A Warm Summers Day

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Kyle and Gwen sat on a park bench enjoying their burgers.

They were both students at the Wainwright technical college, studying to become paralegals. Kyle was in his first semester, while Gwen is in her second.

“So what have you got planned for your evening?” Kyle asked Gwen softly.

“No, nothing really.” Gwen replied, adding, “how about you, a hot date’s maybe.” She had a cheeky grin on her face.

“Ooh sassy, I like that. Any ideas, hmm, be my hot date?” Kyle said as he screwed up the wrapper from his burger, and tossing into the trash bin at the end of bench, he added “I was thinking that a stroll would be nice, a warm afternoon in the park.”

“OK, why not. I don’t know much about it. Like you say it could be quite big.” She replied as she tossed her wrapper at the trash bin. “Oops” she said with a chuckle as it fell on the ground.

She half bent to pick it up as Kyle did the same. Their fingers touched lightly. As brief as it was, they both felt a sense of excitement. Picking the paper up Kyle flipped it into the bin.

They started off along the pathway, slowly and quietly. Coming to a fork in the path Gwen said “which way now, left or right?”

“Right I think.” Kyle said as he looked around. “It looks like it could be pretty, running up through the trees. What do you think?”

“OK, it does look a nicer way. I bet on weekends it is really hopping too.”

“That’s for sure.” Kyle replied quietly as they strolled up an incline, and into the first of the trees.

A soft purring hmm was coming from their right.

As they slowly passed by a large bushy elm they saw two girls in a tender embrace. They were kissing each other. Their eyes were closed.

Gwen instinctively reached for Kyle’s hand and took hold of it nervously, and pressed against her side.

Kyle looked around and saw some shrubs on the other side of the pathway. He whispered, “Over here behind the bushes,” he led the way back and around behind the shrubbery.

The two girls were so engrossed in one another. They were totally unaware of the presence of Gwen and Kyle.

“Should we be doing this?” Gwen whispered. She wanted to leave, yet at the same time wanted to watch the tender raw sexuality that was unfolding before them.

The fact that she was with Kyle, made it all the more exciting for her.

“I don’t know, should we?” Kyle whispered back as he held Gwen hand. He moved to stand behind her. He slipped an arm around her, as he held her hand.

Gwen’s heart was pumping hard and her nostrils flared with nervous excitement.

She pressed Kyle’s hand against her dress. He softly stroked it over her tummy.

The soft touch of is hand added to the excitement of the situation. This excited her, and was alarming, all at the same time.

“We should go I think.” Gwen said. Her voice was soft and wavering with nervous emotion. They turned and crept away. Back on the path they walked back the way they had come.

“Would you like an ice cream?” Kyle asked as they walked holding hands.

“Mm that sounds nice” Gwen said softly. Her mind was whirling with a maze of feelings. Some of them were troubling her.

They sat facing each other on the grass enjoying the ice cream.

Kyle was dressed in a short sleeve shirt and jeans. Gwen in a cream colored dress that went well with her brown shoulder length hair. They had slipped their sandals off sitting in bare feet.

“Thanks for the ice cream cone.” Gwen said softly, after a pause she said in a nervous voice “that was a shock to see those two girls like that, wow.”

“Yes for sure, kind of sexy as well, exciting don’t you think?” Kyle replied.

Gwen was feeling that nervous excited feeling start up again. She shifted her legs a bit and a brief flash of pink panties came into full view.

“Sexy for sure,” she said softly. It was more exciting than she wanted to admit. It excited her and also worried her a bit.

“Exciting, I guess one could say that.” Her free hand was in her lap fidgeting with her dress, uncovering her upper legs in the process.

This was having its effect on Kyle as well. Seeing the girls kissing and hugging was one thing. Now seeing the sexy pink panties, along with her warm pink thighs. A bulge was developing in his jeans.

Gwen’s down turned eyes drifted across toward him, and saw the enticing sight, which added to her excitement.

She was beginning to feel the familiar warmth between her thighs that needed addressing somehow. Instinctively her hand drifted into her lap and lightly pressed against her dress.

A finger pressed between her legs, giving her an exciting sensation that made her fidget and wriggle. Giving Kyle another flash of pink and soft warm soft thigh.

Gwen looked at her watch and said “l think I’d better get going.” It was an excuse she knew, but it was a way to be able to collect her thoughts, and calm down as she slipped her sandals back on.

