A Vegas Surprise

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He’d always had a plan like this kicking around in the back of his mind. But once they’d booked the trip to Las Vegas, he felt that it was time to bring his plan into action. He grinned with anticipation as he sureptiously slipped the item into his suitcase and tucked under his clothes. He didn’t need to be so sneaky, as his girlfriend Stephanie was in the shower and couldn’t possibly see what he was doing, but it was all part of the fun.

The only possible problem would be whether or not Steph would go for it. He was confident that she would. She was usually willing to try new and exciting things in their sex lives. She had her limits, but Dan thought that what he was planning on suggesting was well within those limits. Of course, what he was going to suggest might turn out to be a little different than what was actually going to happen.

He heard the water in the shower turn off. A moment later Stephanie opened the door and emerged from the steam in her bathrobe. Dan could usually tell what kind of a mood she was in based on how the robe was being worn. Today it was tied snugly, but the robe was cinched all the way to her neck. That meant that she wasn’t exactly in prude mode, but was likely not interested in any extra-curricular activity. That wasn’t a huge surprise, as they had to get up early for their flight.

“I’m all packed; how are you doing?” Dan asked.

“Fine. I’m almost done. I just have a couple more things to add. Or should I say, a couple more surprises,” she added with a coy smile.

Dan froze for a second, thinking he had been busted. He quickly realized that she was talking about herself. Interesting. So she was planning on bringing a couple of surprises. This would turn out to be an interesting long weekend after all.

“Great!” he replied. “I’m looking forward to it.”

She smiled, turned away and slipped out of her bathrobe, reaching for her nightgown which was hanging on the back of the door. Though Dan was only getting the backside view, he was still enjoying it. Stephanie had a great figure. She was about 5’7″, with an athletic build. She was in her early thirties, like Dan, and was still in excellent shape. From the side, he caught a quick glimpse of the side of one of her 36 C breasts, which still had the perk they did when she was in high school. She had a pretty face, with baby blue eyes and light brown hair. What Dan liked most about her face was how much it lit up when she smiled. She’d been smiling a lot lately, since he’d told her that he was taking her to Vegas.

She shooed him out of the room so that she could finish packing in private. She was planning on packing some sexy new lingerie that she had bought, along with one other item, that she didn’t want Dan seeing. Dan complied with minimal protest and went downstairs to make himself a sandwich. Stephanie smiled to herself as he left the room. She was pretty sure that he wouldn’t mind leaving and was very sure that he would be thrilled when he saw what she had packed. He’d only just finished munching on his ham and cheese when she called downstairs and told him he could return to the bedroom.

She was already under the covers, in her white cotton nightgown, reading a book. Dan stripped to his boxers and climbed under the covers as well. They exchanged smiles and he started reading. It was warm night, so Dan flipped off the comforter and was covered by the sheet.

He was hardly able to concentrate on the book, as he kept imagining how the weekend would go. He felt himself getting aroused. He tried in vain to prevent the flow of blood to his quickly growing penis by focusing very hard on his book. But it wasn’t working. The thin sheet was leaving little to the imagination. He laughed inwardly as he realized that he was literally pitching a tent. He shifted slightly to try and hide his erection.

“Something on your mind, dear?” Steph asked.. Dan turned to look at her, but she didn’t meet his eye. She was looking down at Camp Happy, the site of the tent he had just pitched, with a smirk.

“Um, no, just looking forward to the trip is all,” he said with a hint of embarrassment.

Stephanie was a little surprised that Dan had gotten so turned on. She didn’t think it was his book, as she had read it before him and there was no sex in it at all. She was already a little tired and not really in the mood, but she didn’t want to start their vacation by rolling over and going to sleep while he lay their with a full-on erection.

“Sorry, but I’m a little tired tonight,” she said, smiling sweetly.

“Oh, no problem. I’m sure that will go away in a second.”

She would tease him for a minute or two and then help him get some relief, she decided. “Okay, then” she said, as she went back to her book. “It is warm in here,” she murmured, as she adjusted the comforter downwards. She did so knowing that it would expose her chest. She was still wearing her nightgown, but she knew that it was very white and very thin. She could tell without looking that when she was lying on her back, in illegal bahis just the right light, such as the one coming from her bedside table, that her nightgown went slightly see-thru. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and could make out the pinkish hue of her nipple through the nightgown.

