Accept My Apology

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Lazlo wanted a fun weekend, and his wish had been granted. He chose a city on the California coast for nothing other than to find a woman and share the fun behind closed doors. Manhattan Beach, which stood just a few miles south of Los Angeles International Airport (or more commonly known as LAX) became a city that he looked forward to visit the most. And once he met the older woman in a sports bar, an instant fixation drew him toward her magnetic features. They introduced each other, and once Lazlo informed her of his Hungarian lineage, Teresa had already given him clear signals. All of them symbolized a positive reaction.

The twenty-six-year-old man spent the next hour learning of Teresa’s life and career. He was intrigued by her rising success in the workplace. But most important of all, he felt mesmerized by her preserved exterior. Even when she was twelve years older than him, Teresa’s middle age did little to affect her natural beauty in a pessimistic manner. Her red hair, brown eyes, and unwrinkled skin made her look like a queen with a proper protocol. Lazlo didn’t see a wedding ring on her finger, so he had nothing more to worry about. Judging by her feminine traits, she wouldn’t be the type of woman who would hide her status from someone like him.

On the other hand, Teresa made her point clear that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of such a handsome man like Lazlo. Her comments on his short black hair, his clean apparel, and his vivacious personality made his ego emerge in the spotlight. Complimenting Lazlo turned out to be the right decision on her part, since there would be nothing else that would foreshadow their new relationship. He remained engrossed by the woman sitting next to him at the bar, and vice versa. He ignored the music and the television, and made certain that their liaison would make a stellar advancement.

He made clear of his actions by whispering in her ear, “I’d like to know where you live.”

Teresa caressed his arm with her slow and delicate fingers. “Oh, I’ll give you a stunning view of the beach. It will be some of the best moments of your life.”

Lazlo’s thick Hungarian accent must have convinced her of his silent willpower. “Prove it. Show me where you live and let’s see if you are correct.”

Teresa smiled. “Follow me.”

Once they left the bar with no one else but each other, Lazlo’s sturdy mechanism between his legs was ready to be appropriately utilized on this warm and festive Saturday afternoon.

* * *

Teresa’s two-story home was located right in front of The Strand, a narrow bike path that stood right between the sand and the long row of affluent homes that belonged to some of the wealthiest civilians in Southern California. Those who prospered in business, entertainment, and sports found no trouble when residing in this glorious coastal city. Teresa’s home, which was located just several blocks away from the Manhattan Beach pier, appeared so immaculate and lavish once Lazlo stepped inside. With clean floors, luxurious furniture, expensive appliances, and a window in the living room offering a clear view of the beach, the man couldn’t deny the success that she had rightfully earned as an attorney. He looked out the living room window to see how close the water really was: approximately one hundred yards away from The Strand. Only a handful of people spent their time on the beach, but it didn’t matter. What DID matter to Lazlo was the perfect view of the beach, made even more grandiose with the late afternoon sun bidding farewell to the clear blue sky as everything grew a little darker.

And then, everything that happened next went by so fast. The two of them didn’t waste any time as she led him upstairs and into the master bedroom. She would have given him an extended tour of the house, but it wouldn’t have mattered when Lazlo came so close to completing his main objective. The standard procedure had commenced in the bedroom. They left the curtains closed, and it didn’t take long for them to take their clothes off and share their bodies underneath the blanket. Lazlo enjoyed every minute of it. Her body was just what he needed at a time like this. He couldn’t get enough of her, and Teresa couldn’t get enough of him. Their mating session didn’t end even as the first full hour had passed. They wanted more of each other. Their crazed instincts had been upheld since their first encounter at the bar, and once they finally acknowledged their primitive actions, the release almost made the bed break in half.

Teresa made Lazlo feel like the ultimate predator who selected the right mate. Her vocal praise for his drilling strength became the proper formula for his self-esteem. He did everything that reminded her of his apex status. She obeyed his commands while he made her scream with glee. And when everything ended on a high note, both of them lay on the bed fully exhausted by their mutual understandings.

He proclaimed, “We should do this more often. You make me feel like a king.”

When he pulled out of her, Teresa remained locked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in his embrace. “Well, when you want more, give me a call and I make the arrangements.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”

Lazlo got out of bed. “I’m going to take a shower. You better have some good soap lying around.”