“Oh okay.” Kyle replied as he put his sandals casino siteleri on.

Getting up and held out his hands to pull her up. She took holds of his hands and let him pull her up. As she stood she stumbled against him, so they stood face to face. Kyle softly kissed her cheek.” It’s been a nice time.” He said

“Mm yes it has,” she said softly. At the touch of his lips Gwen automatically tightened her grip on his hands

They strolled out of the park still holding hands.

“There’s a ball game this evening fancy going?” Kyle asked.

“I’ve never been to baseball, but okay. I don’t know if I’ll like it.” She replied.

“I understand, and that’s fine. If you want to cut out before it’s finished.

We could go and get something to eat. Even if we stay to the end, we still can go and have something. Where shall I pick you up, say at 6.30?”

“You know the Walgreen’s drugstore. I could meet you there, I live just a short way from there” Gwen replied, with a smile.

“6.30 Then.” Kyle said and added, “I’ve enjoyed today.”

“I too, see you later, by”

Kyle showered and changed into fresh jeans and shirt.

The time left before he was to meet Gwen. He sat and read some of his notes from class.

He drove his 1995 Honda to meet Gwen.

As he approached Walgreen’s he saw her. The blouse she had on showed off her shoulder length hair and her nicely shaped chest. Her skirt came to just below her knees, in Brown with fine black vertical stripes.

Like him she had on sandals and bare feet.

He drove up and stopped, getting out he walked around the front of his car. Coming up to her he put his hands on her arms and pecked her on the cheek “I’m not late am I.” He said with a smile as proceeded to open the car door for her.

Gwen slipped in to plush seat as he closed the door.

The material of the car seat had caused her skirt to kind of scrunch up as she sat, and turned. As Kyle got in she was doing up her seat belt, “this is a nice car, I’ve never ridden in a Honda before. No you aren’t late.” After a bit she added, “you look very nice I must say.”

“And you do as well. It’s not a new car but it suits me okay.” He started the car and drove out of the parking lot, and headed to the ballpark.

After parking the car they walked to the ticket office, as he did Gwen took his hand and held it softly.

They found two seats at the end of a row and sat. The teams were warming up just prior to the start of the game.

“Would you like a drink?” Kyle asked Gwen as he touched her hand.

“A coke would be nice,” she said as she smiled warmly.

“I’ll be right back.” He said as he got up and trotted away up the steps.

“There you go.” He said as he handed the drink to her, and sat down.

The game was going on. Even to Kyle it wasn’t an exciting match. “This isn’t a spectator’s game. Lets leave them to it you must really bored with it.” Kyle admitted. He looked at Gwen and took her hand and held it.

“I don’t understand the game but it does seem slow some how.” She replied softly, not wanting disappointment Kyle.

“No problem, I’m sorry that it turned out the way it did,” he said as they walked away from the ballpark. “I wonder what there to see outside of town, fancy doing a bit of exploring?”

“It’s a bit late to do that isn’t it?” Gwen said and added after a pause “we can look around the park some maybe!

“Right on, okay let’s do that.

“Yes it is a bit late to be wondering out of town really. Maybe some other time”

They drove into the parking area by the entrance to the park and got out of the car. “Which way shall we go? It’s all looking interesting. Kyle said Looking around, “how about that way,” he said pointing toward a path going up a small hill toward a wooded.


“Okay” Gwen replied and added with a chuckle “I wonder if those two girls are still here.” She nervously squeezed his hand.

“I wonder” Kyle chuckled. “I’ve never asked but do you have a boyfriend?”

“Here you mean?” No I don’t, back home either.” Gwen replied and added. “How about you, is there somebody?”

“Me, no I don’t have anyone either, unless you would be my girlfriend.”

At that Gwen relaxed saying softly “Maybe” and edged a little closer as they strolled up the hill, hand in hand. “Do you have anything planned for tomorrow, anything stunning?” she asked.

“No not really. I should go and get a few groceries. , That’s about all. How about you, what’s your itinerary for Saturday?”

“Hmm I should do some washing and stuff. Like you say, just chores. You mentioned about exploring some of the surrounding countryside earlier. Maybe we could tomorrow or Sunday?”

“Yes, now that’s an idea why not.” Kyle said. This time he squeezed Gwen hand.

They walked on quietly into the trees and slowly down the pathway into a small shallow valley. The sun dropped slowed as the evening drew on


Kind of awkward Gwen canlı casino said softly “I have to go pee.” Letting go of his hand she trotted off and behind a tree. After a few minutes she reappeared fidgeting with her dress as she walked to where Kyle’s was standing.

