A Practice Secret Ch. 03

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Plain Jane discovers Chelsea’s secret

A long-time friend being treated by Doctor Love recommended the Practice to Jane. They were very different women but shared a similar reason for seeking assistance. Noticing the profound effect on Chelsea, Jane wanted similar treatment to satisfy a void in her life. Feeling excited and intrigued after her tour of the Practice, she later discovered what Chelsea was hiding. Jane continues her story and shares the experience of her first visit.

There was still a quarter of an hour until my appointment with my friend’s doctor. I sat in the car parked opposite the Practice nervously contemplating what I had done. It wasn’t like any other clinic for women. The Practice is a beautifully renovated terrace building in the exclusive Park Crescent area where women were treated as Guests, rather than patients. It was a close friend, Chelsea, who convinced me to attend an appointment for a viewing last week.

The Practice Manager, Maddisyn, was lovely. A young woman who had a gentle and caring nature that made me feel welcome. I was impressed with the facilities and the individual care and attention provided. I registered with the Practice and made today’s appointment to see Doctor Love. It wasn’t a serious medical problem or even the expense that was on my mind as the minutes agonisingly passed. It was the secret that she shared with me.

I’ve known Chelsea since our school days. We’re very close but different in many ways. They say opposites attract. Chelsea’s the attractive one who easily caught the attention of any guy. After school, she went to university and works in advertising. She married a school sweet heart who became a dentist and has three lovely teenage children that have inherited her angelic looks.

I’m plain Jane, an appropriate name in many ways. I wouldn’t say I’m unattractive but I couldn’t compete with Chelsea. It was obvious who the guys preferred. I did a finance course after school and work as a bookkeeper. I married John who was a plumber and we operated a plumbing business. We couldn’t have children but John and I were very happy and the business was successful.

Chelsea and I do have something in common. Now without a man in our lives. Chelsea recently went through a very messy divorce and John died in a vehicle accident last year. It has been a difficult time for us both but our friendship has helped us cope.

It was as if both our lives had been turned upside down. We were devastated. Chelsea started having counselling with Doctor Love at the Practice. I could see how wonderful it made her feel. She seemed happier, more relaxed and confident about the future. Chelsea even mentioned there was a new guy she was interested in.

I didn’t know much about her treatment and didn’t like to pry, but she was pleased with the Practice and Doctor Love. She suggested I should see him. I was hesitant, but persistent prompting by Chelsea finally persuaded me to attend the viewing. Who reviews a medical centre? It sounded unusual actually. Chelsea’s secret was even more extraordinary!

I could see why Chelsea loved the Practice. It had luxurious facilities and gracious service. It was quite unexpected. She didn’t really mention how wonderful it was. I was even surprised to find it was more like an adorable home than a medical practice.

Chelsea loves the lavish lifestyle, being entertained and pampered. She’s the elegant and extravagant type with an adventurous streak and always the life of the party. I’m more down-to-earth and circumspect and like always, seemed to be following in her footsteps. I soon realised there was more to the Practice that she was excited about.

I couldn’t wait to talk with Chelsea after the tour. There was something about the Practice that puzzled me and I really wanted to find out about Doctor Love, who I didn’t get to meet. I phoned her and we met for coffee a couple of days later.

I hadn’t seen her so excited and happy in ages. She reassuringly told me he was a lovely older gentleman with a caring manner. The counselling was excellent and she was now enjoying therapy. Chelsea was comfortable with their discussions, finding Doctor Love a great listener with compassion and understanding.

It was just what I wanted to hear. Then things got a little more exciting, even by Chelsea’s standards. She said he was handsome and had smouldering eyes and a gorgeous smile. I can still picture her sensually rolling her eyes. Chelsea was beaming with a large smile and couldn’t contain her excitement. I knew there was more to it!

Chelsea had been so secretive when talking about the Practice and Doctor Love previously and I’d found the Practice a little more than intriguing. She laughed when I innocently asked if Doctor Love was her new friend. She wasn’t interested in a relationship after the divorce, not for a while anyway. It was the sexual therapy. I can laugh now realising how naïve I was asking what that involved.

