A Wet Surprise

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You step into the shower with me; I feel the rush of cooler air over my body and hear the door close as your body touches mine. Your breasts touch my back first, then I feel your pubic mound press against my buttock. I shiver slightly, despite the warm water cascading over me. You place your hands on my hips and gently slide them up the flanks of my firm body, you know how this makes me melt, and I moan with delight. When your fingertips touch sides of my breasts I turn around to face you.

My nipples are hard, pointing out, they graze your breasts as I come to face you. We lean forward simultaneously and our lips meet in a tender kiss, at first. I press my body harder into yours, and our kissing intensifies as I slide my hands around your back and squeeze your tight little bum with my left hand. You mirror my actions, you know how I love to have my arse squeezed. I moan into your mouth with pure lust as I press you into the wall of the shower, our breasts push together and our pussies rub on each others thighs.

I move away from your mouth, kissing along your cheek up to your ear. I nibble lightly at your earlobe, you moan to let me know you like it as I slide my tanned body against your tanned body. The water pouring from the shower head acting as a lubricant.

I kiss my way down your neck and across your chest, occasionally licking the silky-soft skin as I go. I finally make it to your full firm breasts. Paying special attention to these I lick them all over, first the right then the left. You groan and moan in ecstasy the whole time, begging me to take your nipple into my mouth. I do, first only pulling at it with my lips, then gradually taking more and more of it into my mouth and using more and more of my tongue and lightly dragging my teeth across it. Eventually, I’m sucking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it for all I’m worth. I repeat the whole teasing process on your other breast. I can feel how wet my pussy is now, even in the shower, I can only imagine how your’s must feel!

I reluctantly leave your nipples alone, now sicking out like to lances, and kiss my way across to your sternum, Sticking my tongue out I drag it slowly down your chest to the point where your abdominal muscles start, I love your flat firm stomach, and I take my time traversing it, even though I can’t wait to suck on you delectable pussy. I kiss and lick my way slowly to your belly button. I am bending over to do this and my arse cheeks are spread wide, allowing the water to now cascade down my back and into my crack. I can feel it running down over my puckered rose bud and my pussy, oh god it feels so good!!! I realise that I have been swirling the tip of my tongue around your belly-button, but the sounds you make let me know you don’t mind at all!

I decide gleefully that it is time to move on. “I’m going down to pussy town”! I drop down to my knees to make it easier to get to your vagina. I kiss my way down from your belly-button to the top of you prominent mound, running my tongue around and through the hair of you close cropped landing-strip. I am tempted to go straight for the money, but regain control of myself and drag my tongue lightly, slowly, down your wet left leg to 4 inches below your opening. Starting here I kiss your inner thighs lightly, my lips hardly touching them, I look up to make eye contact but see you have your eye’s closed, head tilted to one side and you are biting your lower lip while playing with your erect nipples. I move to your right thigh and kiss it, this time lightly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sucking on your smooth skin, and licking as I do. I move up a few centimetres and do it again, then switch to you left leg again. I do this slowly all the way up your legs.

I can now smell your pussy juices and I want to bury my tongue in your folds, but again I manage to regain control… only just. You have slid down the wall slightly to allow me better access to you parts most private. I now lightly kiss the skin where your legs meet your torso. I know the skin here on me is very, very sensitive and judging by the sounds you are making, it seems to be the same for you! I lick this skin here like I would lick your pussy lips, slowly and sensuously. Your groaning intensifies and you beg me to lick your pussy.

I bring my tongue back into my mouth and lift my head. I look up into your eyes, your wet hair hags around your beautiful face, and move my head slowly to your other leg, lightly brushing my lips across yours, as I do, you audibly suck in air and your eyes roll slightly up. I kick my lips and I can taste you. “Mmnnnnnn!” I moan. I slid my tongue out again, seductively liking the skin between your labia and leg again, still looking you in the eye.

“You bitch!” you say, with that sexy, playful smile on your face, the one that lights up your eyes and turns me on so much. You know I’m playing with you. You feel as though you will explode into a million pieces if I so much as breathe on you clit now.

I continue to lick you in that special spot making you nuts. But I can’t take it any more now; I close my eyes and move to lick your vagina. I slide my tongue out once more and make contact with your lips; I can taste your salty juices even with the shower running güvenilir bahis şirketleri over us. It’s here that I lose control and bury my face into your pussy. I delve my tongue as far into you pussy as I can to get all your juices wishing it was longer, so I could taste more of you. I twist and turn my tongue around, pulling it in and out as I go, savouring the flavour of your delicious love liquid, with my mouth clamped firmly over your mound. As I do this, I can feel your pussy’s muscles contracting about my tongue. I suddenly become aware of your screams of ecstasy in my ears as you explode in orgasm. My name sounds so sexy when you scream it out in your throes of passion! I suck and pull on your pussy lips as you come down, literally sliding down the wall, I am forced to almost lie down in the shower cubicle to keep contact with your pussy.

While you calm down I suck and lick your inner lips. Yum! after several minutes, when I think you have calmed down enough I move up to your clit, pushing back the hood with my right thumb, I lightly flick it with the tip of my tongue and you immediately squeal with delight. I slowly insert two crossed fingers from my left hand into your opening, and place my mouth over your clit so that I can attack it properly. I flick it with my tongue rapidly and hear you moaning with delight.

Now sucking on your clit with my lips, like it was a little penis, I give it a blow job. With my fingers crossed inside you, I start to twist my hand like a corkscrew, while pulling it in and out of your vagina, imagining your inner lips being pulled in and out. Suddenly you tense up and explode your warm juices running all over my hand. This time you don’t scream, air escapes you mouth in a rasping exhalation.

I lick you clean again, taking my time the move up to kiss you so you can taste your own juices. I’m glad we have the house to ourselves or the door would have been kicked down long ago by someone thinking I was murdering you!!!

If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to tell me how my story made you feel, send me some feedback. XXX, J.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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