awakened something of a dominatrix in her! And maybe a bit of hidden submissive in me. Submissive maybe, but not much past that, or at least so I thought.

We continued to have a great time together, no small feat for a couple together for as long as us, but invariably we started to ask how we could take it up a notch. We both had ideas – neither of us are ever lacking for those – but what would be next in this great erotic adventure?

After many erotica-filled discussions regarding our mutual and individual fantasies we agreed on an idea and a plan. In exchange for her agreeing to do everything in her power to fulfill my main fantasy (more on it later) – I would agree to whatever she wanted without question…or hesitation for one month. I was so excited at the prospect of my fantasy finally becoming a reality that I didn’t give much thought to what Trina might come up with. All I can say now to anyone contemplating such a deal is be very careful what you wish for. Little did I know that once this femdom thing was unleashed, it spurred Trina on to come up with some surprising and very creative experiments.

It started easily enough and fit right into our mutual enjoyment of creampies, snowballing, and cum-play. We’d be fucking and Trina would say “pull-out and cum on my face, I want to feel your hot cum!” What man would argue with such a request? I’d straddle her chest with my knees tucked up into her armpits and she’d suck or jerk me as she wanted, and then finish me off – I love it when she jerks me off because she does it with such abandon. I’m more restrained in that I aim the first few spurts at her mouth, then inevitably can’t take anymore and plunge my cock right in so she can suck me until I stop quaking. When Trina’s in control, it’s like she’s holding the end of a hose and she just keeps pumping and lets my cum fly all over the place! Let me tell you, it’s quite a sight. We’ve got a great video of her doing this and the smile on her face is priceless as my spunk lands on her cheeks, her tongue, and just about everywhere else. I never get tired of watching that video – or re-enacting it any chance I get!

Most of the time after decorating her face and tongue she’ll pull me close and we’ll passionately kiss, passing my cum back and forth as our tongues dance their own slick tango. This time, however, she looked into my eyes and said, “OK, clean me up, and I don’t mean with a towel. You’re going to suck up every last drop and glob of your cum, and I want to see it on your tongue – now!” Her forcefulness trumped any second thoughts I might have had and kind of took me by surprise, so I did as I was told. I didn’t exactly lick her face, neck and chest, instead it was more like sucking it up through a straw – minus the straw! When I’d finished cleaning my spunk off her cheeks, lips, chin, one nipple, and a stray strand that splashed across her eyebrow, I showed her the fruits of my labor by opening my mouth – just like she’s done for me so many times. “God, it looks good on your tongue – now be a good boy and swallow it. If you’re going to be my cumslut, you’d better do as I say,” she said, laughing at the look on my face.

Maybe it’s an odd thing to say, but eating my spooge right from the tap has never been one of my things. Somehow it’s different when we’re playing around and snowball it back and forth, or I’m eating it from her delicious cunt, but to just eat it isn’t something I’d normally do. In Trina’s new mode, however, normal has gone out the window. What the hell, I thought, it was already in my mouth, and it was just all over her face, so I swallowed and showed her my empty mouth, which immediately brought back that evil smile.

I should have known that that smile meant an escalation the next time around! A couple of days later Trina surprised me with an unexpected morning hand job. When I tried to reach over and touch her, she just said “relax and enjoy it, I’ll get mine soon enough.” I love hand jobs, even more so when it’s her hand and not mine, so it didn’t take very long before Trina had me shooting my load into her cupped palm – something she hadn’t done before – then surprised me by wiping her jizz-filled hand across my lips and telling me to suck it off. I looked at my formerly submissive wife as she intently canlı bahis watched me, and then complied with her wish. A quick handjob topped off by a thick, creamy, protein-enriched breakfast was not a customary start to my day, but my lovely wife continued to surprise me.

The following Friday night, after a couple of stiff drinks and a fair amount of medicinal greenery, we found ourselves in our usual Friday night position – naked in bed fondling each other while watching yet another cumshot-filled video. Most of the time when we watch porn we’ll bring each other another almost to the brink and then back off and slow down, and in that way we try to see how long we can make things last. At the same time we’ll comment on the cocks we like best, the ejaculations that impress, the women we find attractive, and the parts of the action that get us hot. As a result, when we’re finally ready let go, we’re both dripping like leaking faucets, the aroma of sex fills the room, and we’re ready to explode! On this occasion we’d been masturbating each other, with occasional breaks to go down on each other for about 40 minutes and I knew I couldn’t last much longer before spurting, so I let her know I was getting close. And there was that smile again.

“OK Nigel, I’m close too, and want to get off, but first I want to watch you pleasure yourself, you know, jerk off for me. But do it the way you would if I wasn’t here. Just let yourself go. You can watch me afterwards, I know how you like that, but for now watch the movie and pretend you’re alone.” It seemed a bit odd considering how long we’d been fondling each other, but if that’s what she wanted, that’s what I was going to give her. “Oh, and by the way, I’m going to video tape it all – I know how much you like to watch your cock spurting cum!” She said this last part with a throaty chuckle, but I figured if she was going to tape it, it’d be even more fun for me. And, of course, she was right – I do love watching my cock spurt!