She held the book closer to her face to hide her smile and allow Dan an unobstructed view of her see-thru outfit. She caught Dan looking twice. She could see that his cheeks were a little pinker than they were before. Just for good measure, she allowed her free hand to absently and lightly stroke her nipple. It wasn’t really doing it for her, but she knew this would drive Dan wild. The cool air and her fingers were enough to make her nipples swell. Perfect, she thought. See-thru shirt, hard nipples. There’s no way he’ll be calming down.

She glanced down after a minute or two to see if Camp Happy was still there. If anything, the tent was standing straighter than it was before. “Oh dear,” she said in mock dismay, “Looks like your situation hasn’t improved.”

Dan smiled sheepishly. “No, it hasn’t. You’re not exactly helping,” he pointed out.

“What could I possibly have done to bring about your current condition,” she feigned innocent. Before he could reply, Stephanie turned on her side and started slowly sliding her hand under the covers. “Well, let me see if I can help you out now.”

Dan smiled as he felt her hand reach the side of his leg. “That would be great.” Her hand slid under his boxers and lightly gripped his throbbing shaft. Dan sank back into the bed and let out a small sigh. Stephanie dropped her book and peeled back the sheet with one hand while she slowly squeezed Dan’s dick with her other. She shimmied over to Dan’s side of the bed so that she was straddling his legs. She slid his boxers down and let his large, throbbing cock spring into view. It already had a small drop of pre-cum forming on it.

Stephanie started slowly stroking his dick with her right hand. “What was it I did that kept your cock so hard?” she asked coyly. Dan loved it when she talked a little dirty, so he had no problem in replying.

“You pulled the covers down, so I could see your tits, then you played with one of your nipples.”

“Did I?” she said in mock surprise. “You mean like this?” She lightly teased her nipple through her nightgown. All Dan could do was grunt in reply, because at the same time that Stephanie was teasing her nipple, she also started to stroke his cock faster, while gripping it tighter. Dan could feel the tension building in his dick. Steph could also tell that he was enjoying it as his cock was standing straight up in the air and pre-cum was oozing out freely.

“Would you like me to show you my tits?” Stephanie asked. Dan nodded in reply, not trusting his ability to talk. Stephanie used her free hand to lift her nightgown and expose her right breast. She was wearing underwear, but Dan already knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The nipple was rock hard and pointing straight out. “Do you like my tit?” she asked.

“You better believe I do,” Dan replied. Stephanie was enjoying toying with her man. She stared slowly grinding herself into his leg, while continuing to tease her now-exposed nipple. She angled herself so that her clit was gently rubbing on Dan’s shin. She knew she was too tired to get off, but she could still derive a little pleasure.

Dan felt her grinding her womanhood onto his leg. Between teasing her nipple, stroking his dick and grinding her pussy into his leg, Dan felt ready to explode. He groaned as he felt a stirring in his balls. Steph also felt it and started to slow down, while still gently squeezing.

“Poor baby,” she cooed. “Is something wrong?”

“I need to come so bad,” was all Dan could muster.

Stephanie smiled and said, “You only get to come when I think you’re ready.” With that, she started stroking him faster again. Dan could feel her hand sliding up and down his shaft and over the ridge of his cock. “Not yet.”

Dan needed relief badly. Pre-cum was pouring out his dick, which had just about turned purple. He could also feel a touch of moistness on his leg, where Stephanie was still grinding herself. Just as he felt he was getting close, Stephanie would slow down and deny him the climax he needed so badly.

She pushed herself further down the bed so that her face was right over his manhood. She kept her nightgown up so that her rock-hard nipples were rubbing against his legs. “No cumming yet,” she said.

She started back up at full speed. Dan was enjoying himself, but knew that he needed to cum soon or he felt like his head would explode. He decided to play coy himself. He had been writhing on the bed in near-agony, but forced himself to stop. He lay perfectly still and closed his eyes.

Stephanie frowned slightly. Was he not enjoying himself anymore? She stroked faster, her hand covered in his fluids. Dan knew that he was getting close, but didn’t react. Stephanie leaned close and gently licked the tip of his illegal bahis siteleri cock. Dan let out a small gasp, as he didn’t see that coming. His balls were boiling and his cock was about to start spasming. He knew that he was seconds away from a monstrous orgasm, as long as Steph didn’t stop what she was doing.