“You’ll be fine. Just don’t make a mess in there. I want it spotless.”

“I don’t think you should be making the rules when I’m around.”

Teresa added mild sarcasm to her voice. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me, my king.”

Lazlo chuckled. “I seriously hope you don’t lose your sense of humor.”

He made his way into the bathroom. He got inside the bathtub and turned on the water. From the see-through shower curtains, he could see Teresa getting out of bed and leaving the room. He thought nothing of it as he soaked his body with warm water. He reached down to grab a shampoo bottle. But something caught his attention, and that was when his mistrust toward the older woman had taken effect in his psyche. Not only was there a shampoo bottle specifically for females, but another shampoo bottle stood right alongside it. A closer look at the item revealed a symbol looking like a caricatured eagle or a falcon. Lazlo recognized the symbol before. This shampoo had been created specifically for males. And not only was there a bar of soap that had been colored pink, but the brand name on a bottle of body wash made it clear that the contents inside were to be used for men only.

Lazlo held his breath. He should have been so stupid. Everything about Teresa had been a little too perfect. A hidden flaw had to be imminent somewhere in her life. Lazlo turned off the water and grabbed a green towel from the rack. A sudden loud thud that came from another room stopped him from doing anything else. He froze as he heard two more loud bumps in the distance. He wrapped the tower around his waist without even cleaning himself dry. He almost called out Teresa’s name, but stopped immediately when he heard another voice from downstairs. It sounded heavier and more masculine than Teresa’s, and it didn’t sound very happy.

Lazlo leaned against the wall and heard loud screams that came from downstairs. He could hear Teresa begging for someone to stay calm.

The man from downstairs didn’t want to hear any of it. “Don’t fucking lie to me! I know what you’ve done!”

Teresa yelled, “Don’t touch me! I haven’t done anything!”

“I know you’re fucking someone else!”

Lazlo let out a deep sigh. He shivered, knowing the absolute truth that had been inadvertently been revealed through verbal aggression.

The man from downstairs shouted, “Get the fuck out of my house!”

Teresa sounded like she had just burst into tears. “You can’t just kick me out! I’m your wife!”

“You’re a whore! That’s what you are! A filthy fucking whore!”

Lazlo could hear footsteps for the next few seconds.

The man from downstairs added, “I’ll see you in court, bitch.”

The front door opened and slammed shut. That last sound, the one that echoed across the entire house, made Lazlo want to leave right away. He looked at his clothes that he had scattered on the floor. He didn’t move as he didn’t want to make a sound. Teresa’s husband was still in the house, and if he had learned that Lazlo didn’t leave, there would be no way to imagine how long it would take for law enforcement to find his putrid body. Lazlo took slow quiet footsteps into the master bedroom. He grabbed the door and tried to close it, but it made a sudden creak. He stopped immediately to keep the husband from learning of his existence.

He left the door wide open and turned around. When he noticed the curtains still closed, with only faint sunlight seeping through the narrow fissure and brightening the light brown carpet below, Lazlo crept his way to the other side of the room. He took a peek through the curtains. Outside, everyone and everything displayed normal traits. The beachgoers expressed their contentment on the sand by either playing volleyball as a group or playing Frisbee with their dogs. A few bikers rushed past Teresa’s house as they made their journey across The Strand. The setting sun would soon touch the Pacific horizon. It spread its orange shades all across the cloudless sky, leaving only the color blue as the partial minority.

Lazlo looked to see if the window had any locks. If he had the time and the patience, he would have to jump off the balcony in order to escape a vengeful husband.

“Are you the one?”

As soon as he recognized the deep masculine voice, Lazlo turned around to see the tall husband standing right at the doorway. Lazlo didn’t know what to do. He held his breath when the husband took one step closer. He looked down at the clothes that had been strewn on the floor.

He pointed his finger at them. “Are those yours?”

Lazlo had to stop his body from trembling. The water that dripped off his skin felt a little uncomfortable now that Teresa’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri angry husband discovered the truth about her infidelity.

“Yes…those are mine.”

