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What really happened on that lonely strip of I-70, on the evening of July the second, will probably never be known. Not for sure, anyhow. Despite police reports, medical reports, plain old witness reports, no one can really tell what caused the accident. What happened in the accident, well, that’s just a piece of detective work.

According to Highway Patrol Sargent James Butler, the car didn’t look any different from any other car that had skidded off the road. The 1996 blue Ford sedan had crashed into a tree about ten feet away from the edge of the road. “She was just smokin’,” Sargent Butler recalls, “with windshield glass and bits of metal all over the place. It wasn’t pretty, but then, it wasn’t worse than a lot of other I’ve seen.”

The story changes when Butler and his partner, Patrolman Bill Zedling, approached the car and looked inside. Zedling tells of the surprising discovery. “We didn’t see anyone standing around outside the car, so Jim said to suspect the worst. I was nervous, ’cause I was new on the road, and I hadn’t seen any fatal accidents yet.” He pauses, and struggles to continue. “We walked up to the car and looked inside, and the driver, this big strong college-looking kid, was all doubled over the steering wheel with blood all over him. And next to him was this girl, dead too, but she was all naked from waist up, I mean completely nude- damn she had fine tits, a good body- oh sorry, could you take that out? I really shouldn’t have said that- yeah, well she was sitting next to him leaning over the center console. She had blood over her face too, and a little on her breasts. Not too much, though. You could tell.”

“There wasn’t much we could do,” Butler puts in. “We just waited for the EMS to come to take care of the bodies. We did the usual reporting. I tried not to look in the car, but Bill, heh, he said he wasn’t looking.” He gives Mr. Zedling a friendly jab in the side, to which the patrolman replies with a painful grimace.

The driver, the “big college-looking kid,” turned out to be Peter Thomas, a sophomore running back for the SNU-Pelliers football team. Friends described him as studious and friendly, always willing to help another person out. The girl was harder to identify, but she was finally found to be a freshman at SNU, Melanie Pekinal. She was described as playful, a little flirtatious, and, as one friend put it, “uninhibited in bed.”

* * * * *

So what happened? It seemed at first like a little reckless driving. casino oyna Maybe Thomas, a known ladies-man, was trying to impress his companion and lost control of the car. Shirtless Melanie (then still unidentified) could have been a wild college student high on hormones.

But that was before the bodies were removed. When the car was opened, and medical personnel went to work, something else was discovered.

Mark Johnson was one of the paramedics at the scene. “We found the guy- Peter Thomson or something, that’s his name isn’t it?, with his pants down. They were down around his ankles. And the blood, it was coming from his groin. His, uh, his penis wasn’t there, it had been torn off.” Everyone present in the interview room shuddered. “So we got him out, trying at the same time not to look, and to conduct the investigation. Then we got to the lady, and all the blood, it seemed to be coming from her mouth. We opened it up and there was this cock- sorry, severed penis- in here mouth. You couldn’t tell with all the blood whether there was any semen or not. We didn’t think it was important, and nobody preserved all the many fluids present in her mouth.”

It was important, though. In fact, investigators reviewing the case at a later date cross-examined the EMS personnel to determine why no tests were done. The response: “why?”

This was all a very gruesome scene, and an unpleasant clean up task for police and paramedics. Some photographs were taken, notes made, bodies taken and prepared for autopsy. The search for Why began.

Most of the older investigators were baffled, but fortunately one police detective assigned to the job was Ted Williams, a 26 year-old newcomer to the task force. He realized right away that Melanie was giving Peter a blowjob while he was driving. “I mean, it was obvious,” he recounts of his determination. “Why else would his dick be in her mouth? And with her shirt off, it’s pretty clear that he was fondling her pretty good. He must have gotten pretty roused up.

“Of course my superiors didn’t like the idea. They said it couldn’t have happened, that maybe there was some crime like rape involved, maybe she was trying to escape. So we had to go into the backgrounds of he two people, to see what was possible.”

* * * * *

As he speaks, Ted Williams takes two folders out from his file cabinet. “These are what we found on them,” he explains. “We’ll do Melanie first,” he says, after checking that no one was taking photographs.

