After the party_(3)

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My very first ever attempt at a story (based on a long held fantasy). Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

It had been three weeks since moving into their new house and so she had reluctantly agreed the football team could have its night at their place and enjoy the new bbq and pool.

As the evening began she thought it was going well. The house looked fantastic, the decorator had done a fantastic job, and she was the centre of attention in the large kitchen area and most seemed to be taking advantage of the new pool.

Jacqui had never had a lot to do with her husbands sports so knew very little of those who would be attending. But out of the corner of her eye she noticed one she did, not only a sporting buddy but also a work mate of her husbands, Evan.

In Evan god had created the precise reason married women realise why they aren’t so badly off. Nothing more than average looking he was simply a chauvinistic pig and asshole as most of the wives called him. Jacqui doubted there was a female at the party he had not made a lame and blunt pass at one time or another.

In nine years Jacqui didn’t think any girlfriend ever lasted more than a month but he was also never without one on his arm. In the dozens of times they had met before he had without exception always treated the younger girls like objects, slaves even, never equals. Not exactly a wife’s first choice for her husbands best friend.

This evening was of the same picture, far too young, far too pretty and far too intelligent and yet his first words on entering the kitchen to her were “Get me a beer” and off she went obediently.

The party went well, and Jacqui had enjoyed her evening, mostly because she managed to stay away from her own drunken husband and his womanising friend. As the last of the guests were beginning to leave she found her husband talking to Evan on the kitchen, from the immediate look she could tell he was past drunk. He couldn’t stand straight and was leaning with his shoulder on the fridge, his speech had the distinct slur and was rambling from topic to topic.

In the other end of the kitchen was Evan’s girlfriend of the moment looking bored and impatient. Jacqui offered her a drink and she accepted brightly, glad of someone to talk too.

“How are things with Evan and you?”

“Well, I guess they are okay” she replied, it’s just sometimes he can be…” her thoughts lost as she gulped her drink.

“A dick?” Jacqui offered.

“Oh you know about it then?” she began laughing

“Um no.. sorry I must have missed something here” Jacqui said questioningly.

The girl placed her drink on the table and took Jacqui’s hands, looking straight into her eyes and said “Evan is one of the least grateful people I know, he’s a pig I know. But he has a huge cock and the confidence to use it”

“I know you all must think I’m dumb but I’m not, I know he cheats on me, and I know I don’t deserve to be spoken to like he does. But when he decided to fuck me… he fucks like a demon… oh god.. what am I saying, sorry”

With that little conversation Jacqui knew she was indeed too innocent for him, far too young and far, far too inexperienced. If she thought he was a great lover she had not slept around enough herself.

And now she was ending the evening with the thoughts of this young attractive girl being fucked silly by that wanker standing in her kitchen.

God what a way to end the night she thought.

“Evan, time to go” she called as she stood and walked to the door.

Looking over he rolled his eyes and said “If you want to go, fuck off then, I’m staying with my mate. I’ll message you when I’m ready to be picked up”

She stood there looking apologetically at Jacqui, without looking Evan this time called out to he “Go will you, I’ll call you when I need you.” And with that she left silently.

She looked into the kitchen as Evan and her husband kept drinking, Evan pouring and him drinking them. When finally she had waved goodbye to the last couple she went to look for her husband.

She eventually found him, being helped.. Well dragged if she was honest, up the stairs to towards the bedrooms.

“Great” Jacqui said coolly

Evan laughed, “He is great value isn’t he? He is totally wasted.”

Jacqui helped as best she could manoeuvre her husbands frame up the remaining stairs and onto the top of the bed covers. She removed his he’s then decided it wasn’t worth the struggle with the rest of his clothing and left him as he fell.

As she descended the stairs she heard the clink of wine glasses, she went to the front door expecting Evan would realise it was time to leave. He walked into the foyer past Jacqui and sat down on the lounge with a new bottle of wine and glasses.

“We’re saving that” Jacqui said

Evan looked briefly, shrugged and opened it pouring two glasses. Holding one to Jacqui she took it from his hand and drank it. Evan poured more into her glass nearly overflowing it.

“Look, thanks for helping get him up the stairs” Jacqui began.

“No problems, he’s a mate.. gods we’ve known each other forever it seems. And we work together now too, but..”

“But?, you were getting along fine getting him drunk”

“Ah… he deserves the hangover he’ll get”

“What do you mean?” asked Jacqui filling her glass and emptying the bottle.

“Look, we’ve been friends for years but lately he’s changed. You think Im an asshole? “ Evan waved Jacqui’s reply away, “And that’s fine but honey your husband is becoming worse. All he does since he got the new position is brag about the money, the new house, the new cars, the dinner with the board members.”

“Oh come on, canlı bahis that’s not like him”

“Yeah, well he even brags about you. That’s right about how good a fuck you are … everyone’s heard about the handcuffs, the dildos and the little asian chick you were having a fling with last winter.”