“I guess we had better head back. Do you like Italian food?”

“Oh yes, yes I do. Hmm yes Sun is going down fast now.” Gwen replied a she strode alongside of Kyle. The fact that she had to say that she needed to pee to him had triggered a sense of nervous excitement in her. So much so she could feel her nipples hardening inside of her bra.

Getting to the car they drove out of The Park and made their way to Toni’s of Napoli restaurant. Walking to the door Kyle held it open for her to go in.

A waitress appeared and Kyle asked for a booth. They were shown to a semi-circular booth, a tiffany lamp illuminated the table area, and soft Italian music played in the background.

Gwen slid into the seat and sidled around to the back of the table, Kyle followed.

“This is nice” Gwen said softly. Her hands were clasped in her lap.” you’ve been here before?” Gwen asked. “It’s quite Romantic, I like it.” She said.

“It is a really relaxing atmosphere.” Kyle said as a waitress was bringing menus to their table.

“Good evening I’m Janet and I’ll be your server this evening. Can I get you something to drink maybe?”

“What would you like?” me I’ll have coffee please.”

“A coffee for me as well please.” Gwen said.

“Two coffees, thank you. I’ll leave the menu with you.” Janet said and left them looking at the menu.

“Spaghetti and meat sauce for me” Kyle decided, as he put an arm up on the curved back of the seat and behind her shoulders.

“I think I’d like the meat lasagna it sound good.” Gwen said as she sat back and let Kyle’s arm rested on her shoulders.

“Here are your coffee’s folks. Do you need any more time or have you decided yet?” Janet said.

“Can I have the lasagna please?” Gwen said.

“Spaghetti and meat sauce for me” Kyle said.

“Very good, thank you very much, it’ll be here shortly.” The waitress said and left them to themselves once again.

They doctored their coffees to their liking.

Her hand in her lap was fidgeting with her dress, as she felt his hand touch her shoulder very lightly.

The hem of her dress was up above her knees. As she scrunched her dress she moved her hand till it touched Kyle’s leg, she softly caressed it over his jeans. Rocking his foot up and down very slowly, softly rubbing her leg.

His hand, as it caressed her shoulder, and the close proximity of his leg against hers, as she caressed it. Was exciting her and that tantalizing tingling feeling was manifesting itself again, but now she acknowledged it and enjoyed it.

She slid her hand onto his leg and gently ran it up his thigh.

This was exciting him as well, the familiar warm feeling in his groin, as a bulge began building. Slipping his hand down into his lap he slipped the zipper of his jeans down. Moving his hand so as to touch Gwen’s, he caressed the back of if very lightly slowly gingerly drawing it toward his open fly.

Her fingers just touched it, as the waitress appeared with a tray, their meals were on it. As she approached their booth he slowly zipped up his jeans and Gwen moved her hand away from his leg. Her pulse was racing at what had taken place. She felt embarrassed and all flustered that feeling she had when she had to pee. She pressed her hand between her legs, pressing a finger against really warm panties. This accentuated her excitement all the more and her legs parted a bit.

“Here we are lasagna and spaghetti and meat sauce. Can I get you some more coffee?” The waitress said.

“Later maybe thank you” Kyle said.

“Enjoy your meal.” The waitress said with a broad smile and left.

They sat enjoying there supper quietly, each in their own thoughts.

“What say after we go to the bookstore and see if they have a map of the local area?” Kyle suggested.

Looking at her watch Gwen said softly “I think we’ll be to late its 8.40 already, a neat idea though.”

“Is it really, i didn’t realize it was that late. Oh well, I’ll go in the morning while I’m out getting my groceries. Multi tasking, wow, it blows my mind.” He joked.

“Steady fella, logic overload, logic overload!” Gwen chided with a chuckle.

“Good one.” he chuckled.

They finished the rest of their meals quietly and sat back in the seat. “I should have got us some wine to go with our supper, brain freeze, ugh” Kyle said disappointed at the oversight.

“Maybe next time.” Gwen said softly as she tapped his knee softly, leaving her hand on his leg.

“Would you like some more coffee?” Kyle asked.

“Hmm yes please.” Gwen said

Their waitress came to there table shortly after and enquired if there was anything else as she picked up their plates.

Kyle asked for some more coffee. kaçak casino

The waitress returned with the coffee, she refilled their cups and left.

