Adria’s Farmyard Initiation

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Adria followed her mother onto the farm. It was an idyllic situation, to be sure. The area was very quiet except for the noise of the animals and the gurgle of the river flowing by. She could imagine living here. Or at least visiting every day while her mother taught the children on the farm.

She watched her mother as she was given the grand tour, but lost interest when she rounded the corner. Instead, she watched the dabblers in the slough below.

“Hello, Beautiful!” a youthful, but deep voice greeted.

She turned to see a very handsome young man standing there. He couldn’t have been more than 19 or 20. She was instantly attracted to him, his shoulder-length reddish-brown hair looking definitively masculine as well as soft. She wanted to run her fingers through it.

“Do you speak?” he asked again.

“Yes!” she blurted louder than she’d intended.

“Your name?”


“As beautiful as your face,” he replied. “I’m Gabe.” Then he brushed his lips against hers. Adria put her arms around his neck, feeling that soft hair with her fingers. She found herself kissing him back eagerly. “How old are you?”


“I’m 19. They can’t get too mad at us then,” he said. His lips covered hers again. When his tongue licked her lips, she found herself opening to his tongue, the warm, musky intruder intimate in her mouth.

Her legs swung up into his arms, him still kissing her.

“Where are we going?” she asked, noticing that they weren’t standing still now.

“My favorite place,” he replied. His hand clutched her butt cheek as he carried her. She rested her head against his shoulder not wanting casino oyna this to ever end.

Gabe’s favorite place turned out to be a little pole shed overlooking the chickens. He set her down on some bales of hay. He unbuttoned his shirt and put it behind her. “I don’t want you getting all scratched up,” he explained as she admired his smooth chest with only the faintest tufts of hair marring its perfect surface.

She felt her lying down underneath him as he returned to the serious business of kissing. His hand smoothed up her pant leg, moving to the inside of her thighs, and feeling along her crotch, pressing the seam of her pants against her tenderness. She didn’t know what he was doing, but it felt so good!

He moved his hands back to her shirt, unbuttoning it. “There’s only a few things that should be pressed against my chest,” he murmured as he released her maiden breasts. “These are two of them.” He massaged her gently, cupping her and fingering the nipples which peaked in arousal.

His lips surrounded her hardened nipple a moment later and a whimper escaped her lips. His hand stroked her crotch again, the second time pushing into her clothing and stroking her intimate folds, making her gasp and moan. She understood what he wanted now but could not make herself form any words of protest.

“Close your eyes and imagine being in the best place ever… and you would never have to leave,” he whispered into her ear before returning his lips to her breast.

She closed her eyes and found herself not wanting to be anywhere but here… She felt something in her hand and grabbed it before she realized what it was. She opened her canlı casino eyes and saw his hardness in her hand, stroking through her grasp.

He lifted her hips off the straw slightly and her pants were quickly discarded, his fingers pushing into her desperately, as if they were the organ that slid through her fingers.

Adria knew she should tell him to stop, before things went any further, but his fingers had awakened something deep inside her as he pushed into her, making her gasp with forbidden pleasure. She was under age! She was a virgin, not on anything to prevent consequences. She hoped he had something, but didn’t feel strong enough to refuse further pleasure if he didn’t.

“Try your mouth,” he instructed, pulling himself out of her hand. His lust stood firmly before her. “Lick it… taste it…”

Adria bravely stuck out her tongue and felt him. He was smooth and warm. It wasn’t unpleasant, so she put her mouth around him. He pushed gently deeper, while she adjusted her mouth to not gag on him. Hearing his breath catch with pleasure was reward enough.

Then, he pulled out of her mouth and pressed her against the hay again. He covered her mouth and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth again. His other hand fondled her secret entrance, pushing fingers back into her desperately. Her thighs parted more to let him pleasure her.

Adria was about to ask if he could use something, but his tongue was in her mouth. Suddenly, he pushed deep into her and she realized it was his arousal deep into her body, opening her up uncomfortably. She would have cried out, but his tongue was still buried in her mouth just as his organ kaçak casino was buried in her chasm.

“Oh!” she finally gasped between kisses, appreciating the exquisite sensations he was producing now that the discomfort was gone. She gasped again each time he thrust deeper into her body. Her moaning was covered by the crowing of the chickens which was a good thing because she didn’t think she was being very quiet.

“You are wonderful!” he groaned as he increased his speed and intensity.

Adria whimpered, unsure how she was going to handle much more pleasure. All at once, she felt a tremor course through her body, spasming through her pelvic floor.

The moment later, Gabe also groaned and grabbed her hips desperately, holding her close to him as his organ trembled inside her body. He lowered onto her, crushing her against the hay with his body weight, catching his breath. “You can share my bed with me tonight — and every night,” he breathed. “I want you. I will make sure my dad hires your mother. You can stay with me… I will make love to you all the time!”

Adria felt overwhelmed. Had she just become pregnant? She probably would if she stayed with him every night… but could she resist him? Probably not.

“No one is going to be mad at us, I promise,” he reassured, as if he had heard her every concern. “We are meant to be bonded. Even now, my seed is looking for your ripened egg.”

“I’m only 18,” she reminded him.

“Old enough for me,” he said with a grin. “You are mine now. You stay with me.”

Adria sighed. Things had changed so quickly! What about her mother and siblings?

“They will be staying too. This place is big enough for all. Shit, I need you again!”

Adria relaxed against the hay as he pounded his erection back into her.


(This story is concurrent with: Tasha’s Farm Interview.)

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