A Sweaty Encounter

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“Okay, everybody, one more push through, on my count and 7,6,5,4,3,2,1….and you are done. Excellent, that’s one of the leg burners I have been saving up- just because it’s Friday is no reason to go easy on you, and I don’t want to see you all back here flabby and bummed out on Monday…”

It was a demanding, punishing work out that that had scared the hell out of Tracy when she started attending Rochelle’s fitness classes six weeks earlier. Now she was thriving upon it.

As the class of 20 women eased into their warm down song, a wretched rework of an 80s Survivor hit, Tracy once again let her covert gaze wander over the form of her instructor upon the stage.

Rochelle, all of 42, almost twice Tracy’s age sported a small firm bust, a light sheen of sweat forming in the cleavage nicely deepened by her tight pink instructor’s top. Tracy’s eyes roved down her body, appreciating again the gently curving hips delivering on the promise of firm, fit long legs beyond.

Warming down Tracy continued to gaze at Rochelle stretching through the warm down. She lay on her back, legs pulled down towards her face, her bottom facing the class. As always, it gave Tracy carte blanch to gaze at those round, firm buttocks encased in their tight fitness pants.

Idly, and certainly not for the first time, Tracy found herself wondering what sort of panties Rochelle wore to her classes.

She preferred to imagine a totally impractical but alluringly lacy G-string burying itself within the forbidden folds of that bottom as its owner leapt, thrust and pulsed to the hard core fitness programme.

Rochelle unfolded herself and eased upright, the rest of the class following, clapping themselves for the hard thrash they had endured at their instructor’s behest.

Tracy felt a pleasing buzz from the high wattage smile Rochelle shot her from the instructor’s stage. Her gorgeous full lips offset by a dark mole only seemed to focus the smile more at her. Her eyes shone a sparkling green, with only a hint of laughter lines around them — they were full of confidence and wisdom, while her clear skin bore the sheen of true working sweat.

The past six weeks of gym visits had passed quickly since Tracy’s breakup with yet another loser boyfriend.

“Loser magnet” was looking like a good T shirt phrase to adopt, maybe even one she was tempted to get pasted either to her forehead, or tattooed upon her back. Meantime Tracy vowed he would be the last in what had seemed to become a habit.

Warming down, she recalled the day after she had kicked the loser out. A cold Friday evening in July, home from work, feeling fragile, ready for the anesthetic of multiple Merlots – the chance to wallow in a Bridget Jones moment.

She had slipped out of her work dress, and stood in her lace bra and G string before the mirror, assessing what it was (again) that kept the right guys away and the wrong ones around.

She thought all 5’10” of herself as slightly overweight. Yet friends dismissed it as paranoia from someone they envied for her curviness.

Her 36 D breasts nestled like warm, heavy river stones against her chest, crowned with the wide dark brown radius of generous aureole. The thick juicy nipples stood out clearly in the bathroom’s harsh light. She tingled with recalled desire at the sensation of them being nibbled upon — before she dutifully kicked the nibbler out of her bed.

She noticed her stomach’s slight protrusion. Ditto for the extra width of her thighs that encased her neatly shaven pussy, they were saved from falling into the “fat” category by the grace of good length. She knew she had sufficient height to carry it, but there was a heaviness about her she wanted gone, as if it represented the recent past she also wanted to exorcise.

She had turned to examine her white round butt, dismissing it as too big. In her self loathing she skipped the fact that there was a beautiful curving parabola to her hips through her narrow waist. That accentuated a bottom many male admirers, and a number of females if they were honest with themselves, had longed to run their hands over.

People’s minds detoured, conversations stalled, while eyes watched a gentle sway Tracy captured so well in her designer jeans. Many desired to savour its smooth, alabaster surface, to have their faces buried deep in the fleshy pillows of her butt cheeks, sampling that warm moist delight encased within.

She was not a train wreck by any means, but that night she had vowed to sort herself out.

She would become someone those losers would one day wish they had never treated the way they had — hell, maybe pull a guy who would hang around.

She picked up on the gym offer going near her work, for a hundred bucks and six weeks it seemed a good deal, and this time she was intent on sticking to the hard regime with the promise of a better body at the end of it.

So six weeks on, no guy, better body, and here she was, oogling her high impact, casino şirketleri highly hot fitness instructor – wondering if perhaps all this time she had been on the wrong team.

