Afterglow Pt. 03

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Still not John Grisham.

Thanks for all your encouraging messages. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter VI: In Sleep

Olivia slowly put the lights on in her apartment, turning her head over her shoulder to offer me kisses from time to time.

My hands ran down her dress and yanked off her coat.

“Should we—” she started, but I stopped her words with my mouth. This was my show, my turn to show her what she meant to me.

It was a slow trip up her stairs. Now and then one of us would push the other against the wall and kiss and fondle. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her down to rest on the stairs.

“Elizabeth,” she murmured thickly.

I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a plea. It didn’t matter. She rested against the stairs and I climbed down a bit, parting her legs. I looked up her body, smiling at her expression. She watched with amazement as I ran my hands up her legs—clothed in stockings—and hiked up her skirt. I wasn’t the same Elizabeth, fluttering between certainty and doubt. I was a woman with a desirer Olivia’s caliber.

I pulled myself over her and shared a heated kiss. I could have stayed there forever, but I felt Olivia’s legs impatiently moving back and forth and was reminded of what I wanted to do.

My mouth traveled down, sucking the skin beneath her earlobe. When my lips met the top of her dress, my hand came up to tear away a little at the the bust.


I probably should have been embarrassed-and might have been later- but it was worth it. There her ruby nipple was, pointing proudly and begging for my tongue. She groaned when I rested my face against her chest, and wrapped her fingers around my hair. She pushed my head further into her body, panting as I played with her nipple.

Eventually she let go. Her flushed cheeks told me it was too much. Just before I moved away, I gave her nipple a little nibble. Her entire body jolted and her mouth just opened in shock.

Back between her legs, I could smell her arousal. It never occurred to me that would be something that I’d ever smell, first of all, and second of all, appreciate. There was a tiny hole in her black stockings. I became fascinated with it, and covered it with my calloused thumb. Olivia made a small noise in her throat. My mind played with various ways to drive her crazy, and when I got one particularly delicious idea I couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across my face.

I bent over her leg and licked the hole, laving my tongue in little circles.

“Elizabeth,” Olivia begged again. “I can’t— Let’s go upstairs. Please. I need you.”

But I wasn’t done yet. I reached beneath her skirts and slowly pried her stockings down. I left them around her ankles, not interested in going through the process of removing her boots, and dragged the rest of her dress up her body until it rested over her tan stomach.

“Liz, please.”

I said nothing. I licked a trail above her sapphire panties and blew. She shuddered beneath me. Her cold hands went to my cheeks. I didn’t look at her; instead I gazed between her legs, fascinated at the sheen of her pussy beneath the gauzy blue fabric.

Without thinking about it, I reached over and kissed her there. She jumped and cursed in a language I didn’t recognize.

“Liz! Let’s go into the bedroom,” Olivia suggested, her voice twisted and breathy.

I ignored her and found myself slipping her panties down.

“Oh, God,” Olivia groaned, dropping her head down.

I breathed her in, loving the earthy and sweet scent, and then licked a line up her center. The taste was indescribable. She panted and searched for something blindly with her hand. I realized she wanted my own. I grabbed her hand, and with my other I pressed and tickled the sensitive flesh.

“Please, my lover.” My eyes met hers. Her head rested on a stair above so she could watch me. “You’re driving me crazy.”

I lowered my head, keeping my eyes on hers. “Good,” I whispered, just before I began battling with her clit. Her eyes squeezed shut and the hand she used to hold mine constricted almost painfully.

I made love to her with my mouth, pouring all of my emotions and frustrations into every flick and every suck.

Her forehead grew shiny with sweat. Different words spilled from her mouth. Some I could understand, others I understood merely from the way she said them. I opened her up more, pressing on the insides of her thighs. Her delicate folds spread further and she gasped when I blew air across her soaked pussy.

Then I slipped my fingers in, one by one, loving the feel of her constricting and releasing around each of them as it sought deeper inside of her. Her head was shaking back and forth, and her hips jutted up and fell back down helplessly as I made love to her.

I had enough teasing her. My fingers picked up their pace and began to fuck her. She slammed the wall with her palm and her eyes stared at me pleadingly. That’s when I dropped my head back down and licked around her lips, getting her even more drenched with my saliva. She tasted delicious; I canlı bahis never imagined a woman tasting appetizing the way Olivia did to me.

