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This was originally posted in Jan 2007 as a short story to someone’s request, but lost with the revision to the SEX STORIES. I had re-edited it – hopefully with no errors and re-posted it in the forum on Feb 11, 2009. It had good reviews and readership. This was the original parts one and two.

It is now expanded it into a novel and has characters added; four girls, two sets of sisters.

Cast: Alicia, 36 yrs old and Jim, 38 yrs old, husband and wife; Judy-12 yr old daughter; Nancy;-15 yr old daughter; Johnnie-16yr old son; Pete and Jerry, 17yr old friends of Johnnie; Mary, 17 yr old friend of Nancy; Joannie 15 yr old friend of Nancy; Mary and Joannie are sisters;

Abductors: For Jim: Dave & Fred. For Alicia: Bill & Joe. For the girls: Frank & Jessie.

Other characters: Sam, Owner of the Movie and Boss: Director’s secret name is Kenneth West; Directors wife, Cindy Rivera, secretly famous actress, called Kelly on the set. Staff members and sometime actors: Dave, Tom,(sound man), Quentin, John, Will, Bill. Pete & Jerry, high school friends of Johnnie’s to whom he owes $5000 for gambling debts.

Sam’s Secretary and Chief Enemizer, Donna Farley.

This story contains: rape, incest, virginity, mom/dtr,mom/son,dad/dtr,dad/son,sisters,sis/bro, underage, anal, oral, heterosex, gay sex, lesbian sex, watersports, gangbangs, alien sex.. It should be capable of offending everyone. I sincerely apologize if it hasn’t been able to offend you.


My name is Alicia; I am 5′-9″ tall, weight 150, and have 36C breasts. My waist is about 28 inches. Even after having my son and daughters, I still have a good figure at age 36. My hair is long and red. It goes all the way down to my waist. I usually keep it up when I am teaching. My favorite clothes are a white blouse and dark skirt. My husband Jim and I have been married for 18 years, since I was 18 and my husband was 20. We have a boy Johnnie, who is 16, and Nancy, 15, and Judy the youngest 12.

I would like to share with you my story. At the beginning, I was a happily married woman, some say beautiful. Well, I did win the beauty pageant for teachers at the school where I teach and my son goes to school. My husband is an accountant with a prestigious nationally known firm. I teach all the Standard English courses and also an advanced optional course in writing. Several of my students have actually been published, and two have won literary awards. Makes me think I am doing something right in my teaching.

My husband Jim is 6′-1″ tall and weighs 225. He is now 38. He exercises regularly and stays fit. He has black hair and his chest is pretty hairy. I asked him to shave his penis and balls for me, I like the way they look. He asked me to reciprocate, so I have a very pretty bald pussy. We do mutual shaving for each other about every week.

He really has great muscles in his arms and chest. I just love them. He is always sweet to me and has never even raised his voice to me (except in surprise.)

Our sex life is wonderful; we have sex every 2 or 3 nights, sometimes for two times in a row. He is so very sweet and gives me lots of foreplay. We almost always do missionary position but sometimes to be different we will do doggy position. And I really like it occasionally in the shower standing up.

We don’t have any problem with money as he makes a good six figure salary. I really don’t have to teach for money, but I do it for the love of doing it.

I am Johnny; I’m 16 years old, and my Mom is a super Mom. Dad is just great to me, I am so lucky to have such good parents. But there is a little problem that I have. Some of the kids at school, Pete and Jerry got me to start playing craps with them at school when we could be alone. We were playing for real money. Since I have an allowance I thought I would have no problem with that, but it seems that I always lost, and before I knew it I owed them five thousand dollars. I thought of trying to get it from my Dad but just never could get up the nerve to let him know how badly I had let down his expectations.

One day Pete and Jerry came up to me after school and said: “About the money you owe us, you have to go with us now.” They looked like they really meant it, so I said: “OK, let’s go.” We got into their car; I think it was Pete’s dad’s car. It was a new Lexus, pretty good for a high school kid, I thought. Little did I know.

We drove for about an hour and went on highway 58 out of town about 50 miles to an old looking farm house. He pulled into the driveway and stopped at the house. We got out and walked up on the dilapidated porch then inside.

Once inside, a man came into the room with us, took out a big gun pointed it at me and said strip right now, or I will shoot and no one will ever find your body. Quivering with fear and covered with goosebumps, I began to take off all my clothes. When I had finished except for my shoes, he said those too.

So I removed my shoes and socks. Then a second man came into the room and Jerry said: “Is everything ready?” He answered in the affirmative. They then tied my hands behind my back with duct tape, blindfolded me, and led me into the next room. He said: “Bend over and spread your cheeks.” So I did in fear of the gun. Then I felt something cold and hard against my asshole. Then it pushed inside a little. I was trembling in fear. He said: “Do you feel that” I said: “yes, it hurts.” He said: “It doesn’t hurt as much now as it will when I pull the trigger if you don’t do exactly as I say”. So shakily I replied: “OK, I will, I will!”

Next the man with the gun blindfolded me, walked me back into the first room, and sat me down naked in a cold metal chair. Then he tied my hands behind the chair with duct tape, I think, and then he tied my legs together. Next thing I felt him start to jack me off. My dick instantly got hard, and he said: “Nice little dick you have there, I bet your sisters and mom are really going to like it.” He kept on until I shot cum all over his hand. He put his hand to my mouth, removed the gag and said: “Lick it all off and swallow it, or else.” So I did, then he replaced the duct tape over my mouth with a new piece that wrapped all around my head and in my hair. I never tasted cum before and thought it was pretty nasty, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I thought oh hell, what is he talking about? My sisters and my mom? He told me he would be back.

The man with the gun said: “Pete and Jerry, you can go now, you did your job.” I heard the door open and slam shut as they went out. Then I heard the Lexus start and leave.

Soon I heard someone else come in to the room, lots of shuffling around, a chair moving, and after a little while more it happened again. Since I was also taped across my mouth I couldn’t say anything. I finally heard some moans like someone was trying to make a coded sound.

I am Nancy, I am 15 years old and in the 10th grade, as I was able to skip one grade in middle school, so I am the youngest in my class, but no one realizes it. I have blondish hair, some have said dirty blonde! I wear it like my Mom, down to my waist. But I put it up in braids sometimes too. I make mostly A’s. I like boys, and my little kitty cat, named Tabitha, or Tabby, that I have had since Mom and Dad gave her to me for my 10th birthday. She mostly stays in my room and sleeps with me. I just love her to death. I have 2 really good girlfriends at school and we hang out on weekends and do things together.

We like to go skating and swimming mostly. We also like classic rock music and sometimes we just hang out in my room and talk and listen to music. None of us have ever had a date with a boy, but we talk about them a lot. My friends’ names are Mary and Joannie. They are a year older than me, but Mary just had a birthday and is now 17. About 2 years ago when they were 14 and I was 13, we decided to do some exploring of each other’s bodies just to see what sex felt like.

This progressed to overnights in my room or in Mary or Joannie’s room at their house.
We like to play with each other’s pussies, but like to use our mouths too. Our moms never had a clue about what we do. Then Mary swiped her mother’s vibrator and that really gave us something nice to play with. Her mom never did figure out what happened to it. She finally thought she had accidentally thrown it away, Mary said.

So many good nights of the three of us have taken place over the past two years and we are the best of lovers and friends. That doesn’t mean we don’t like boys, but our parents won’t let us get close to any or go out with any yet. I can hardly wait until I am 17, when my Mom said she would allow me to date. There is one guy at school I really like. His name is Pete, but I don’t think he knows I exist.

My name is Judy; I am only 12, the youngest of us three kids. I am a little slender for my age, but I have actual boobs. I am also red haired with blue eyes. My hair is cut short with bangs. I am in sixth grade, and I really like school. I am so interested in art and music; that is all I think about. I don’t see what my sister and her friends even see in boys. Boys! Ugh! Last night I went into my sister’s room and was shocked. All of them, her and her two friends, Mary and Joannie were all naked, and doing dirty things to each other. I nearly screamed but Nancy jumped up and clapped her hand over my mouth, telling me sternly to be quiet and not make any sounds. I shook my head yes, and she removed her hand from my mouth.

She told me that I was old enough to participate. I was scared and she said to not be afraid. What we did is normal and natural and really feels good. So we all want to show you how good it feels. Can we? I hesitantly said: “OK, I guess.”
She said: “Well Judy, what we are doing is sex. Everybody does it when they are grown up but most people start doing at our age. We just aren’t allowed to have boys to do it with, so we just do it to each other. It really does feel wonderful, that is why every one does it.”

Mary said; “Yes, and I do it with my brother sometimes, but we don’t dare let Mom catch us.” I said: “What do you do?” She said: “He sticks his dick into my pussy and fucks me, and I suck on him until he cums and I swallow it. It tastes almost as good as girl cum.”

I was confused. I didn’t know what she meant for sure. I had heard some other kids talking about fucking and one boy told me was going to catch me and fuck me good, but I ran away and I stay way way away from him. I still didn’t know what fucking was. I said, Mary what is fucking anyway, and isn’t it bad?

Mary right away told me fucking is the best feeling you can have. “I have my brother suck on my titties and then lick my pussy while I suck on his dick, then he fucks me by shoving his hard dick all the way into my pussy hole and pushing it in and out until we both explode, and he either shoots his cum inside me or pulls out and puts it in my mouth so I can swallow it.”

I asked again; “Mary you really like doing that?” She said: “I do it every chance we get. You have a brother; I don’t see why you don’t let him fuck you and Nancy. I would like to fuck him myself. He is really a hot boy.” I told her: “I never liked boys anyway.” She said: “After we teach you, you can’t wait to have one fuck you.”

Then Mary said: “Hey girls, why don’t we get my brother to fuck all of us next time we are at my house?” Nancy and Joannie said: “Oh boy yes yes yes we will. We should let him show Judy everything.”

So we stayed in her room all night, and they showed me how to make my pussy feel good. I changed my mind about sex after that. We also all slept naked together in Nancy’s big bed.

(Alicia) After teaching school on today, Friday, April 3, I got my stuff together and started walking down the stairs and out to my car. It was one of the adminstration’s “half days” which meant we go out at 10:30am. Just before I left the building I was accosted by 3 very mean looking, dirty looking men. I suddenly became fearful of being raped or killed. They told me that I had better go with them if I knew what was good for me. One showed me a large gun and said this will be pointed at your heart from behind while we are walking. “Any crying out or drawing attention to yourself will cause the death of you and any bystanders.” Put to me that way, I had no choice but to comply. We walked to their SUV, they put me in the back, where there was another vile looking man waiting.

Two of the men also got in the back, the other one got into the front seat with the driver. The men in back with me, told me to strip or they would rip my clothes off. With their guns, I knew I had no choice but to comply. So I began taking off my clothes. The man with the gun told me to go slow. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, and then slid it down my arms and off. He said the skirt next. So I unzipped it and stepped out of it. Now I was wearing my pink lacy brassiere and my matching pink lacy panties. He ordered me to turn around. I did. Then he said: “Bend over and spread your legs.” Having no choice with the men and their guns I complied reluctantly. The two in back with me started making lewd comments. They said:”What a nice bald muff, and isn’t that a gorgeous ass, can’t wait to shove my cock in both her holes.”

I gasped. They were talking about having sex with me through the backdoor. I would never do that. I was sure it would hurt so badly. Besides it was so dirty, after all; feces comes out of there. Next they said: “OK, turn around and face us. Now slowly unfasten your bra and let your tits out.” I did as they asked. Again they started with the nasty lewd horrible comments. “What a nice pair of jugs, I am going to take a lot of time sucking on those” His partner said: “Yeah, they really are, can’t wait to titty fuck those babies.” Then they told me to shake my body from side to side so they could see them swinging. No choice but to comply again. They next said: “OK, now get down on your hands and knees facing us, and shake your body.”
Again, once more I complied. And once again the rude and randy comments: “Look at them swing.”

Then one of the men, the one without the gun came over to me and put his hand under my right breast and lifted it and massaged it, tweaking my nipple. Trying hard to ignore them, I said nothing, but began to feel the nerve impulses traveling from my nipple to my pussy. He then bent down and put my nipple in his mouth. I couldn’t help but letting out a little gasp. He said: “See, she likes it. Lets get her panties off and see how wet we can make her. Now stand back up bitch, and slowly pull your panties down and off.”
I stood up and slid my panties down to my knees, then down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

They had me move closer to them and then commenced to play with my breasts and cunny. One of them rubbed my little clit really hard while the other one put one, then two, then three fingers in my vagina, and began to wiggle them and move them in and out. I was soaking wet in a few seconds against my will. My body had totally betrayed me

.Then the unthinkable nasty thing happened. The one that had been playing with my vagina, pulled his fingers back out and stuck one really hard into my rectum. I let out a little yell, and he said: “You better be quiet bitch if you want to see tomorrow.” I nodded my head. The man put his other three fingers back in my vagina and his thumb on my clit. I had never felt so stimulated in spite of my disgust at what they were forcing me to do. He kept this up for a few minutes, and then I had a mind-blowing orgasm, like I had never had before. My husband could never do anything to make me feel like this. I thought, does the anal stimulation really do that. It is incredible.

(Jim) I had just left my downtown office and was in the parking garage, getting ready to get into my car, when I was suddenly set upon by three guys, one of them holding a .45 caliber gun pointed at my head. They said, we have a little bone to pick with you, Jim, we can settle this peacefully, if you will simply get into our SUV and come with us. Having no choice, as they were armed and actually bigger than me, I got into their vehicle. No sooner had they closed the door and driven away, when I was ordered to stand up and strip completely. Not understanding the reason for this, but again not wanting to be shot, I took off my coat, then my shirt, shoes and pants. Now I had only my jockey shorts on. The one with the gun said:”OK handsome, shorts, too.” So I pulled them down. My dick had shriveled up from fear until it was hardly visible. One of them said:”Hey! We can’t take him there like this.” I had tried to ask what this was all about twice, but I was told to shut up if I didn’t want a bullet salad. So I kept my mouth shut.

The man without a gun said: “I think we can fix it. I’ll go first.” I was really puzzled as to what they meant. That one then told me to get down on my hands and knees on the rug they had in the SUV, looking toward the man with the gun. I did so. I felt something cold and wet being rubbed on me and then felt a finger penetrate my ring. I was surprised that it actually felt good even though I was scared to death. The finger began to rub around in circles inside, then went in deeper, and started an in and out movement. My anus seemed very content with this treatment, to my surprise. I had never been touched there before by anyone, even Alicia, my wife. My dick against my wishes had suddenly decided to stand up and was very hard, so hard it hurt a little.

The next thing I was aware of was more pressure following the withdrawal of the fingers, and then a larger object was inserted. It felt warm and hard. I realized he was fucking my ass with his own dick. The man behind me said: “Dave, this guy really has a good ass, you should take a turn, too.” He began fucking me slower then harder, then he started panting and really pushing hard, then I heard him gasp:

”Ohhhhhhhhhhh I’m shooting” and felt something warm enter my rectum. I had just been assfucked for the first time.

The man then gave the gun to my first assfucker and then Dave went behind me. Now I knew what was coming next. Dave rubbed his penis around in circles on my anus and then slowly pushed in. There really was no resistance. When he started fucking me it felt so good that I really got into it and began squeezing his cock on the out-strokes, relaxing on the in-strokes. This made it feel even better for me. This was something I had never even thought of happening to me, and I actually liked it. I thought, does this mean I am really gay and didn’t know it.

Dave reached around and while he was fucking me started playing with my cock. It started growing as he did. I was in mind-shock. Even that started to feel good. After he squirted in my ass, he pulled out and said now lay down on the rug. By now I really was no longer resisting anything they said, so I did. Dave began stroking my cock again and it responded to my surprise. Then he did something I never had any experience with, except for Alicia.. He actually began licking up and down and it felt so good. After a few minutes of that, and me starting to moan from the feeling, he put his mouth over the head and began sucking on it. After a minute or two, he then started fucking his mouth by moving it up and down on it.

Then his buddy with the gun still had his cock out and was playing with it. It was about 9” long and pretty big around. Made mine look small at my seven inches. Next he came over and said open or I’ll blow your brains away. I opened my mouth and he put his cock in my mouth and moved it around. He said: “If you bite me I will kill you. Get ready to learn what cum tastes like”. He started fucking my mouth with his cock and after about ten minutes when my jaw was starting to hurt, he told me to swallow or else, then began squirting spurt after spurt of warm thick slippery cum into my mouth. I was surprised. It didn’t taste bad. In fact it had very little taste. I thought well now, I am really gay for sure. But they weren’t yet done with me.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, arched my hips up and gave Dave a mouthful. He swallowed every squirt. He sucked on me for another few minutes, till I shrank back down. Dave said: “We should let him rest, now, he has a lot more work to do. Those girls will really like that shaved cock and balls.”

I wondered what they meant by their last remark, but didn’t want to make any waves, endangering myself, so I kept quiet. So they had me sit back down on the floor facing them. I had no idea where we were. We had been driving for what seemed like an hour. Dave got down in front of me and began to lick and suck my cock again. It responded very quickly. When I was fully hard and throbbing, he pulled off, dropped his pants and said: “Now you get the fun part.” He rubbed something on his asshole, bent over and said: “Fuck me or die.” What could I do?

