Adventures of Sue – Shared Taxi

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My name is Sue and I am 25. I am a bisexual. I love women and men. My preference is more towards married couples. I am a blonde with thick pink lips that both men and women love. My breasts are fairly small fitting snuggly into a 32b cup. I love to flaunt my cleavage everywhere I go. I have had sex with women in unbelievable places like. Elevators, storage rooms, and labs when I was in school. My butt is small but sexy which prompts me to wear tight fitting skirts and pants. Getting into my story, this happened on a wet night when I was waiting for a taxi. I flagged down a taxi and rushed towards it, my umbrella pulling me back. As I reached the door a soft body crashed into me. I turned and looked into the brunette who was taller than me reaching for the door of the taxi. I was annoyed and she sensed it.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t see you,” she apologized. Her voice was so

Gentle and sweet that I instantly forgot my anger.

“Oh, that’s ok. Are you in a hurry?” I asked.

“Yeah, I need to get back home soon. I am expecting someone at 8,” she said.

“Where do you need to go?” I asked. She mentioned an apartment building very close to my place.

“I can drop you off, since its on my way home,” I said.

She almost hugged me in relief. I let her get in and by the time I got into the cab I was drenched. My t-shirt stuck to my skin leaving nothing much to anyone’s imagination and I felt that my nipples would burst at the rate they were responding to the wet bra. I turned to her. She was in a coat and I could see a deep neck t-shirt under her coat that showed off her cleavage. This sight got my heart racing. I looked up at her face to see her eyes coolly studying my face.

I blushed and turned away. “I am Ellen,” she said trying to get my attention. I turned to her and introduced myself. She was in her early 30’s or so I guessed. Her short skirt showed of her creamy thighs. Her face was pretty but it was not a stunner. She didn’t need a stunning face with that body! Her neck was long and she wore a perfume that sent my heart rate further up.

“You are wet,” she said, her eyes straying to my chest and then to my excited nipples. She blushed as she sensed that I noticed her glances. We were even now. I shivered a little.

“Hey, come closer. You are cold.”

She took her coat and put it around me bringing my nose dangerously close to her ample cleavage. She had big breasts that I guessed to be at least a D cup. They jiggled straining against her t-shirt reminding me of Ines Cudna, a porn star that I admired. She put her arm around me and pulled me closer. I felt her breasts against me. I had to try hard not to touch them. They were gorgeous. I started getting warmer and I could feel her heat against me. I found her closeness very comforting and felt her hands straying towards my breasts. My heart started pumping faster as I felt her fingers get closer and closer disguised by the movements of the taxi. The road was not smooth and that gave her an excuse to move closer.

At last, I felt her hand encircle my wet t-shirt and bra, right over the nipple. At first she lay her hand without any movement. I took the chance and pushed against her hand. There was no response. I pushed harder, rubbing them against her palm. Still there was no response. I looked at her face and I realized that this gorgeous creature was teasing me.

On impulse, I just brought my lips closer to her cheek and kissed it gently with my lips. I let my let my lips linger and then feeling bolder started to lick the soft cheek. To my surprise, she didn’t respond. I suddenly felt worried that I made a mistake. I didn’t want to give up. I placed my hand over her and made her hand squeeze my breast and with my other hand I pulled her face to me and kissed her on the lips.

“Please baby, touch my body,” I pleaded. For a few seconds, nothing happened, and then, with agonizing slowness, I felt her hand respond. I felt it squeeze my breast. I have been in this kind of situation before, but somehow, the taxi, the time of the day and the fact that she was an complete stranger made this sexier. I was getting wetter by the minute. I squirmed against the seat trying to rub my pussy against the seat. I started to push my hand to my pussy, but she stopped me. She started to kiss my neck and nuzzled her nose against my neck. This sent shivers down my spine. She started to suck on the skin of my neck. I moaned feeling her saliva dribble down my neck.

“Kiss my mouth Ellen,” I moaned. I felt her lips on mine. I sucked on them feeling the soft flesh. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Knowing that the cabbie could see us made me feel excited. We kissed like long lost lovers. I was trying hard to rub my pussy against the seat. But it was not pleasurable enough and it was frustrating. She sensed it and what she did next was innovative.

“Can you raise your butt off the seat?” she whispered in my ear. I pushed myself forward lifting off some of the load off the seat.