Teresa’s husband didn’t give off any hints of an aggressive nature. The man, who looked to be the same age as her, had broad shoulders and short brown hair. His elegant business suit, which included a blue shirt and a black tie, give Lazlo the impression that the husband must have been an entrepreneur or perhaps even an elected official.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Lazlo.”

The husband’s stern stare didn’t fade at all. “What country are you from?”

Lazlo had to stay composed. “I am from Hungary.”

The husband eyed him from top to bottom. “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, I do. You’re her husband.”

“That’s right. I’m David.”

Lazlo let out a silent sigh. “Look, I know that I shouldn’t be here. It’s not my fault, really. She never told me that she was married. She didn’t even have a ring on her finger.”

“Don’t try to find excuses. They’re useless at a time like this.”

David’s deep and smooth voice almost scared Lazlo to the point that he stayed frozen on the exact same spot as before. He could only hope for a potential escape if David’s malicious inclinations turned true. Lazlo didn’t exhale when the other man slowly turned his head to see the trail of water on the bathroom floor. When he looked back at the Hungarian man, David’s blank stare seemed almost terrifying. Lazlo wanted to look away, but he insisted on staying courageous even if this would be his last day on Earth.

David took off his black coat and placed it on top of the chest of drawers. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”

Lazlo just had to be honest. “Well…I’m very afraid of what you might do to me. I didn’t think that it would lead to this. I just wish I could apologize.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t accept it just yet.”

“Please don’t do bad things to me. I’ll do anything.”

David reached up with his fingers and slid them across his smooth black hair. It looked as if he had already planned on what he would do to end this situation.

“How scared are you?”

Lazlo replied, “I’m too scared to even make a run for it.”

“That’s good.”

David took a few steps forward as he took off his tie and set it on the bed. “Take off your towel.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just do as I say.”

Lazlo couldn’t even protest. Without a verbal complaint, he took off his towel. David grabbed it from his hands and threw them into the corner. Lazlo now stood wet, cold, and naked.

“Now what?”

David whispered, “Don’t speak. Just let me have a look at you.”

He looked down to see everything that hadn’t been shrouded by a cloth or a towel. Lazlo closed his eyes for a moment. His imagination turned against him. Thoughts of death and disfigurement clouded his judgment. David would no longer be seen as a man of good reason. With what he had just made him do, Lazlo can only presume the worst that could happen to him.

David now stood just a few inches away from Lazlo. He placed his hand on the Hungarian man’s shoulder. Lazlo almost shivered at the warm and weighty touch. David slid it further down until he reached Lazlo’s chest.

“Why are you doing this?”

David didn’t give even a basic response. He was busy touching Lazlo’s wet naked body with his two hands.

The husband took a deep breath. “Now that Teresa is gone, I don’t know how to feel just a little better about myself.”

Lazlo glanced at the hands that caressed his skin. “I don’t know, either.”

The remaining sunlight that seeped between the curtains made a direct hit with David’s face. The dark orange radiance that inhabited his eyes and overall rugged exterior did well to intensify his intimidating appearance. Anything that the light touched didn’t result in a positive experience.

David closed his eyes for a moment, leaving Lazlo stuck in suspense. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not even going to threaten you. I’m just going to make you do what I need you to do.”

That didn’t sound comforting to Lazlo at all. “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t say anything.”

David pointed his finger at the floor. “Fall to your knees.”

Lazlo followed the rules in an instant. He didn’t protest as he dropped to his knees. And when he noticed David unzipping his black pants, Lazlo almost pushed himself back.

David stopped him in time. “Don’t ever dare to leave this place.”

Lazlo could only watch as the other man pulled out his secret weapon. With the long and hard cock exposed in the pale sunlight, Lazlo understood his newly discovered providence. He looked up at David, who finally shown a little smile on his face.

“You know what you have to do to stay alive.”

Lazlo knew this would go against everything that his mindset had fed on since his first day on this planet. As soon as he would touch it, he would lose his conventional worth that he güvenilir bahis şirketleri had fought so hard for. He shook his head to show David that he objected to this physical technique.

David made clear of his intentions by slapping Lazlo in the face with the back of his hand. The instant pain on Lazlo’s face made him wince, but David didn’t seem to care.

His calm demeanor didn’t break. “What did I say?”

