A Very Friendly Visit

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This story is dedicated to Annette Bishop and Lisa, who were my inspiration…

I hope you all enjoy it.


It was a hot day in July when Lisa got a call from her old friend, Annette Bishop from Milwaukee, who she hadn’t heard from in awhile. Annette told her she was traveling in the general area for business and wanted to see her. She asked Lisa if she still lived in Yonkers and Lisa told her no.

Lisa told her that she lives now with her newly married daughter and son-in-law.

Lisa told her that her daughter, Jessie got married a few months ago and she is living with them in their sprawling ranch style house in Connecticut. Lisa gave her the address and directions.

Annette told her that she had a few days free and wanted to visit with her. She said that she would be there next Saturday.

Lisa told her that she, her daughter and husband are nudists but if that bothered her, they would all stay dressed. Annette told her nudity was no problem at all and couldn’t wait to see her.

Lisa told Jessie and Kevin and they were happy that they would be entertaining Lisa’s friend. They asked if their being nude would be a problem and Lisa said no.

Lisa told them that Annette is insatiable when it comes to sex, so they should be prepared for anything. Kevin suggested that he put a small party together in her honor, maybe a few of his buddies could could come over.

That night, Lisa texted me and told me to come up for a few days to meet Annette. She also said that Kevin was going to throw a little party for her. I told her I would be up that way anyway to get something taken care of and that I would be there.

I made it to Lisa’s on that Thursday. Lisa told me that Annette would be arriving sometime on Friday. She also told me that Annette loved sex more than her, if I could believe that. I told her we would have to see about that.

I said my hellos to Jessie and Kevin. Kevin told me and Lisa that he made some calls and got five of his buddies to come over tomorrow night for the small get together. We told him it sounded great.

The rest of the day I got caught up on how things were going for the newlyweds and Lisa.

They all said everything was fine. Jessie helped out at the business, Lisa was working and the three of them enjoyed their nudity and the sex was terrific.

Kevin continued by saying that most nights Lisa slept with them or at least visited them in bed for awhile.

That night I slept with Lisa and during the night Jessie crept into the bed with us. No sooner than she got in bed, Lisa woke up and immediately kissed her daughter. I moved over a bit to give them room as they started making out.

As they were enjoying themselves, I ventured out to the kitchen. Soon, Kevin joined me and we had coffee and talked.

After a half hour, we went to check on them and they were still grinding their pussies together and were about to cum, so we just watched.

Saturday morning came and around 10:00 a.m. the doorbell rang and it was Annette. Lisa answered the door naked and hugged her friend. Annette liked what she saw and told her so with a big kiss on Lisa’s lips.

Lisa introduced her to everyone and I took notice that she wore no bra. She was on the thin side, in her early forties, about 5’6″, around 105, a brunette with hazel eyes. All in all, very fuckable.

Kevin asked if their being nude would be a problem and Annette said no and that she liked looking at cocks and pussies anyway. She winked at Kevin and asked if Jessie liked women and he said to ask her and smiled.

Just then Jessie came in. Lisa introduced Jessie to Annette and Jessie gave her a welcome kiss on her lips. Annette smiled. Jessie told Annette that Kevin arranged a small get together tomorrow night at the house and that she was downstairs getting everything ready. He also said that his mom and dad are coming.

Jessie told her they have basically another room downstairs that they use for a special get together. She continued by saying that they have a room with a king sized casino oyna bed, couches, love seats, a video camera set up and more. She even told Annette that they made a small room for light bondage play, with handcuffs, nipple clamps, ropes, light whips, blindfolds and more. Annette nodded her head in approval.

Lisa then took her to a spare bedroom to put her things but I could tell that she wasn’t comfortable there. I whispered to Lisa, “I bet she would rather be sleeping in our bedroom with you.”

Lisa took my cue and told her that if she didn’t like the room, she could stay in ours but that would be up to her.

Annette thought about it and asked if she could maybe switch with me for tonight and then she would go to the spare room tomorrow. We told her that would be fine. I could see both of their eyes light up, knowing that they will be playing with each other.

For the rest of the day, Lisa and Annette caught up about old times and what was going on now and brought each other up to date.

Lisa told Annette everything about her new found sex life, especially that she went bi with Jessie. She continued telling Annette that Kevin often fucks both Jessie and her daily and often together. She also told her that she and I got Kevin’s parents into the lifestyle too.

Annette said that she fell in love with Kevin as soon as she saw his huge cock and that she couldn’t wait to get Jessie in bed, as she laughed.

