After school incest

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Well i have officially gave up on my past two stories. This is a whole new one.

Well this all starts out back when i was 17. I lived with my mom and my twin sister. Our dad ran off when i was born. He could not handle twins. Im a little over six feet about 150 pounds i work out a lot and i have light brown hair, blue as the sea eyes. And well my Twin (fraternal) is 5’7 125 pounds, she has long strait brown hair with a little blonde highlight that is so cute and since she plays volley ball she is in perfect shape. My mom is 46 she is 5’8 145 pounds and short curly brown hair. She is beautiful. Her body is amazing for her age. her breasts are a little saggy but not much. We just moved into a new home that was just built. My mom got alot of money a few years back when i got E coli from taco bell and now we are set for life. I just started my senior year about a month ago and am now well into October.

My sister stayed late for Volley ball practice. So i went home and jumped into the shower. I could not find any clothes. So i walked down to the laundry room naked i loved the breeze from the Air conditioner. I thought i was alone but i had no idea my mother was in the laundry room as well. I coninued to walk to the laundry room and as i turned to go in my mother bumped into me as she left the laundry room. I fell over her and illegal bahis as soon as i saw it was her i got hard right on the spot. I could tell she felt my hard on in between her legs.

“what the hell Erik,wh yare you hard” she said

As she said that i reached down and grabbed her ass.” because you are the hottest woman ever.

“you cant do this im your mother” she said trying to get up

“no one has to know” i said as i leaned into kiss her

“only this once” she said because she haddent had sex since i was born, and she was so horny.

I ripped her shirt off and started sucking her lucious nipples. They were already hard before i started. I slid my hand underneath her pants. I started rubbing her clit. She couldnot help but moan. I took off her pants and panties. I started to eat her pussy.

“Ohhhhh god ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god, damn, dont stop” she screamed

I just kept at that spot until she came into my mouth, her Juices tasted so sweet. She then turned me over onto my back and got in between my lags and started licking my cock. as she started sucking the tip of my 9 inch Delight. She went down harder and harder until i grabed her head and forced my cock down her mouth and i came down her throat. She loved it. I the switched places with her so i was in between her lags and proding her pussy with my cock. Until illegal bahis siteleri i penetrated deep into her pussy. I could tell she never had a cock this big before. Because she screamed when i went all the way in. I kept thrusting untl all of my cock was inside her and then released my seed into her uterus.

” your lucky i went threw early menopause.” she said

“i would have came in you either way” i said laughingly

“you jerk” she slapped my chest playfully

“this is the only time we are doing this”she said

“thats what you think” i said

“Mom ill take you whenever and you can do the same, whether you want to or not.” i added

She knew i was serious so she just agreed.

“well at least not when Donna is here” she said

I smiled and nodded, but i knew i was going to have her next.

She got up and still naked and took her clothes into her room. But i wasnt done as soon as she left i was hard again. I followed her into her room, with my massive hard on leading the way after of course getting some lube. I walked into her room and crept up be hind her. i knelt down behind her and started licking her asshole.

“wow what are you doing” she said

“what do you think im doing i still have more” i said bending her over the bed.

i poured some lube on my cock and a couple drops canlı bahis siteleri on her asshole.

“Take it slow” she said

“i will” i said as i put my head into her ass. i went slow the first couple of pushes but as i went in ass far as i could i went a lot faster . i soon went as hard as i can. every time i thrusted deeper she would let out a yelp. Until i came deep inside her ass.

” i said go gentle” she said as she rubbed her asshole.

“i did at first” i said

“i meant the whole time” she said

“well next time i will” i said

she huffed and put some clothes on. As she was about to leave i got up and jumped in front of her. I just hugged her for awhile. Then i left the room and got dressed. Later that night Donna came home she went strait to her room i followed 5 minutes later. I knocked on her door.

“who is it” she said

“its Erik” i said

“oh okay come in” she said

As soon as i entered she was laying on her bed listening to music, laying on her bed. I went in a locked the door. and jumped on the over her onto the other side of her bed.

“how was practice” i said

“fine” she said

“kinda boring” she added

While she was talking i could not help but stare at her gorgeous smile. Just then i leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back.

“what are you doing” she asked sexy like

“im kissing you” i said

“duh but why me” she said

“well because i want you” i said

More to come.

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