And canlı casino Melanie’s file was filled with photographs. Not photos of her room, but of her, taken from her room. Most are too explicit to print. “She is shown in a bikini, and without parts of the bikini,” Ted explains with a naughty grin, “and naked. In a few prints she is licking the balls of some hot college stud, or swallowing the cum. In several she is shown fucking or being fucked. Hot stuff, hmm?” he asks me, showing a few of the prints.

“So what is all this about?” I ask him.

“Well, according to her fiends, she just liked being photographed in X-rated positions. We don’t think she did this professionally, though she may have sent a few off to magazines, that were published. Her roommate is a photography major, so she had the benefit of good pictures. Maybe she was saving them as a portfolio just in case she decided on a ‘modeling’ career, but most likely she just liked showing them to friends.”

To get an idea of these pictures, it would help to describe Melanie. She was brown-haired, around five foot eight. Her evenly tanned body could be described as “tight:” smooth skin, ample, firm breasts. “Her pussy is shaved,” as Ted puts it. Throughout the pictures she looks and smiles, begging for a hard cock to enter her, for hands to caress her. In one shot her legs are drawn up, pressing against her firm breasts, revealing her inviting vagina stretched open for, well, a good fuck.

I way her legs are drawn up, but none of these photos are in existence any longer. Neither are the rest of the files. Ted Williams has been “laid off,” the officers who found the car have been transferred. This leaves the rest of us groping and guessing for answers.

* * * * *

Melanie’s friend Jenna describes her as “always looking for a good thrill.” Is Ted William’s proposition that she was giving Peter a blowjob plausible? If it is, then several scenarios are still possible, and must be played out.

It can be assumed that the pair was driving down the road with sex in mind. Probably Peter started fondling Melanie through her shirt when his hands were free from driving. At some point Melanie removed her shirt and then her bra- both of these were found in the car.

The sight of a young woman pulling her shirt over her head, stretching her arms and pulling up her full breasts, is, quite simply, arousing.

Feeling his cock swell in his pants, Peter asks, “Mel, will you blow kaçak casino me?”

“Right here, in the car?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“You’ll get in a fucking accident, that’s why not.”

“You know you want to.”

“Fuck you, when we get back I’ll fuck you like you’ve never had your sorry balls fucked before.”

“No, right now!”

Or maybe Melanie was the seductive one, playing with Peter’s growing bulge, pressing her lively breasts against his exposed arm.

In either case, Peter eventually pulls down his pants and Melanie grasps his already hard cock. She holds it pulsating in her gentle hand, and then kisses it. She slowly licks it with her tongue, then swallows it whole, grasping it with her lips and cheeks. Up and down, up and down, up and down, her head bobs, her light brown hair bouncing to the rhythm on her naked neck, falling down over her young back.

With her hand she plays with Peter’s balls, making him shiver. Maybe he continues to caress her tits, or maybe he works his hand down her shorts and into her panties, in between her legs, slowly into her vagina. There he could stick his fingers in the warm wet slit and give in return what he was getting. The couple in the car clearly climbed to a feverish height. But what happened next is unknown. And none of the investigators can shed light on the truth.

* * * * *

The question revolves around whether Peter reached a climax. If he did, it would have no doubt been explosive. As his warm shot up into Melanie’s waiting mouth, perhaps Peter couldn’t control the car and skidded off the road. Surprised, Melanie’s teeth would have made the horrifying bite.

On the other hand, maybe Peter hadn’t reached an orgasm yet. Then, something startled Melanie. She could have had an orgasm herself from Peter’s stroking, that combined with the moving car and the vibrating seat shaking her toned thighs around his reaching hand. Unable to control herself in the moving car, maybe she bit down in surprise. Or, a simple large bump in the road could have caused the fatal bite.

The answer could have been solved by an analysis of the fluids in Melanie’s mouth, but that was never done. Perhaps inquiries into each of the deceased’s personalities could have narrowed the possibilities. But Melanie’s father is a friend of Mayor John Deluchi and the police chief, and was eager to protect her privacy, and possibly some other secret as well.

Now, all that’s left are a dozen guys on campus with memories of a playful girl who held their warm bodies close together in bed and fucked them in a hot pussy like never before. And each of them is forever grateful that she never gave them a blowjob in the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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