Kevin and Jessie prepared dinner and we all enjoyed the food and plenty of wine outside on the patio.

After dinner Kevin invited us to use the hot tub. We all got naked, including Annette, and got in. Kevin brought out more wine and we all got to know each other better.

It was then that I noticed Annette’s thick dark hairy pussy. It was a stark contrast with Lisa’s now smooth look.

Everyone was feeling good from the wine and I suggested that we go inside to really get to know each other.

Once inside, Kevin told Jessie that Annette wanted to know if she liked women. Jessie got up and walked over to Annette and pulled her off the sofa and gave her a deep kiss on her mouth.

Annette returned the kiss and the two started feeling each other up. Kevin suggested they go to the bedroom as we followed them to the bed.

Once in the room, they got on the bed, their hands all over each other. I told Annette to get on all fours over Jessie. When she did, I got behind her and slipped my cock in her cunt. All the time Jessie was eating Annette. Then Jessie moved to Annette’s tits.

As Jessie was sucking Annette’s nipples, I started fucking her. It didn’t take me long before I came in her cunt.

When I finished, Kevin took my place and managed to get his 12″ hard cock in her cunt and started fucking her. With every thrust, Annette let out a moan. Soon she was pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. He finally came, shooting streams of cum in her until it poured out of her.

Lisa went over to her and kissed her and then Annette started sucking on Lisa’s big, erect nipples.

As cum was flowing out of Annette, Lisa got into 69 with her and started lapping up the cum from her cunt.

We watched as Lisa and Annette did each other until they both had multiple orgasms.

After they finished, we all rested then headed back to the hot tub. All five of us soaked in the hot water and relaxed.

As it started to get late, we all got out of the hot tub and dried off and headed inside to the family room.

Annette and Lisa sat together as did Kevin and Jessie. I grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures of everyone. I focused in on Annette and her thick hairy pussy.

I told Lisa that she should shave Annette’s pussy so they could look like twins. Everyone laughed.

Jessie said she would do it. Then Annette got up and Jessie led her to the bathroom. I followed so I could take a video of the event.

Kevin leant her his electric shaver to get the thickness down. Then Jessie took a safety razor and started shaving Annette’s pussy carefully.

It took over a half canlı casino hour before Annette’s pussy was completely smooth. After the job was done, we went back into the family room.

Kevin said that the three women looked like triplets and loved Annette’s new look.

I took a picture of the three smooth pussies which came out surprisingly well. By that time, it was time for bed.

Lisa and Annette headed to the bedroom and Kevin and Jessie headed to theirs. As I headed to the spare room, Jessie invited me to stay with them, an offer I did not refuse.

As the rooms are far apart, I could only hear feint sounds coming from Annette and Lisa’s room and knew they must be having some great sex.

The morning came and I got up first as I had to pee. I went to the bathroom down the hall and met Annette as she was heading to the bathroom also.

I asked her how things went and she said that Lisa was awesome but she had to pee badly. I told her I did too.

So, while she sat on the seat peeing, I peed between her legs into the bowl. We both laughed and said we had to do that again soon and left.

Finally, everyone was up and having breakfast. After we ate, we headed to the pool to get some sun.

Kevin said that the party would start at 9:00 p.m. so we should rest because it will be a long night.

For most of the day, we just lounged around and took some sun. The women made sure their pussies were really smooth and Kevin and I watched them trimming and shaving themselves.

Around noon time, Maddie and Dennis arrived and joined us at the pool. No sooner than they came in, their clothes came off.

Kevin introduced them to Annette who quickly told them that she loved Maddie’s smooth pussy and Dennis’s big cock and wouldn’t mind playing with them.

Maddie smiled and told to Annette that she might get lucky and get her wish tonight.

Kevin and Jessie disappeared for awhile as they wanted to make sure everything was set for the party.

Around 6:00 p.m., Kevin brought out some snacks and refreshments to pick on to carry us over until later tonight.

At 8:00, the women got ready. They stayed naked but put coverups on. The guys just put on shorts. By 8:30, we were all set for a great time.

At 9:00 p.m., the five guys arrived. Kevin introduced all of them. They all seemed to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s and it was evident that they all worked out.

Jessie and Kevin poured them wine and they mingled in very nicely. They were polite and charming, not what you would do expect from guys that were going to be fucking all the women tonight.

All the guys made sure they gave Jessie a big hug and kiss and I was guessing that each one of them have fucked her at some point.

By 10:00 p.m., Kevin made an announcement, “Everyone, this party was put together for our guest of honor, my mother-in-law Lisa’s friend, Annette Bishop. Please make every effort to welcome her here and to enjoy your company to the fullest. Let the party begin.”