Lazlo had to breathe through his teeth as he tried to ignore the pain. He gave another look at the long hard cock that was pointed right at him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not accepting your apology yet.”

Lazlo now felt infuriated. He no longer appreciated Teresa as pleasant company. He hated her for being so dishonest about her disloyalty toward her own husband. He hated her for leading him to their home and not feeling so ashamed for breaking David’s trust. Most of all, he hated her for making him stay in this room and having to deal with the one man who would make him do all the things that he never expected to do. His vacation in Southern California began to leave a bitter taste.

Lazlo took a deep breath to help ease his resentment. He no longer hesitated. He grabbed the cock and stuck it in his own mouth. The taste seemed so foreign, so unreal. David’s dangerous prick felt completely solid, giving Lazlo a rather shrewd reason to suck it.

David pushed it deeper inside Lazlo’s mouth in an almost casual manner. “Don’t stop. You will take it, and you will swallow what I’m going to give you. Forget everything about my wife, and treat my dick like it’s your friend.”

Lazlo couldn’t say anything. He just grabbed hold of David’s thighs and received what came to him like an innocent creature unwilling to escape its inescapable retribution. He looked up to see that David’s little smile didn’t disappear. He obviously enjoyed it more than Lazlo did.

“Yeah…you’re good. You’re really good.”

He pushed Lazlo’s head with his right hand to push him deeper into the cock, which already made his mouth hurt just a tad. As it filled the unoccupied breathing space from within his oral cavity, Lazlo could feel David’s grip on his head tightening. He led the younger man in the direction of limited freedom.

Lazlo still couldn’t forget the way Teresa lied about being single. Her vernacular sounded delicate and sagacious that it would have been impossible to believe that her sincerity proved to be counterfeit. The absolute truth struck him in his weak spot. Being lied to by Teresa was bad enough, but David made it even worse when Lazlo had to be the one who suffered the consequences. She left the house, but at least she left unharmed. And Lazlo hated her for that. She should have been punished, and not him. He was only an Eastern-European tourist who just wanted a fun time in the States.

David’s hands picked up speed as they pushed Lazlo’s head deeper into his primary target. “This is what Teresa should be doing for me. Too bad she’s no longer here.”

Lazlo almost chocked on the thick chubby edge that had been lodged deeper into his throat, but luckily David didn’t do anything worse than that. The younger man just waited for this moment to end. He was unable to keep his absolute shock intact. Instead, he grew more irritated that, as more and more seconds had passed by, David just continued to humiliate him in the bedroom. Lazlo could do nothing but wait as he sucked on the one thing that gained complete access to his mouth.

David whispered, “Oh, I could feel it wanting to leave my dick. It’ll be a slow exit, I can assure you.”

The ferocious momentum from David’s pelvic thrusts became almost unbearable for Lazlo to bear. As the shaft bumped against the farthest perimeter of his mouth, Lazlo squeezed his eyes shut. Still longing for a proper conclusion to this course of action, he only hoped it wouldn’t be as difficult as he expected it to be. All he had to do was take the hot batch of cum and let it stay in his mouth for a short length of time. But he didn’t want to underestimate David, seeing as how the husband’s fierce determination would be a clear signal of his hostile disposition.

David tightened his grip on Lazlo’s short hair. “Oh, yes! Take it! You need it.”

Lazlo immediately felt the warm creamy material gushing out of David’s cock and flooding his mouth. It tasted bitter, but also saccharine as though it was an excellent source of fructose.

“Don’t spit it out. Swallow it like a bitch! I won’t let go until you drink all of it.”

Lazlo couldn’t protest. He obeyed the command. He ingested everything that he had received. It took him three slow gulps in order to accomplish it.

David still didn’t let him go. “I can wait. I’m a patient man.”

Lazlo desperately wanted him to make sure that he had swallowed all of it. He licked the cock’s solid surface in all directions. He made sure his gulping noise grew to a higher volume. He even gave David a thumbs-up to convince him that he had succeeded in doing what the angry husband wanted.

David must have finally gotten the hint, because he pulled out of Lazlo’s mouth and observed the final result. Lazlo kept his mouth closed to make sure that none of the semen spilled out of him and landed on the floor. The taste was still bitter, and it made his mouth sultry with unwanted juices.

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