A Trip to the Office

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A visit to the office.

16 years or so ago, i met my wife on this very site. Over the years, we have had a lot of good times. Lately however, we are more and more exploring our kink and finding ourselves indulging in our fantasies.

This is a real story, that happened in the very office that i am typing this from… maybe embellished a bit… but every act and spoken word is true…


It had been a week since we had seen each other. Our work keeps us traveling a lot. I took her out for a nice dinner. We talked, she was charming, I tried to be funny. We joked, laughed, even cried a little. We had great food. And wine, well, she had wine. I sipped my one glass and made sure hers was never empty.

Once dinner was over, we went for a drive. We both knew where we were headed. To my office. She knew what I was up to, I had informed her the day before, and she agreed. I think she was testing me to see if I would actually do it.

I made some pretense about showing her the building. Nervous small talk that went nowhere. I parked the car outside and lead her in, making sure to lock to door behind us.

Once we were there, I quickly closed the door and grabbed her from behind. Placing calculated kisses and bites on the back of her neck, my hands ran up her sides. Trailing fingers along her skin in the way that I know will give her shivers and result in a damp spot in her panties. Moving forward I cupped her large breasts through the thin summer dress she was wearing. My touch is not gentle, need and excitement driving me to squeeze and pinch on her already hardening nipples.

Her body melts back against me. I have to admit that I am shameless. I know that she has a weakness for neck kisses and her nipples are the key to the kingdom as far as getting what I want. I move one hand up to take her by the neck and turn her head so i can kiss her behind her ear. I press myself against her so she can feel my hardness, and growl into her ear “I want you, here. I want to watch you to suck my cock. I want to look down into your pretty blue eyes and remember it every time I have a meeting here.”

She turns in my arms and pushes me slightly back towards my chair, her eyes hungry and her hands reaching for my belt. Tugging down my pants, I sit back in my office chair and watch as she obediently kneels down in front of me and crawls towards my waiting cock. The image is beyond sexy, the cleavage hanging down in her dress, the sway of her ass as she crawls toward me.

She runs a hand up my thigh and grips my cock in her hand. The tip of her tongue reaching out and running across the sensitive underside. She slowly runs her hand up and down my pulsing cock as she French kisses the tip. Her tongue doing small circles around the tip and then lapping at the underside.

Knowing that I love to feel her lips around me, she guides my throbbing cock between them and sucks on the head. Still sliding her fingers up and down the shaft as she looks up at me through her lashes. I let out a low moan and she begins to suck that cock in earnest, sliding her mouth up and down. Up and down, a little further each time. Her small hand fondling my balls as she works my shaft.

She removes her mouth from cock and kisses her way down to the bottom of my shaft, short wet kisses, punctuated with a swipes of her tongue along the vein. Running the tip of her tongue casino siteleri across my balls her hand once again begins to stroke me. She loves to lick my balls. She tells me there is a soft spot on the bottom that she likes to touch, lick and fondle… and I never complain. She drives me wild like this until I have to take matters into my own hands.

Eventually, I can’t resist and my hands move to her hair, gripping it, moving it out of the way so I can bring her lips back to the tip of my cock. Looking into her eyes I press my cock into her mouth inch by inch until her lips are once again touching my balls. I release the pressure and she comes up for air, but only for a moment. She beings to fuck my cock with her mouth. Up and down, up and down. I begin to exert more pressure as my need builds. My hands gripping her hair more fiercely, pulling her mouth down on my hard cock so I can feel the back of her throat on each bob of her head. Reacting to my need she moves her head fast and faster, looking up and me, a primal need on her face. She wants my cum. She wants me to lose control. I pull harder and harder, thrusting up to meet her, fucking her sweet mouth until I can barely stand it… I almost cum.

But I have other plans for her tonight.

I pull her off my cock and quickly stand. My hands begin to undo the buttons on her dress, fingers fumbling with them, almost ripping them in need. She steps back, her ass resting against the top of my desk as she finishes undoing her dress and revealing her body to me. Pulling the dress from her, I toss it onto a chair. Her lacy bra and matching panties accentuate her sexiness. I burry my face in her cleavage and grab at her body, my hands roaming from her breasts to her ass. My hands reach up, gripping her around the neck and bringing her lips to mine in a fierce kiss, biting at her lower lip before releasing and turning her around to face the desk.

I push her down. Her pale arms spreading out across the dark wood of my work space like it was a display board and she, it’s art. Her ass sways with anticipation as I run my finger down her spine, from the base of her neck to the sensitive area just above her ass. My fingers hook in her panties and I peel them from her and down her leg, leaving them hooked around her right ankle.

I can’t wait anymore and move forward to rub my cock along her slit, coating it with the juices of her dripping pussy. My hands grab her ass cheeks and spread her open while my cock instinctively pushes against that most inviting of places. Her hot cunt. I press forward. My need to cum driving me forward. She’s giving me everything, she’s invited me to use her for my pleasure, and i will accept this gift.

I drive my cock in as far as it will go in the first thrust. The heat of her cunt is incredible, driving me on. To cum in her hot, wet cunt. I slam my hips into her, hard deep thrusts. The setting, the mood, her lingerie, her obvious pleasure in the scenario as evidenced by her dripping pussy, all driving a primal need within me. I reach forward and grab her by the hair. My hands gripping large chunks and pulling her back towards me, arching her back and pulling her body against my cock with each thrust.

She whispers “oh yes, Please… ” as I ram my cock into her hot wet cunt again and again. The sound of her voice and the sexiness of the situation overwhelm me and I being to canlı casino pump her full of cum. I let out a low moan and continue to fuck her through it, pulling harder on her hair and ramming her until my orgasm subsides.

