Adventures of an Estate Agent Ch. 01

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After our business lunch at The Lindon Tree, Suzanne called a cab from her mobile phone as I returned from the ladies room, the cab arrived in a few minutes, she guided me to the waiting cab, not waiting to be told the address, we were off, the driver took us off towards the town, Suzzanne said there was something she wanted to show me, we arrived a few minutes later just off the Rudgley High Street, out of the cab we walked arms linked on to the High St. and along it about 50 metres, she tuned to face a newly installed shopfront with S and R Estate Agents in the companies style, big ,bold and professional, on the face. Surprise showed on my face and I started to smile. “What going on Suzzanne?” I asked.

“Let me show you” she said opening the front door with a key fished out from her generous handbag. The office was complete ready to go, smelled of newness and slightly of paint. “Looks great” I said, “you have kept this quiet haven’t you?”

It was almost as big as our Lichfield office, six desks, had a good size staff kitchen seating area to the rear of the office, a flat above with access via a private entrance from the rear of the premises. After locking the front door Suzzanne showed me the flat entrance leading the way up a straight flight of stairs. The apartment was beautifully fitted and decorated and very modern in style. Lounge, dining room and superb kitchen and a large bedroom with king size bed, very luxurious too…? Too good for letting standards. Why? I thought…

Suzzanne made coffee for us and joined me siting on the sofa, “an explanation” she said as she patted my knee. She continued, “Ron and I have owned this place for 10 years, as it had become vacant we decided to open it as another branch of S and R. I will be running the office and overseeing the company from here with Ron still in Sutton”. She smiled and went on “we want you to run the Lichfield office as manager” she squeezed my knee to emphasise the offer.

This whole thing was a complete surprise and shock to me, still smiling Suzzanne said “please say you will, we work great together” still her hand on my knee gently stroking it, “in principle please say yes, subject to detail of course” looking at me directly “we will be working more closely and you will be offered a partnership in twelve months time”

“Really!” I replied “well yes of course I will, subject to details and our working relationship”

Suzzanne hugged me and her hand slipped up my thigh enough for me to understand the meaning of it, “I hope it’s more than a working relationship” she said and smiled, pulling back from the hug Suzzanne kissed me lightly on my lips, broke away and got a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured two large glasses for a toast, ” don’t worry we will get a cab back later ” she assured me and with this she returned her hand on my knee and squeezed it. A beautiful woman, my married boss, was coming on to me, did I want this?, I was surprised she had lesbian inclinations, being happily married canlı bahis şirketleri with a twenty year old daughter?

Despite my normally strong control of my feelings, my natural inclinations took over. Very attracted to her, It happened, lust took over me, I put my hand on hers and placed it on the inside of my thigh opening my legs slightly at the same time, calling her bluff, inviting her. Wanting for her to respond to my implied offer… She did, leaning towards me we kissed sensually, tongues fencing with passion as her hand stoked higher up my thigh, exciting me.

We came up for air panting from our kiss both smiling, her fingers found my panties and stroked my damp gusset which she found amusing and it exciting her. My hand went to her leg and quickly up to the joint of her legs to my find to my delight and surprise her wet panty less pussy, I rubbed her firmly, which made her gasp, I kissed her willing lips, eliciting a deep moan from her which added to my lust. She pushed me gently away from our clinch, rising quickly up from the sofa pulling me with her towards the bedroom.

We entered the bedroom. My lust was increased by a wonderful sense of decadence, the afternoon sun streaming through the window, with my beautiful sensual perfumed boss, with a slight buzz from the drinks I had consumed, sexually stimulated, expectant of an illicit coupling with a beautiful mature sexy woman, on edge, insecure that she would find me a good bed mate and I would not disappoint her. This point of a liaison with a new sexual partner always excited me to the point of almost gushing between legs.

We stood close to the bed, hugged, kissed and ran our hands over each other, I kissed her neck, inhaled her scent and then went for broke and started to undress her, I unzipped her figure hugging dress and pushed it down so that it dropped to the floor around Suzzanne’s ankles, standing a little away from her, the object of my increasing excitement’s curvy figure open to my gaze finally, leaving her in a lacy white bra, showing her nipples though it, standing proud clearly excited, matching garter belt holding up tan stockings on her wonderful legs and clean shaven pussy. I took her bra off and looked longingly at her body, I was in awe of Suzzanne’s figure, curvy but toned in a subtlety sexy, lust-inducing way, I wanted her, I was going to have her was my only thought.

I dropped my skirt, so I could kneel, kicked it away and went down on my knees, at the same time I pulled Suzzanne with both my hands around her beautifully firm butt, on to my face and hungry mouth and worshiped her pussy with my probing tongue. She was moaning loudly as I frantically lapped and probed her very essence, she held my head with both hands pulling me hard to her wet sex, she shuddered though several orgasms just keeping balance on tensing legs that finally could hold her no longer, she fell forward loosing contact with my tongue, just avoiding me and landing torso on the bed face down canlı kaçak iddaa with her knees on the floor gasping from her effort to control the effect of the tongue lashing I had given her. I was on to her butt without hesitation, parting her beautiful bum cheeks, licking her rose bud and then her juicy womanhood, pulling her full pussy lips with sucks that had the stimulating affect of her trying to crawl forward from me to escape the intense pleasure and continuing orgasms she was having, she did not escape my attentions and she just incoherently begged me to stop, which after a few minuets I did. I tenderly stoked her gorgeous bum while she calmed down. I kissed her rose bud and licked it a little more to her whimpers of pleasure overload.

