A Trip to the Beach Ch. 01

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As the car continued down the highway inevitably towards its destination, Dave sat in the passenger seat thinking about the vacation in front of him. He’d been to the coast many times before; in fact he practically lived there. However, he got a tingling feeling all over when he thought about this particular trip as something seemed like it would be different from his past adventures on the Texas gulf coast.

His mother, whom was the driver of the car, had invited him on the trip as she knew he loved to go. She had explained to him that they’d be staying with some of her friends from work, Haley and Jennifer. Dave had met Haley before numerous times at previous engagements.

Being a young man of only twenty years, his thoughts quickly trailed off into a sexual analysis of Haley. He recalled in his mind what she looked like from head to toe, eventually coming to the conclusion that she had a nice ass for an older woman and that he wouldn’t mind tapping it. The analysis moved into a fantasy as he began to picture what she might look like in a bikini, followed shortly by nothing at all. As a little bit of driftwood appeared in his pants, he became even more excited about the trip and couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

Dave’s only complaint for the entire trip was the accommodations. They were staying in a beach resort a large hotel chain had erected, which did not thrill him in the least bit. He was a modest fisherman and surfer, so high-end, fancy resorts just meant too many people and overpricing. What Dave failed to realize, however, was that it was the end of July – the prime eye candy season.

As the car pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, Dave’s thoughts and harsh feelings of the hotel were quickly overcome with excitement and horniness. A view of the pool revealed a large mass of people in which most the members were young women in skimpy bikinis. There were more towards casino oyna the beach, too. Dave was so hard now that he had to readjust his position so as not to embarrass himself in front of his mother. He felt lucky to be wearing sunglasses as his eyes moved all about taking in the tremendous views.

“They told us they’d meet us on the beach” his mother said as they both climbed out of the car. The path to the beach was through the pool area, so Dave celebrated in his mind. As they strolled towards the beach, passing more and more tail with each leg forward, Dave made a vow to himself that he was going to fuck as many of these girls as he could during the short time he was there.

Walking through the pool and down to the beach, Dave trailed off a little as gorgeous asses and tits placed him in a magical trance. He could only restrain himself enough not to reach out and touch each one he passed. Sure, he knew that some of them were jailbait, but most of them looked to be ripe and ready.

“Dave, they’re over there. I found them” his mother called. He slowly slipped away from the mass of people and wandered down to where his mother was. He found her to be with a small group of people; two women, a man, and a young boy. Still extremely distracted by all the poon walking around, he hadn’t noticed that his car fantasy was standing in front of him. As the three women began to squawk like chickens, he settled down a little to assess the situation.

After shaking hands with the man, whom he learned was the husband of Jennifer (the boy being their grandson), Dave turned towards the women to introduce himself. He quickly analyzed Jennifer as he shook hands with her, and wasn’t impressed. He figured her to be too old and shriveled for his likes.

Finally, he got to say hello to Haley. Upon setting eyes upon her, he was amazed and hard again. He was shaking hands with a gorgeous blonde woman, somewhat aged to perfection. He canlı casino scanned her body which was tanned just perfectly in a sexy black bikini. Her beautiful cleavage revealed cute and freckled breasts, Dave wished his hands were there instead of in her hand. On down her body he found the curves of the ass he’d drooled over, and her slender, long legs.

For the next ten minutes or so, the conversation continued between the women as Dave just stood there, eyes locked on Haley’s tits. Every passing moment made him want to squeeze them more and more. He imagined thrusting his cock inbetween them as fast as he could, and then smothering them with cum.

Eventually Dave’s mother broke the trance and told him that they needed to go check in, unpack and what not. So, back through the mass they ventured, but this time Dave was more focused on his thoughts of Haley. He found the situation to be weird and different as he’d never been so turned on by someone so much older than him.

As he grabbed bags from the car, his mind began to clear a little. Dave’s mother began to walk towards the front door of the hotel. Trailing behind, Dave passed through the doorway as a beautiful young brunette in a lime green bikini did. Looking back at her as she passed, she looked back at him and winked. Dave was going crazy. He was going to get fucked, no doubt about it. In the hotel lobby, he found even more eye candy around. He was surrounded by beauties.

After a relatively eventless check in and unpacking, Dave needed to calm down and begin to work on a fuck strategy. He turned on the television to think, and eventually his mother said she was going down to the beach to join the gang. Dave decided to jack off while she was gone as he needed some release from the overload of eye candy.

When she left, he quietly turned off the TV and closed the drapes. He wouldn’t mind leaving them open being on the fifth floor, but there was another kaçak casino resort right next to his and anyone would clearly be able to see across. If he was going to be seen, it was going to be with a chick, not his hand.

He pulled off his pants and lay down on the bed. He focused on all of the great stuff he’d seen throughout the day. It wasn’t long before his cock stood straight up. He spit in his left hand and began to rub the tip and shaft. Dave always liked to warm up with his left, then do the business with his right.

Just as he was slipping into sexual ecstasy, he heard little kids in the room next to him screaming and playing around. He sat up and stopped stroking for a minute, rolling his eyes and grunting. But, he was too horny to let some little ankle biters ruin the moment. He whispered to himself, “Fuck it” and stood up over the bed.

Thinking of Haley, he pulled off his shirt and placed his right hand on his shaft. He began to thrust in and out of it as he imagined he was fucking Haley in her awesome ass. He gripped tighter as the thrusts sped up. Pre-cum oozed from his dick, lubricating it even more. Deep within he felt the beginning of a massive orgasm. He began to smack his balls around with his left hand for more stimulation.

Sweating with delight, Dave was thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. He was breathing heavy and was sure that the kids next door could hear him if they were to shut up. He didn’t care, though, as they continued about their play he knew they hadn’t heard him. Knowing it was about the time to squirt, he thought of Haley being fucked silly by him, bent over on the bed in front of him taking it up the ass, her tits swaying in sync with his good fucking.

Just as Dave was about to soil the comforter, he heard a light knock at the door. “Shit!” he whispered. He stopped thrusting immediately and tried his hardest to keep from coming. Luckily, he was able to control his urge to do so and as another knock at the door went off, he struggled to pull his shirt and pants on. He hollered towards the door, “Hold on, be right there.” He wondered who it was and why were they knocking on his door.

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