We all went downstairs to the room that was set up.

When we got downstairs, the guys undressed and I could see that the women were going to have a great night. Not one guy’s cock was under 7″ soft.

The first guy, Adam came over to Annette and took her hand and led her to the middle of the room. He removed her coverup and gazed at her nakedness. He started playing with her 32A tits and sucking on her nipples.

As he was doing that, Ben went over and started feeling her up. Soon they had her on her back on the floor. Adam then got her on all fours and started to fuck her doggie style. Ben got underneath her and got into 69 and he started eating her as Adam was fucking her. She took Ben’s cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

In no time at all, Adam said he was cumming. He pulled his cock out and shot three big streams of cum all over her ass and back.

Ben announced he was cumming and when he did, Annette swallowed every drop.

I quickly got under Annette and Kevin slid his cock in her cunt. As he was fucking her, I was kaçak casino trying to eat her and wound up with my tongue and mouth on Kevin’s cock as he slid it in and out of her. When he came in her, I got a mouthful of his cum and Lisa came and licked it out of my mouth.

After that, people paired off and went in different directions.

Kevin paired off with Jessie, Lisa paired off with Dennis, and I paired off with Maddie.

Annette was taken to the king sized bed by Carl, Dan and Eric while Adam and Bed rested.

They got Annette on the bed on all fours and one guy slipped his cock in her cunt, another guy was able to get his cock in her ass while she had another’s cock in her mouth.

Annette took all of them on like a pro and it didn’t take long before cum filled both her holes. She almost drowned when the guy came in her mouth.

After an hour or so, we all went back into the main room to recuperate.

Refreshments were served with more wine. We relaxed for about an hour then Kevin announced, “Tonight, I am going to do something I have always wanted to do but never did. But first I want to thank Lisa and John for making it possible.”

Then he called up his mom. “Mom,” he said, “I have always wanted you but couldn’t have you. But, tonight I am going to make love to you to thank you for everything.’

Although she was shocked, she kissed her son and they laid on the floor together. Soon Kevin was on top of his mom. She spread her legs and he slipped his 12″ cock inside his mother’s cunt. After a few short thrusts, his cock was fully seated in mother’s cunt.

We all watched as he started ramming his cock into her cunt. Kevin announced he was cumming and shot a ton of cum into his mom’s cunt. It flowed out of her even with his cock still in her.

When he pulled out his cock all of hid cum was pouring out. Lisa and Jessie and Annette went over and started lapping up the cum from her cunt. It was a great sight to see.

Maddie got up and told us she had to pee. Jessie took her and led her to the shower and she invited everyone to join them.

Jessie, Lisa and Annette knelt on the floor with their mouths open and told Maddie to pee in their mouths.

We watched as Maddie unloaded a stream of hot per into their mouths, going from one to the other.

As soon as Maddie finished, Lisa welcomed the guys in. One by one, each guy took turns peeing into their mouths and all over them. All eight of us did them. After the last guy, they started kissing and rubbing the pee all over themselves, especially their tits. They all looked so sexy playing with each other.

The women got cleaned up and headed back to the main room. Lisa took Annette to the bondage room and the everyone watched as she was cuffed to the wall. Then Lisa put a pair of nipple clamps on Annette’s nipples and we could hear the moans of pain. Lisa took the light whip and gave Annette some lashes on her pussy, then made the nipple clamps tighter.

Lisa told Maddie and Dennis to go to her and play with her, which they did. Then Lisa told Annette to go into the room, get on all fours so each guy can fuck her ass.

Jessie undid her and took her inside. She got on all fours and one by one, each guy rammed their cocks into her asshole. Each one shooting their cum deep into her.

I was given the pleasure of being the last guy yo fuck her cum filled asshole.

My cock slid in easily as it was well lubed with cum. I rammed my cock hard and shot my load into her ass.

She collapsed on the floor with a puddle of cum under her.

As the sun was almost up, the party ended and the guys left.

Lisa took Annette to bed and the cuddled until they fell asleep.

The next morning we all talked about last night’s party and everyone agreed that it was terrific.

However, time had come for Maddie and Dennis to leave as they had a long drive home.

I had to leave also and thanked Kevin and Jessie for a wonderful time. I kissed Annette goodbye and told her that I was glad she visited Lisa.

I kissed Lisa goodbye and told her to stay in touch, then left.

Annette thanked everyone for keeping her entertained and for the party. She said she had a great time. She hugged and kissed Lisa and went on her way.

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