Doctoring their coffee they relaxed back into the comfy Bench seat.

Gwen put her hand into her dress pocket for her kerchief. After gently wiping her nose she slid it back into her dress pocket and let her hand remain in her lap. She again scrunched up her dress, bringing it up above her knees. The warm tingling sensation was slowly pulling at her, and she let it direct her and drive her. She slowly pulled the hem of her dress, to the point where she was able to slip her hand between her legs. And up to her panties. Pressing a finger against the warm material and run it slowly up and down. Her thighs parted slightly in response to the exciting feeling. As they did a leg pressed against his. Gwen could feel her nipples pressing against her bra. Her heart pounded as her finger found that spot. She fought the urge to go on but stopped. Pulling her hand away, as she did Kyle slipped his hand over hers, on her bare leg gently squeezing it.

Their finger intertwined over the bare thigh, it felt soft and warm, which felt inviting to the touch. He slowly slid his hand higher along her thigh.

Gwen was nervously enjoying the attention and becoming excited and scared at the same time. She squeezed his hand and eased it back down her thigh to just above her knee.

She rested her head on his shoulder and nervously whispered, “no Kyle please, it feels exciting and that scares me, okay.” She pecked him on the cheek.

Lifting her hand out of her lap and turning it over him kissed the palm of her hand tenderly.

“Your skin is so soft and warm to touch,” he said tenderly as he looked at her.

Her Brown eyes were moist with emotion. Nostrils flared with excitement “you are so attentive and you are really attractive.” Gwen said holding his hand and squeezing it playfully.

“What would you like to do?” He asked her.

“I don’t know” Gwen replied, “I think maybe I should go home really. I have enjoyed today a lot but should go home. Do you mind?”

“No that’s fine, I’ve enjoyed the day to and it is getting late. I’ll drive you home you’re not walking home alone for sure.”

He slipped an arm around her shoulders as they walked to the car. He opened the door for her and she got in coyly pulling her dress down as she sat. Closing the door he walked around the car and got in “where is your home?” he asked.

“Traverse arms apartments” Gwen said as he got in and closed his door.

“Oh, okay that’s not far from were I met you right?”

“Yes it’s just around the corner from the plaza.” Gwen replied, “Where do you live, I’ve never asked you.” She said a bit nervously, like she shouldn’t know.

“Me, up the hill in the Abbot block, it’s an older building, but I find it fits me fine” Kyle said. He put a hand on her leg and squeezed it gently reassuring her it was okay to ask where he lived.

His hand was so warm on her leg, she wanted to push it away, but didn’t. She left it on her leg and moved her leg toward him instead. The move excited her senses a little more than she liked, but she was enjoying it all the same.

Kyle stopped outside of her block, his hand still on her leg with her hand over

It, she pressed it against her dress. He had to take it away so as to be able to turn car off. In so doing he had pulled her dress up along her thigh, where she let it remain, and saying “thank you for a great time.” Her voice was soft and kind of dreamy sounding.

Kyle got out and opened her door for her to get out. As Gwen turned to get out her dress ran up to her thighs and her panties were in full view. Such a sexy sight Kyle thought as he watched her get out of his car.

He walked to the entrance, his arm around her shoulders. His hand draped down over dress. As they walked she put her hand up and placed it ever his, pressing it lightly against her chest.

He lightly rubbed her dress as she softly squeezed his hand.

Getting to the outside door Gwen got her key out. Turning she said “when shall I see you tomorrow?”

“What say I call you about noon and we go from there?”

“Okay, that sounds good. Thanks for a great time Kyle. I think I’m going to have a hot bubble bath and crawl in bed.”

“Would you like me to come in and wash your back?”

“Hm that’s an intriguing thought, maybe another time,” Gwen said as she kissed him on the cheek. She unlocked the door and opened it “see you tomorrow” she whispered and kissed him again.

Kyle stood quietly as Gwen opened glass portal and went into the front foyer, the door closed behind her. Getting to the elevator he pressed the up button. As she did the doors opened and she disappeared inside.

Getting to his apartment he stripped and got in a warm shower. Stand under the falling water be thought back over the events of the afternoon ad evening.

He had some exciting reflections. That soon gave him a solid erection that he slowly exercised, slowly he increased the momentum to the point where he couldn’t stop, not that he wanted to. It culminated in a knee quivering ejaculation. He leaned against the shower wall as his pulse raced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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