Unaware that Dan was as close as her was, she leaned close and licked the top of his Johnson again. It was at that exact moment than Dan came, and he unleashed a huge torrent of cum. Stephanie was in the act of licking his dick, when much to her surprise, a huge rope of cum shot out of Dan’s dick. She could see it coming, but didn’t react in time. The cum shot straight up and landed on her face, leaving a line of jism from her forehead to her tongue, which was still out.

Dan let out a loud grunt and Stephanie gasped in surprise. She started to lean back, but thought that she was already covered in jizz, so she might as well make it worth his while. She didn’t normally like it when a guy shot his load all over her face, but this didn’t really seem to be Dan’s fault. She kept her face right where it was as Dan unloaded shot after shot of hot, white jizz. Stephanie had to close her eyes to prevent an eye-load of cum. When Dan was finally done, Steph’s face was completely covered. Unable to see, she simply leaned upright.

“Wow!” Dan exclaimed. “That was amazing! I don’t think I can move.”

Stephanie smiled through the jizz. “Glad you enjoyed. If you can’t move, then what am I going to do about this?” She pointed to the cum that was slowing leaking off her face.

“Oh right. Let me grab you a towel,” Dan offered, starting to extricate himself from underneath Stephanie.

“Don’t worry about it.” Stephanie was feeling very risqué all of the sudden. She pulled her nightgown off in one motion and used it to clean her face. She could tell before she’d taken it off that it already had some cum on it, so what was the difference. She wiped her face clean, got off the bed, threw the nightgown in the laundry basket and went into the bathroom to finish washing up. When she returned to the bed, she decided to keep with feeling risqué and chose not to get another shirt.

“Goodnight honey,” she whispered.

Dan was seriously impressed. She never slept topless and didn’t like facials. Now here he was getting both in one night. He decided to leave his boxers off in keeping with the spirit. “Goodnight.”

They drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others arms.


Everything had gone smoothly. Dan and Stephanie awoke on time and made their flight. It had been a long flight across the continent, but they had arrived in Vegas on time. They had collected their luggage and were riding in a cab to their hotel.

Stephanie had not been to Vegas before, she so was amazed at the sheer size of the hotels. Dan had been twice before, but it still impressed him. He was looking forward to getting to their hotel. Dan had decided to go big and had made reservations at Caesar’s Palace.

They checked into the hotel and a bellman showed them to their room. “Remember, the rooms here aren’t phenomenal, because they don’t want you in their room, they want you in the casino gambling,” he warned just before they opened the door. To Dan’s surprise, the room was a little nicer than he had been expecting. The bathroom had a large tube and a shower stall with three jets. One from the top and two on the side.

“Looks just fine to me,” Stephanie confirmed.

They quickly unpacked, while Dan made sure to slip the item unnoticed into his drawer, and decided to get a lunch, as they had not eaten since before they left. After lunch, they returned to their room. Now it was time for Dan to execute his plan.

“So, I have a little surprise. I bought something that I think you might enjoy,” he told Stephanie. Stephanie gave him an inquisitive look. Dan was holding the item behind his back.

“Well, you’ve got my attention,” Steph said.

Dan produced the item. Stephanie wasn’t sure what she was looking at. It looked like a pair of skimpy underwear. It was clearly a thong, but there seemed to be some extra material in the front. “It’s a pair of underwear with a small vibrator built in,” Dan explained, holding the underwear up so Steph could see them. Sure enough, right in the front of the underwear was a little ridge about two inches long, sticking out about half an inch from the fabric.

“Um, okay,” Stephanie was clearly not convinced. She had always said that she wasn’t a big fan of vibrators or toys in general. Dan had been expecting a reaction like this.

Now came the interesting part. “The speed of the vibrator is controlled by a remote control,” he continued.

“Oh right,” Stephanie protested, “Like I’m going to let you control a vibrator that’s in my panties.”

Dan had been expecting that too. “Actually, I was thinking that you’d keep the remote.”

