A Thanks Revisited!

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After our first liaison, Karla and I had managed to keep professional at work. We’d sent each other the odd text message, but nothing more than that.

However, on the Tuesday two weeks after, Karla happened to be walking past my desk during lunch break, and very casually put something on my desk.

I just glanced over to see a small ball of black material, and realised that it was a tiny g-string.

I grabbed it and hid it so that none of my other colleagues would see it, before quickly sending an e-mail to Karla.

[Are you now as accessible as you were a few days ago?] I quizzed.

I didn’t get an immediate reply, and carried on the day’s work.

As the day was drawing to an end, my ‘New Mail’ flag appeared, and I opened it. Karla had replied [do you fancy meeting in the work’s sauna after work?]

How could I refuse?!

The sauna at work was down in the basement, and it was usually fairly empty.

When 6 o’clock finally arrived, everyone got up to leave, and headed for the elevator.

I got in first, and a stream of people followed, Karla being one of them.

She stood in front of me, and we were all squeezed in tightly.

Thankfully I could move my right arm, so very quickly raised the hem at the back of her dress, and stroked her bare backside.

My probing fingers slid down into the gap between her legs, and Karla parted them slightly, allowing me more access.

I slipped my middle finger straight into her damp canal and fingered her there in the elevator, unbeknown to anyone else.

This made Karla so damp that I could feel the slow trickle of her juices seeping through my fingers and onto my hand – she was obviously casino siteleri getting very turned on by the whole thing.

Just as the lift stopped at the ground floor, I quickly removed my hand, and we waited whilst everyone else filed out of the lift. The doors shut almost immediately, and we proceeded down to the basement.

‘See you in couple of minutes’ she whispered as we both headed off to the different changing areas.

In a few minutes I’d got undressed, grabbed a towel and headed into the sauna. Thankfully it was empty, and I sat in there alone for a couple of minutes. Karla soon joined me, and once inside the door, she removed her towel, and walked over to me.

She then undid my towel & spread it, exposing my raging hard on to her. Karla’s gorgeous smile appeared again.

She said nothing. She just got up onto the wooden bench I sat on, and straddled me, guiding my cock into her awaiting pussy, with her slender fingers. As she sat down, my swollen cock slid effortlessly into her soaking crotch, and she groaned.

‘That’s better than any fucking vibrator!’ she sighed. Karla didn’t waste any time, and started to rise & fall on my cock almost immediately. She held my shoulders as she rode my cock, and I felt all the stress of the day leaving my body – I was in heaven.

The sensation of the heat and steam, combined with our sweat and bodily fluids was incredible, and the heat between our legs was like a furnace.

It didn’t take long before Karla started to groan softly and she tensed, the furnace between her legs reaching a peak and she climaxed. As she quivered I too reached the point of no return, and my cock grew yet further inside canlı casino her, and I injected my thick seed deep into her tight pussy.

We both rested, panting heavily to catch our breaths, and Karla slipped off me, and sat down next to me. We hugged for a moment, and covered ourselves slightly with our towels.

Karla got up and walked over to the coals, where she poured some more water on, filling the small room with clouds of steam … wonderful!

Karla then walked back over to me, and removed her towel en-route. She stood on the bench I was sitting on, a leg on either side of me, with her cute bush just in front of me.

I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, and she giggled softly as they tickled her. The giggling stopped however as my fingers carried on, and I slowly slid a couple past her swollen labia and into her crotch. She gasped softly as she felt the penetration, and leant forward to support herself on my shoulders. I probed in and out of her pussy with my forefingers, whilst my thumb rubbed her firm clitoris, and my middle fingers probed at her tight arse.

Karla squirmed at the sensations she was feeling , and it took no time to push her through another orgasm. As she reached her peak she dug her nails into my shoulders, and her legs went to jelly. I quickly removed my hands and grabbed her waist to stop her falling over.

She laid down on the bench next to me, panting as she gasped for breath, so without respite I spread her legs and knelt between them, going straight down on her.

‘Oh my God’ was all she could gasp, as she felt my tongue run around her labia, before I focussed my attentions on her clitoris again.

The kaçak casino tip of my tongue rubbed her clitoris gently at first, but I quickly speeded up, and Karla grabbed my head, pulling my head firmer into her moist crotch. My tongue was driving her wild, and she was moaning and groaning with every breath, before she suddenly jolted under me as she tensed suddenly, and she shuddered violently through yet another climax.

When I stopped, she just lay there and started to laugh. I couldn’t believe the situation, and I don’t think she could either!

It was then that we decided to go and have a shower to cool off.

Outside the sauna was a line of showers, again empty, so we both got into one of the cubicles together.

‘I think it’s definitely your turn to cum again!’ she whispered.

She turned around and bent over slightly, spreading her legs as the water cascaded over her gorgeous body. My knob was now solid again, and I guided it to her pussy. I probed softly, letting the labia stretch over the tip, and then I pulled out, guiding the head to her arse. She was so wet from the steam, sweat, and now the shower that I slid easily inside her. I put my hands on her waist and pushed deeply in and out of her tight cavity.

‘Oooh that feels goo-ood!!’ she groaned sexily. I screwed her slowly as we relaxed under the cool water, and Karla fingered herself as I screwed her arse. She fingered and rubbed herself quite vigorously, and I could feel her arse tensing around me as she pushed herself closer and closer to yet another climax.

Just as I reached my peak, my cock expanded yet more, and Karla gasped. My thick fluid was injected deep inside her, and she gripped the wall for support as she too shuddered through yet another wonderful orgasm.

As we slipped apart, we held onto each other for support; both absolutely exhausted!

After getting dried and dressed again, I drove her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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