My hands release her hair as my need dwindles. I step back, my cock coated in our juices. My hand trailing down her back, breathe coming in gasps. My naughty girl isn’t finished though. She knows she has a job to do as she quickly backs off my desk and kneels in front of me to clean our juices off my cock. There isn’t a sexier thing in the world than looking down at her as she runs her tongue up and down my shaft, taking the entire thing in while sucking to make sure she doesn’t waste a drop. I reach down and lift her up by the back of her head get a kiss. Her lips wet from her duty.

My hands drop to her hard nipples and I being to roll them between my thumb and forefinger in the fashion that drives her nuts. I’ve tried to teach it to her, but she claims that only my fingers feel that good. She shivers and squirms as I kiss her neck and play with her breasts. My hands not gentle, gripping those large soft globes as if they were going to get away from me and I needed to hold on or lose them.

Her body shakes, naked in the cold office. I push her back against my desk so her ass rests on the edge and then I smile at her and push her back further. My hands guiding her down so she is laying on my desk, her legs in the air. Hair spread in a fiery wave above her head. I can tell you that the image is burned into my mind as one of the sexiest moments of my life. I grip her by the left ankle and run my other hand down her leg. My warm hand making an excruciatingly slow trek towards her dripping pussy. Starting from her heal of her shoes, which are still on, down her ankle, across her calf, ever so slowly making my way down past her knee to her sensitive thighs. Brushing the back of my fingers against her lips and running my hand up the other leg slowly before returning to my prize.

I trace a finger up and down her slit. It’s wet with our mixed juices. I can feel the heat radiating out from her. My finger circles her swollen clit as I look down into her eyes. The blue of her eyes has turned that sapphire colour of intensity and need. I move my thumb to her clit and sink my index finger into her wet warm tunnel up to the second knuckle. Raking it back toward the entrance across her G-spot. My thumb presses down in tight circles against her clit as I slowly fuck her cunt with my finger. My hand moving faster and faster as I feel her need grow.

Pressing her legs over her with my other hand raises her ass into the air and reveals all of her to me. Juices from her cunt are slowly dripping down across her puckered little rosebud. I take a second finger and press it slowly into her hot juicy cunt, filling her up and causing her to moan, “ohhhhh Mike…” I crook my fingers towards the sensitive upper spot in her cunt, right near the entrance at the top. Rubbing it faster and faster, almost slamming my hand against her cunt. The vibrations rocking her clit and making her body shake.

I withdraw my middle finger and begin to circle it around her glistening asshole. Rubbing her juices over it again and again. Pressing the tip against that dark hole, I wiggle it back and forth until I gain entrance. Her body shakes and she tries to close her legs around kaçak casino my hand, but my hand on her ankle keeps her steady. I press that thick finger deeper and deeper into her tight little anus until it is even with the finger in her cunt. She is well lubricated from our juices and so my finger begins to slide easily back and forth with the other one in her cunt. Thumb pressing against her clit, index finger rubbing against her g-spot, and thick middle finger repeatedly sinking deep into her hottest tightest hole. My tempo picks up. My hand begins hammering against her pelvic region. Fucking both of her hot holes with my hand, making her body shake. Her legs stiffen and try to squeeze shut as i feel her tighten with climax. I can barely move my hand as she shakes and squeezes.

Moaning, she looks up at me and begs me to fuck her. I feign ignorance and whisper “what was that?”

“Fuck me please… Fuck my ass, I know you want to… Mike…please…” It is like music to my ears. Who could resist such a request? My cock instantly hardens and my eyes go dark with lust.

My hands bring her legs together in front of me. I lift her up in the air and my naughty little slut brings her hands down to her ass cheeks and spreads herself wide for me, I grip both ankles with my left hand and grab my hard cock with my right, guiding it to her asshole, glistening with our juices. I press the head against her puckered rosebud and push forward with my hips. It is tight and resists me. But she is not to be denied and I feel her push her hips back against me until the head pops inside. The feeling is intense. So hot. So tight. I don’t move for a moment, just savoring the undeniably incredible feeling of having her asshole grip my cock.

I grab both of her ankles and begin to rock back and forth against her. Sinking deeper and deeper into her with each movement. Her body writhes back and forth across my desk, she pinches and tweaks her nipples, eyes rolling up in her head. My cock now fully buried in her ass I begin to pump her in long slow thrusts. Like a machine that can’t stop I grip her legs, there will be bruises. My hands slide down her calves and grip her just below the knee. Rocking her pelvis back over her body I press her down against the desk. My cock pistoning in and out of that incredibly tight hot hole. Her hands reach out from her, gripping the sides of the desk, trying to push back against me as I fuck her harder and faster.

I reach forward and grab her breasts as I am about to cum, gripping them, squeezing them, pinching them hard. My cock spasms and I release my load within her, wave after wave of pleasure radiates through my body as I shudder. I pound her until i am spent. Not wanting the feeling of being inside her to end.

Softening, my cock slips from her ass. Letting go of her breasts and stepping back look down at her, shaking on the table I take a mental picture for my next boring meeting. I wish I had a camera.

Reaching down, I give her a hand getting off my desk, I pull her to me and kiss her and hug her and hold her close.

Reality sets in as we stand there shivering with sweat in my office and we quickly start to put our clothes back on. I see a naughty grin spread across her face as she buttons up her dress. I stop her from trying to clean up my desk. That will be a reminder come Monday…

As we are leaving and I am opening the car door for her, she whispers the single sexiest thing I’ve heard from her yet…

“you know what I want right now, in this parking lot?… I want you to bend me over the hood of your car…”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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