Then I focused on her clit, flicking it slowly at first before moving my tongue around in frantic circles. She was wet and my mouth was only making her wetter.

Olivia’s moan was really a song, and the song grew higher and higher as she climbed up the hill to orgasm.

“Fuck!” she screamed, before continuing to sing.

I shoved my tongue into her hole and fucked her with it. My fingers blindly searched for her sopping clit and I knew I found it when she shrieked and her song became connected moans.

She came on my tongue. I swallowed and then licked her all around. She giggled and pushed me away.

“So sensitive.”

I thought it would be weird. I would have never thought in a million years this was something that could turn me on. But it did.

“Get up,” I ordered.

She looked up at me, smirking. “Now you think you’re in control?”

“Get up, Olivia. I’m going to fuck you.”

“You just did,” she laughed, throwing her arms over her head and resting on the stairs.

I climbed up her body, rubbing our breasts together and sighing unevenly. “I mean with your strap-on. As promised.”

And for maybe the hundredth time that night, I shocked Olivia Beringer.


The next afternoon, I showed up at the nail salon as promised. Jackie and I were picking out nail colors and I kept looking at her, wondering when the right time was to tell her I was in a lesbian relationship. I certainly couldn’t tell her while we were getting our nails done, and she had to dash when we were done. Her sister was having some kind of drama; I only half-listened to that part.

Eventually she turned and caught me watching her. “Is there something on your mind?”

“What? No. Not at all.” I picked up a random bottle of polish.

Jackie’s eyes swung from the bottle back to me. “So, you’re going with blue today, then?”

I looked at the bottle and laughed. ‘Baby Blues’ it was called.

“Definitely not. Can’t imagine Roger loving that.”

“God, what is it with you and Roger?”

I turned from the polish rack. “What do you mean?”

“What’s the deal with your hero worship? I swear to God you’d, like, cut your palm as sacrifice for him.”

“Haha, you’re so dramatic! No, he just sort of…mentored me when I started out. And he knew my dad, back when Dad was practicing. He’s always been really decent to me. You know it’s not really easy climbing up the ranks as a girl.”

“Hell no, thank God I’ve never had aspirations to be an attorney. I like being a sort of office manager, even if they won’t give me the fucking title.”

Jackie was quiet for a minute. Then she turned to me. “You know Robert is kind of a scumbag? I didn’t realize it when I kept pushing you to go out with him. I’m sorry.”

I blinked. That was unexpected. “Um, don’t worry about it. Why do you mention it?”

“He just makes jokes. About women. I can just tell it eats him up you’re on the same level as him in Roger’s eyes.”

“Hmm. I don’t worry much about that, and you shouldn’t, either. But thanks for having my back.” I bumped shoulders with her.

I was reaching for a bottle when she asked, “So, are we gonna talk about your affair with Olivia now or when Cindy files my nails?”

Slowly I turned to her. And then I giggled. A lot. She went crazy giggling too and everyone in the nail salon stared at us like we were lunatics.

When we settled down and wiped the tears from her eyes, I stared at her soberly. “I really like her.”

Jackie turned away, fiddling with a few bottles of polish. “And she’s good to you?”

“Very. I don’t know why, but she has it in her head I’m some kind of interesting person. And I just thought I was neurotic.”

I didn’t get the big smile I wanted, but Jackie did try. She looked at me and then hugged me before I was prepared. “Good. And shut up, of course you’re an interesting person.”

“So, you aren’t weirded out by it?” I asked her.

She pulled away and shook her head with a warm smile. “Nah. I’m sorry I wasn’t more supportive from the start.”

“It’s a big…change. I get it.”

One of the manicurists came out and gave us a look. “Who goes first?”

We laughed, remembering once again where we were, and I thanked God I still had Jackie as my friend.


Olivia and I had settled into a strange routine by the time Monday came around. I was due back at work, and she was convinced I was going to come home all closed-off and moody.

“You’re going to want to break up again.”

She was only wearing simple white panties, but she looked delicious laying there in my bed. I crept up her body—in my clothes for work—and gave her a big fat kiss.

“If your pussy tastes as good as usual when I get off work, I’m sure I’ll be in a perfect mood.”

Olivia laughed and stroked my jaw. “Who is this woman on top of me? I’ve created a monster.”

“You bahis siteleri are an artist. It would only figure you’d work on me.”