Since I had learned some from my first two assfuckings, I rubbed the end of my cock around his pucker smearing the lotion around on it, and then pushed it into his hole. My God, I didn’t know it would feel this good. He told me: “Fuck away till you cum, or else!” So I proceeded to bore and pump into him fully until suddenly my balls tightened, the head of my dick throbbed and then I exploded into his ass.

Dave said excitedly: “Freddie, we are here now.” I felt the SUV turn and start bouncing around like it was on dirt. Then it stopped and they turned off the engine. Next thing I knew I was blindfolded and my hands were taped together behind my back. They put duct tape over my mouth so I couldn’t talk either.

Dave said: “OK, march now, no funny business. I was led a short way, then up a few steps, then on a wood floor of some sort and then into a room. They put me in a folding chair, and said you will wait here until we are ready for you. Next thing I knew I was tied to the chair and my feet were taped together. Now I couldn’t move even if I tried to.

And I still had no idea what this was all about. Why would three guys kidnap and rape me instead of a woman if sex was all they wanted? I wondered if this is what gay guys did to get sex. I thought that seems a hard way to get it. Then I realized that as for as the feelings they gave me, I really did like them. Some of it was almost as good as my wife Alicia gave me. I am still confused. Does this mean I am really gay after all, or just bi? I am going to have to sort this out.

(Alicia) After the men had made me cum several times like I never had before. They told me to get down on my hands and knees again facing the front of the SUV. Then I felt one of them rubbing my slick juices all over my pussy and asshole. The next thing was a finger going into me again in back. It played around inside for a minute, then withdrew. One of them said: “Remember be quiet, no matter what or you won’t see our destination alive.”

I felt something hard pointed against my rosy red asshole, and then it suddenly sank inside me. Jesus, I never knew that could feel so good. What have I been missing all these years? I never let Jim do that to me, but I didn’t think he would want to anyway. He started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. By this time I was really into it because it felt so good.

Next thing I felt something warm in me, and he was moaning and groaning. He had just squirted his seed into my ass. As he shrunk and slipped out, he said: “OK, Bill, your turn” to one of the other men. I thought: Oh my God, I’m being gang-banged. I felt a different dick entering my butt. It was thicker than the first one that took my ass virginity, and felt a little longer. But God did it feel good. He was stirring it around and moving it in and out at the same time. What a feeling. He suddenly pulled out and said: “Babe, now stand up.” I did and he lay down with his huge hard prick sticking straight up in the air.

He told me to sit on it and put it in my pussy, then to lean forward as much as I could. I nearly willingly complied. He felt so good in me again. Then the first man told him to hold me still. He did so, but I wasn’t struggling anyway. I was getting to enjoy this rape thing. Then I felt the first man penetrate my anus with his long hard cock. The sensation!!!!! Both holes filled at once for the first time ever.

My God it felt so good I couldn’t stand it. They started ramming me in synchronicity and I started cumming and then cumming again. It seemed like I was in continuous orgasmic ecstasy. They stayed quite still in me for a few minutes after they both filled my insides with their warm cum, until their fucksticks shriveled up, and slid out. I couldn’t get over the feelings I had just been subjected to. I no longer had even any fear of these guys. I almost loved them for giving me such a glorious feeling. In fact truth be told, I wanted more, and I really wanted to be fucked in both holes again. They seemed to be relaxed toward me now, and were not pointing the gun at me any more.

Joe asked me: “How did you like it baby?” and “Was that your first assfuck?”

I told him: “Joe, I never felt anything like that in my life, even my husband Jim has never made me feel as good as you two did. I think I even want you to do it again.”
“I never had anything in my butt before, either.”

Joe replied: “Alicia, there is just some business that we have to do here and that is why you are here and why Jim is here too. Your girls will join us shortly.”

Alicia said: “Joe, you won’t hurt them will you?”

He replied: “No we aren’t going to hurt them at all; in fact we are going to make them feel good. We are going to teach them all about sex with your help and Jim’s.”

Alicia asked Joe: “Why are you doing this, what for, and why us?”;
Joe said: “This will be explained to all of you when you are all here and we are ready to proceed to business. If you do as we say, no one will be harmed, and your children will have a very good useful knowledge of sex.”

I certainly wasn’t very happy about what he said, but then given the circumstances I really had no choice to but to accept it. I still wondered what kind of business they were talking about.

The driver told the others that we were there, and I felt the SUV turn off the pavement and go up a dirt drive for a ways. They blindfolded me with tape, and taped my hands together behind my back, rather gently I thought. To myself, I thought, well, they must have really liked what they just did. I was more or less carefully walked a short distance, up a few steps and then across a wood deck into a room. They told me not to move.

I heard a chair being moved around, and then I was moved into position and told to sit. I felt a padded metal folding chair under me. They taped my feet together and moved my hands behind the chair back and tied them there. Then I heard them leave the room. I thought I heard someone else breathing, so I panted a little hard. I heard a responsive panting, Then a second one. I thought what in the world is going on. I made three short moan sounds, and it was answered with three more by whoever was in the room with me. Then I heard three more short moans, so I knew there were three of us.

(Back at the house, Judy, Nancy, Mary, and Joannie are all in Nancy’s room, getting ready to show Judy some more sex things, they slept naked together all night in Nancy’s kingsize bed snuggled together, after they initiated Judy into pussy play the evening before.)

Suddenly they hear a crash of glass in the kitchen. They they hear what sounds like the door opened and banged closed. They hear heavy footsteps. The footsteps approach their door which is locked. Suddenly they hear a loud bang and the wood in the door splinters.

A big hairy hand reaches through and unlocks and opens the door. Two scruffy looking men jump into the room. One of them says: “Oh, my God, I think we hit the jackpot.” “Should we take them now, or have some fun first?” “Just look at all this pretty naked young pussy and tits, and what is that? A vibrator? They must have been playing with each other, so they won’t mind us playing with them.”

(Nancy) When I heard the footsteps approach after the banging, and they crashed into the room, I was scared to death. I though they were going to kill us. But the way they looked at us, made me think, no they will rape us all. Hmmmmmmmm I might even like that!

(Mary) When I saw those men the first thing I thought was, oh God, my prayers are answered. REAL MEN! I watched them as they talked and noticed that their pants were starting to move at the top of their legs. I thought maybe I can keep them from hurting us if that is their intent. I looked at them and said: “What are your names? I am Mary, but I don’t live here only Nancy, (pointing) and Judy, (pointing) do, and this is my sister Joannie, but they are all virgins. I’m not.”

I guess I really surprised them, especially when I went up to one and kissed him on the lips, grabbing his dick while I did. I had never felt one so big and hard, only my brother’s which was about five inches long and an inch thick. This man had one about eight inches long and maybe an inch and half thick. He kissed me back, we tongued, and I broke and started undoing his pants.

He said: “Frank, I don’t think we should be in such a hurry. The others can wait for us.
This girl wants some dick and I’m going to make her happy.” Then Nancy went over to Frank and kissed him and felt up his dick. He groped her boobs and kissed her back.

Joannie looked a little puzzled but didn’t say anything. Judy looked really scared, but after a while she calmed down and just watched what was going on.

Frank said: “Jessie, you take this girl and I will take Mary. We can have a little fun before we leave. Nancy, take off Jessie’s pants and my pants and shoes then give him a blowjob and swallow.”

Nancy said: “I don’t know how, but I want to learn, will you show me?”

Frank said: “OK, Nancy and Mary, I think you girls know we don’t intend to harm you but you do have to go with us to where Nancy and Judy’s parents are. Now I am going to lie down on the bed. Judy and Joannie can watch, Jessie can lay by me. Mary and Nancy will give us both blowjobs and you other girls can learn from it and get turns too. Are all of you OK with going with us?”

Mary said, “Hey, let me call my mom, I will tell her I am staying here tonight, I promise I won’t say anything else.”

Frank said:”OK but I standing right by you and you better be telling the truth.”

So Mary called her mom and said that Joannie and her were staying with Nancy for the weekend if it was OK. Her mom told her it was fine with her.

Mary said: “Frank, is that OK now?” He told her: “That it was fine, now let’s have some fun.” So he lay down on the bed by Jessie. He said for Nancy to get between Jessie’s legs who was now naked, and for Mary to get between his, kneeling, and then to put his dick in her mouth, and for Nancy to do the same to Jessie.

(Nancy) I felt too afraid not to do what they said, but I really wanted to find out what a real man felt like anyway, so maybe this isn’t too bad. He said they would take us to Mom and Dad. So I knelt down on the bed between Jessie’s legs and looked at this thing, his dick, which looked enormous. But maybe it was only seven or eight inches long. I never saw one before anyway. Then I did what they said and put it in my mouth. Ohhh, I kind of liked the feel of it but it tasted kind of sweaty to me.

Jessie told me to take it out and lick it all over, and feel those things under it, he said were his balls. I thought they felt kind of neat, so I rolled them around a little while I licked him. I notice he didn’t taste sweaty any more. Then he told me to put his dick back in my mouth, put my hand around it and move my hand up and down on it while I suck on the top. After a few minutes he said, Nancy, I am going to squirt something into your mouth, taste it then swallow it.

Feeling like I better do what he said, I suddenly felt his balls move up like he pulled them up, and his dick swell bigger in my mouth, and suddenly I tasted something warm and salty and slippery shooting into my mouth. I did like he said, and moved it around, and then swallowed it. I thought it didn’t taste bad, but not really good like ice cream. I told Jessie, “Man, I never knew about this before, Mary told me she does it to her brother, and likes the way it tastes when it squirts out, I think I like it too.”

(Joannie) I watched Nancy and Mary give blowjobs to Jessie and Frank. After they were done Jessie said: “Get over here, girl. Let’s see how well you learned from watching your sister.” So I replaced Nancy between his legs on Nancy’s bed, and looked at that strange thing placed between his legs. It was not as big as it was when Nancy started sucking on it, but it had some wet stuff coming out the hole at the end of it. He told me to put my had around it and move it up and down so it would get stiff and long again.
I did what he said and was surprised when it started hardening in my hand. Then Jessie told me to do what Nancy and Mary had done and put it in my mouth, and suck lightly while I keep doing that with my hand. I am thinking, I am really sucking the dick of a grown man and he is going to cum in my mouth and I am going to swallow it. Wonder if I will throw up or like it? Looks like Mary and Nancy liked it, and Nancy never did it before either. I kept sucking and he said: “Baby girl, get ready I am going to squirt into your mouth now,” and he did, about 3 distinct separate squirts. I did like they said to and swallowed it but not until after it swished it around to taste it. I discovered I liked it and wanted some more.

(Mary) As I knelt to do what he wanted, I was fascinated by how big and hard his dick was. It was a lot bigger than my brother’s. I put my hand around it and started licking it up and down. He didn’t even have to tell me what to do, because I did this with my brother all the time. I could hardly wait to taste his cum. So I started jacking him off fast with my hand and sucking really hard on him. Then he told me I was sucking too hard and it was hurting, so not to suck so hard, and to move my tongue around. I did that and soon he erupted with great gushing spurts into my waiting mouth. God I loved it! I kept holding in my mouth until as I knew he would he finally get soft and small. Then I let his dick slip out and it was squeaky clean.

I said: “Frank, do you want to fuck me now?”

He said: “Mary, I would love to fuck you and all of the other girls but we don’t have time, we really do have to go to your Mom and Dad.” I was really disappointed I wanted to feel that big dick inside me like my brother’s felt but I bet better.

Then Frank asked me: “How old are you anyway, girl?”
I said: “Seventeen.”

Frank said: “So who have you been fucking, your Dad?”

I answered him: “No my brother and I have been sucking and fucking him for two years now.”
Frank said: “Mary, I have had grown women and whores that haven’t done a blowjob as good as you.” I thanked him.

(Judy) I was watching first Nancy and then Joannie give a blowjob to Jessie. Frank was done with Mary but they were still fooling around and he was playing with her pussy and sucking her tits while Joannie was sucking on Jessie. I was wondering if I was supposed to do it too. It looked like the other girls enjoyed it.

After Jessie had squirted into Joannie’s mouth, Frank said: “Jessie, get dressed, let the girls get something on since we have to go outside, and then we better move out. Nancy, I am sorry about the kitchen door and this one, but we had to get in, you will understand later.”

(Mary) So we all got dressed. I started to leave off my bra and panties but Frank told me to put them on and told the other girls to put theirs on too. He asked Judy if she had one and she said she did but it was in her room. So Jessie went with her to get it and also her panties and day clothes.

When they returned Frank asked: “OK, everyone is ready to go? All of us said “YES.”
So we went out and got into the big Ford Expedition they had. They put all of us in the back part sitting on some pillows, Jessie drove and Frank took the back seat. Then he said: “Mary, you sit here with me”. So I did. As we drove he played with my tits and pussy and I played with his dick that I pulled out of his pants. Then I gave him another great blowjob. He made so much cum and it was so good. It took over an hour to get to where they were going.

(Nancy) After we drove for what seemed forever, then for a while on dirt road, we finally stopped. We were at an old abandoned house in the country. Joannie and Judy had finally dozed off to sleep but I was sort of trying to figure out where we were going. I got lost pretty quick.

Jessie said: “Girls, will you follow us into the house without any fuss?”
He had Nancy wake up the other two and asked them also.
We all agreed that we would. He told us he would have to blindfold us for a little while.
So he put some soft cloths over our eyes and held it on with some kind of tape. He said: “Now when we get inside, we aren’t going to hurt you, but we have to put you into some chairs and secure you, do you understand?”

I said: “Will we see Mom and Dad?”

He said: “Yes, in a little while. We all have some business to attend to here and that is why everyone is here. Don’t be afraid of the restraints and blindfolds, they have a purpose; we will not hurt you in any way. But if you tried to leave one of the other guys might decide to shoot you. I hope that doesn’t happen.”

(Mary) I felt quite shaken by the last statement but then remembered he said they wouldn’t hurt us if we did what they said. After all, I just got to give a blowjob to a real man, so I wasn’t mad, just puzzled about what is going on. They took us in and sat us down on some chairs after they took off all our clothes, even our shoes. I think they must have liked doing that. Whoever, took mine off, also took some time to play with and suck my boobs, and to give me nearly an orgasm in my pussy with his fingers. I heard them apparently leave the room after they tied us to the chairs and bound our feet and hands.

(Another room where the prisoners were not.)

All the men are now assembled and sitting on chairs, while the leader is at the front and actually has a podium in front of him.

The leader (Sam) calls the meeting to order. He calls the roll: “Frank, Jessie, Joe, Fred, Dave, Tom, John, Will, Bill, Quentin. They all answer here. Sam then asks Tom if the room is all set up and everything ready to start shooting. Tom tells him the lights and camera and room sets are all ready. Sam says we should really make some great money from this shoot. We also have a bonus, instead of just the two girls Nancy and Judy, 15 and 12; we got two more to come willingly with us that were at the house. That is Mary, 17 who already gave Frank two blowjobs and wants to fuck him; and Joannie, who is sixteen. She gave Jessie a blowjob, after Nancy did, but they had to be taught.

When Frank and Jessie got to the house and broke into the room they were in, all of the girls were naked and playing with a vibrator and each other. Mary is the only one who isn’t a virgin. She said she has been fucking her brother for two years. Frank said she was better than some women he has been with. As for the wife, Alicia, she is an absolute knockout. On the way over Joe and Bill gave her a double penetration and she was crazy about it. She is ready and willing to fuck all of us. Dave and Fred broke in Jim on the way out here, and they don’t think he will give us any problem either.

We are going to have to scare the parents into fucking their kids though I am afraid. We already told Johnny we thought his mom and sister’s would really like his dick and jacked him off and even made him eat his cum. We might also have to do some coercion to get the twelve year old and her Dad to fuck for us. Since we have shown them the guns and threatened them with death if they don’t cooperate. I believe we can do our shoot without too much trouble. Just remember you guys are not in the movie so if you have to you can jack off while we shoot but the family and friends are off limits to you unless called into a scene.

I think we should now begin. “Tom, check out the sound make sure it is set ok, we will do a test shoot first to make sure the lighting and sound is good. For the test shoot get Jim and Judy, the little 12 year old virgin with nice tits. We had just as well break her in first anyway.”

(Johnny) I am sitting here naked, bound and gagged and blindfolded and scared of that big gun he stuck in my ass. Pete and Jerry must be into the gangsters and mobsters in our town. I can’t pay them, I hope these guys don’t kill me and dump my body in the river.
I hear a door open and close and footsteps that sound like several heavy people coming toward me. I hope this isn’t the end.

(Judy) I am scared to death; I don’t know why they took us here. But they said they wouldn’t hurt us and they were nice to us on the way and at the house. Ha, now at least I know what a blowjob is. It looked like Mary, Nancy and Joannie really liked what they did to Frank and Jessie. I hear some footsteps coming toward me. A man says: “Judy don’t be afraid.” I feel them untying my hands and feet, and also hear other movements but don’t know what they are. Then one man says he is Frank and is taking me into another room.

(Jim) I hear some footsteps coming toward me. They untie my hands and feet, stand me up and tell me to go with them. One of them has his arm around me to guide me. So I follow as best I can. We walk into another room; I see a lot of light leaking around the blindfold. The man lets me go and says: “Stay here.” I here someone else enter the room also.

(Judy) I don’t like being naked and not being able to see what is going on. But we have gone into another room that seems really bright. I hear someone else, not Frank or Jessie start talking.