And as if the drive home the point “EVERYONE knows just how good you are!” Evan said slowly, emphasising every word.

Jacqui was speechless, she could not believe Evan could have just randomly guessed those things correctly so that meant her husband had really been talking about their sex life, was he fucking stupid, was he insane.

Jacqui was never one to postpone an argument till tomorrow, starting towards the stairs she called behind her “You should leave now!” and began walking up the stairs.

She got to the bedroom doorway already framing the first barrage of names and insults she would wake her husband with when she was stopped by firm hands gripping her shoulders.

“You’re wasting your time” Evan said calmly, softly. “He won’t wake up even if you hit him now. He won’t remember anything even if you can get him to reply.”

“Leave it till tomorrow” Evan said

Jacqui was angry, past angry she was furious. Frustrated she could not vent her emotions at her target effectively and drunk herself and knowing even if she tried it would not come out as she wished.

Jacqui felt tears begin to form in her eyes, turning around she said to Evan “…. Thanks…”

Evan saw her and put his arms around her.

“I shouldn’t have told you those things” he said softly as he rubbed her back.

Jacqui felt a slight movement against her leg. “Jesus.. she was right, that cock is huge”. Jacqui could feel its rough outline nearly half way down her thigh.. and then as she tried to regain herself the mental image of Evan fucking that young girl came screaming back into her head.

He was mounting her missionary style.. with long hard strokes, the sweat glistening off both of them, the girl moaning and screaming as he drove into her.

“Thanks” she muttered putting her arms around his back. Now he was fucking her from behind, her hair in his hand as her back arched, the sound of his hand slapping her firm ass rang through her mind.

She felt the movement of his cock again and unconsciously moved against it…opening her legs slightly and pushing her thigh against it.

“So, are you going to wake him up?” Mike asked turning Jacqui around to face the bedroom.

Jacqui just shook her head.

“Good, better to let him sleep it off.” Evan said as his hand slid down and caught her bum cheek.

Jacqui felt the shape of his large cock between the cheeks of her bum.

Jacqui felt Evans breath on her neck as his hands reached around and cupped her breasts lightly. His lips began kissing the side of her neck, Jacqui’s knees began to waver… with what little strength she had left she said to him “You should leave.”

She felt his cock press against her ass. She slid his hands from her breasts turned towards him and said “Please go”.

Evan released her and began down the stairs, as Jacqui turned and looked back at her husband again. He stirred slightly and she reminded herself “My asshole of a husband”, she left him in that position on the bed.

When Jacqui got downstairs Evan was on his cellphone but jacqui’s eyes were drawn to the now very obvious outline bulging from his jeans. “I better call my girl so she’ll pick me up” he said beginning to dial the phone.

She’ll do anything I want, you know that?”

“Yeah” Jacqui half replied still starring at his cocks outline.

“Do you know why?” he said and walked towards her, starting to undo his jeans slowly, the mobile phone now forgotten.

“Yeah..” Jacqui said, now out of breath.

“Ever wondered why I treat them like that?…because they don’t mean anything to me, I just fuck ‘em’ , its fun for a while then I leave them.”

“But none of them is usually any good in bed.” Evan said as he stood in front of Jacqui now. “You… on the other hand… if what your husband says is true… you are great.”

He stood before Jacqui with his jeans undone, sliding them down he took his cock out fully.

Jacqui felt dizzy when she saw it, it had to be 12 inches long, almost as thick as her wrist. Only half erect it already looked enormous, larger than anything she had even seen on a pornographic movie.

“A girl once measured it” said Evan, “ Eleven and two thirds inches”. “Want to touch it?”

Jacqui nodded and put her hand on it, she couldn’t put her hand all the way around it. Her head was spinning, her legs rubbery and she now felt, her pussy was wet.

She dropped to her knees, opening her lips she slide her tongue over her bottom lip and licked along the slit of the cock. It tasted like heaven to Jacqui at that point, she licked it again.. opened her mouth wider and began to suck on the head of it. It was huge, she started sucking harder and harder, trying to slide along as much of its shaft as she could manage (which was probably only the first three to four inches).

She started fondling his huge hanging balls and he began to get harder. Jacqui had to get a proper breath of air or she was going to faint. When she let go of his balls and dick she saw for the first time its full size in all its glory pointing at her…gigantic.

“Your husband was right, you do know how to cuck a cock. But that’s not what I really want” he said helping her stand up. “I’m going to fuck you right on his brand new pool table”.

“That’s the only place you haven’t fucked yet, right?” Evan said casually as he walked her through her house. Her anger flared again bahis siteleri knowing he must have told Evan that.

“He was going to fuck you there tonight, did you know that?”