There had been occasional girl on girl encounter at her high school. Simple warm wet kisses after getting off the bus while walking home, once a gentle hand exploring between her thighs causing her pussy to moisten. But they had been mere experiments, she always looked on them as “practice” for when the boys inevitably wanted the same.

Now she was not so sure, just thinking about being with Rochelle made her pussy moisten lightly. Only last night she had woken up, her fingers pushed deep into her herself, juices flowing freely around the top of her thighs as she imagined her instructor lapping her down there with her small pointed tongue.

She hung around as the others departed, either heading for home or the showers before work. Still tantalised by her self induced pleasure the night before, Tracy decided to wait around a bit longer to say hi to Rochelle. She feigned a few extra stretches until it was only her and Rochelle left in the cavern of the training room.

“You were really working it hard there today, well done. You are a different person to the one who came to my class six weeks ago,” complemented Rochelle, flashing that smile again. She ran her eyes unashamedly over Tracy’s still sweating body, and Tracy was happy to oblige her.

“I have a good teacher, you are a great incentive for staying in shape, you are the one who should be getting the compliments!”, gushed Tracy. Their conversation paused awkwardly, but they retained eye contact and in a micro second some form of agreement passed between them.

“We better get a shower now everyone’s gone,” smiled Rochelle, walking ahead of Tracy to the change rooms.

Her tight round butt enticed Tracy to follow as she also admired the thin strip of skin beaded in sweat, marking the gap between her training pants and her tight top.

In the fading steam of the change room Tracy felt the crackle of attraction become even more tangible. Rochelle had kicked off her trainers and peeled off her spandex top, unclipped her sports bra and unashamedly let her breasts free.

The firmness Tracy had admired them for was no illusion. Rochelle looked Tracy in the eye, daring her to take them in. The nipples were like the tips of small fingers — smooth and rounded at their peaks, they sat erect from the light pink islands of her aureole. Tracy noticed the sprinkling of freckles in Rochelle’s cleavage, the light remnants of too much summer sun, and imagined rubbing sun lotion lovingly over those pretty mounds on some warm deserted beach one day.

Her flat stomach was a delightful olive brown, with a single diamond piercing winking alluringly from her navel.

Rochelle peeled off her fitness pants, and alas, no lacy G string but an appealing pair of sports panties, sticky with sweat and clinging to her tight butt cheeks, and curving inwards with the flesh of her inner thighs.

“So, we going to stand here all day and look at me, or are you going to shower with your clothes on?” asked Rochelle teasingly.

Tracy snapped from the trance of longing the body before her had cast upon her. She kicked off her trainers and let Rochelle pull her sticky training shirt over her head. Unbidden Rochelle reached around after dropping the shirt and unclipped Tracy’s practical sports bra.

Her gorgeous 36D breasts dictated she put practicality ahead of appeal for gym training when it came to bra choice, but nor had she ever anticipated her instructor being the one to critique it.

But Rochelle’s only comment was a small sigh of delight as Tracy’s heavy pendulous breasts swung free of the restraint. Her dark nipples were already highly erect with pent up sexual arousal, and she could see that reciprocated in Rochelle’s body.

“Why don’t you touch them if you like looking so much?” suggested Rochelle.

Hesitatingly in the steamy quiet of the change rooms, Tracy lightly ran the palms of her hands over Rochelle’s nipples. Like beautiful pink sea anemone responding to a diver’s hand, the nipples hardened and lengthened within their aureole.

Rochelle leaned into Tracy’s hands, forcing her to grasp a gentle handful of her breasts, massaging her palms against them and feeling the nipples become ever harder against her own skin.

“Take your pants off, let me see what we have done with you over the past month or so,” ordered Rochelle huskily.

Eagerly Tracy peeled off her sweaty pants and panties that had become only stickier since the end of class. She stepped back to allow Rochelle to absorb her handiwork. Fortunately she had not lost weight from her magnificent breasts — meanwhile her stomach had lost its slight pot. It was a firm smooth plain, even a hint of ab’s shimmered along its white surface.

Her hips had retained their gentle curve, while her thighs casino firmalari were tighter, more defined, a theme that continued through her strong calf muscles. Her pussy, so tidy and well shaven was a patch of dark desire in the lusciousness of her white flesh.

“Well, I’ll take this as a compliment, you look soooo hot!” gasped Rochelle.