He says: “I am Sam. You are here because Johnnie has run up a huge gambling debt and cannot repay it. So you will do just as we say, canlı bahis or you will all die. We are going to make a sex movie and market it. The proceeds will more than pay the debt. And as a bonus, we will split the excess with you, the actors.”

(Jim) So that is what this is about. Why didn’t Johnnie just ask me to pay it for him?
Sam says: “Jim, what we make from this movie will be enough for you to retire and your wife won’t have to work either. We do require that you do everything we ask to whoever we ask, and no resistance. The option is death for all of you, and no one will ever find your bodies. Do you agree?”
Jim answers: “What choice do I have? You are really going to pay us for this?”

Sam says to Jim: “I am deadly serious no pun intended, but this will change your life forever. However no one will know about unless they see the movie and recognize you. We are not going to market it in this state for your protection. But we anticipate that your profits, that is, your family profits, will be in the order of 1.2 million dollars as we are going to sell this worldwide. It may take us the weekend or more to shoot it. If you and your family and the guests cooperate, there will be no restraints and you will be well treated and well fed, just as any other porn movie star is.”

Remember this is going to put you on easy street. You and your family are going to have to throw away any inhibitions you ever had. You Jim are going to have sex with your daughters, and their two friends, Mary and Joannie. Mary, Nancy, and Joannie have already participated sexually with Frank and Jessie.
Your wife has had a double penetration with Joe and Bill and she loved it. You have had sex with Dave and Fred and seemed to like it.

When Frank and Jessie went to your house to get Judy and Nancy, guess what they found? All of the girls were naked and playing with each other. They even had a vibrator, so none of them are new to sex, but all of them except Mary are virgins.

They won’t be after this movie is shot. Your first task is to make love to your young daughter Judy. She said she is 12. You will suck her tits, play with them, eat her pussy, and take a blowjob from her, with her swallowing your cum. Then after she gets you hard again you will take her virginity in both her pussy and asshole. You will act whether or not you really feel that way that you are very happy to be doing what you do with Judy your young daughter. Even though we consider this first shoot a test shoot for lighting and sound it will be part of the movie unless we have to do it again.

You will say whatever we put on the prompt screen which will always be available to you. Your daughter is right here and has heard everything. You both remember – either you do this and get rich, or you die and disappear, not just you, but your whole family and the two girlfriends too.

“OK, Bill, take off the blindfolds and gags.”

Judy immediately says: “Oh Daddy, I will do whatever they want so they don’t hurt us, I love you, now you can love me just like you do Mommy. I promise to cooperate.” She walks over to her naked Dad and kisses him on the mouth then takes hold of his dick. As soon as she does it starts to get hard and long.

Jim says, after Judy kisses him: “Judy I love you too darling and I promise to be as gentle as I can and not hurt you, but I am going to have to take your cherry.”


Sam directs them to get on the well lighted bed, telling Judy to lay on her back with her legs spread widely, and tells Jim to get beside her, read the script and follow the directions. The Director calls out “ACTION!”

Jim gets on the bed beside his young daughter Judy, only 12 years old, and starts to suck on her tits while he rubs her whole body with his hands and following the dialogue: “Oh sweet Barbie, I have so much always wanted to make love to you, and now you are finally old enough that I can do it” She answers, “Oh my wonderful Dad, I have wanted to do this with you all my life.” He says: “Oh baby girl your sweet little nipples taste so good.” He then kisses her on the lips and they tonguefuck each other’s mouths.
He moves his hand down to her lightly fuzzed little mound and starts rubbing her clit.
She says: “Oh Daddy that feels so good, please don’t stop. No one ever touched me there before, it is all for you.” He says: “Barbie, my darling baby girl, you just can’t imagine how much I want you. I am dying to taste your hot little pussy.”

Then he moves away from her nipples and crawls over her leg. His dick is standing at complete attention and dripping juice all over her leg as he moves over her. He kneels betwen her legs, then flattens out and puts his mouth on her pussy giving it a long kiss with a tongue massage on her clit. Then he backs off, takes both hands pulls the lips apart and traces down each side inside between the outer and inner lips, followed by his tongue doing the same thing.
As he does this the cameraman zooms in to get a good closeup of her pussy.

Judy says according to script: “Oh Daddy that feels so good, make your little girl feel like a real woman.” She then puts her hands on her breasts and begins to massage them. Her Dad Jim sucks up all of her labia and clit into his mouth and begins moaning as the script calls for. The script then calls for Judy to make ah and oh sounds and then tell her Dad:
“Oh Daddy I want you to fuck me with your big dick, but first let me suck on you.”
So Jim moves up over her, dripping pre-cum all over her pussy and belly and pubic fuzz.
She (per script) reaches out and grabs his dick. She starts to move her hand up and down on it. Then she opens wide and sticks out her tongue. She takes his dick and rubs it all over her tongue. Next she says: “Oh Daddy that tastes so good, Now I want to swallow all of you so we are one just like Mommy does.” He says per script: “Barbie doll baby, my little sexy girl, take my dick into your mouth and milk me, drink all of me down Drink the juice of life, the same exact juice that you were made so perfectly from.” She puts his dick into her little 12 yr old mouth and like the script rubs it all over with her tongue.

Per script, Jim says: “Oh sweet little baby girl that feels so good to me, but now I want to give you a real treat.” He reaches back and starts fucking her hole with his right hand. His left hand is rubbing her right tit.

Judy says: “Oh my lovely Daddy, you are making me feel so good” and she starts to buck her belly and hips up and down while her Daddy is finger fucking her virgin hole.

She starts moving her hand faster on her Dad, and then has to suck all of him into her mouth, she is afraid she will gag but she manages it. He cums lots of heavy cum shots into her mouth. The script calls for her to open her mouth, and with a cam closeup show it full of her Daddy’s cum. Then she has to kiss him and fill his mouth with it, he has to show it, and then give it back to her and she has to swallow it. She has to keep him in her mouth and working him until he softens completely. He does and pulls it out.

The director says: “Cut!” and instructs Jim to dismount and rest a minute. He tells Judy to sit by him and make his dick hard again by lightly playing with it. And he tells Jim to keep fingerfucking her but slow. The director after a few minutes says: “Judy, suck your Daddy until he is fully hard again.” So she does.

After a few minutes rest with a little stimulation going on, he is again rock hard. The director says: “Ok, this is for real, you take Judy’s cherry and follow the script. Is she good and wet and loose?” Jim says: “I think I can get my dick into her without hurting her, I had three fingers inside her and that is more than my size.” The director says to Judy:
“Are you ready little pumpkin to become a real woman?” She answers: “Yes and I am really excited to get to actually fuck my Daddy because he has made me feel like I never did before.”
He tells Jim: “get that lube tube on the table by the bed and grease her tight little asshole up good. Work it over really good with your fingers inside her, and keep it up until both of you are comfortable with two fingers in. Then take that dildo and work in and out her little virgin asshole. After you take her cherry you will take her other cherry but Judy, we don’t want it to hurt you, we want it to feel good and for you to show it for the camera. Did you ever stick anything in your butthole before, girl?”

She answers: “No sir never, only an enema a few times.”

While the director was talking her father had started on her ass with his fingers and lube having her stand in front of him. He told her to bend over and began to use the dildo on her ass. The director told him to take the other one turn on the speed on both to high and insert the other one in her vagina. Jim now had a vibrating dildo in each hand and each one in his young twelve year old daughter’s bottom holes. She seemed to really getting aroused to a high pitch by all the activity in her young hot little body. Suddenly she screamed out and froze. Jim knew he had just given her very first orgasm. She should now be ready and relaxed enough for the real thing.

Jim said: “Judy baby you just had your first orgasm. Did you like it?”

She said: “Daddy that was like nothing I every had before, does that happen every time?”

Jim told her: “Baby girl it can and does that was such a thrill to give my baby doll her first orgasm. Was it OK in your behind?”

“Oh Daddy, I never thought anything could go in there, but now I want more and both of them at once.”

“Sweetheart, I will be happy to please you any time you want.”

He pulls the dildos out and spins her around and gives her a lover’s kiss while massaging your young firm pointy breasts, whose puffy nipples are sticking straight out and hard.


The director says: “Places!” they take the position assigned. He says “Action!” and her Dad takes his big hard dick and rubs it up and down her little wet hot slit until it is shiny with wetness. He turns so the camera gets a good shot as the script calls for, and then puts his dick back on her slippery slit. She says: “Oh Daddy, fuck me now, take my little cherry!” He says: “Sweet little baby girl you will now be a real woman!” and with that he positions his dick right at her hot wet slick vaginal opening and starts to push it in to her 12 year old vagina.

He pushes in one inch, and she says: “Uhhhh, ahhh, good! Keep on more, deeper please Daddy it is so good.” He pushes in another inch and pauses leaning back for the camera as the script says. The cameraman zooms in for a closeup of his dick sticking into her virgin pussy. Then he has to say: “Oh my sweet Barbie, I never imagined it would feel this good so take me all now, as I break through your cherry, it might hurt but not for long” and he pushes in the rest of his dick popping it right through her barely there hymen.
She has no pain apparently and starts moving her hips up and down as he starts a steady fucking of her little hot pussy. She moans and groans per the script, and he also makes the required sounds shown on the prompter screen. After a few minutes he is required to withdraw and plunge it all the way into her tight twelve year old asshole. Since she already had the dildo in her, Jim slides right in with his pussyjuice covered slick dick.

He fucks her ass with both making the scripted sounds and conversation required, then at the appropriate time pulls out. Director calls hold, an aide cleans off his dick. The director orders continue, filming begins again and he plunges his long hard hot cock back into his little girls now un-virgined pussy hole.

Then the script says to cum inside her. So he begins a vigorous in and out pushing on her hot little 12 year old formerly virgin pussy and feels it building and building. She is heaving and panting suddenly (not in the script) she has a huge orgasm, her second in minutes, with full sound effects and as the camera is pointing right on her pussy, it catches a huge splash of girl juice emerging from her peehole and bathing her father’s dick. As soon as that happens her Dad is ready to explode inside her. So he continues with all he has and soon squirts shot after shot of hot cum into his 12 yr old daughter’s pussy. The script calls for him to hold still and also for her to do the same until his dick wilts and slides out of its own accord.

That accomplished, Jim is required to back off turn around have her take his cum and girljuice covered dick in her mouth and for him to suck all of his cum out of her, even using his fingers. When there is no more cum to be eaten out of his little girl’s pussy he kisses her and spits all the cum into her mouth. The camera gets a shot of her open mouth full of cum. She has to spit it back into her father’s mouth, and he has to show the camera his mouth full of cum. He spits it back into her mouth, she swallows it and shows the camera her open empty mouth. The Director says “CUT!” and tells them to get up and sit on the edge of the bed. He has a soda brought to Judy and some coffee with brandy to Jim.

The Director says that was one of the best scenes he has ever shot. He says now you sit there. We are going to bring in your wife and son and daughter, and the two visiting girls, all nude. They will all join you in here and all of you will watch the movie. As I said this is our test production but if it’s OK it will be part of the movie. The director said to both Judy and her Dad: It looked like you and your young daughter really enjoyed all of that. I wasn’t counting on a twelve year old girl to be able to cum. She was just perfect.”

“Judy says to her Dad: “Daddy, that was so good I never knew anything could feel so good, and I just loved your cum in my mouth and pussy. You taste wonderful!”

Jim answers Judy: “My sweet little girl, guess not so little any more, I never knew I could actually want to fuck you, but believe me I now am so glad this is happening.
With that they deeply kiss each other and Judy holds onto his dick as he fondles her breasts.

A crewman comes over to Jim hands him some wipes and says you might want these. Jim tells her to turn around and bend over and he wipes her ass clean, also sticking his finger back inside wiggling it around as she gasps, then he pulls his finger out of his daughter’s asshole and wipes it clean also. He tossed the cloth in the nearby can. He can’t resist sticking three fingers back inside his daughters slick pussy and finger fucking her for a few minutes too.

Judy says again to Jim: “Daddy can we always fuck once we get back home?”
Jim answers: “I can’t think of anything I would rather do, and maybe you and Nancy and your mom and I can all sleep together and fuck together all the time.”
Judy says: “Oh Daddy I would so like that!”

Sam asks them if they would like anything to eat before they watch the movie. They say maybe something. Sam says he will have hamburgers and fries or anything else available they would like, and drinks brought out to them, and the others if they want them.

Will and Bill have gone into the other room to free the others and bring them in. They tell all of them again that if they do what they are supposed to not only will they be treated royally while here, but they are also going to be paid very well. The alternative if they don’t do exactly as asked is death and disappearance. All of the hostages agree they will cooperate. Bill says, then we will free you, but if any of you try to leave you will be shot and so will the rest of the party.

So all of the hostages knew they really meant business. Johnnie said after his gag was removed : “What is this about and what are we going to do?”

The two men removed all the gags and blindfolds, noticed the surprised expression on Alicia and the girls then told them they were making a porn movie, everyone would have sex and fuck every hole in every girl using dildos, vibrators and the dicks of Jim and Johnnie. Mary looked very pleased and so did Nancy.

Mary said: “Where are Judy and her Dad?”

Will said: “Her Dad just took both her cherries and we filmed it. Now all of you are going to eat and watch the movie. It was our test for lighting and sound. If it is OK it will be part of the movie. If not, we will just do it again. You will have a prompter screen always visible and be required to do and say what it says. Just act like you really mean it even if you don’t. You are going to be rich from this movie and no one will know. That includes you, Mary and also you, Joannie.

Since you are cooperating just follow me into the other room. They all followed Will and Bill into the movie set. It was not only a set but also a viewing room. There were seats with tables in front of them. Will told them all to sit where they choose, and had Judy and her Dad sit in the seats in the front row. They were all asked what they wanted to eat and drink, and Sam took their orders, and left the room. After a short time, Joe, Frank, and Jessie came in with a cart and distributed the food they ordered.

Sam was back in the room. He told them he was the producer and owner of the movie.

He said that the script was not finished since they did not plan for Mary and Joannie to be here. He also told Johnnie that he no longer had to worry about his gambling debt, the movie proceeds would cover it.

Sam told them that this movie will be worldwide in distribution but not ever sold in this state. He also said that he believed that the 1.2 million promised may be way too small. He said this movie based on others he has seen and sold could even raise 10 million dollars or more. He said our production crew keeps 15%, the rest goes to all of you.

If you are interested after this movie is finished, we can book you for more movies, any or all of you, and of course you will share in the profits of that. There has never been a porn movie made that didn’t with worldwide marketing make at least a million dollars. Our production cost is minimal since we basically only need the one set. On later movies we could shoot on the property. There is the river, a beach, woods and meadows. There is also an old barn that could be used.

The hostages, now willing actors, are all taking this in. They are now shaking their heads yes in agreement but not saying anything.

Sam says we will watch the movie and you can finish eating while it shows. We have editing capability if we need to touch up anything including more sound we can dub if necessary. So you all relax, enjoy yourself, play with yourself or someone else and watch the movie.

Judy’s hand was tightly wrapped around her father’s stiff dick and he had an arm around her cupping one of her breasts, lightly flicking her nipple. From time to time they would kiss and trade tongues.

The movie started with no title or warning, and the first thing that Alicia saw was her husband kissing her youngest daughter like lovers. As she watched them make love to each other, she began to get very turned on and even jealous of her daughter.

Johnnie was sitting next to Mary, and she was holding onto his dick which as soon as the movie started stood up straight and hard. She leaned over and took the head in her mouth, flicking her tongue around then sat up to watch the movie, still holding tightly on to his dick.

Johnnie thought turn about is fair play so he inserted a finger into Mary’s wet and slick pussy. The other hand he put on her breast and tickled her nipple with his arm around her.
She leaned over against him and turned to give him a deep tongue kiss. Mary and Johnnie really had never paid much attention to each other before.

Nancy was sitting next to Joannie and as they watched the movie and began to get aroused and wet, they started fondling each others tits, finally gave that up and started fingering each other. Nancy told Joannie that she wished they had the dildo.

Sam heard her, left the room and came back with 3 dildos in his hands. He gave Nancy one and gave another to Mary who promptly turned it on and stuck it all the way into her pussy. The third one went to Alicia who now seemed to be thoroughly aroused and moved to the seat next to Johnnie on the opposite side from Mary.

As soon as she was settled next to Johnnie she handed him the vibrator, and said, son, you need to learn how to use these. Turn it on and start rubbing your mom’s pussy with the end of it. She soon got even wetter than she already was, and had to reach over and share Johnnie’s dick with Mary. She told Johnnie to put the vibrator all the way in her vagina. Johnnie was non-plussed and whispered: “Mom I don’t know where it is!”
She took his hand and told him to stick out his index finger, then she guided him to the entrance of her hot smoking fuckhole. She pushed his finger into her and said: “That’s it, Johnnie, now take the vibe and put it in me as far as you can.”

Johnnie placed the vibrator in his hand like he was holding his dick to jack off and as his mother spread her legs and pushed her pelvis up to make herself more accessible, her son began pushing the vibrator into her pussy, opening the large labia which gripped the vibrator as he slid it into her. She sat back in the chair and said: “Oh Johnnie that feels so good, and you have grown such a nice looking dick, I would never have guessed because I just never thought of you sexually.” Johnnie replied: “Mom, I have always loved your tits and for years wanted to play with them and suck on them.” With that he leaned over and sucked the nearest nipple into his mouth.