I propped myself against the pillows, watched the movie while caressing my stiff cock, and tried to pretend I was alone. It took me a few seconds for the pretend part to work, but then I started getting into it. I used both hands to slowly jack my cock, I ran my fingernails lightly down the shaft and across my balls, I squeezed out some more precum then used my thumb to gently massage it all around the head of my cock. I gave my balls a gently squeeze while jerking with my other hand, I gripped myself hard and slapped my dick against my belly. I did it all, trying to show her as many of my techniques as I could think of, and it all was captured by my silent camera-woman. However, all good things must eventually come to an end and I found myself getting ready to sprint down the final stretch! I could feel my balls tightening, my right hand was pistoning up and down on my shaft as I gradually tightened my grip. I didn’t say anything, but I was hoping she had a good angle and was getting all of this on tape! I was almost to the point of no return when she asked, “so when you do this alone, what do you do when you cum?” Her question puzzled me for a second, and then I got it.

“If I’m laying down, I might jerk off on my stomach, or I’ll use a paper towel to catch it, or sometimes I just keep it in my hand until I’m done – sort of close my fist around then head until I’m all stroked out and can get to the bathroom,” I said somewhat sheepishly. I’d jerked off for her before, but never like this, and like I said, I was just seconds from erupting!

“Catch it in your hand, I want to see what you mean, c’mon baby, keep going, I’m loving this.” With that she fell silent again and zoomed in close on my rigid cockhead just as the first spurt of thick cum erupted from the tip. “Hmm, that looks nice and tasty, baby, keep going, c’mon keep pumping! I’d suck it up if I wasn’t having so much fun watching you,” she whispered lewdly. I kept jerking, spasming, and spewing gobs of ropey jism, and she kept up with the lewd comments. After about five good-sized spurts and a few aftershocks resulting in a couple more dribbles of semen, I was all done in, feeling great, and with a healthy glob of warm spunk captured in my hand. “So that’s how you do it, now I see,” she said as she kept filming.

“What do you want me to do with this,” I said, indicating the substantial mess in my hand? I was hoping Trina wanted me to use the slick, viscous “lotion” on her clit so I could get her off. “C’mon baby, let me put this to good use,” I said holding up my right hand.

“Oh, I’ve bahis siteleri got a good use for it alright. I want to watch you to eat it! I want you to eat it all and convince this camera you love every drop. C’mon my nasty, fucking little cumslut, show me how much you love cum! Who knows, maybe I’ll post this video when you’re done. You’ve posted enough photos of me eating your cum, maybe it’s your turn.”

I wasn’t sure if this was an idle threat, or not, but if nothing else is apparent by now, this fact should be – when it comes to sex, whatever my lovely vixen wants, she gets! And I was still thinking of our deal – she was the boss, which meant no backing down or hesitation if I wanted my end of the bargain fulfilled. So I proceeded to play with it –squishing it between my finger and thumb, and then drawing it out into sticky, ropey strands before licking my fingers clean and slurping the rest from my hand. Judging from the long passionate kiss Trina gave me afterwards she must have liked my performance. After watching it later on the flat screen TV, I must say, it did look like I was enjoying myself to the very last drop.

The following week was spent in anticipation. We were getting close to the end of the month, but Trina wouldn’t have sex. A couple of times she’d tease me by jerking me almost to completion, then she’d stop and tell me she didn’t want me to cum until the weekend. She said she wanted me to let my imagination run wild about what she might have planned, and, more importantly, she wanted me primed and ready with a really big load. To add fuel to the fire she announced that she had only one more solo performance in mind for me before we could start planning my payoff – fulfilling my ultimate fantasy. With the realization that I was so close to my goal, I told her I was game for anything she had in mind. In the back of my mind I was thinking – what else could she possibly come up with to top the cum-eating video? All she said was, “we’ll see about that my nasty cumslut! Remember, you have to do everything I say, or the deal is off.” Although I knew in my heart that my fantasy was in fact a shared one, turning it reality had always been the hang up. She liked the idea as much as I did, but I desperately wanted it to happen, and this was the closest we’d gotten. So it was a matter of principle that I had to fulfill my end of the bargain, or she’d have the out she needed if she got cold feet!

Saturday night rolled around and after our usual loosening up rituals she had me lay on my back on the bed with my head a foot or so away from the headboard. Trina then had me lift my legs over my head so my feet were braced against the headboard, sort of a reverse abdominal crunch, until my dick was hanging directly above my mouth with about 8 inches of air in between. My first thought was “what the fuck?”, then it came back to me I’d once confessed to Trina that in my younger days I’d attempted auto-fellatio; she’d asked if I’d suck myself if I could and I said yes, of course! What guy wouldn’t? I told her that when I was a teenager, and so much more limber than I am now, I had attempted on more than one occasion, in a position just like this, to suck myself. Unfortunately, as stiff as my cock was at the time, my back was always stiffer and I never quite got my cock into my mouth – very, very close, tongue close as a matter of fact, but never more than that. Since then I’ve seen videos and photos of guys doing it, even guys with smaller dicks, but I just wasn’t flexible enough. My admission must have stuck somewhere in my nasty wife’s memory banks because there I was on the bed in that position looking up at my erect cock. Only this time I had an audience and a promise that it wouldn’t be my hand doing the jacking!