Before Jacqui could reply Evan was kissing her deeply. Their tongues exploring and twisting around each other and his hands roamed over her body. He pinched her nipples , Jacqui felt electric shocks whiz thru her.

Evans hand reached down and began to run his fingers across her pussy thru her now moist knickers. Feeling how warm and wet she was he said to no one “Baby, you are ready to go”. He turned her around bending her over the side of the pool table. Her cheek resting on the cool green surface.

Bent over, Evan pulled her dress up and slides her panties down and off her legs, she parted then naturally and he started rubbing the giant head of his cock against her glistening pussy lips. To Jacqui it felt wonderful.

Then he pushed inwards, stretching her cunt. The walls of Jacqui’s pussy were noticeably tight as the cock head slide in. “Are you ready for the fucking of you life?” Evan said cynically.

Jacqui looked back over her shoulder..”Come on you asshole. What are you waiting for? Fuck me!”

And he did.

He started pushing the long shaft of his cock into Jacqui in long deep slow hard strokes. Jacqui could no longer reply in words, only signs and moans would come from her. Each time her slide into her she felt as if the air was being forced from her lungs in long slow breaths.

Evan stopped momentarily, grabbing Jacqui by the shoulders he said loudly “now the whole thing” and before Jacqui could prepare her pushed into her, the entire shaft now glistening with her juices disappearing into her pussy.

Jacqui never felt so full, never felt so alive and aware of her pussy. She finally felt his balls lightly rap against her clit, she thought to herself “I’ll be sore for weeks”.

Evan began to fuck faster now, his balls not touching but slapping against her clit as he thrust into her. Anyone sober in the house could not have helped now be awoken by the noises coming from them. And Jacqui quickly wondered if her husband would now be dreaming of fucking her himself in his drunken stupor.

Jacqui felt her orgasm building, she knew it would be intense. “Don’t stop, you prick. Don’t stop fucking me…make me cum” she moaned between breaths.

Evan didn’t stop, Jacqui had never cum like that before… didn’t know she could cum like that. Her hips began to buck under him, her knees popping her legs up and down and her torso moving on the top of the table in spasms.

She felt her pussy muscles begin to milk his cock as it continued to thrust into her. He kept fucking her without pause, he grabbed her by the hair forcing her back to arch, “You like that? You like it don’t you bitch?” he called out.

“yes I love it. Come on motherfucker, fuck me like the slut I am” Jacqui called back to him.

“Your hubby told us you like to talk dirty, you fucking slut. Maybe he shouldn’t have told us all your little secrets. That way I wouldn’t know you love it up your tiny little asshole”.

Jacqui revealed in hearing herself talked to this way, she loved to use and hear herself spoken to or about in that way during sex and it just made her want it more.

“Fuck that prick, if didn’t want it used he shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

Evan spalled her ass, slapped it hard enough to leave red marks on her flesh.

Jacqui’s mind raced. Yes she loved anal, her husband was quite good at it she thought. But she needed to do something about this situation right now. She wanted Evan to fuck her ass hard.

“That little shit has never really fucked my ass” she lied “he just tries and cums in less than a minute”

Evan fell straight for it, “Then you need a real man to fuck that ass and show you how good it feels” he said. With that Jacqui started to climax again, just the thought of that monster cock inside her tight ass was enough to send her in spasm yet again.

“Holy fuck” Evan cried as he felt he pussy clench onto his cock, “you’re going to make me cum” he continued sounding surprised. Evan pulled at her hair and his thrusts became faster and more erratic. He was throwing his body at her, the slapping of the bodies colliding, the grunts and breathing growing.

Jacqui then felt his cum begin to fill her cunt.. spraying his juice across the back of her pussy Evan kept pounding the length of his cock into Jacqui’s willing pussy.

Finished, and having had the two best orgasms of her life he slipped from her cunt. “I really wanted you to fuck my ass” Jacqui said as she rolled over to face him.

Jacqui reached down and caught a huge glob of cum run from her pussy and brought it to her mouth to clean her finger off.

“You sound as if this over” Evan said, “Get on your fucking knees and clean me up slut. I ain’t through with you yet.” He said.

Pushing her down to the tile floor Jacqui obeyed and started kissing, licking and sucking his sweat, his cum and her juices from his wonderful shaft.

To Jacqui’s surprise he began to get hard again very quickly. Evan pulled her up, ripped the dress from her shoulders and threw it to the far end of the room. He snapped her bra off for it only to end up on the ceiling fan.

He lifted her off the floor and carried her to the kitchen.. laying her across the breakfast bench top. He grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her legs up, he took both heels and stocking off resting her bare feet on his chest.

As he sucked on her toes she felt a tingling through her body. He pushed her legs up onto his shoulders and then started to rub his cock on her slippery pussy. Costing bahis şirketleri it with her juices and his cum now starting to leak from her well used cunt.