Mary and his Mom were giving his stiff hard steely dick a workout and of course the inevitable happened soon after he started sucking his mom’s tit. He jerked and erupted all over their hands, but the first squirt went so high it hit Mary in the face who had been leaning over toward him.She quickly wiped the cum off her face with her fingers and stuck them in her mouth.

Then she told Johnnie’s mom: “You should get some of this too, it is so good, I will share it with you.” Johnnies’s Mom said: “Mary you are right, I need to sample Johnnies cum for myself. I wonder how it tastes compared to his Dad’s cum.” And with that comment, she scooped the remaining cum off his dick and licked it off her fingers. Then she told Mary: “Mmmm, you are right Mary, he does taste good, but it is a little different than his Dad’s cum.” Mary said: “I guess I will get to see how his Dad’s cum tastes while we do the movie.” Alicia replied: I guess all the girls will, it seems!” Alicia then went back to holding his now softening dick in her hand and using her fingers to tickle his balls.

Before long everyone in the audience was breathing heavily and panting as they watched Jim getting a blowjob from his little 12 yr old daughter and then fuck her virgin pussy and asshole.

When the final scenes showed up, Alicia said: “Jim that was so, so, sexy, I never thought of us doing that, but we are certainly going to be doing it a lot when we get back home.”

By now everyone had more or less accepted the idea that they were all going to be fucking each other, so the atmosphere besides being so sexually heated had almost taken on a party like flavor.

The movie was over and Sam got up in front of the audience to speak. The first thing he said was: “I would like to know how many of have ever watched a porn movie of any type before. Please raise a hand if you have, not counting this one of course.”

Alicia, Jim, Mary, Johnnie and Joannie raised their hands. Alicia gave a surprised look to Johnnie, who stuttered and said: “Mom I sneaked out yours and Dad’s.” Now Alicia felt bolder, so she said: “Johnnie, my son, did you get yourself off to them? And how long have you been doing that?”

Johnnie replied: “Pete and I used to spend hours on the weekends watching them and jacking off, I was always thinking of you, Mom. Pete confessed to me that he always thought of his Mom or his sisters. I started doing this when I was just 13, and I always was careful to put them back exactly as they were.”

Alicia said: “I can see that there will be no more secrets in this family from now on. I just never thought at 13 that you would be jacking off. I thought boys had to be at least 16. But I guess times have changed since I was 13. I see girls with tits that can’t be over 10 nowadays.”

Johnnie replied: “Yeah, Mom, I have noticed that too. Some of those young girls are real hot numbers, like Judy. I admit I have thought about and jacked off to fucking both my sisters in fantasy as well as you, Mom.”

Alicia told Johnnie: “It is fantasy no more. Before this ends you will be fucking every hole in every one of us and now I kind of relish the idea of getting to fuck my own son.”

Sam then asked the audience if they wanted any dessert, saying they had ice cream, cookies, chocolate cake, and also some cherry pie. He got Fred, who was now looking like a more professional man instead the the scruffy guy he looked like before as he had cleaned up and changed clothes, while the movie was being filmed and shown, to get everyone’s preferences. Before long, a couple of the movie crew, Joe and Fred, came back with a cart loaded with the desserts. Sam asked what else anyone wanted to drink.
Joe came back with the requested drinks. Mary and Joannie asked for beer, and even though they were not supposed to drink alcoholic beverages until they were 21 in this state, they were handed their beers with no comments.

Sam said: since we are all making a porn movie, you will all be treated as adults by my staff. There is one thing. If anyone smokes, we have a room with good ventilation for people to smoke in. It is not good for the set or the equipment to have cigarette smoke around it. Go out this door, pointing, and the door is labelled Smoking Room.

Mary giggled and said: “I guess I won’t be using it, I tried smoking last year and I didn’t like it.

Sam then sat down and began devouring his own meal. Everyone is naked except for Sam and the movie staff, and all seven of the newly minted porn stars are fondling each other. There is much sound of kissing and slurping going on, mixed with ahh’s, ohh’s, uhhs, and other sounds of sex.

Johnnie had been playing with both Mary and his Mom’s tits ever since the movie ended, and it had made him hard again.

Alicia suddenly said, feeling his new hardness: “I just have to do this, Johnnie, I liked your cum so much, and the thought that you are my own son is blowing me away, no pun intended,” as she leaned over and sucked Johnnie’s very hard dick into her mouth within less than 10 minutes getting a mouthful of his hot slippery cum, that she absorbed in her mouth for a few minutes before swallowing it. She held his dick in her mouth until it became all shrunken and completely softened. Johnnie of course was showing his pleasure at his Mom’s sucking him off with the glowing expression on his face.
As soon as he had filled up his Mom’s mouth with his hot load of cum, Mary leaned over, kissed his lips and with her tongue massaged the roof of his mouth. He shivered and the returned the favor.

Judy and her Dad had been watching the movie and shortly into it, her Dad, Jim, was already hard again. She got up and kneeled between his legs, staring at his hard dick.
She said: “Daddy, I love you so much, and I just love your nice beautiful dick. I never knew that dicks would look so pretty. I only saw yours once before when you left the door open a little while you showered and I watched as you left the shower and dried off.
But it was so soft and floppy then, so I was so surprised at how much bigger and harder it could get. Now I am eager to have sex with my big brother, I love him so much too, I think it will be wonderful.” With that after lovingly caressing the long hard dick that had just taken both of her virginities, she began to lick the shaft, suck up the head and as she swirled her tongue all around the head and under side of it, slowly inhaled it into mouth. She got every inch of it into her mouth, all eight inches, and swallowing a few inches into her throat.

“Jim said: “My sweet darling little girl, no big girl I mean, you make your Daddy feel so wonderful with your loving attention to me. I just never realized how beautiful and sexy you are until I saw your body for the first time today. You are just heaven to me, and what you are doing now is so special because it is you, my baby girl with my dick in your mouth, and wanting to swallow all of my seed, the same seed that created you when I squirted it into your Mommy just like I squirted it into your virgin pussy earlier and like I am going to do in your mouth again in another minute,” as he gasped sighed, breathed deeply and released another hot load of spunky sperms into his little girls hot succulent mouth.

Everyone had finished eating their meal and were now mostly eating each other. Joannie had gotten Nancy to lay down on the carpeted floor and was vigorously sucking and tongueing her virgin pussy. It’s clit was at full mast, standing up and glistening redly, peeking out of its shell like hood with the labia descending from it and standing proudly up. Joannie was very busily flicking her tongue over every part of the lips that were sticking way out of the 15 year old girl’s sex slit. Nancy is thrashing around madly, accidentally hitting her head on a leg to the nearby seat. She said: “Ouchie” but moved it away and continued her moaning and thrashing as Joannie brought her to a shattering blasting climax.

Joannie then repositioned herself over Nancy’s face bearing down on her mouth and tongue with her hot sixteen year old very wet cunny. She said as her breasts heaved heavily bouncing around with her nipples sticking straight out and hard as pencils, and she leaned over toward Nancy’s hot wet soaking pussy lips: “Oh Nancy, you are so hot, you taste so good, I think I love you, girl” Nancy is sucking those lovely pink labia surrounded with red hair completely into her mouth and massaging them with her tongue for minute upon minute. Joannie is heaving her breaths faster and faster, and wiggling her ass and pussy around on Nancy’s face. Nancy’s nose actually is pressing hard into Joannie’s asshole, then she starts trying to fuck her ass with Nancy’s nose.
Nancy has to tell her to let her have room to breath, just before Joannie bursts loose with a hot jet of girl cum right into Nancy’s mouth. Joannie collapses on top of Nancy with her face buried in the crack of Nancy’s pussy again. They lay there for minutes, as they try to recover to natural breathing and wind down their hot heaving bodies to normalcy.

Sam has left the room for a while. Soon he returns with some papers in his hand. He asks everyone to return to a seat and listen. He says: “As you all know the penalty we have stated for non compliance, we have no need of contracts or any other legal documents. Our staff would just do it. But we now feel very confident that you all now know you are on the road to not only riches but the most wonderful sexual times you will ever and may never again experience except with each other.

“I do need to be able to have a way to pay you. Alicia’s family will get payment as a direct deposit into Jim and Alicia’s bank account. Since their kids are all minors still, it is up to them if they want to set up separate savings accounts for each of them. As to the unexpected lovely additions to our movie cast, you girls are sisters, so it is your option to take separate payments or one joint payment. Money will be deposited into your accounts at least monthly, and perhaps as sales pick up, more frequently, maybe at some times weekly. So I ask you, Jim to make arrangements with me in my office for receiving payments, and also Mary and Joannie separately in my office right after Jim and I are finished. The office is down the hall that also goes to the smoking room
I have one more surprise for you. No, it does not involve guns! Just kidding people, I mean porn stars, as that is what you all have become now. As soon as we finish this shoot, no later than Monday, there will be a deposit in your account of $50,000 for Alicia’s family, and $25000 for Joannie and Mary. I have to also state, that it is possible it may require one or more additional weekends of vigorous sex and acting to complete the film. With as many porn stars as we have here (Mary giggles and grins) there are so many possible combinations of people together that right now with the script writers working furiously for the revisions it is hard to say exactly how long it will take. We are very well funded from all our previous endeavors so that same rate of payment will be made for each weekend that we work on the movie.

It is also possible that on a given weekend, we may not shoot film with all of you, but you will all be included as if we did, and we require you to be here unless, and I emphasize, unless, there is a pressing reason that you could not be here due to activities and business that absolutely cannot be postponed. So rest assured, even if that occurs, you will still be paid. Our porn stars are treated better than any in the industry that we know of. A happy star makes a great selling movie. Since sex makes everyone feel good, you should all be feeling on top of the world. I apologize for the way we had to shanghai you, but I believe from looking at all of your naked panting bodies, wet cunts, stiff nipples and dicks that you are now rather glad we did. Just for the hell of it, everyone that feels that way, stand up please.”

The room was filled with sound as all seven of the new PORN STARS, leapt out of their seats and stood up. Judy’s hand was still hanging onto her fathers stiffly standing out dick, Alicia’s hand was wrapped firmly around Johnnies big stiffy, while Jim and Johnnie had their hands occupied with the girls titties. When they stoodup, there was a big thump and a loud buzzing. Alicia bent over and retrieved the dildo that had fallen out of her pussy as she stood due to her slick wetness. Mary managed to keep hers inside by squeezing tightly. Sam asked them all to sit back down, and asked Jim to accompany him to his office.

Joannie walked over to Mary and said: “Hey sis, we have to talk now.”

Mary disengaged herself from Johnnie, leaving him to his loving mother’s ministrations, and the two girls took seats next to each other, after a long hot kiss and good tittie rub.
Mary couldn’t resist sticking some fingers into Joannies hot little cunt before they sat down. Mary said: “Joannie we can’t let our parents know about this and we can’t let them know we have so much money, what are we going to do?” Joannie said: “I think I know what we can do, especially after we finish fucking and sucking Nancy’s Dad till he drops. One thing for sure, we will never have to worry about college costs again.”

“OK genius girl, what is your plan?”

“We should go down the hall and barge into Sam’s office while Jim is in there, let’s move.”

So the two girls run naked down the hall and without knocking open the unlocked door and rush inside, interrupting Sam in mid-sentence. Sam is taken aback, and says: “Mary, I thought you knew I wanted to see you after Jim.”
Mary said: “Sam, we just had a conference and don’t see any other option than to let Jim front for us. Jim would you please please do it so our parents don’t find out?”
Jim replied to Mary: “I guess you girls would like for me to set up an account for you where Sam can deposit your money, and your parents wouldn’t know anything about it, is that it?”
Joannie says: “Oh Jim we thank you so much if you would do that for us.”
Jim tells Sam: “So for this week just put their money in the same deposit as mine with the account information I gave you, and Monday I will set up a separate trust account for them. I will email you and give you the account number for subsequent weeks deposits, is that OK with you?”
“Jim that is fine with me and we must protect our interests here so that their parents and no one else EVER finds out about our operation. You need to figure out some kind of tax plan that makes this money show up as some sort of business where you can legitimately take some deductions for it. Some of our porn stars have set up non-profit organizations to take the money as donations tax-free, and that might be a good solution for all of you.
It takes some legal work but as you are an accountant anyway, I am sure that will give you no grief.”

“Thank you Sam, that is a marvelous idea. I will have the accounts done before the end of the week.”

“One other thing, Jim, when the movie comes it out it will appear to have been produced offshore in the Carribean, and all names on the credits will be fictitious.”

“Now girls and Jim, I guess we covered everything businesswise that we needed to, welcome aboard to our enterprise, you will see no more threatening acts toward you. I am still awaiting the revised scripts. But we can go ahead with another shoot or two. Go back where the others are, and I will rejoin you. I have more things to present.”

Jim and the two young girls get up and the girls go over to Jim. Mary gets on her knees, sucks him in and Joannie kisses him and puts his hands on her tits. After a minute or two, Mary gets up, gives him a lover’s kiss and they all walk back to the movie room, where they take seats with Jim in the middle. Both girls are now grappling to grasp his now hard dick again.

They look over at Alicia and see that she is lying on the floor in 69 with her son, Johnnie. Jim says: “Wow, honey, that looks pretty damned hot to me.” She responds with: “Believe me you wouldn’t believe this kid, what a sexpot he is. I think in eating me out he has already started to catch up to you, and you are the best.” Then she spasms into a huge orgasm and Johnnie just merrily keeps on eating his mothers pussy, with his hard staff buried completely in his mother’s mouth. Then he fills her up with his juice, and they all see her swallow it avidly.

She says: “Jim I can’t believe I didn’t do this with Johnnie before, but I thought he was too young and of course didn’t really think about my son in a sexual way. It seems he always thought of me sexually though. This is so wonderful to me, to be sucking off both you and my son now. I can hardly wait to have him fuck me, but I am saving it for the movie,and then I want both of you in me at the same time, mouth and pussy, mouth and ass, and ass and pussy. Maybe we can get Sam or one of the other guys to volunteer to fill up my other hole, at the same time.”

Sam had just returned and heard Alicia make her last statement. He said: “Alicia, that is a great idea you have. How would you like to have a replay with Joe and Bill again, and we can film it?”

“Sam, that has me all hot and bothered just thinking about it. Bill and Joe gave me feelings I had never had in all my 36 years of life, I am eager to have them back inside me, any and all holes to fill. Maybe we could shoot a rape scene too for my first time on camera. Of course I know now they wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt me – it would all be pretend and I bet I can scream real good on camera, too.”

“What a good idea, Alicia, I will be sure to include Bill and Joe with you and your hubby, maybe one shoot with all of you in it. The rape is good, because for some perverted reason they always sell well, must be a lot of really perverted people out there, ha ha, as if we all aren’t too!” Alicia just giggled. Johnnie said: “ Mom, are you serious, you really want to do a pretend rape with 3 or 4 guys? Can I be one of them too?”

Johnnie, you know I would love to have you too, I guess that makes five, a real gangbang rape scene. Are you sure you can pretend well enough to make it work?”

“Mom, why don’t I be the innocent kid that the rapists force to fuck his own Mom? I can act really terrified, and with the help of the other girls, I can even pretend to not be able to make my dick hard.”

“Oh I see, we just have them keep on sucking you off between the sections of the scene, so you are soft, did you have anyone particular in mind, or do you want all of them?”

“Oh Mom, all of them sounds great to me, I always had the hots for Nancy and Judy. I think Mary and Joannie are sexy as all get out, or I mean get UP,(laughing).”

Sam addresses Alicia and Johnnie and Jim again: “The innocent son forced to fuck his mother is a great idea I will send it over to the writers, as well as the rape scene.”

Sam takes the floor again and addresses everyone, the movie staff has also joined them.
There is not one of the porn stars sitting who does not have another ones hand either on their dick or in their pussy. The exception is Alicia who has opted to sit between Bill and Joe, and has taken both their instruments out of their pants, then made them rise up while she pulled their pants and undies down around their ankles. As they returned down in their seat, she has one hand on each dick. Rubbing the tips with her thumbs. They are both as hard as nails, and leaking juicy slippery fluids from the peeholes at the end of their dicks. She rubs it all over the stiff members.

Sam says: “Ok everyone, listen up. Tonight we will shoot maybe one or two more segments, then retire for the night. The well furnished bedrooms are on the side of the hall opposite my office. There are five bedrooms each with a kingsize bed, and extra pillows to be used as you see fit. Mary and Joannie, you aren’t in the original script, but I have decided to let Mary substitute for the original part where Nancy was written in for the next segment. Our script writers will be working all night and will immediately forward the new completed script to me, it will have parts for everyone.

“Now Joe is going to be standing by during the shoot, and others may wander in and out, you of course know to pay them no mind and act as realistically as you can to the screen prompts and dialogue. I know you all now have the best of incentives to do your very best. Spontaneous orgasms will be plentiful, I am sure and we have no problem in the movie with that, so feel free to let yourselves bahis siteleri go all you want to.

“We have not written anything in for this, but I want to know if any of you would mind doing what the industry calls water sports. It isn’t water, but pee. However since the providers of the pee are well stocked with water in advance, the pee is more like water than normal pee. It doesn’t even taste bad either. This is one thing we won’t do without your willing unforced consent. So now it the time to let me know if you are willing to pee on someone and let them pee on you, and even drink their pee. Please stand up if you wish to participate. By the way, pee pic shoots pay an extra 10%.”