“You’re going to like this, Nigel, maybe almost as much as I am,” she said in a sex-filled, husky voice. The sexiness was intensified by the evil glint in her eye!

As you might imagine, this position leaves one quite vulnerable – my ass is sticking up in the air, my legs are spread, I can’t move much, and my cock and balls are dangling directly over my face – not the kind of situation that someone as smart and ingenious as my wife is going to let go unnoticed. I was definitely putty in her hands, so I tried to relax as best I could, and gave up control to my lovely, sexy wife. I should’ve known things were going to get crazy when I saw the bottle of Liquid Silk lube in Trina’s hands, and, oh yeah, that evil smile.

“I think I’m going to try my hand at milking, but no cumming before I say bahis şirketleri so, got that,” she said with enough force that I knew she meant business. I nodded as best I could to let her know I understood. She arranged herself between my outstretched legs, a position that gave me a wonderful underside view of her beautiful, and very wet, cunt. Always considerate, she asked me if I was comfortable and whether I could maintain this position, and what if she pressed my legs down, was I OK with that? I said it wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I could handle whatever she was planning, at least for awhile. That’s when I felt the lube being dripped on my ass! She squirted it on until it started running from my ass to my hanging balls, and dripped onto my neck. Next Trina began slowly circling my asshole with one of our life-like dildos. With a slight shove the head of the rubber cock slipped inside me. I’d been staring at her cunt as she starting working it in, feeling that first pop as the rubber cock overcomes the resistance of my ass, when I looked up and saw my hard dick just inch from my mouth. My wife’s gradual pushing on my legs as she started reaming me with the dildo had overcome the normal stiffness in my back and I was almost there! Trina had one hand working the dildo and the other wand working me, so she must have felt how close we were getting to my mouth.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Trina’s ramming the surrogate cock into my ass trying to hit my prostate had succeeded – I suddenly realized that a small stream of cum was dribbling out of my cock, and I hadn’t had an orgasm yet, although that feeling was creeping up on me. And it was landing on my face and lips. I told her what was happening and she shifted her body so she could see it. She slowed her movements with the dildo to the point where with each thrust, there’d be a slight delay and then a small amount of semen would drip onto my face. “That’s so cool,” she exclaimed, and then she started pumping my cock harder! “I can’t wait to see what happens next. Now open wide and stick out your tongue!”

She eased off her weight on my legs so I could shift my position and rest my feet higher on the headboard, moving my oh-so-close cock to about a half inch away from open mouth, and gave the dildo one deep thrust, and then left it there as she turned her complete attention to my straining hard cock. True to her word she alternated her hands and used a milking motion on my cock until I lost it with one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had! I didn’t just cum the way I normally do; I erupted with five to six large jets of creamy-white cum that seemed to explode from the tip of my cock and shot directly into my wide open mouth! I actually felt each squirt as it hit my tongue! Unlike the case with Trina’s other games, with this there was no time to think – I came and the hot spunk hit my mouth almost immediately. I managed to swallow the first spurt, but there was so much I couldn’t get it all down while still reeling from such a mind-blowing orgasm. Trina watched all of this with rapt attention and somewhere between the fifth, sixth, or maybe even seventh spurt, she had me drop my legs back onto the bed and planted her dripping cunt squarely over my cum-filled mouth! I tried my best to push everything I had in my mouth into and onto her cunt – sort of a reverse creampie, if you will. It didn’t take long before Trina was rocking back and forth in the throes of her own intense orgasm, and when she finally pulled away her delicious cunt was quite a sight!

After we managed to catch our breath, we shared a long passionate kiss, and this time she was the one licking up the stray strands of cum. Finally, she said, “you’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain, and to be honest, I really didn’t think you’d do everything I pushed on you. Jerking off into your own mouth in order to get your wish is pretty extreme, so it’s pretty clear that you really want what you want. Now the question is, if we’re going to do this, we’ve got to figure out the details – the when, the where, the how, and most importantly, the who?”

“Oh, I have some ideas on that front,” I said, “all subject to your approval, of course. But you’re right, who we pick to join us is going to be the most important choice, the rest are just minor details. Do you have someone in mind, or do you want to leave that to me?”

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Now that you mention it, maybe I do have someone in mind. After all, as long as he’s clean, has a big cock, can keep his mouth shut, and doesn’t mind you watching as he fucks me silly and fills me with cum, you don’t mind who, do you? Oh yeah, one more thing, do you want him sticking around while you clean me up afterwards? Or is that one of those minor details?”

More to come.

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