Standing, looking at the beautiful almost naked woman before me, I took off my blouse, bra and panties, walked round the further side of the bed and got under the covers, I pulled back the duvet for her, smiled and said, ”I think we should we should continue this lying down” weakly smiling back, she crawled into bed beside me and kissed me passionately, ” thank you, thank you” she whispered, kissing me with little pecks. I kissed her forcefully, reversed my position, legs straddling her head, I went down on her, sucking, nibbling, probing, kissing, licking her wet pussy. She pulled my body to her face, found my clit with her tongue and slipped two of her long fingers into my wet willing hole. This gave me more impetuous to devour her juicy vulva, which sent her into making her fuck me vigorously with firm unrelenting tongue strokes. I sucked her clit and caused her to come, shuddering, clamping my head between her thighs. Soon after her orgasm, Suzzanne finished me off, sending me into bliss with a final onslaught of my pussy with fingers and mouth.

We cuddled, me naked, her in garter belt and stockings, sated body to body, kissing softly till we drifted off to sleep.

I woke as dawn was breaking, it was around 5.30 am, light flooded the bedroom and bed. I looked at Suzzanne, my boss lying next to me, disheveled hair, limp sleeping partially exposed body, stirring my lust again. I kissed her, I could taste myself on her lips and face. She stirred, opened her mouth to speak but I cut her short of doing it by my invading tongue and lips clamping on hers. Intertwined legs and long lustful French kisses fuel our need for each other, I got myself between her thighs, positioned my pussy on hers, we were both wet down there, me holding her wrists firmly above her head, kissing each other, I humped her forcefully, she pulled us tightly together with her legs, forcing our excited, engorged clits together, as I humped her, after a few wonderful minutes of this, driving us towards our lust filled goal, we both climaxed almost together, I bit her lip, as she moaned in to my mouth as we reached the delicious point of no return. We relaxed in each other’s arms, satisfied, sweaty and drifted off to sleep.

My mobile phone alarm buzzing canlı kaçak bahis in the lounge woke me, I slipped out bed to silence the insistent buzzing. Made tea and carried two cups into the bedroom and Suzzanne who was sitting in bed back to the headboard, breasts exposed, smiling. “What a excellent start to a day, let’s drink this and we can shower together”.

We showered, not getting too involved sexually, not having time, but both wanting more of each other, we kissed a little, touched a little, soaped each other, rubbed each other dry. We got dressed in silence smiling to each other. Both dressed for work in yesterday’s clothes. Suzzanne called a taxi to take us to our cars at The Lindon Tree, Suzzanne said “we will have a meeting next week to sort out details, salary package of your promotion, when Ron is available”. She continued “We will have to have at least weekly meeting at my office, so I can debrief you” we each smiled her innuendo. We parted after a long kiss which did not go unnoticed by a couple of staff arriving at the restaurant for work.

I arrived a the office just after nine o’clock , a little late for me, which with my attire of yesterday’s clothes, did not go unnoticed by my female colleagues, a couple who smiled and had raised eyebrows while saying in unison, “good morning”. I replied “yes it is, isn’t it. It will be even better if we achieve some sales today” with this I disappeared in to my office. I felt so slutty, but alive, I felt great!

Later that day, Suzzanne’s assistant Jenni confirmed my meeting with Suzzanne and Ron for next Tuesday, at their house in Sutton Coalfield, I noted it in my office master diary. I Left office about 6 after locking up, being last out. I shot off to the gym in Tamworth.

My best friend and longstanding none exclusive sex partner Jessy, who I met at University in York, managed the gym. She was surprised to see me as it was not my normal day to attend. We hugged in greeting and parted, me disappearing into the changing room. I changed into my tight crop top and spandex shorts and went to the weights room. Soon after Jessy followed me in, ” Not much left to the imagination there” she said, looking my body up and down, “you’ve seen it all before” I replied, with a broad smile.

“You look very pleased with yourself sweetheart, is because your here with me” Jessy asked as she gave me a quick kiss. I replied that it was and also that I had had a promotion to branch manager at Lichfield. Jessy hugged and congratulated me.

After exercising, I showered, I helped Jessy close up the gym by seeing off the stragglers, while Jessy showered and we both locked up and went to my flat, I asked her to stay the night, rather than go back to her house share in Erdington. We were soon enjoying each other’s bodies, making love, in a slow comfortable way, no hurry because we were used to each other, loved each other in a deep meaningful way, bought about by eight years knowing each other, living together in York, helping each other grow up, helping each other experiment with sex together and with others, male and females, we had nothing to prove each other. Slowly bringing each other to a climax that was hard to surpass, as every time we made love was,we both slept soundly.

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