As he stood there and watched the crowd, first one to stand up was Mary, followed quickly by Johnnie. Nancy and Joannie saw them, looked at each other, waited a few seconds and joined them. Alicia said: “Might as well, come on Jim,” and they both stood up. That only left Judy, the twelve year old. When she saw that everyone else was standing she rose to her feet also.

Sam beamingly looked on them and said: “You know, I think this is going to turn out to be one of the best pornography movies and the best cast I have ever worked with. Congratulations to all of you, you will find I am sure that you also really enjoy something you may not have even known existed, the water sports, as we call it in the industry.”

“OK people, I mean Porn Stars, guess we should get moving on the next shoot. I think it would be nice if you grapplers just sit her and watch the filming it will give you all some idea of how better to make your own shoots. Getting carried away with each other and the filming is certainly to be expected. But this is a sound set, so we have this sound proof fully transparent curtain we can drop between you and the set. That way you don’t have to feel stiffled. Nothing can be heard through this curtain, so we have the set sound piped in to your side of the curtain. Also we are dropping another slave prompter on this side of the curtain for you to watch along with the action. So let us begin.

“This shoot calls for Mary, and Johnnie and Jim. Johnnie and Jim you are both going to fuck each other and have your asses filled with cum. Mary you will be the surprised girl who walks in on them and gets turned on and joins them. We have a costume in the next dressing room for you to don so that you walk in catching them while clothed. These are tear away repairable clothes so expect some items to be ripped off of you.

“Mary go ahead and get dressed, Jim and John go ahead to the bed on the set. Before we start I want you to prepare yourselves so are comfortable with buttfucking. I had Fred put two dildos with condoms on them on the table on the other side of the bed. You didn’t notice as he did it from a pass through that we have in the wall there. There is also some astrolube on the table. You need to each put some astrolube on your fingers and then grease up your own butts real good with it. Next push out with your asshole as you push your index finger in, putting more lube on the inside. Keep fucking yourselves with your fingers until you can add two more fingers. It may even hurt a little, but as you continue, you will begin to feel more and more relaxed and comfortable about sticking your fingers in your ass. One caution, if you are FOS you better go to the restroom down the hall first, and I will have my secretary you haven’t met yet, Miss Donna Farley, give you enemas until you pass clear water. You will really enjoy the feeling I assure you.”

Both the guys nodded yes, and headed for the toilets. Sam called over his handheld for Donna to meet them there.

They walked into the toilet room, saw a line of stalls and urinals, and something they had never encountered before, a bidet. There were two of them in the open area. There were also two more toilets out in the open. As they looked around, looking for the enema equipment which was not to be seen. In walks a drop dead gorgeous nude stacked redheaded woman with tits that had to be D’s. They were nicely swinging as she walked.

“Hi guys, do I get to fuck your asses with the enema?” They both sheepishly answered her with a yes.

“OK boys we are going to have a little fun here too. She had two enema bags in her hands with the nozzles appearing to be instead of the normal one, ones that looked like a penis with a hole in the end where the pee hole is in a dick. She went over to the counter under the wide mirrors, and opened a drawer, taking out three tubes of something. She told them that this was the lubricant they would use in here, same as in the set. Meantime the male minds are only half on her speech and the other half on her magnificent redhaired pussy with some lips sticking out pouting and her big red clit sticking up. Needless to say, both dicks were standing at attention in short order.

“Now now boys, we can’t have any of that.” She walked over to them and suddenly slapped the end of their dicks, and they wilted almost instantly. “Bet you didn’t know about that little trick, did you?” Both nodded yes and looked down at their shrunken dicks forgetting her bush for the moment. She took the bags to a stand and hung them on the stand, then approached the sixteen year old boy, Johnnie. “Johnnie is this your Dad with you? You really are going to be fucking each other’s asses.” They both nodded yes, not saying anything. Johnnie’s face was beet red, and he was looking at her magnificent rack and pussy, so his dick started its rise again. She reached down and slapped it again harder this time. It wilted.

She said, now the reason you can’t have a hard dickie right now is because I need you both to pee into this container. She picked up two glass containers off of the counter, grabbed Jonnies little dick and pointed it into one of the containers, handing the other to his Dad, Jim.

“Miss Donna, I don’t think I can pee in front of you” “You better or you will be delaying the shoot.(laughingly) and that could get you your own shoot!. At the horrified look on his face, she said: “No, no, just kidding, I know how they got you to become a porn star. That’s all over now, you will be rich and famous, just not famous around here for your own protection.” His little dick was behaving itself and she finally was able to get him to start peeing in the container. He wondered silently what does she want with the pee? After he started peeing he saw and heard his Dad filling his own container, then Johnnie was able to let go and fill the jar quickly.

Donna took both containers from them, went over and set them on the the counter and then took one enema back, pouring Johnnies pee into it. She took the bag and put it back teh stand, right beside the open toilets. The nasty looking prick was hanging down from the bag on the hose. She stuck the pseudopenis into the open top of the bag, she said Jim this is your bag for your first pass. Come over here and wait.

She went back to the counter and got the other pee container and poured it into the remaing enema bag with the penis attached to the end of the hose. She took that bag, put on a hook and said Johnnie this is your bag.

“Miss Donna that’s my Dad’s pee, didn’t you get them mixed up?”

“No Johnnie, you are going to fill your little hot ass with your dad’s pee, and he is filling his with your pee. How is that for togetherness?(she laughed.)

She moved back to the counter, picked up a tube of lube and proceeded to stand behind both of them who were beside the two toilets. She got her fingers and hand all slippery, wiped lots of lube on both assholes, then stuck her fingers in the father and son, and stirred her fingers around inside getting them well greased. She then proceeded with one hand in each asshole, to insert another finger, then a third then a fourth. By the third finger, Johnnie seemed to be hurting a little but he enough to stay as quiet as he could.

Jim said: “Donna that feels pretty damned tight with my ass around your fingers, I didn’t think I could do this without real pain.” She kept on hand fucking both assholes for few more minutes, and said: “I think you are both ready, insert the enema cocks into your assholes.” While they did that rather slowly as they were the equivalent of a good sized 8 inch real cock, she went to the counter and washed her hands. She came back to their backs and told them to actually make out like they were being fucked now. They did and she told them: “Now let this fill you up, try to hold it all in, and I am opening the clamps now.” She watched as the bags slowly deflated from their puffy filled size down to the empty skinny shape. “Now both of you straddle the toilets, pull out the fake cocks and clamp on them as you do so you don’t accidentally spill any thing out of you.” With a “pop” they each pulled the penises out of their poopers. She told them to sit and shit. They did, she handed them some wet baby wipes and said: “You must clean each other.” They also did that. She said after they flushed away the shitty water and wipes: “Drink this down fast,” handing them a big glass with tinted water in it. “This is a fast acting diuretic and will make you pee heavy real fast.” They gulped it down and she said tell me when you have to pee, and if you get hard again I will just have to bat you back down again, this time maybe with a real bat” as she winked at them. Jim smiled and Johnnie looked frightened again. Jim said: “Son, that was a joke.” At that, Johnnie’s face took on a silly smile. They waited for a bit.

“I have to go now” said Jim. Johnnie said: “me too!” She said: “Johnnie stand in front of your Dad. Jim stick your cock in your son’s ass and fill him up with your piss.” Jim complied and Donna said: “Now Johnnie you go around behind your Daddy and pee inside his asshole just like he did to you.” Johnnie slowly shuffles around to behind his Dad, but has a little trouble. He says: “Miss Donna, it won’t go in.” She comes up to him, spins him around toward her, sucks his soft dick in her mouth for a minute, takes his now semi hard dick out of her mouth, and says: “Now stick it in your Dad.” This time he plugs right into his Daddy’s asshole and pisses hard, filling his Dad up with his pee.

Donna says: “OK guys, sit and shit!” they squirt the piss out of their asses and she hands them wet baby wipes again and says clean each other off good. Then she hands Johnnie a bottle of alcohol and says put this on the clean wipe and wash him down good. He does and she retrieves the bottle gives it to Jim and says: “You know what to do.” Jim finished washing down Johnnie. She has taken the bags over to the sink, rinsed them out several times with water, and then refilled them. She lovingly coats the cockheads with lube and brings the bags back over to the boys. She says: “OK this is the last time, slip them in, fuck yourself a little, and then release the clamp here,” showing them.

They get themselves filled up with the water in short order since they are now completely empty, having had two full rectum-fills of piss (no vinegar included!). She again says: “Sit and shit!” to them, they squirt all the water out in heavy streams splashing plentifully in the toilets. They flush them, and she walks back to them with more clean wipes and a bottle of alcohol. After they wipe each other’s asses with the plain wet wipes, she soaks another set of wipes with alcohol and says: “You know what to do with each other, go to it.” They wash each other off again. Donna says: “Now that you know each other’s ass intimately it will make the movie shoot much more pleasant for you since you know you have nothing to be afraid of about each others butthole. Now get out of here and fuck yourselves silly on each other for the shoot.”

They depart and go back to the movie set. Mary is sitting the bed patiently waiting for them and squeezing her tits.


The director says: “Places everyone, watch the prompters and follow exactly what it shows you.” Mary you leave through that door, pointing to one on the other side of the bed, and watch the prompter in the other room so you know when to enter, then you watch this one. That one is set up so you can fast forward so you know ahead of time what’s coming, take the first few minutes in there doing that, then push the button that says NOW on it. That resets it to where we are in the shoot. OK boys, start greasing each other up, take those dildos and fuck the hell out of each other for a few minutes. Judy and Nancy, get in her, I need you to harden the guys up. Nancy take your Dad, Judy take your brother.”

What a scene two guys, father and son, standing up against the bed facing the bed. Each one has a hand on a dildo crammed into the others butt, and fucking away like rabbits.
Two naked girls, one fifteen, and the twelve year old preteen, laying on, their backs with the dicks of their father and brother in their mouths, each of the girls has one hand rubbing her own clit and the other hand with fingers inside the other’s pussy hole. What a sexy perverted picture, can’t you just see it all. We hear the camera sounds, the director says: “Keep it up, this is too good to miss filming, we will find someplace to use it.” He films for 15 minutes then says: “CUT!” and “PLACES!” “Thank you Nancy and Judy, go now through the curtain and enjoy the show. Your Dad and brother are going to fuck each other to kingdom come, and then “Along Comes Mary!” go on now and watch.”

Johnnie and his Dad take out the dildoes from each others buttholes and lay them down on the table, out of sight from the camera. A hand reaches through the pass through and retrieves them. A new tube of lube is laid on the table. Johnnie climbs up on the bed and
gets on all fours facing the camera in front at the side of the bed and toward the curtain.
Another camera is being positioned on the other side of the bed and a third camera at the foot of the bed. The head of the bed is against the wall with the pass through.

Both dicks are straight and sticking straight out, they both have a coating of slippery juice on the ends and Johnnie’s is actually dripping. Jim takes his position behind Johnnie and begins to inch his steely dick into his little boy’s bunghole. He has it all the way and begins roughtly thrusting in at out as the script calls for. The prompter has him say: “Robert, my son, I am so glad you like me doing this to you. I just love you to death and will totally fill you up with my hot smoking cum like right…………now!” and he squirts his lovejuice into his son’s cornhole. The prompter tells Johnnie to say: “O Daddy, now let me fuck your ass, it feels so great, much better than Mom’s pussy or even Susy’s pussy.
I want to so cum inside you now.” And Johnnie gets up, his Dad takes his place, and teenager Johnnie starts fucking his old man’s asshole.

Suddenly the door bursts open and Mary rushes through it, looking aghast at seeing her Daddy and brother fucking on the bed and with no clothes on either. Johnnie looks at her and says: “Susy, what are you doing here, you were supposed to be at the exhibit.” She says: “Robert, I got tired of that old exhibit and wanted to come home and fuck your brains out, I was so horny. What are you and Dad doing, anyway?” “You silly girl, can’t you see I’m fucking Daddy with my teenage prick you so love to suck and fuck yourself?”

“But Robert you never told me that you did this? Does Daddy fuck your ass too?, I didn’t know two guys could even do it, but watching you is making me get so horny, even though I was already at the exhibit. Can I join in and get you both to fuck me too?”

“Little sister, just get your panties off and jump up here next to Dad, I am going to fuck you both in the ass, the sooner the better!” Susy jumps up on the bed after pulling her panties off and thowing them on the bed in plain sight but out of the way of the action. She gets on her hands and knees next to her father, and “Robert” pulls his stiff dick out of his Dad’s butt and plugs it into her own little asshole after throwing her dress up over her back, and letting the camera get a good closeup of her spread legs, pussy, and ass. He drives all the way in gives six strokes per script then pulls out all but the head, leaning back for another cam shot, as he slowly buries his solid hot dick inside his sweet sister’s asshole, but finishes inside her.

He continues with the role doing as the script says but before he can get there, she reaches it first, that hot sexy Mary, and screams her orgasm out at the top of her voice.
That sends “Robert” over the edge and he ejaculates a big load into his little sister’s sexy cute teenaged ass.

The script says for him to pull out, plug back into his Dad, and then for her to squirt the cum out or her anus. But they are going to do a little trick first. The director orders a hold on action, one of the crew comes out of the door Mary used and has a douch syringe in his hand, he walks over to Mary, tells Johnnie to spread her cheeks, plugs the nozzle in and squeezes the bulb until empty. He then withdraws it and leaves. The director orders them to resume action. Since Johnnie went soft after blowing his load, the Director calls for Alicia to come and get him hard again. Johnnie’s mother comes through the soundproof curtain, wipes him off with wipes and alcohol, then inserts his now softened prick into her mouth for the second time ever that night. In a few minutes with his mom sucking and jerking on him, Johnnie is rock hard again.

The Director says: “PLACES!” Alician goes back through the curtain licking her licks and tasting the precum she got from her son Johnnie. Johnnie resumes his place behind his Dad, with Mary right next to his Dad, and both their asses sticking up in the air, as they are both on all fours. The Director calls “ACTION!” Robert takes his hard dick and stabs his father’s asshole with it, before the shooting begins. As it resumes, Robert is still plugged into his Dad’s ass, and looking at Mary’s butt, as she squirts the contents of her bowel out onto the bed and her legs. It has a fluorescent green shininess to it. That was the dye and liquid they injected her with. Quite an effect as it shimmers dripping down her legs. “Robert” says per script: “My God, Susy what is wrong with you, its GREEN!” She shyly turns to him and says: “Well Robert you aren’t the only one who fucked my ass today, there was this guy I saw and he had a 15 inch, skinny, funny looking dick with a strange end on it. I let him fuck my ass. He put it all in my butt, all the way, and squirted and squirted hot fluid into me. When I asked him about his dick, he said: “That’s normal for my people we aren’t from this world, but I do love to fuck earth girls, and one good thing, you can’t get preggers from us. We also heard on our world that Earth girls are easy, I think that is true.”

“Robert, I made arrangements with him to meet him again next Saturday, want to come with me and I’ll see if he will bring one of their girls with him for you?”

“Sis I think I would love that, out of this world pussy, what a treat that will be.”

While they are talking, Johnnie is fucking the hell out of his father’s asshole and soon blows another load of cum into his Dad’s ass.

The director called out: “CUT!” and told them all to rest a minute. Mary started fondling Jim’s dick and sucking on Johnnie’s after she cleaned it off with the alcohol and wipes that magically appeared on the table.. She knew not to make them cum as they would be shoving them into her in the next scene, so she stopped short of that. “Johnnie will you eat my pussy until we are ready again?” she said. Johnnie turns over her on all fours so he can do her while she does him in the classic 69.

The director says resume places. They all get back on the bed in proper script directed positions and he says: “ACTION!”

Jim is still on all fours next to Mary in the same position, the green slime is still on her and an assistant comes in and sprays more on her just before the action call. Johnnie is on his knees with now re-stiffened dick back in his father’s ass. He withdraws it and sits down as his Dad rolls over to his side and stretches out his legs over Johnnies legs.
Mary rolls over the opposite way and Jim and her are now facing each other on their sides, her legs behind Johnnie. She speaks: “ Daddy, you absolutely have to fuck me, I want you so bad. I can tell you now that Robert and I have been fucking since I was 13 and he was 14. We have done it every chance we had, sometimes two or three times in one day. I want to do it with you too, but first please let me suck your cock until you squirt your babyjuice down my throat. It must be so good since it is what I am really made from.” So Jim rolls over onto his back and Mary now gets on her knees on his side and sucks his stiffened hot dick into her mouth. She says just before engulfing him:
“Daddy I have wanted to do this for so long, you and Robert are all I ever think about.”

Since Johnnie has nothing to do at the moment the script calls for him to move around the bed to the top, get back on it and stick his cleaned dick into his father’s mouth while his father’s dick is in his screen daughter’s mouth. All are to go to orgasm with lots of loud sound effects from each. Fortuitously, they all cum at once since Mary has been furiously frigging her clit and cunt while sucking off Jim. It got pretty loud there for a minute.