She slipped out of her own panties to reveal her perfectly bald pussy with its puffy, enticing lips clearly framed between her strong upper thighs. Lightly touching Tracy on the shoulder she pressed against her and eased behind her, cupping Tracy’s breasts as she did and expertly, gently rubbing the nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Lightly blowing her warm breath against Tracy’s neck, the two women savoured their sweaty aroma of work and desire. Mingled with Tracy’s Romance perfume, it was a heady scent that pushed Rochelle to lick Tracy’s smooth neck, the warm tongue wiping up the cooling sweat from the work out in a salty entree to what was to follow.

As she did that, Rochelle let her hands take command of Tracy’s body, working their way in gentle touch alternating between feathering lightness and firm, desiring strokes. Both hands met at the apex of her thighs, gently massaging Tracy’s mound as Tracy pushed her bottom firmly back against Rochelle, seeking pressure against the changing room wall and feeling the moist heat of Rochelle’s own desirous pussy against the middle of her butt cheeks.

“I want you to make me come, but I want to do it in the shower, wanna hop in?” murmured Rochelle in Tracy’s ear as she idly stroked Tracy’s swelling clitoris with her right fore finger.

“Oh fuck yes, lead the way,” moaned Tracy.

Hand in hand they stumbled into the nearest shower booth. Luxurious by most gym standards, it offered a bench for soaking under the shower, ample privacy and in a rare concession, a powerful removable shower head.

“We must have known there would be a use for these when we put them in,” joked Rochelle as they stepped under the broad warm jet, sluicing off their sweat.

This time they swapped places, Tracy emboldened by Rochelle’s obvious passion for her body decided the instructor could be the submitter this time. She pushed her gently against the shower wall as she reached for a container of body wash from her toilet bag.

She pushed her pussy against Rochelle’s pert, willing arse as she stoked the wash over her instructor’s breasts and stomach from behind.

The sensation became almost frictionless under the slide of the body wash, but obviously not without sensation, as Rochelle moaned and pressed harder back against Tracy. Tracy soaped down the firm thighs, and throwing away any pretence took her index finger and ran it up Rochelle’s pussy slit, pausing to rotate its tip on the top of her clearly defined clitoris.

“Oh Christ, I want your mouth down there, now, do it now,” demanded Rochelle, ever the instructor.

Tracy kneeled down, and Rochelle thrust, her butt out towards Tracy, letting her gaze for a moment at the glorious sight before her. The round pert perfection of Rochelle’s bottom was something she had fantasised about in class, one very good reason alone for pushing herself through the last six weeks of aching, punishing fitness routine — for her this was reward aplenty.

She placed her thumbs along the warm crack of Rochelle’s smooth butt and eased the cheeks apart, like gently splitting a ripe peach. Rochelle’s puckered little butt hole streamed with warm water from the shower, but her pussy seemed to emanate a heat of its own — its pink, damp interior a mystery demanding to be savoured, and Tracy the welcome explorer of that mystery.

Rochelle had reached around with one hand to further pull her left cheek back to better aid Tracy’s access. “Go on, stick your tongue in there, I know you want to, and I have wanted you to do this for weeks now!”

Tracy needed no further encouragement. She gently touched the hooded surface of Rochelle’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue while breathing in the warm scented desire of her pussy that even the shower’s constant soaking could not dispel.

She flicked the pink tip of her tongue against the pinker tip of Rochelle’s ever hardening clitoris, playing with the tender, sensitive bundle of nerves. She sucked it, savouring it like she would an oyster, holding and rolling it gently between her teeth, as her tongue pleasured it.

Rochelle tasted slightly sweet and salty, and it was a taste Tracy knew she would never tire of after the first dip of her tongue into that delicious sample.

The response from Rochelle to that tongue’s taste was as if an electrical circuit had been tapped, she ground her butt harder against Tracy’s face. Tracy was forced to gently push back with both hands allowing her to run her tongue along the length of that delicious slit, swirl around her tight little butt hole, and back down.

Tracy narrowed her tongue güvenilir casino and pushed it into Rochelle’s hot moist pussy. Slowly she extended her tongue inwards to Rochelle’s depths, as if drilling into the soft centre of a delicious chocolate.

By now Rochelle had fallen into deep fevered panting, with only the occasional cry to tell Tracy to keep going.