She kissed me, running her hands through my freshly brushed hair. When she moved her mouth away, her smile was soft. “My masterpiece.”

I gave her another peck. “Don’t be silly.”

I got off of her and got ready. “Will you be here when I get back?”

“I have to go back to my apartment. I’m expecting shipments.”

“Okay. Well, I guess I’ll call you.”

Olivia leant up on an elbow. “We’ll have dinner?”

I smiled. “We’ll have dinner.”


There was a strange vibe when I walked into the office that morning. Roger and Robert were talking in Roger’s office, and I could have sworn they peeked at me a few times through the blinds in the window.

But by noon, nothing had been said and I decided to drop it. I was just being paranoid. I thought instead of the pretty girl I had waiting for me, and how crazy my transition had been. When do I tell my mom? Am I really a lesbian now? I mean, I don’t think I could go down on just anybody. But with Olivia…


I looked over my shoulder and Roger stood there, his fatherly eyes staring at me with concern. Fuck. Something was definitely wrong.

I painted a smile on my face. “Hi, Roger. What’s up?”

“I’d like to have a conversation with you, if you don’t mind. Would you join me in my office?”

“Of course. Should I bring any files with me or—”

“That won’t be necessary.” He smiled, but it was off. He was giving me his Lawyer Smile.

I followed him into his office as though I were following him to my death. I saw Robert sitting at his desk, looking quite smug, and I just knew what was about to happen.

“Sit. Please.”

“You’re giving Rose Sherman’s case to Robert, aren’t you?”

Roger sighed and took a sip of water. “Please sit down, Elizabeth.”

“This is such bullshit, Roger. No one else can represent that case the way I can. I’ve gotten to know Rose very well and—”

“And you know we’re ever supposed to get that close to the people we represent.” He pointed at the chair behind me. “Sit down. Please.”

I sat, because what other fucking choice did I have. “Robert’s going to get his meaty hands all over this thing, scare the shit out of Rose, make her unpredictable. She’s never going to get accustomed to him. You have to know that!”

Roger’s face turned red and he got angrier than I’ve ever seen him.

“I know that you’ve fucked up what should have been an open and shut case. I know that I got a call this morning from a gloating Landon Fontaine what a fucking shitshow the other day was. Any information pertaining to Lorna Stone is out. Thankfully the other charges remain, as tremulous as they are.”

“Why wasn’t I present for the meeting with the judge this—”

“Why do you think?” Roger whipped out a cigarette and got up, opening the window. He lit the cigarette and took a deep drag. “You and I both know this guy is bad. But we fucked up. We all fucked up—the police, you, me, even Rose Sherman. We’re going to try again, but I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that Rob lead this time. He’s worked against Landon countless times. And he’s…less passionate about it.”

“You mean he has a dick.”

Roger flicked the cigarette out the window and came over to me. He stood and pointed down at me and I couldn’t recall ever feeling so small. “Don’t you dare insinuate I’m a misogynist. I impartially look around to see who can represent the DA’s case the best. Robert is the guy for this one. He will continue to seek ways to hold Mr. Tierney accountable. In the meantime, you have a new case file on your desk.”

He went around his desk and eased into his chair, shuffling papers. When he glanced up and caught my expression, he rolled his eyes.

“Jesus, don’t look at me like that, Liz. It isn’t a death sentence. I haven’t sent you off to Siberia. I’ve moved you off a case, and put you on one more suited to your skill set. That’s it. Period.

A few moments later I found the strength to stand. He called me back before I got to his door. I inhaled and turned around, trying to hold myself up to my best height.

“I think it’s also best you stop communicating with Rose and her…girlfriend. You keeping contact with them might only confuse the case. Okay?”

He gave me his Lawyer Smile before looking back at his work, scratching a note here, crossing off a word there.


I called Olivia when I was walking out of the building.

“You sound weird,” she said.

I swallowed down a sob. “I’m fine. So where do you want to go?”

She was quiet for a minute, likely deliberating whether or not I was telling the truth. “Let’s go to the Indian restaurant on the corner of your block. I’ve been dying to try it.”

I pushed open the door and emerged into the freezing evening. It was flurrying. “Sure.”

“Okay. I’ll see you soon. How fast you think you can get there?”

“As bahis şirketleri fast as I can.”

Any moment I was going to crack and I didn’t want her to hear it.