Stephanie was still unconvinced. Dan worked on her for a few minutes. “The idea is that you canlı bahis siteleri wear it out in public. You and only you can decide how much its going, if its on at all. You are entirely in control.” That wasn’t entirely true, but Steph didn’t need to know that. “I booked dinner in a really nice restaurant in the mall under the hotel. Its called the Palm. I know you’ll love it. So, I was hoping that you might wear this to the restaurant as a little appetizer for when we come back here after dinner.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. Dan kept working on her and he could see that she was slowly coming around. “Well I don’t know about sitting in a nice restaurant with this between my legs,” she offered weakly.

Dan had been expecting that too. She had walked right into what he really had planned. “Fair enough. Let’s do this. I thought I might hit the Texas Hold’Em tables for a bit. Why don’t you put that on and go shopping. Their’s lots of stores beneath the hotel.” He produced his credit card. “If you try this out in the mall, you can buy yourself a pretty dress for tonight. No price limit.” Dan knew that was a safe offer. Stephanie was always conservative in her purchases.

She considered his offer. Ultimately it wasn’t a bad one. The worst case was that if she didn’t like wearing the thing, she didn’t have to wear it to dinner and she still got a new dress out of the deal. She offered a last bit of token resistance. “Well what do I wear if I’m wearing that?”

“Wear your jeans. It’s just like regular underwear, just slightly thicker. No one will know.”

Stephanie gave Dan a smile. “Allright honey. Just for you.”

Perfect. Dan smiled in return, knowing that she had just agreed to the last component of his plan.

Stephanie went into the bathroom to change. Dan couldn’t figure out why she didn’t just change in front of him, but he wasn’t about to press the issue.

Stephanie closed the bathroom door and dropped her jeans. She didn’t want to change in front of Dan because she had a surprise of her own for that night. She examined the item a little more closely. It didn’t look that bad, actually. It wouldn’t be that intrusive, especially if it wasn’t on. It looked like it would line up with her clit, so she needn’t worry that it would somehow slide inside her. If she had the remote, she’d barely notice it at all.

She stepped out of her underwear and put on the vibrating thong. It didn’t leave much to the imagination on her backside, but there was a lot of material on her front, so she was nicely covered. She adjusted the thong. As she expected, the little ridge snuggled right up against her lips and was almost touching her clit. She sighed quietly. Dan was always up to something. She was already wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt. Underneath she had a thin tank-top with a built in bra. The very top of the tank top was showing, but she would not have worn it out in public without the T-shirt on overtop. She slipped on her jeans and turned.

“Oh,” she let out in surprise. The jeans were a little tight, so they had pushed the ridge right onto her clit. It didn’t really feel like much, but it had surprised her none-the-less.

She opened the door and stepped out. “Allright, its on,” she informed Dan. “See,” she had left her jeans unzipped. She had the flaps of her jeans open, so that Dan could see her underwear. The vibrating thong had a distinct pattern, so Dan knew she had been true to her word. He ceremoniously handed over the credit card.

“No limit,” he reminded her. “What my baby wants, my baby gets.” She laughed. Dan also handed over the remote. “Just in case you want to try it by your self.”

She rolled her eyes again. Dan just shrugged and they left the room and headed for the elevators. Once they reached the lobby, they agreed to meet back in the room in two hours. “If you get finished earlier, you can come find me,” Dan said. “The poker tables are right there,” he pointed to an area of tables right near the elevator.

“Okay, see you in a bit,” Steph said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Dan smiled and turned to walk towards the Poker tables. Once Stephanie had turned the corner, Dan turned back to go in the same direction she had just gone. He walked carefully forward and cackled loudly, exclaiming, “I’m a diabolical genius!”

An old couple who were walking by gave Dan a strange look. He ignored them and approached the hallway Stephanie had just walked down. He could see her at the end of the hallway, almost at the doors to the underground mall.

He followed her, being careful to stay far enough back that he would have time to duck into a hiding spot if she turned suddenly. As he followed her, he produced from his pocket a small remote control, not unlike the one he had handed to Stephanie. The key difference was that Stephanie’s remote was for another pair of vibrating panties, which were back in their bedroom, unused and unworn. The remote that belonged to the thong nestled snugly in her pelvic region was in Dan’s hands. That’s why Dan felt worthy enough to call himself a diabolical genius. If Steph tried to use her remote, it wouldn’t work. But Dan would be free to activate her thong as long as he stayed within range. According to the manual, maximum range was 100 feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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