“And lift canlı bahis şirketleri your skirt baby,” she whispered in her soft sexy voice. I lifted the back of my skirt until my panty was exposed to the seat. She put her hand underneath and asked me to sit on her hand. She positioned her hand so that her knuckle was raised giving me a hard knob to rub my pussy against. I sat on it moving my hips and pussy.

There was no indication from the cab driver of having seen us. I found it difficult not to moan while I rubbed against Ellen’s knuckle. I grabbed one of her huge breasts and started to rub it over her t-shirt. I couldn’t cover it with my hand. Her nipples were hard under the material.

I wanted to see her breasts but the taxi was not the right place. In the state I was in, I almost failed to realize that the cab had stopped at her apartment. I got off Ellen’s hand and straightened myself quickly. Ellen got off and looked at me.

“Aren’t we going to finish off what we started?” she asked, her eyes shining. I nodded and paid of the taxi driver. I was surprised to find that it was a lady driver. Her dark hair was almost hidden under a cap and she wore dark glasses. She looked in the direction of my breasts and I gave her an eyeful. She smiled and refused the fare.

“No thanks maam. It’s on the house. I enjoyed the ride as much as you did,” she smiled and I could see that her blouse was open. In the dim light of the cab I thought I saw a nipple poking out. Somehow, the thought of her having watched us made me even hornier. I got into the front seat of the cab.

I bent to her breasts and started to suck the nipple that was poking out. My other hand searched for her crotch. She resisted initially but finally let me suck her nipple. I realized that her pants were pulled down and my hand found her wet panties. I started to rub her panty while I sucked on her breast. She started to moan and she pressed her pussy against my hand.

Meanwhile I heard Ellen saying something. I stopped for a moment and she looked at us, her face red with excitement.

“Why don’t you join us both in our apartment?” she asked the cab driver. The young lady was too far gone to refuse. We hurriedly parked the taxi in the basement and rushed upstairs. The security guard gave us a knowing look as he watched our bobbing tits as we raced like Charlie’s angels to the lift. In the elevator, I studied the young cabbie. She seemed quite young to be driving a cab and later found out later that she was 19 and driving her dad’s cab without the knowledge of the cab company.

She could have been mistaken for a guy with her short hair that was concealed further under a cap. Well that was only if no one saw the rest of her body! Her face was angular and when she smiled, she was adorable. She had lovely breasts that were much bigger than mine and her hips were wide and I realized that she may have South American or Indian genes judging by her hair and wide full hips. Her butt seemed muscular under the tight fitting pants. Ellen literally licked her lips, surveying the two of us.

The young girl looked at the two of us. She seemed a little nervous.

“I have never done this before, but you guys made me so wet. I couldn’t help touching myself,” she said.

“Don’t worry dear, we will teach you everything,” said Ellen smoothly. I grinned as I realized that Ellen was a professional at this. She put her mouth close to my ear and said something that made my pussy twitch.

“Let’s give this young girl the orgasm of her life!”

Betty, the cabbie, looked at us looking more nervous as the lift finally reached our floor. I smiled at her reassuringly. I held her hand as we stood outside Ellen’s door. We entered the plush apartment and Ellen switched the lights on. She went to the center of the room and then lifted her skirt slowly exposing her creamy thighs. I just rushed to her, kneeling down by her legs and looking at her thighs in awe. She pulled my head to her thighs and I started to lick her left thigh. I still held Betty’s hand. I felt her kneel down by me. Ellen pulled her to her other thigh. We both started to lick her thighs. They were smooth as silk and I started to suck the skin and we followed the hem of the skirt that kept rising. I wanted to get back at her for the teasing that she did in the cab and I took my time going up.

Betty unbuttoned her shirt giving us both a fantastic view of her lovely deep cleavage.

Finally, her pussy was exposed. I started to run my tongue along the groove between the top of her thigh and her lower tummy. Betty followed my actions. We teased her like this for a minute or two. Ellen kept pleading us to lick her pussy but we didn’t. I started to lick her smooth mons sucking and biting the puffy flesh there. Then suddenly I buried my face in her hairless pussy. Ellen ground her panty less, hairless pussy to my face. I kept sucking it hard tasting her wet pussy.

I felt a tongue in my ear and I realized the Betty was getting canlı kaçak iddaa more involved in the act. I pulled her closer to Ellen’s pussy and pushed her head towards it. She started sucking it tentatively and Ellen pulled her towards the hot red lips harder. The young girl’s face was buried in the older woman’s pussy. Ellen pulled me by my hair to her ass. I enjoy a bit of rough play as long as there is no pain involved and I followed her hand to her ass. She parted her cheeks for me exposing her brown hole.