“Okay.” Olivia sounded distant, far away. Sad.

I hung up on her and headed for the subway. I sat on a bench, staring into space, waiting for my line to roll in. Once it did, I was jostled roughly by some asshole on my way on but I didn’t even care. I sat in the corner and thought over the day. Thought about Rose Sherman, about Dan Tierney. Robert muddling up all my hard work and Landon laughing his ass off that I got tossed off the case. I would never progress after this. I could see it in Roger’s eyes, even if I hadn’t heard it in his words.

I didn’t realize I was crying until someone extended a tissue towards me. I looked up and it was some gang guy, with a trillion tats and even a tear tattoo below his eye. I probably put someone like him behind bars weekly.

But here he was, handing me a tissue because I was crying.

“You okay, ma’am?”

I blinked. The car bumped a few times.

“Yes. Yeah. Thank you.”

He nodded and went back to looking out the window.

It was strange how cruel the city could be, and yet there was an even stranger kindness shining through the cracks.


I ran home to feed Toronto and give him a good belly rub before dinner.

And then Olivia was waiting at the tiny bar when I walked in.

“Our table is ready!” she said, kissing my cheek.

She brought me over, thanking the hostess, and then sat across from me. She didn’t analyze me, or question me. In fact, she hardly paid attention to me.




Her coffee-colored eyes looked up at me over the menu. They were filled with tears. I reached across the table for her hand but she snatched it back.

“You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you? Yet again.”


“Yes, you are. You are! You look horrible. You look wretched and sad. I can just hear the speech you’re about to give me!”

“My boss demoted me. Unofficially.”

Her eyes blinked and she lowered her menu. “What?”

“Took me off the case. Gave it to that asshole Robert, thinking he’s going to get better results.” I looked around the restaurant and shook my head. “Maybe he will.”

The waiter came over and took our order. Then I told Olivia all about it and she became as angry as I was.

“Isn’t there something you can do? Someone to report to?”

“Technically he hasn’t done anything wrong, and I did mess up.”

Olivia’s eyes roamed over my face. “Do you know what we need to do tonight?”

I leaned against my elbow. “No, what?”

“We need to get hammered.”


“Wasted. Totally shitfaced.”

The expressions coming from her mouth, in her accent, made me nearly die laughing. “You’re crazy!”

“Shall it just be the two of us or should we invite friends?” I thought about it, but before I could answer Olivia swatted her hand dismissively. “We’ll make friends.”

We proceeded to do a bit of a pub crawl, getting rowdier after each new place we stumbled out of.

“What’s your name?” one guy asked me at one of our first. Olivia had gone off to get us some shots.




Another bar was filled with hipsters who were arguing about Jack Kerouac and F. Scott Fitzgerald. The next was filled with financial adviser types. Olivia stuck her tongue out at them.

At one bar, these two guys refused to believe we were gay and wanted us to prove it to them. Basically, they just wanted to see us hook up. I turned to Olivia, sure she’d be as indignant about it as I was, but her lips were already on mine. She made out with me ferociously.

And then when she was done, she licked her lips and grinned at the men. “And we get to go home together, and you two aren’t invited.”

We found a really cool bar where we stayed for most of the evening. We weren’t completely out of our minds yet, but everything was blurry and crystal-like at the same time.

“I have work tomorrow,” I mumbled.

Olivia rubbed the back of my neck. “Call in sick.”

I downed the shot in front of me. “Won’t that make them think I’m just as weak as they think I am? Wait, does that even make sense?”

“Elizabeth, baby, who cares? Call in sick. Have a proper day hungover. Curl up with me and watch black and white movies. Play with Toronto. Give yourself a goddamn day!”

She made a pretty good argument. I swayed to kiss her but ended up falling off the stool and onto my ass. A couple of guys came over to help. I was utterly humiliated, in spite of my inebriation. Olivia cackled against the bar, watching me attempt to stand up straight.

The next glimpse of with-it-ness I had was Olivia helping me to undress in my bedroom. Toronto was cuddled up on the bottom of the bed, and Olivia was trying to shoo him to the floor.

“Good luck.”

Olivia’s white grin with that one crooked tooth made me love her a little more. And that’s when I realized it, falling down drunk, that I was falling in love with her. It was a little inconvenient, and more than a bit overwhelming, but I liked the feeling as I watched Olivia untie my boots and toss them behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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