The next thing is for the father to reach over grab her dress and in trying to get to her tits, tear the top off her as the dress splits down the predetermined seam. She is now topless since she forgot to put her bra back on after fucking the alien this afternoon at the museum behind the caveman exhibit. She rolls over shoving her tits into her father’s face and he voraciously sucks up her nipples pushing them together with his hands so he can get both in his mouth at once. So she is bending over his face, ass in the air, his mouth covering both nipples and “Robert” moves over behind her, kneels and impales her red hair covered pussy with one thrust as the cameramen catch it all. The then fucks the living hell out of her until he spurts what he has left into her hot pussy. Just as he does his father also erupts into her mouth. They all freeze, quivering for a few moments. When his dick softens enough to fall out of her, camera on closeup, followed by a stream of white cum sauce dripping and flowing out of her widely opened hairy lined cavern onto her pretty forested pudendum.

She did not swallow Jim’s cum as there was more camera work to follow. She lifts her face up facing the camera, opens her mouth now full of cum, sticks out her cummy tongue, goes back down sucking his spent cockle up in to her mouth again, returns to the up position, re-opens her mouth and shows it full of cum again, then slowly swallows it making mmmm noises and several well defined swallows. She really didn’t have any left by the second swallow but the script called for 5 swallows so she did it, and no one in the audience would be the wiser unless they had Xray vision.

The director calls out: “CUT!” “WRAP!” “ Good show guys, that’s all for tonight get yourselves a good nights sleep, and don’t fuck all night, you need some rest for tomorrow is a very long day and you will need your stamina, especially the guys. It is really better if you play celibate tonight, at least as far as your cocks go, so they can recover for tomorrow. Girls for you it doesn’t matter much, but do try and sleep at least for 6 hours. We start work at 11:00 it is now 7:10pm. Everyone will get a chance to return to the bedrooms and nap when they aren’t needed. Breakfast will be laid out in the front room where you were held hostage. Hope it doesn’t scare you any more.

Good evening, if you want snacks call the kitchen at 22 on the phones in your bedrooms and it will be brought to you. This is a first class hotel with excellent FREE room service even if you can’t tell by the outside appearance. There is someone in the kitchen 24/7. See you tomorrow.”

And he turns to leave the room; as he goes Mary runs up to him and hugs him and gives him a tongue filled kiss plus rubbing over his cock area with her hand. She pulls back and says: “Can I fuck you tonight?” “He says: “Yes, but you have to share with my wife, we live here.” She squeals out: “Ohh Goody, a threesome, something I wanted to try, uh, oh, I just did, didn’t I? Great I get to do it again.” So she waltzed off arm and arm with the director.

Johnnie is thinking: “Who is that masked man anyway?” since the Director’s name was never mentioned.

So they all leave their seats heading for the hallway door to the bedrooms.Alicia has Jim’s arm on one side and Johnnie’s on the other. Judy tags along behind them, but Nancy and Joannie are walking arm in arm at the rear. Judy feels sort of left out since she has no one to be with both the guys are with their wife and mother. Joannie notices Judy’s aloneness and calls out to her to join Nancy and her. She falls back and latches on to Nancy’s other hand. The three girls go to the first bedroom and Alicia and her two men go into the second one. They are amazed at the layout, and the size. Alicia said: “I didn’t ever think this old farmhouse was anything but a total wreck. I guess they have to keep up appearances on the outside. Wonder how they handle any nosy officials poking about.


The three girls opened the door to their bedroom, and Judy said: “It’s a Palace!”:Joannie and Nancy looked around in awe at the beautiful furnishings and kingsize bed. The girls all headed to the bed and piled into it. They looked at the wallhung 81 inch TV screen opposite the head of the bed. Nancy jumped up and ran to the closet she saw on one side of the room. She opened the doors the rest of the way and said: “Oh you have got to see this, come here!” Inside the closet were the most gorgeous dresses, skirts, tops, and sexy lingerie. Nancy looked at the labels and most of them were Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood.

There were some foreign ones too that looked Italian to her young eyes and one that looked like the tiny amount of Swedish she knew. It was a big walk-in closet, it could have had a dressing table in it too, it was so big. All three of the girls were checking out clothes, and looking for their own size. Judy was the first to find one that might fit her, even though she was the smallest being only twelve. She took it out of the closet and took it off the hanger. Then she tried it on. It fit her perfectly. It was a black gown down to her ankles with red roses and green stems and leaves embroidered on it. It appeared to be silk. It felt so good against her bare naked skin underneath. She danced over to the full length mirrors and admired herself as she did pirouettes in front of them.

Joannie and Nancy also finally found things that fit them too. Then they noticed that there was shelf in the closet and all the clothes they wore over here were there. It looked like they had been washed, ironed, and folded neatly. Joannie and Nancy took their newfound things out to the room and began trying them on too. They admired each other but Judy had the sexiest outfit of all. They decided to watch TV still dressed, and noticed a rack of DVD’s. Judy noticed the DVD player in the TV and said: “Let’s look at these DVD’s and watch one.” The other two agreed so they put several on the bed and looked at the titles and synopsis. Nancy said: “ Do you notice something odd about these, girls?

Joannie said: “Odd how?” Nancy said: “I think they are all movies about sex , look at what they say on the back of the boxes” The girls studied some of the blurbs on the DVD’s intently for a few minutes and Judy said: “ You are right Nancy. Now that we are porn stars too, why don’t we watch one. Nancy said: “OK I choose this one, it has 3 guys and two girls in it. Maybe we can learn to be better porn stars from it by watching.”

Judy said but we don’t have any boys to practice on.” Joannie said: “Ha, wait until tomorrow Nancy, I bet by noon none of us will be virgins any more. I can’t wait to fuck your Dad and brother. You know I think we should really be getting our holes loosened up tonight while we watch the movie.” She went over the huge dressing table; checked out the drawer, then moved on to the big dresser and looked in all of it’s drawers.
She shrieked: “IEEE, look what I found.” The other two girls ran over to her and inspected her find; taking things out of the drawer. There were soft skin dick shaped vibrators in different colors, something funny looking like a blue snake. Judy pulled it out said: “hey this thing has a dickhead on each end of it.” She stretched it out and it was about 24 inches long. It had little bumps all the way from end to end. Judy said: “Nancy is this what I think it is, that two of us could stick it in us and we could both fuck each other with it?” “Nancy looked at it and said yes you are right but I don’t know what it is called.”

Joannie said: “Girls I think we should really try these out. How about Judy and I use the two ended thingy and Nancy, you try out some of those dick shaped ones. We should also put a dick shaped one in our asses too. I will grease up your butts and put them in before Judy and I do the other thing.”

So Judy and Nancy bend over with Joannie sitting on the bed with tubes of lube nearby.
She covers them liberally inside and out, sticking three fingers in each ones asshole.
Then she tells Nancy: “Now do my butt, please.”

Nancy sits on the bed and Joannie takes Nancy’s former place. Nancy picks up the lube, squirts it on her hand and with one hand spreads Joannie’s cheekc and with the other hand covers her with lube all over her little pink pucker. She inserts one grease covered finger, moves it in and out then a second one with it, then finally a third one. Joannie says to Nancy: “Girl that feels pretty good, but that third finger is a little much.” Nancy says:
“Tomorrow you may have something bigger in your ass.”

Nancy takes a penis shaped dildo and sticks into Joannies ass. Then she does the same to Judy. She used the vibrating ones and turned them on full speed. She asks Joannie to put one in her ass too. So Judy and Nancy get on the bed sitting opposite each other with their legs spread and start slipping the double dildo into each others pussy. Next thing they scoot closer together so it goes in as far as they can stand it. They also start squirming around on the vibrators stuck in their assholes. Nancy said: “Judy I want to try to move it with my hand.” So she grabs it and starts moving around so that they can both feel the movement in their pussies. They both grab it and move it more and faster. Not very long after, both girls are having a simultaneous screaming orgasm.

Meanwhile Joannie is using two vibrating dildos, one in each hole, and getting a little crazy herself. Not more than ten minutes, she is also screaming out a terrific orgasm herself.

Nancy then tells the other two girls that the director told her that they should sleep with buttplugs in their buttholes tonight, so they will be nicely open and loose for tomorrows
assfucking scenes. Nancy goes over to the dresser and finds the buttplugs, showing them to the other two girls. She says: “These are what he meant, they are shaped so they won’t accidentally squeeze out during the night.” She calls the other girls over to her to let her insert the buttplugs in their nether orifices. Then asks Judy to do the same for her.

The girls watch the porn movie playing with each others tits and pussies for an hour, then decide it is best to go to sleep now. But Nancy takes a vibrating penis-dildo and sticks it in her and says she is going to sleep with it. Seeing that both Judy and Joannie also grab
one and stick them into their own pussies. Then they get back on the bed, crawl under the covers and with Judy in the middle cuddle up with their arms around each other and on the nearest breasts. The room is filled with the soft buzzing sound of three vibrators buried deep in the three girl’s hot pussies. Soon sleep overtakes them.


Alicia walks into the bedroom with a hand on each cock, one her son’s, and one her husband’s. She tells them to lay at the end of the bed with their knees at the edge, side by side. She gets on her knees and takes short turns of sucking each cock. It isn’t long before she is rewarded with Johnnie’s squirts into her warm mouth and instead of swallowing it, she climbs up and spits it all into Jim’s mouth. She says: “See how your like your son’s cum. I think it tastes great.” Jim moves it around in his mouth before swallowing and then says: “You are right darling, our son’s cum does taste good. Give him mine to taste, too.”

Alicia then gets back down between Jims legs. Jim puts his feet over her shoulders, and she sucks on him until he fills her mouth up with hot juice. She immediately moves over to Johnnie’s mouth and spits it into him. He savors the cum taste for a minute then swallows it. He says: “Hey Mom, I like that stuff, does it make me gay?”

Alicia says: “Well today I watched you do everything gays do. You got buttfucked by a guy and you buttfucked your own father’s ass. But no, son, it doesn’t make you gay, I do want to see you two do a 69 right now on this bed for me. I have always wondered how I would like to see two guys. And this is even better, it is my own two guys!”

So now having no more fear of penises, Jim and his son Johnnie get on the bed laying on their sides, facing each other toe to head. Both are still soft, but they insert each other’s soft cocks into their mouths and start nursing them. Not much later, they are both standing hard again. Johnnie cums first, and almost immediately Jim cums. When Johnnie cums, Alicia says: “Don’t swallow, boys, I want all of it from both of you.”
So after Jim has cummed, then Alicia gets on the bed lays down and tells them to spit it into her mouth. She doesn’t swallow until both men have given her each other’s loads of cum. After she swallows their cum, she says: “That was so exciting for me to watch you two, that I am sopping wet. Now I need your dicks inside me right now, one in each hole. Jim you take the back.” Since they both wilted, she gives each of them a reviving blowjob, keeping her hands on the one she re-erected first while she does the second one.

She has Johnnie lay down on his back. She moves over him and puts his hard dick into her pussy, facing him. She then lays down on top of him and tells Jim to get over Johnnie’s legs and stick it in her ass. They get into a rhythm of coordination both going in at the same time then back out at the same time. They feel their dicks rubbing each other through her membrances, adding to the feeling since their frenulums are rubbing each other as well as Alicia. She is getting very aroused, and panting hard. After a few minutes she gets her full release, and as she does it triggers both of the men to also squirt their seed inside her, filling both holes.

She tells Jim to suck Johnnie’s cum out of her pussy and spit it into her mouth. He gets between her legs and licks her clit then slides his mouth down to her vagina and covers the opening with his lips, then sucks hard. He feels the liquid leave her and enter his mouth. When he has it all, he moves up over her and places his lips on hers. They both open their mouths and he lets the cum flow into her mouth from his.


The producer and Mary leave the set and walk down the hall to a door which goes to another hall. There is an elevator at the end of it. They get into the elevator and go down.
Mary said: “I didn’t know this old house had a basement.” The director said: “We did a humongous amount of work surreptiously on this place. We didn’t use any workers closer than 100 miles away and brought them here blindfolded. We moved the equipment in ourselves, and had the whole are cordoned off with a high continuous wooden fence. We put signs up that said U.S. Government Property – Keep Out under threat of Deadly Force. It worked, no one bothered us. We kept the workers on site until the work was finished. Then we again blindfolded and took them back to their hometown. They were paid so well, they never mentioned a peep to anyone about the government project they worked on. By the way, Mary, my name is Kenneth West, I have been a well known Hollywood director and producer, but out here I never mention my name. You may see my name on some credits of movies you watch. I trust to your discretion also.”

As they left the elevator and walked down a long hallway with enough doors to look like
a hotel, she said: “You can count on me Mr. Director, thanks for your confidence. Does your wife really mind you taking me to join you in bed?” He said: ” My wife is also well known. Her name is Cindy Rivera, I am sure you have heard of her. We decided to just take an early retirement here. We make so much more than we ever did in Hollywood, even without her acting anymore, except for when she feels like getting into our movies.
So she is used to having sex with other people, and I have no objections to her doing it either. I am pleased that you were willing and eager to join us. Well here we are.”

He unlocked a door, opened it and called out: “Cindy, I am here and I brought you a present.” Mary heard: “Be right there, honey, I am still busy in the kitchen, just a second.” A few minutes later through the door into the dining room, this absolutely knockout woman with auburn hair walks in smiling at what she sees. She says: “Oh,
you really did bring her for me? She is so lovely.” He says: “Cindy, this is Mary, one of
our new porn stars. We did several wonderful shoots today and she was in one of them.
She will be working with us for a while, a long while I hope.”

Cindy said: “Welcome Mary, join us for dinner, and then we can all party for a while before we sleep, and you will be sleeping with us. I always love it when Ken brings someone else home for us to play with.” Mary answered: “That sounds like a plan to me!” She asked: “Cindy, can I help you with dinner in the kitchen?” She was answered with: “Of course, I welcome your help, dear.” So the two women adjourned to the kitchen where Cindy had Mary make salads for all of them, while she finished the main course.

In about 20 minutes, Cindy called to Ken, who had taken a quick shower and was in a robe now: “Dinner’s ready, love, come on out.”


Cindy, Ken and Mary, sat at the table and ate their fill. They then adjourned to the bedroom, with Cindy taking Mary by the hand and leading her. All this time Mary was stark naked except for the apron Cindy gave her in the kitchen. Ken cleared the table while the girls went into the bathroom after Cindy stripped and took a quick shower together. While they were in the shower, Cindy got down on the floor and began eating Mary’s pussy. “Mmmmmm good” she said as she lapped at the teenaged pussy. “How old are you, girl?” Mary replied: “Just 17.” Cindy said: “You certainly are beautiful. Have you been fucked yet in the movie?” Mary said: “Yes, I was buttfucked tonight, and my first time too. I didn’t know it could feel good before.” Cindy said: ” I always like to have both holes filled, I get Ken to use a vibrator in one while he fucks the other one. Sometimes he brings home one of the male actors and I can get two dicks at once. He even brought two home one time, and I had all three holes filled at once.” Mary said:
“I bet you that he is going to do that this weekend for you. We have a father and son. He got them to fuck each others butts tonight in the shoot. They are my friends brother and Dad.” Cindy said: “That sounds wonderful, maybe I can take a part in the movie too, I should ask him.

Ken walked into the bathroom as the girls were out of the shower drying off. He went over to the toilet and started peeing. Cindy said: “Stop Ken, lets play with it. Mary, have you ever been peed on before?” Mary said: “No, never thought about it. What did you have in mind?” Cindy said: “Go lay down in the jacuzzi tub, dear, and let Ken pee all over you. See how you like it. Hold your pussy open so he can piss on your clit and folds, too.” Mary walked over to the tub, laid herself down in the tub on her back and said: “OK, I am ready, Ken.” Ken walked over and stood by the side of the tub and started spraying piss all over her freshly washed body, even her face and hair. He still had plenty to give her pussy a real hosing.

Then he said: “Open your mouth now, and drink some.” She opened her mouth wide, he leaned over and she sat up and put her mouth on his soft dick and let him fill it up with his pee. She swallowed it as it went in until he was empty. Then she started sucking him until he was hard. He took the hand sprayer and began to spray her body with warm water and shampooed her hair all the while his dick was now sticking straight out. He told her to get back into the shower to rinse off, then come to the bed. She took one last suck on his dick, then got into the shower alone, this time.

Ken and Cindy went into the bedroom, got into bed and Cindy began sucking on Ken’s balls and rubbing him all over. She then sucked on his nipples, making them stand up. He reciprocated with her nipples, and also played with her shapely tits. Mary finished her shower dried off and came into the bedroom watching Cindy with Ken. She was fascinated by his dick. It was very white, and looked to be about 8 inches long and maybe an inch and half thick. His pubic hair was red like his head hair, and like a jungle. His balls were at least an inch across, and his bag was totally bald. She went over to inspect it closer, but lust got the better of her and she just sucked it into her mouth. As she engulfed it, he let out a loud moan. Then he said: “Mary you feel wonderful.” Cindy said:
“You go, girl, suck him dry like a vacuum cleaner, I love to watch.”

Mary began to move her head up and down his thick stick, then wrapped bahis şirketleri one hand around it and jinked it up and down the shaft, pushing it so far into his body she obtained another inch in length. She tried and succeeded in swallowing all of it. She kept on working him until he gave up the fight and landed what turned out to be a huge load into her throat. All the fucking and sucking he watched every day made him cum-full when he went home. After receiving his benediction, Cindy and Mary began both working on his body, trailing their nails up and down his sides across his belly, and kissing his lips, neck and nipples. After about 20 minutes of this treatment he was hard again.