I love tonguing a woman’s ass. I started to lick it, tracing my tongue over her rim. Ellen moaned, pushing her ass at me and then pushing her pussy towards Betty alternatively. I made my tongue stiff and started to tongue her in time to her rhythm. Very soon, my tongue was buried in her ass. I rubbed her thighs while pulling her towards me while my tongue fucked her ass. After a while, I moved down lower to her pussy and started to lick the bottom of her pussy. Betty noticed me and we started kissing each other between Ellen’s legs. Ellen rubbed her pussy against our heads while I sucked the young girls tongue tasting Ellen’s pussy in Betty’s mouth.

Then I wanted to taste this young girl’s pussy. So I pulled her up and started to unbutton the rest of her blouse exposing her large breasts. Her bra was bright green and lacy. Her cleavage could have taken two cocks in it. I started to lick between her cleavage, my tongue fucking it. I squeezed the two cups with my hands making her moan.

I then moved my tongue to the cup, licking and making it wet. Her nipples were hard. Then I felt Ellen lick Betty’s other breast. I heard Betty moan and she ran her fingers through my hair massaging my head. I licked the cup so much that it was soaking with my saliva.

I continued to tease her nipple over the bra cup. Her nipples were larger than average and before long I pulled the cup down to expose them. They were dark and hard and I held one between my teeth and pulled on it gently. Betty jumped. Then I sucked the whole nipple and as much of the breast as I could into my mouth. Ellen started to kiss the girl as I sucked on Betty’s tit.

“Oh… mommy suck my nipple mommy…oh mommy…it feels so good mommy..,” Betty moaned in between Ellen’s kissing. This made me suck her harder. I was not much older than Betty, but being called “mommy” made me feel sexy. I sucked harder. Betty moved me to her other breast and took off her bra in the process. Her breasts were big and I wanted to be smothered by them. Having had sex with so many women made me come to the following conclusion. Women who have smaller breasts like larger breasts and Women with larger breasts like ladies with smaller breasts. I personally liked any type of breast as long as there was a hot lady attached to it! I squeezed Betty’s nipple between my lips.

I felt Ellen pull Betty’s pants down. She proceeded to undress herself and I took a moment to gaze at Ellen’s body. It was sexy and her breasts competed with Betty’s and I found it hard to decide on which was better. I took the cue to take off my clothes too and they found my small breasts sexy.

The young girl wore a sexy pair of panties that seemed to be the type commonly worn by girls in their early teens that somehow makes them look hotter and innocent at the same time. Betty’s panties had red hearts all over it and I watched as Ellen started to lick the seam of the panties. I moved up from Betty’s breast to her neck. Kissing her neck gave me the nicest feeling. I rubbed my breasts against hers while I kissed her neck. Her neck was long and I could fit my face nicely between her shoulder and neck. My nipples slid over her wet breast.

I moved up to her ear and I felt goose bumps appear on Betty’s skin. Then I started to lick her ear tasting her earlobes. I sucked on them and moved into her ear, my tongue probing her ear. My finger found her mouth and pushed it in like a little cock. She started to suck my finger so hard that I wished I were a guy. She seemed to be quite an expert at cock sucking judging by the way she handled my finger. I moved slowly towards her mouth starting by sucking the corner of her mouth. I probed it with my tongue and we were kissing hard like two long lost lovers.

I like to kiss girls because they don’t have an irritating stubble like guys and their bodies are much softer than guys. I kissed Betty hard while I felt her hands on my breasts. My breasts were small enough for her to cup with her hands and her hands felt warm and nice on my breasts.

I sucked on her lower lip, tasting its sweetness. It was so soft. I then tasted both lips at the same time while holding them closed. Then I felt her tongue snake out of her mouth again. I started to suck it. I felt Betty move and I saw Ellen licking the girl’s panties. I stopped my thought of wanting to join Ellen. I wanted to taste the pussy and ass. Betty seemed so virginal but sexy at the same time.

We kissed each other and I held her face close to me. I pushed canlı kaçak bahis my hand down, snaking into her sexy panties. I realized to my delight that she was completely shaved. I cupped her mound under the panties as I felt Ellen’s tongue struggling to push past my fingers. I teased her for a while and slipped out bringing my wet fingers up for a taste. I let Betty taste her pussy juice and shared it with her.