He smeared the mixture over her asshole, “Ready?” he asked, not really wanting an answer because as soon as he asked he began to push against the ring of her ass.

The initial resistance began to fade as he gripped her hips and began to push against her body. Jacqui felt herself opening slowly, then beginning to stretch around the head of his cock as he continued to force his cock into her.

The pain was intense, Jacqui soon had tears flowing.

“You bitch, you can take it! Evan said laughing.

He slowly began rock back and forth, first the head and then the fist inch of shaft now surrounded and held by the tight muscles of her inner canal. He put one hand on her pussy and started to rub slowly, the mix of pain and pleasure showing on Jacqui’s face.. the pain slowly disappearing and the feeling of arousal returning.

He opened her mouth and dropped a single white tablet onto her tongue, “It’s ok, just for the pain.” Evan said.

As Evan continued to rub her pussy Jacqui did indeed begin to feel the pills effects. The pain began to disappear and Jacqui began to feel herself moving on his cock.

Evan told Jacqui to hold her legs, she pulled them up and held them at the sides of her body. Evan explaining he wanted to get as deep as possible now she was ready.

His hands went to her pussy again, one rubbing just above her clit the other sliding three of his thick fingers into her wet pussy. Jacqui realised he did indeed know hoe to fuck a girl as she began to climax again at his playful hands.

The orgasm hit her deeply, her ass and pussy felt as if both were on fire, her body rocking against the bench top, not having any freedom of movement she responded as best she could to each thrust fucking him back.

When she could again talk she looked him directly in the eyes and said loudly “Come on baby, fuck my tight ass. Fill my shit tube with that huge cock. See if you can make me cum again on the monster of a cock you own.”

His hands moved from her pussy as he began to push into her, he grabbed at one breast squeezing hard… hard enough she began to yell. His other hand went to her throat.. he was stronger than she thought. The pain in her breasts began to fade as she found it harder to breathe… Evan just kept fucking her… he looked into her eyes, fear now showing in them.

Just as she thought she would faint he let go, Jacqui gulped in air before Evans hand returned to her breast and throat. He continued this another three or four times by which he had now fully inserted his cock into her tight but willing ass.

This time he held on for longer, just as Jacqui felt she was about to pass out he let go, as soon as he did she started cumming again. This time it was very different, every last bit of strength had left her, she could only feel the electrical energy in her. It felt so good she began to cry and laugh at the same time.

She felt used, limp, unable to move. Without withdrawing from her he lifted her up and cradled her to his body. She walked her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

Once at the bed he laid her down next to her husband, naked, smelling of sex and cum now down the inside of her thighs. She was finished.

“On your knees again slut” Evan said.

Jacqui looked at him horrified. Her husband just inches away.

“I got another serving of juice for that tight cunt of yours”

“Tight? She whispered back at him. ‘Not anymore, neither is my ass”

Evan laughed, he took Jacquis hand and placed in her husbands. “Grab his hand while I do this” he said.

He slide his dick inside her far more easily now and started to fuk her hard. Jacqui closed her eyes and tried to ignore the feel of her husbands hand while she felt Evan cock penetrating so deeply inside her.

The bed began to move under Evans thrusts, Jacqui began to worry her husband might awaken, she kept looking at him then turning to watch that wonderful cock sliding into her. Three minutes of Evans pelvis pounding my ass and he was cumming inside her again. Jacqui used all her remaining energy and clenched her pussy around his shaft.

It had been amazing…. Evan dressed and prepared to leave. “Your not going to clean yourself bitch! When he wakes up tomorrow you’re not going to admit who did this , you’ll claim you were drunk and it must have been him.”

Evan bent towards her, kissed her on the lips…. “You’re my cunt now, when I call you better be ready slut”

‘Evan, it was wonderful. But your not going to fuck me again, ever. That wonderful cock is not going to be sucked on my mouth, put inside my pussy or ass again.”

“Your buddies are never going to turn up unexpectedly when I’m alone expecting to gangbang me.”

“You understand” Jacqui said comfortingly.

“Sure” Evan replied , “Whatever you say, you fucking slut”.

The next morning was a mess, the bed sheets were a mix of cum, sweat and the scent of sec and alcohol.

Jacqui’s legs were sticky, her pussy and ass sore and very tender, so much so she couldn’t sit down. She found her husband in the bathroom with a hangover from hell itself.

He looked at Jacqui then the bed and asked “Jesus, did we really do all that last night”

Jacqui kissed him softly, “Well if you didn’t then who did it to me?”

Her husband laughed lightly at the joke but looked at her oddly. Making her way downstairs she found a note left on the kitchen bench top. “Left you an extra tablet, drop my mobile off during the day sometime. Don’t wear knickers.” It read.

“Fucking asshole!” Jacqui thought to herself. Then a smile came to her face as she put the pill into her purse and she thought about that young girl and that huge cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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