Cindy said: “Ken, now I want you to fuck both of us. Mary is going to lay on me, both of us facing up. You get between our legs and give us each 5 strokes then go to the other. But first stick a vibrating dildo in each of our assholes. So with their asses in the air side by side, Ken took the vibrators, coated them with lube and shoved them deep into each girls rectum. Then he gave another push each and they were totally inside the girls.

The girls lay down. Cindy on the bottom facing up, Mary laid on top of her also facing up. Their two pussies were lined up one above the other. You could hear the vibrators buzzing loudly. Ken moved over kneeling between their legs and inserted his cock into
Mary, giving her the five strokes slowly. Then he eased out of Mary and slid his cock into Cindy, giving her the five strokes. After about 20 minutes of this and after both girls had orgasmed at least twice, he couldn’t take it any more. He said: “I can’t last any longer, what should I do with it, Cindy?” She said: “Pull out, come up here and squirt into Mary’s mouth, then she will give me half of your hot spicy juice to swallow.

Ken knee-walked up to the top of the girls, and shot his wad into Mary’s mouth, she sucked hard until she could get no more out of him, also jerking him off with her hand.
Then Mary moved off of Cindy and turned over, kissing Cindy’s mouth. She then spit half of the load into Cindy’s mouth. They both swallowed and then they kissed tongues lashing for another few minutes. Cindy said then: “Mary I want to do 69 with you, while Ken watches us.”

So Cindy was still laying on her back and Mary got over her, pushing her pussy down on Cindy’s face. Mary then using her hands and laying on Cindy’s belly, spread Cindy wide open and began massaging her pussy with her tongue. Meanwhile Cindy was tongue fucking Mary’s hole and getting a lot of liquid to swallow. Mary sucked hard on Cindy’s clit and it was swollen to an inch long. The girls continued to suck each other until they had both orgasmed again. Ken was sitting in a chair jacking off slowly while watching them after his dick recovered again. The two girls then told him to get back on the bed, and they took turns sucking him until he shot off once more. They swapped his cum several times then each took half and swallowed it. After that they all snuggled up together and went to sleep.

When they woke up in the morning, Mary asked Cindy: “How do we get the vibrators out, they have been in all night and the battery died while I was asleep?” Cindy said:
“Just sit on the edge of the tub put your hand behind you and push it out.” So both girls went into the bathroom sat on the edge of the tub and squeezed the vibrators out of their assholes. Cindy said: “Now we need to wash them off, so I use anti-biotic soap to do that with. They took the vibrators over to the sink and washed them. Then Cindy said: “Now we need to put fresh batteries in now so we don’t have to do it while in the middle of play.” She got batteries out of a cabinet and the girls replaced the vibrators’ batteries with new ones. Cindy said: “Now lets go fix breakfast while Ken shaves and showers.”


So the girls adjoined to the kitchen where they fixed a good breakfast of oatmeal, orange juice, bacon and eggs. Ken came in and they all ate. The girls cleaned up after eating.
Ken said: “OK Mary, are you ready to go back to the set now?” She answered: “Any time.” Cindy said: ” Mary said you had two guys, son and father, let me get into this movie too, honey. Ken answered her: “I see no reason why not, I am sure we can have your parts worked in easily. Do you want to do both at once?” Cindy said: “You know me, dear, the more cocks in me at once, the merrier.” Ken laughed: “OK my dear, you win, come along with us, then. As usual we will call you Kelly, and not let anyone know you are my wife, so you enter after us.” “Right dear,” she said. ” Let me come along after a few minutes, I still need to fix myself up a little.” Ken replied: “OK we will go now.”
With that, Ken and Mary returned to the set up the elevator and down the hall upstairs.

While Ken reviewed the scripts, Joannie, Judy, Nancy, Jim, Alicia, and Johnnie were in the front room eating from the buffet style breakfast. When all had finished they returned to the movie set room taking seats in the viewing area. Cindy walked in from the hall then. Ken said: ” this is one of our other actresses, Kelly, she has made a lot of movies with us, and she will be joining us for today’s shoots. Ken decided on a substitution in one scene of Kelly for Nancy, and in another scene just to add her to the scene with Judy, Nancy, Joannie and Mary. He was thinking that having five girls in one scene would be very exciting to the audience, and began thinking of ways to use all five, since he had the freedom to modify the scripts.

Johnnie looked at Kelly and thought, I am sure I have seen her somewhere before. But he couldn’t place her. He also thought: “She is really hot, wonder if I will get to fuck her too?”


The Director said the first scene will involve only Johnnie and Kelly. Johnnie about shit his pants when he said that. He was going to fuck the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. At least that is what he hoped. “How many guys my age ever get to fuck a grown woman, anyway, and especially one built like her.”

So he told them to watch the monitors. It would say Nancy, but that is Kelly’s part.
Johnnie thought: “So I was going to get to fuck my sister in this one. Oh well, bet I will later anyway, according to what the director said yesterday. But damn, I wonder WHO that lady is?”

The Director said: “In this shoot, Johnnie you are a nervous timid teenage virgin afraid of girls. She is the older woman that seduces you. You should change your attitude to more confidence as the movie progresses, and you are in charge near the end.

He noticed an adjoining room had been opened up to the set, and it was configured like a living room. There was also a monitor in there but not visible to the cameras. The Director told Kelly and Johnnie to go into the living room and follow the monitor.

Johnnie walks through the “front door” to the “outside” and waits. Kelly is sitting in a chair. Johnnie rings the doorbell and Kelly gets up to answer it. Johnnie says: Miss Green, my mom said you needed to tutor me in math. Kelly says: “Yes, Bobbie, I was expecting you. Come right in and sit down on the couch. Would you like some tea, soda, or something?” “Yes Miss Green, I would like a Dr. Pepsi.” “OK, I will get it, make yourself comfortable, do you want it in a glass with ice or just the can? “Glass with ice, please, Miss Green.”

She brings the drink and also one for herself. She had changed into the clothes for the scene which let her breasts nearly hang out of the top, and her skirt barely below her cunt.
Johnnie had changed into the assigned shorts with nothing under them and a tee shirt.
It was expected that his dick would be sticking out the leg when it got hard.

Kelly said: “Did you bring your book and papers with you?” He said: ” Right here, retrieving the little bag he had carried in with him. He put the book and papers on the coffee table. She said: “OK Bobbie, come over and sit beside me so we can both see these easily. She leaned over to the coffee table so her tits were hanging free and nearly out of the top she had on, as he sat down next to her about a foot away. She said: “That won’t do, you have to sit against me.” So she scooted over to touch hips with him. She had one of his papers in her hand, and turned toward him making her tit graze his shoulder. She said, now this problem needs to have one more step shown in it.

Johnnie is by now starting to harden. Bobbie is supposed to act very embarrassed and shy, trying to cover his growing erection with his left hand while using his right hand to take the paper from her. She wiggles against him some more, deliberately knocking the paper out of his hand. She reaches for it and presses hard on his now hard dick, at the same time making sure her tits are rubbing against him as she leans over him. The Director calls “Cut.” The assistants come over and put some stuff on Johnnie’s face that make him look like he is blushing. The Director says “Action.” Bobbie make strangled sounds. Miss Green grabs his dick and squeezes it and says: “Oh my, what have I found here. This looks promising.” By now his dick is hard enough and long enough to reach the hem of his shorts. Miss Green pulls his shorts back exposing the head of his dick.
“What a fine piece you have here, Bobbie.” Bobbie groans and mutters something unintelligible. “I think we should relieve the pressure so you can study better, Bobbie, don’t you? Again he stutters and mumbles: She says: “That’s a good boy,” still stroking his hard as nails teenage cock. Miss Green says: “Bobbie stand up.” He does and she pulls his shorts down to his ankles. She says: “Oh what a lovely cock you have, Bobbie, we must take care of it. Have you ever been with a girl?” Bobbie manages to stutter out;
“No, Miss Green.” “Have you ever played with this lovely hard thing before?” “I don’t know what you mean, Miss Green.” “Oh my, a real virgin. I think something should be done about that.


Johnnie is so excited knowing he will be having Kelly sucking on him and fucking him shortly. He is leaking precum so much it is dripping. She leans over and licks all of it off of his cock. She says, “Bobbie, I think you need to come with me.” She grabs hold of his dick and starts pulling him around the coffee table with it and then pulls him into the bedroom by his cock. She says: “Bobbie, sit on the bed and watch me or help me.”

She pulls her blouse over her head and her large tits swing free. The nipples are standing up hard. She walks over to Bobbie and says suck on these, putting one of them into his mouth. He sucks on it and then she puts the other one in his mouth. She takes her hand and wipes the precum off his dick and licks it off her hand. She backs away and takes off her skirt. She still has lacy panties on, they are white but thin and her red bush shows through them. She says: “Bobbie, haven’t you ever seen a naked female before?”

He stutters: “Nnnno, Miss Green.” “Do you like what you see?” “Yyyyyes, Miss Green.” “Bobbie I think we can stop the Miss Green, just call me Dot, OK?” “YYyyes, Miss Gr, I mean Dot.” “Now take off that tee shirt, and your shoes and socks. I want you comnpletely naked for our next lesson. Is that clear?” “Yyyyyyes mmm, Dot.”

“Now, Bobbie I want you take off my panties carefully.” She moves over to the bed in front of Johnnie and he reaches out and slowly slides her panties down her legs. She steps out of them. She says: “Now, young man, you just slide up there with your head on a pillow and relax and watch me.” She slowly turns around, bends over, swings her tits back and forth, and bend over away from him, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks far apart. Johnnie’s dick is throbbing and beginning to get painful from the engorgement. He is checking out her pussy as she spreads it for his inspection.

Next thing she gets on the bed, straddles Johnnie and moves up to where her pussy is right in front of his face. She says: “Now Bobbie, I want you to take your hands, pull my
pussy open and stick your fingers inside me, then rub the top side inside.” He does that; his dick is hurting bad now. She says: “Now your next lesson is to see how a pussy tastes, so take that little pink thing at the top and suck it into your mouth, rubbing your tongue on it for me.” He complies. She says: “Now lick all over me and suck those little flaps into your mouth too and rub them with your tongue. He does that. She says: “Now stick your tongue into that hole you see as far as you can and stick it in and out.” He does that too.

She says: “Now Bobbie, you just had your first hair pie, or eating pussy. Did you like it?” He says: “Dot, I never tasted anything like that before. Yes.”

Knowing she has tortured him long enough and watching the monitor for instructions. She is told to straddle his body with her pussy over his face and to suck on his dick.
The script calls for an orgasm in two minutes. Johnnie may have to fake it, or maybe not.
At the two minute mark, Johnnie pretends to orgasm. The Director calls “CUT.” The two assistants come over and jack off into her mouth; both of them,with her holding the cum.
The Director says: “Action,” and she resumes her place. She opens her mouth to let the camera see that her mouth is full of cum. She swallows it very obviously.


The next instruction is to fuck Johnnie. She slaps his dick to make it go down, so he won’t cum too quick. While she does that the director has put the filming on hold again.
They take 10 minutes rest. While they are resting, Johnnie talks to her saying: “Kelly, you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen, yet you look familiar in some way.” She replies: ” I have been in a few movies so maybe you saw one.” Johnnie says: “You mean real movies?” She says, keeping up the cover: “No, just porn movies.”

Johnnie says: “I never thought I would ever get to have a girl as beautiful as you.” She says: “This won’t be the last time Johnnie, either. Now let me get you ready again.”
She gets down on the floor between his legs and starts sucking on his now soft dangly dick. It doesn’t take long for him to be hard again.

The Director calls: “Places,” then “Action.” She lays on her back missionary style but holding her ankles over her head on the bed. He is to get between her legs ready to fuck her, but to allow the camera to capture lots of pussy shots and dick shots. As he puts his dick against her pussy, and rubs it up and down her slit, the cameras are doing close-ups to catch it all. As he puts the head of his dick against her vaginal opening he is to hold it there for a few seconds for filming, then put only the head in, holding it again, then another inch, etc. inch by inch until he is entirely engulfed. The next instruction is to pull out completely, camera again catches his wet shiny dick and her wet pussy. Then he is told to begin to really fuck her, but not cum. He has to call STOP when he starts to get any feeling of cumming.

So he fucks her for 6 minutes, then yells STOP! He pulls out and sticks his hard wet prick in her mouth, she sucks on it, then pulls it out and slaps it. It wilts. He plays with and sucks her tits and in a few minutes he is hard again. So they resume filming, at the appropriate time per the script, he pulls out, just before he squirts and shoots cum all over her tits. He is required to lick it all off of her, but feed her some from his finger. They aren’t done yet, however. She is to suck him back to hardness. As soon as he is hard he is to tell her: “Now I want to feel your other hole, Dot, will you let me?” She answers: “I never did that before, I don’t know.”

He says: “If you don’t, I am going to tell my mom that you molested me.” She says: “Well putting it that way, I guess I have no choice, and after what I did for you so far, too!”

So she tells him she will get on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and he is to fuck her pussy for a few minutes to get wet, then very carefully stick it into her asshole.
She says: “I hope you don’t mind shit on your dick, because you might get some.”
He says: “If I get to fuck your hot tight ass, I don’t care. It will wash off. Maybe I’ll make you lick it off, if I do.” She replies: “That won’t be necessary, I will wash your great big hard hot dick off for you, and then suck you off again. Is that a deal?”

He says: “How can I refuse?” So he walks up against the bed edge and starts fucking her dripping pussy with his hard teenaged dick. After about ten strokes he pulls it out and pushes it against her tight pink puckered tiny little asshole.” Johnnie is thinking: ” What the hell, she really is an asshole virgin, and I am getting to be the first!”

He hesitates looking at the head of his slippery dick right up against her spider web sphincter. According to script, he then pushes the head in. Then he pulls it out. Then he pushes it in again, the camera has to get lots of proximity shots, and also the slow penetration shots, as he shoves his hard hot dick into her virginal tight little asshole.
Script says now fuck her to death. So he goes into overdrive pounding the devil out of her smoothly rounded butt, slapping hard against her with loud slaps on each thrust. His balls are hitting her labia hard with each slam into her. Again when he is ready to cum, he has to pull out and cum on her back, with the camera getting it all. Next he is to lick all of his cum off of her back, holding it in his mouth, letting the camera see, then she rolls over and he kisses her transferring the cum to her mouth, camera shot again with her mouth open, then the camera sees them split the cum between them, both mouths open again and cum filled. Then they both swallow on camera.

The assistants comes over with shooting on hold, paints some brown washable paint on his dick. Shooting resumes, she has to wash him off in the adjoining set bathroom.

After she has washed his again hardened dick she takes him back to the bed and tells him to lay down near the side edge. He does so. His steel-like dick is sticking stgraight up in the air and leaking precum which is running down the shaft. Dot spreads his legs wide and puts her face against his crotch. She sucks the right nut into her mouth and presses it with her tongue until he groans it hurts. Then she spits it out, and engulfs the left one. Once more she puts pressure on the swollen ball inside her mouth until he protests. She again spits it out . She tells him to turn on his side facing her. She is on the carpet on her
knees. She sucks his entire prick into her mouth, then she sticks her pre-lubed finger into his anus and starts fucking his asshole vigorously. Since he had already cum so much for this shoot, he didn’t shoot again very soon. It took about 20 minutes of her playing with asshole and licking and sucking his cock before he finally came for the last time. She swallows it this time, and holds him in until he shrinks to tiny again. Then she releases him, the cameras get closeups of all of this.

The Director says: “CUT.” and the scene is over, the homework forgotten.


Then Sam tells everyone that we should have some lunch and after lunch watch the scene just shot. So everyone orders their favorites for lunch. Then eating and simultaneous orgy time is going on. Johnnie is sitting between Judy and Nancy his sisters, when he isn’t eating he has fingers in both snatches, and they are grabbing and jacking his peter.

After they have all three eaten their fill. Nancy says: “I want you for dessert, brother.”
She gets down on her knees between his legs and slowly circles the head of his dick with her tongue. Then she licks up and down his stiffened shaft. He is wearing a silly grin.
She cups his balls in her hand and massages them as she inserts the end of his hot prick into her warm wet mouth. She purses her lips tightly around the shaft just behind the ridge and moves it in and out of her mouth, while her tongue is tickling the underside of the end of his prick. She then slowly sucks the shaft farther and farther into her mouth until she has completely engulfed it. Judy says: “Wait Nancy I want to try that too.” Nancy removes his dick from her mouth and says: “OK Judy.”

Nancy gets up and Judy takes her place. Judy starts tongueing the head of Johnnie’s dick like she saw Nancy do. Then Judy plays with her brother’s balls,and starts sucking more of his dick into her mouth. She takes it out and says: “Johnnie did I do that right?” He tells Judy, his 12 yr. old sister: “Sis, you are very good at what you are doing, just keep on.” She puts the hard cock back into her young mouth and continues working on it.
After a few minutes Nancy who has been watching her 12 yr. old sister suck off her 16yr.
old brother says: “Judy, I said I wanted him for dessert. That means I want to drink his cum. So stop now and let me finish. You can get his next time. After all, we never have tasted him before, and I am eager to see what his cum tastes like.”

Judy reluctantly took her brother’s dick out of her mouth, and said: “I bet it tastes like Dad’s. I got to do that yesterday, you know.” Nancy replied: “Yes, I thought you did a real good job on Dad. He certainly enjoyed having his little girl suck and fuck him and swallow his cum, but Johnnie is mine right now, so get up. Judy got up and Nancy took her place between her brother’s legs again.