Tracy gently lapped her way along the dripping slit, and ever so gently flicked her tongue around the rim Rochelle’s butthole — she hesitated slightly, unsure if Rochelle would want her invading such a private, forbidden part of her body, but any fears were quickly dispelled by Rochelle moaning “my GOD, oh yes, Jesus that’s so bad but soooo good!”

Encouraged Tracy ran her tongue in quickly decreasing circles, then eased Rochelle’s butt cheeks further apart to plunge the hot tip of her tongue into her forbidden hole. As she did she eased two fingers into Rochelle’s sopping snatch, locating her slightly raised G spot within. She leant into the area, moving with a rhythm she matched with her tongue’s plunging motion in Rochelle’s arse, relishing the undiluted pleasure it was obviously giving her instructor.

“Oh I am going to have to sit down, if I come like this I will collapse, this is just soooooo good!” groaned Rochelle, rubbing her tits as Tracy continued her pleasurable invasion.

Tracy dropped away from Rochelle’s butt as her instructor, and now willing subject, stood and slumped onto the shower bench. She spread her legs wide and motioned to the shower head above Tracy.

“Time I put on a bit of a show for you!” declared Rochelle.

Tracy passed her the shower head and Rochelle grabbed it, shoving the gushing head against her pussy, thrusting her pelvis into the warm rush. Tracy squatted back on the floor against the wall, one hand starting to work feverishly against her own pussy, rubbing her swelling clit while pinching a generous nipple with the other.

“Race you to see who comes first” she challenged.

“Don’t let yourself go yet, I still have uses for that tongue of yours my girl,” grinned Rochelle, passing Tracy the shower head.

Spreading her legs as she lowered herself into a deep squat, Tracy slowly went down to meet the shower head, gushing obligingly up into the warm folds of her pussy. She moaned as the warm waves of water massaged up into her sensitive clit, and gently rotated her pelvis above its wash.

“I think I want to eat you out until you come on my face,” she murmured to Rochelle.

“Far be it for me to convince you otherwise- come on down girl,” welcomed Rochelle gleefully, spreading her strong legs apart as she pushed her pelvis forward on the shower bench, an open invitation to Tracy.

Her clitoris stood thrust out from its pink hood, daring her to continue pleasuring it, unencumbered by pubes on its bare puckered mound.

Tracy sucked hard on it as she gently inserted the tip of her index finger into Rochelle’s tight butt hole, only nail deep, and gently rotated it around in time to her luxuriant sucking. As she did Tracy reached down and continued massaging her own pussy with the shower head, feeling her own climax building in a slow, swelling mass like some wave reaching shore

“Ooooooh hell, keep going, keep going plllleeeease do not stop”, said Rochelle in a command she usually reserved for the fitness hall — this time though it was not deep lunges she was exhorting her student to complete – those strong thighs were locked around Tracy’s shoulders, her crotch grinding against Tracy’s willing lips.

“I wish I had a cock I could just fuck you with right here, right now,” groaned Tracy into Rochelle’s swollen mound.

That sent Rochelle over the edge to her orgasmic oblivion. Her thighs began to shake violently and clamp harder around Tracy’s neck, and she screamed at her not to stop lapping her pussy as her orgasm rolled through her like a runaway train — she abandoned all hope of controlling her body as the spasms arched her back and drove her crotch deeper against Tracy’s face.

Tracy opened her mouth wider, savouring the spasms that pushed against her face and the juices that squirted so freely and surprisingly from Rochelle’s pulsing pussy. Eagerly she lapped them up, savouring the salty tang of her partner’s come like a rare vintage wine she had waited too long to enjoy.

Rochelle’s taut body stopped shuddering and she slumped on the bench sated, gently easing Tracy’s head away as she tried to continue savouring below.

Tracy lay back looking Rochelle in the eye, legs spread wide as she fingered herself, juices of desire joining the shower water to gently trickling down the folds of her pussy and into her butt crack.

“I think you owe me now, boss” she mocked Rochelle. Without a word her instructor slid off the bench onto the shower floor and pulled Tracy up her body. With Tracy’s thighs either side of her head she gripped her delicious bottom the same time as she thrust her tongue upwards into her waiting pussy. Tracy pressed down, the folds of her pussy enveloping Rochelle’s face, her juices running with the shower water all over Rochelle’s head as her tongue did the work Tracy’s had done on her own sweet spot earlier.

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