Then Betty pushed me down, her message unmistakable. I pushed Ellen away, taking Betty’s panty covered pussy all to myself. I sucked hungrily on the thin material; tasting Betty’s juice intermingled with Ellen’s saliva.

I tried to bite her mound over the panty making her jump. I pushed the material aside and gazed at the loveliest pussy I have ever seen. It was completely hairless. I started to lick the smooth skin. I kept pushing her back, teasing her when she tried to push her pussy against my face. Her impatience made me hornier. She pushed down her panty and I helped her bare her lovely pussy. I made her sit on the edge of the center table and made her lie down on it. I started licking her thighs and slowed moved to the insides of her thighs. Her thighs were smooth and smelled divine. She must have had a bath before she got into the cab.

I moved closer and closer to the lovely pussy. I moved closer and closer and finally stuck out my tongue and the tip of my tongue touched her lips. Betty’s jumped and before long I was giving CPR to her pussy. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and moved slowly towards her anus. My tongue passed her perineum and she shivered as my tongue explored her rim. I kept licking her anus and I felt her rim clench at the pleasure. I pushed my tongue gingerly at the opening, probing and teasing. She pushed herself against my tongue, wanting more.

In the mean time, Ellen was literally on Betty’s mouth and making her lick her pussy and ass. Ellen turned and looked back at me and I asked her whether she would like to taste Betty’s pussy and ass. She nodded, her face getting excited. We switched places. I positioned my hairy pussy over Betty’s lovely face. She accepted it with delight, her tongue snaking out of her mouth searching for my clit. I pressed my pussy against her face and pulled her face against my pussy hard almost smothering her. That drove her crazy. She almost bit my pussy in her excitement. I felt her finger probe my anus. She was rough and I loved it. She wet her finger in my pussy and then pushed it hard into my ass. I crushed her face more.

I turned around so that I was facing Ellen who was tonguing Betty’s ass. She had a finger in Betty’s pussy. I leaned over so that we were virtually in a 69 position and started to share Betty’s pussy with Ellen. She moved down to her ass and started to fuck it with her tongue while I licked Betty’s clit. Betty moaned into my pussy while I sucked her clit. The vibration of her moaning made me hot.

We made Betty lie down on the floor on top of Ellen. They started a fantastic 69 while I started to feast on Betty’s ass. I sucked and fucked her ass with my tongue while I fingered her pussy. Ellen tapped on my arm and pointed at something on the couch. I went towards it and realized that it was a strap on. The cock on it was around 7 inches. I wore the strap on and positioned it at the lips of Betty’s pussy. Ellen helped me enter her. I started gently not wanting to hurt her. Betty moaned feeling the rubber cock enter her pussy. Ellen kept licking her pussy as she watched me fuck Betty.

“Fuck my ass, Sue,” said Betty. I pulled out of her pussy which was dripping with her cum and positioned the strap on at the opening of her anus. I pushed slowly and I felt her ass open. I took my time letting her relax and get used to the size. The cock was not thick and that made it easier and before long I was in.

I started moving slowly and Betty urged me on. She was going crazy judging by her moans and shouts. I moved faster and faster breaking into sweat in the fairly cool apartment. I felt the strap on rub against my pussy and that felt good.

Our continuous attention on Betty made her cum really hard. She screamed so loud that I was sure that the whole building knew what was going on. I finally pulled out of her ass and Ellen sucked the rubber cock hungrily. Betty joined Ellen and they licked the rubber cock. Then we pushed Ellen onto the floor and I entered her hard. She held on to me and I fucked her hard. I felt Betty rubbing my butt as I fucked Ellen, my breasts rubbing against her tits and we were both sweating hard. I started to kiss her hard while I fucked her and I felt more like a guy than a girl and finally I was able to make her cum. She bit my neck as I felt her body shudder repeatedly under my onslaught. We lay there for a minute and I lifted myself off her body. I turned around to see Betty in another strap on. She was smiling at me.

I looked at Ellen and was delighted to see a mischievous smile on her face. I knew what she was about to do. I just nodded to her and unbuckled my strap on. I knelt as they approached me and sucked both cocks. I was going to be fucked both ways by to busty women! I was so excited that the mere thought of double penetration almost made me cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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