Amber Decides Ch. 03

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It may still have been Friday night, but it was almost certainly very early Saturday morning. I only know that I felt a bare body against me, a young woman’s chest against mine, a comfortable weight pressing me into the mattress…

I opened my eyes in the near-total darkness, and was just barely able to discern the features of Amber’s face above mine. She was sliding gently against me, enticing me, causing my desire to stir and grow. In seconds, her movements transformed me from a sleeping person to an aroused person.

I smiled. “It’s been a long time since you wanted sex in the middle of the night,” I noted as my arms slid around her beneath the covers.

“I know,” Amber replied. “Too long, it seems…”

We became silent as her lips met mine. The kiss lingered as I lengthened beneath her. There was something about the feel of her fingernails lightly grazing across my shoulders and upper arms which increased the eroticism of the moment.

Amber slowly rose from me as the hotel room brightened significantly due to a car parking directly in front of our first-floor window, the heavy curtains unable to completely block out the powerful beams of the headlights. But it was in that light which I could truly gaze up at the beautiful young woman upon casino oyna me. She meant so, so much to me, and as I thought about how integral she had become to my happiness, I was also saddened by the fact that I would soon lose her.

…which was why we were in the hotel room: so that she could choose the place where she would go when I lost her.

She straddled me, continuing to slide back and forth upon my hardened manhood. We held hands and locked eyes, sharing a heartfelt smile as she continued to slowly pleasure me, her own desire anointing me and easing her movements upon me. Her lips parted slightly as her breath rate slowly escalated, a testament to the slow increase in arousal which she was experiencing.

In time, we both needed more. She needed me inside her, and I needed to feel her squeezing my length. She knelt with her hands braced against he headboard, whimpering as I slid my dripping tip along her weeping sex. Bending forward, I gripped a breast, squeezing gently, brushing a finger over the pert nipple. The soft sounds of desire and of need were indeed melodic, quite like the call of a siren.

Slowly, I entered my sweet Amber at last, her body the perfect sheath for me. In several thrusts, I was fully embedded within her, the warmth of her body as canlı casino intoxicating as the love which filled her heart and called to me each time I placed an ear to her chest. Continuing to brace herself against the headboard, she reached back with a hand and gently squeezed my testicles, causing me to groan her name in the darkness.

We made love. Amber fondled my testicles as I fondled her breast. The pace of our joining was slow and steady, a rhythm we both knew by heart, a pace designed to slowly heighten our combined desire and extend the pleasure for as long as possible.

…even in the middle of the night.

Soon, I was eating her, enjoying her heavy breaths as her pleasure spiraled skyward. As I feasted upon her, I held her hands, and her grip continued to tighten. She moved against me, humping my face, restrained sounds escaping her throat even though she was obviously attempting to remain silent since we were in a hotel room and not in our home.

She took me into her mouth, sucking me gently as her tongue enticed me, her fingers gripping me firmly and stroking at the base of my hearty manhood. I tried to keep her amber hair away from her face, both so she could focus on pleasuring me and so that we could share an affectionate gaze in the near-darkness. kaçak casino

In time, with a near-voiceless moan, Amber impaled herself upon me, fitting me easily inside her wet passage. She rocked back and forth upon me, clenching around me, her body squeezing me lovingly as my hands caressed her thighs, her hips, her stomach, her chest. She soon leaned back upon her heels, her thighs spread wide, shamelessly displaying herself to my adoring eyes, and she shook like a minor earthquake as I began to focus my attention upon her clitoris.

Her release was powerful, her body gripping me tighter than ever before. Despite her efforts to remain quiet, I would not be surprised if guests in the adjoining hotel rooms heard an earful if they happened to still be awake despite the late hour. To feel the shaking of her body as my eyes were drawn to the shimmying of her hair and the quivering of her breasts, to know that the love of my life was sharing such an intimate moment with me, to hear the pleasure that I had granted her, it all became too much for me, and as her orgasm subsided, mine erupted inside her.

We cuddled, and she drifted back into slumber while I remained awake, saddened by the thought that in a few seemingly-too-damn-short months, the only opportunities I could have to share such heartfelt intimacy with her would be either when she came home for vacation, or when I came and secured a hotel room during a visit to this or one of the other two colleges.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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