Nancy once more slowly circled his dickhead with her tongue while playing with Johnnie’s balls, then rapidly engulfed his entire dick into her mouth. She tongued his frenulum and within minutes he was unloading a large set of squirts into her not quite virgin mouth. This was the only the second load of male cum she had ever tasted, since she sucked off Jessie the day before on her bed. She savored it, swirling it all around her mouth to get a good taste of it before swallowing the whole eight squirts.

Nancy got up and said: ” Now sweet little sister, it is your turn. Take my place, get him hard again and make him blow into your mouth. Just think we both get to fuck him soon, wonder if he or Dad will get my virginity? Not fair you got fucked before I did.”

Judy couldn’t respond as she was too busy sucking on her big brother’s dick. She was also squeezing his balls and in a surprise move had stuck a finger in his asshole and was rubbing his prostate. That had him squirming and panting, and pretty soon he erupted large gobs of cum into his little sister’s mouth. She savored them for a few minutes before drinking them down. After he had retracted his dick, she let it go and got up. She sat down again beside him. She said: “Brother, that was good, but it tasted a little different from Dad. I liked it though. I wonder who is in the next scene.”


Alicia sat next to Mary. The first thing she said to Mary, was: “How did you like fucking
my husband yesterday?” Mary replied: “He was super. Much better than my brother.:
Alicia: “You mean you fuck your own brother?” Mary: “I have been for two years. We do it every chance we get but no one else knows it except your daughters.” Alicia: “Have you given them ideas about Johnnie, not that it makes any difference now?” Mary: “No I hadn’t suggested that they fuck Johnnie, but I sure wanted to. Have you ever thought about sex with a woman, Alicia?” Alicia: “No, I never gave it a thought, I have always been only into men for sex, women just never attracted me that way.” Mary: “Looks like you are going to find out very quickly, so how about a little sample as soon as we finish eating?” Alicia: “Guess I had just as well get used to it, you ought to be a good teacher from your experience with my daughters.”

They eat, then Mary says: “Are you ready from some girl pussy, Alicia?” Alicia responds: “Guess its now or never.” Mary says, ok, lets get naked. So they disrobe, in full view of everyone there, no secrets anyway, since they were all naked yesterday when they were brought in and until they left the set. Mary says: “OK now lay down on the carpet on your back and I am going to get over you with my pussy over your face. You do to me what I do to you. You should become an expert pretty quick, I bet.”

So Alicia lays down and Mary gets over her. Mary spreads Alicia’s labia and starts rubbing inside the slit. After she starts getting wet, Mary sticks two fingers inside Alicia’s vagina, rubbing the g spot on the top. Alicia follows suit doing the same to Mary. Both of them start breathing heavy and making sexy sounds. Then Mary sucks Alicia’s hard rubbery pink clit into her mouth and sucks and tongues it until Alicia cums hard. Mary is right behind her with a huge orgasm of her own.


Sam calls everyone to pay attention. He says the next shoot is going to involve Johnnie, Jim, Judy, Nancy, Mary, Joannie, Alicia, Bill, and Joe. This is going to be a progressive
gang bang starting out with just Jim and Nancy. Remember Nancy is a virgin and Jim is going to take his other daughter’s virginity like he did with Judy yesterday. Next Joannie will enter the scene and he will deflower her too. Before we are through this afternoon every one of the girls will be thoroughly fucked in every hole simultaneously, at some point in the shoot. We have four girls and four studs for this shooting.


Nancy is sitting in the living room of the set. The doorbell rings. Jim is outside, she invites him in. She says: “Oh Uncle Donald, how nice to see you. Were you looking for my Dad?” He replies; ” Sandra, actually I was wanting to visit you, I hope you are here alone, I have some things I want to talk privately to you about, now that you are 16, and a young lady.” She says: “Dad has been away on business and won’t be back until Saturday, he left yesterday on Sunday, so I am all alone this week, and we have a week off from school; that works out great for me.” Her uncle replied: ” That works for me too.”

“Why don’t we get something to drink and then get comfortable to talk in your room.” Sandra replies to her uncle: ” OK, what would you like?” He says: ” I would like a coke with some Jack Daniels and lime juice in it. If you want something stronger than coke, I won’t object.” She says: “I think I will have the same. I don’t any chances to drink alcohol with my parents around and they won’t let me date till next year.” So she fixes them both a drink and they go into her room.

Uncle Donald is sitting on the recliner and she sits facing him on the edge of her bed. Her uncle tells her: “I talked to your Dad and he thinks that you should get some experience sexually by someone trusted, he meant me, and that is why I am here. How do you feel about that?” She says: “I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I am still a virgin, but I think that if you teach me about sex it would be good. I don’t want to start going out with boys and being ignorant. Mom started me on birth control pills last month.” He said: “Your Dad told me that he had talked to your mom about your sexual education, and they both agreed that I should do it, that is take your virginity, and in both bottom holes, as well as teach you how to give a good blowjob.” She said: “What in the world is a blowjob? and do you mean to have sex with me in my butt?” He said: ” A blowjob is also called giving head or dick sucking, you do know what a dick is, don’t you? and yes, I will also fuck your asshole, just get used to those words, when you are having sex they are common.”

By then they had finished their drinks. She said: “Uncle Donald would you like another drink? I better not since I’m not used to alcohol, but I liked that, thanks for telling me about it.” He says, “No, I think we better get started. Do you have anything you need to do today later on?” “No, uncle I am clear for the whole week.” He said: “Good then let us start. First thing is for both of to undress. I think it will be more fun if we undress each other. Have you ever been naked in front of anyone else before, I mean since you have grown up?” She says: “No, no one has ever seen me naked before since I was little.”

So following the prompt screen step by step they proceed with Nancy’s devirgining by her father.

“Sandra, come over here and stand in front of me.” He tells her to bend over and he pulls her blouse off over her head. She is wearing a lacey bra, so he tells her to turn around, and he unfastens the snaps. He has her turn around again and he removes her bra from her arms, exposing her luscious ripe teenage tits. Since she was a little excited, the nipples are sticking up like little candy drops. She has puffy nipples, with the areola swollen like a little hill on top of the mountain of her young tits.. He has her bend over and sucks each nipple in turn into his mouth as the prompt screen calls for. He puts his hands around her waist while doing this. She is asked by the screen to make noises, but she doesn’t need the prompter, she does it spontaneously as her father sucks on her nipples for the very first time.

He treats each one for a few minutes, then he reaches out and unfastens the belt of her cutoff shorts, unzips them and lets them fall to her feet. She steps out of them.
Now she is only wearing bright red panties with lace at the legs and waist.

He reaches out and takes hold of the waistband and pulls them down slowly, gradually exposing her hairy little mons and the bright red hair surrounding her love box. She steps out of her panties and shorts. He tells her to take off her shoes and socks. She goes over to the bed and does so. He tells her to sit on the edge of bed, gets up and walks over to stand in front of her. He tells her: “You are very beautiful, my dear, to tell the truth I have lusted after you for some years now. For me this is a godsent gift, I hope it is just as pleasant for you. Now will you be so kind to remove my pants, not my underwear?”

She reaches out and unfastens his belt, and unzips his pants, they fall to the floor, and he removes them from his feet. He is now standing there in his shirt, a loud flashy short sports model, and his underwear, jockey shorts with a bit wet spot at the end of his projecting dick inside the shorts. Next he says: ” You never felt or saw a dick before, did you?” She says: ” No,uncle yours is the first one, can I see it now?” He says: “Not yet, I want you to remove my shirt for me, and suck on my nipples.” So she unfastens the buttons and takes the shirt off his arms. His hairy chest and projecting nipples are now exposed. She bends over and sucks on the left nipple then the right one for a few seconds each. His dick is throbbing and trying to break out of his jockeys. He tells her: “Now, Sandra, take hold of my shorts and pull them down. She does and his big hard dick, dripping with precum is sticking out about 7 inches.

He moves over to sit on the bed and she is told to remove his shoes and socks. So she does. She has been licking her lips per script and staring at his penis, the entire time while removing his footwear.

He tells her to sit back on the edge of the bed and he stands in front of her. He says: “Sandra, my sweet niece, rub your hands up and down my body from my armpits to my hips. She does so. His dick is bounding up and down and leaking profusely. “Now Sandra, feel my penis and testicles.: She does, then he turns around bends over and spreads his ass cheeks., “Now Sandra, you see my asshole?” “Yes, Uncle Donald, why is it brownish, is it not cleaned off?” He says: “No Sandy, some assholes are pink and others are brown, I assure it is clean enough for you to lick it, and that is what I want you to do. Smell it first, so you are sure.” She puts her nose near it and says: “I don’t smell anything bad.” He says: “OK now lick me.” She puts her tongue on his asshole and licks all around it. Next her uncle tells her: “Now you lay down on the bed near the middle so we have room.” She does. He gets over her with his balls hanging in her face. He tells her: “Now suck each one of my balls into your mouth and be very gentle. Rub them with your tongue, and be careful of your teeth.” She does so.

He says: “Now take my dick put your hand around it, rub it lightly up and down, then put the end in your mouth, and keep on doing it.” She follows his instructions. Now Nancy has her Dad’s dick in her mouth for the first time. He tells her to get in as far as it will go.

She actually managed to suck his entire dick into her mouth without gagging. “Sandra, now move your mouth up and down on it and hold the bottom of my dick with your hand, use your other hand to play with my balls, but lightly, no pressure.” She is now moving her mouth up and down her father’s dick and feeling his balls. He says: “Now in a minute, you are going to get a mouthful of nice warm slick juicy cum straight from your uncle’s dick. I want you to move it around in your mouth to taste it well before you swallow it.” She keeps on sucking on her father’s dick and jacking it off into her mouth.

Soon he says: “Sandra I am going to cum now! Get ready! Uhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh, Uhh, Uh.” as he shoots six squirts of cum into his virgin daughter’s mouth.” Nancy swirls it around in her mouth and under her tongue for a few minutes before swallowing it. The cameras weren’t required to shoot her mouth full of cum this time. He says: “Sandra, hold my cock in your mouth and it will get soft. When it does you can suck on me while you pull me out of your mouth.” So she follows instructions and does so. The Director calls out “CUT!” and they both sit up on the edge of the bed. The director says time for a 10 minute break. “Nancy, keep playing with your Dad’s dick, he will need it hard to fuck you with in the next scene.” So they spend the next ten minutes with Nancy fondling her Dad’s cock and balls. By the end of the ten minutes he is back up hard again. But the director says: “Jim, take this pill, you are going to need it. It will keep you hard for 2 hours, and you will be doing a lot of fucking over that time. Do not let the pussies get dry on you or you will be sore and we can’t have that.”

Jim takes the pill from the director with a coke he hands him. Soon they are ready to begin the next scene.


The Director tells Nancy to lay spread out on the bed with two pillows under her butt.
He tells her Dad to get placed to eat her pussy. They take their places, both totally naked, and first Nancy’s Dad per the script sucks both her nipples to hardness, then he drops down to her pussy and first runs his fingers up and down her hot virgin slit, followed by his wet tongue. She is pretty wet. His dick is also wet from the precum after her fondling her Dad for the last ten minutes. He takes his tongue, and slowly rubs it up and down on the left side between his daughter’s inner and outer lips.. Then he moves to the right side and does the same. He inserts two fingers into his virgin 15 year old daughter’s fuck hole and starts twiddling her twat. At the same time he starts sucking on her clitty, by now very stiff and elongated, poking out of its hood. He sucks hard on her clit and she bursts into an explosive orgasm, panting and screaming, a little before the prompter calls for it. But the Director told them all that spontaneous orgasms were acceptable and desired.

Jim (Uncle Donald) keeps working on his daughter (niece Sandra in the film) until she has two more orgasms. The third one just after the second one. The director calls “CUT.”
and they return to sitting on the edge of the bed while Nancy tries to normalize her breathing. She says: “Dad that was fabulous, I never knew it could be so good, even Joannie and Mary didn’t make me cum that hard. Maybe it was because it was you.”
Jim says: “Nancy my little girl, I really loved these last two scenes with you. Now I understand men who fuck their daughters. I always thought it was criminal before, now I can’t wait to take your virginity. Did you like my cum? was it better than your brother’s?”
She said: “Well Dad, I like both of you, but you don’t taste exactly the same.” He said: “That’s what your mom said last night too.”


The Director says: “PLACES!” Nancy resumes her position with her ass up on two pillows while her dad, “Uncle Donald” takes his place between her legs which are spread wide. Her Dad is instructed to continue eating her pussy for two minutes. Then the prompter tells her to get on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees and her ass in the air with her Dad standing behind her, the cameras are moved to get good shots from both sides, a small one is placed under her to get the view from below of his dick entering her virgin pussy for the first time.

When everything is set up, the Director says: “ACTION!” and Jim places the head of his dick right against his daughter’s hot pussy. He moves it up and down her slit, resting it for one shot on the underside of her clit. Then he is to start insertion. Jim puts his dick against his daughters virginal opening and hold it there for some shots. Then he begins to slowly push his hard prick into his little virgin girl’s cunny.

Just the head in: “Oh Uncle Donald that really feels good, do you think you can fit in me?” “Of course my dear Sandra, this should really be wonderful for you, as it is for me.” He begins to slowly slide his engorged swollen prick deeper into his little girls virgin hole. When he is all the way in, (accompanied by much moaning and other sounds from both of them for the sound track), he says: “I”m all the way in, honey, how does that feel?” She says: ” I can’t believe how nice and full my pussy feels, uncle. are you going to start fucking me now?” He replies per script: “Sandra, if you are ready I will.”

She says; “O Daddy,” “CUT!” from the director. “Nancy, follow the prompt, in this movie he isn’t your daddy, he is your uncle. OK, 2nd take, action!” She says this time: “Oh Uncle I want you to fuck me good, you feel so nice and big and hard inside my hot wet little pussy. Nothing ever felt this good, not even my vibrator Mom gave me to exercise my pussy with.” So Jim starts fucking his now devirgined daughter in earnest. He bangs her hot pussy for ten minutes then both cum together. The camera gets his dick withdrawing with cum on it and then cum dripping out of her pussy. He is to suck all of it all out her and then put it into her mouth, with lots of camera shots. He kneels down behind his daughter and sucks all of the juice up that he can. She turns over, lays down at the edge of the bed with her head and over the edge and he kisses her giving her all of the juices from both of them. After the camera gets her mouth full of cum, she swallows it on cam, and then he sticks his wet drippy dick back into her mouth. She sucks everything off of it. With the pill he took, it never went down.


Nancy is instructed to go to the big toilet room where she will be enemized by Sam’s secretary and chief enemizer, Miss Donna Farley. She enters the toilet room, and the naked Donna meets her. Donna says: “Hi Nancy, I get to fuck your ass with this nice enema, it will feel good to you. She tells Nancy to bend over, and she takes a gloved hand and rubs lots of lubricant all over and into Nancy’s asshole. Then she puts two fingers in and says: “Does that hurt any?” Nancy says: “No, its OK.” Donna sticks a
third finger into Nancy’s asshole and moves her hand in and out and asks: “Still OK?” “Yes” Nancy says.

Donna takes the penis shaped enema nozzle, and fills the bag up then inserts the nozzle into Nancy’s butt slowly, and wiggling it around as she does so. Nancy says: “Oh wow, that really feels good, maybe I will like getting my ass fucked.” Donna says: “I’m sure you will love it, everybody else does.” Nancy is filled up with the warm water and Donna says her well known phrase: “Sit and Shit!” Nancy plops down on the toilet and evacuates her bowels with a few plops and lots of squirting water sounds. Donna says, you get one more time. So they repeat the performance, and this time it just sounds like pure water squirting out Nancy’s virgin asshole. Donna wipes her off with soapy water, then alcohol and tells her to return to the set, after lubricating her very well.

Nancy returns to the set. The director says “PLACES!” and Nancy again takes a doggy position at the edge of the bed where she lost her virginity a little while ago to her father.

Jim is ready, the cameras are set up, the director calls “ACTION!” and Jim again stands behind Nancy’s ass in the air with his dick this time resting on her little pink rosebud.

The cameras get the shot, then Jim pushes into his daughter’s virgin asshole with the tip of his hard dick. The cameras get that shot, then he moves it another inch into his daughter’s asshole, another shot, this continues shot for shot for all 7 inches until he is balls against her pussy, and totally buried inside her. She says: “Uncle Donald, I really like that, it feels so good.” He responds: “Now my pet, we are ready to begin the real thing.” With that he pulls his hard boner back out of her ass completely, then quickly buries it again to the hilt. She says: “Ohhhhhhh!” He says: “Uhhhhhhhhhh” and they follow the required sound track non verbal dialogue as he fucks his daughters ass to kingdom come. Suddenly he feels his balls lift and his dickhead expand and he pushes into her hard as he can and squirts several large shots of cum into his little girl’s formerly virgin asshole. With the pill he is still stiff, so the cameras film his slow withdrawal from her ass. After he gets his dick all the way out, it is quickly cleaned off with alcohol, and she turns around this time on camera and sucks it all into her mouth. A good ass to mouth faked shot. They actually put some chocolate on his dick before he fed it to her. The script calls for her to say: “Oh Uncle Donald I didn’t know shit could taste that good!”

The Director calls “CUT!” and they sit in the adjoining viewing room chairs to rest.


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