Chelsea was having sex with Doctor Love! She said it was the best therapy she ever had! casino siteleri My relief at hearing about a wonderful doctor was now replaced with the worry that my new doctor was having sex with my best friend, despite Chelsea claiming it was sexual therapy.

Chelsea became quite desperate, pleading with me not to mention it to anyone. Her initial treatment was great and she increasingly found him attractive personally and sexually despite their age difference. She didn’t want another relationship or even one-night stands and therapy at the Practice also didn’t involve her family life or affect the children.

Chelsea needn’t have worried. I’ve never known Chelsea as foolhardy. Excitable, adventurous and whimsical, yes but she wasn’t silly. It was obvious she was happy with the arrangement. Although I wouldn’t admit it to Chelsea, there was also something appealingly naughty about the situation. I’d only read about doctor patient affairs but now knew firsthand how enthralling they could be. Chelsea wasn’t the only one excited.

I was initially concerned about my appointment. I spoke with Chelsea several times on the phone and decided to see Doctor Love. I now find myself outside the Practice and about to meet him. Chelsea was full of praise for the assistance she received and I knew I needed professional help. It was with mixed emotions of trepidation and fascination that I entered through the wrought iron gate and rang the bell on the large stained-glass door.

Maddisyn greeted me with an inviting smile. ‘Hello Jane, it’s so nice to see you again. Please come through to the Sitting Room.’

Maddisyn provided a marvellous tour of the Practice and was a big factor in me registering. She has a gentle, spiritual nature and seemed so caring and helpful. I left feeling there was more to the Practice than the elegant facilities and friendly attention. My suspicion was aroused with intimate and erotic questions in a personality survey I completed, making me even more curious about the Practice. I’d even wondered if Maddisyn and Doctor Love were lovers or just work colleagues. I’m now wondering if Maddisyn is aware of the sexual therapy that some of the Guests were enjoying.

‘Would you like anything before you see Doctor Love?’ Maddisyn kindly asked, interrupting my wicked thoughts.

‘I’m not sure,’ I replied adding, ‘What do the other Guests normally do?’

‘They often relax, reflect and prepare for their consultation in the Sitting Room,’ Maddisyn explained softly in her usual, almost spiritual tone. ‘The Guest Lounge is for your use as well. Some bring a change of clothing or have a spa or massage. Some Guests ask for help with their hair and makeup,’ she explained further.

I found it puzzling when I heard Maddisyn mention that during the review of the Practice. Why would Guests go to so much trouble with their clothing and grooming to see Doctor Love? Things started to make sense after talking with Chelsea.

‘Sounds wonderful. I had some coffee and a lovely slice when I was here last, would that be okay?’ I asked hopefully.

‘Certainly,’ she replied with a lovely smile. ‘Have a seat and I’ll bring it to you. Some Guests have a glass of wine,’ Maddisyn suggested.

‘Thank you, maybe next time,’ I smiled.

I looked around at the exquisitely furnished room and decided to sit at the seat near the bay window. Sunshine was filtering through the lace curtains and there was a lovely view of the park opposite. It’s a tranquil setting for a quiet moment to contemplate what brought me to the Practice.

There hasn’t been another man in my life since John died. Part of me didn’t want someone to replace him but it’s been difficult without John. I sold our plumbing business and there was the life insurance. I’m still working part-time and own my home so money hasn’t been an issue. I just miss John. We were very much in love.

One of the many things I miss is our lovemaking. John and I were just a plain ordinary couple but we enjoyed an active and adventurous sex life. Chelsea would be surprised if she knew. They say still waters run deep.

One of our little games brought a smile to my face. John would phone and ask if I could drop off a sandwich for lunch. I’d meet him where he was doing a job, without panties under my dress, and we would make love. I brought the bread and he provided the filling. On other occasions, he’d call in to our home office for a sandwich. Silly I know but I miss that naughty part of my life. So much more satisfying than masturbating alone.

Maddisyn soon returned with my coffee and placed a silver tray on a half-round table next to the chair. ‘It’s a great view and a lovely day,’ she commented.

‘Yes, I’ve seen quite a few people walking or running,’ I answered glancing out the window.

‘I like to have a run around the park most mornings before work,’ she replied, offering a selection of lovely cakes and slices.

‘You’re good,’ I softly laughed adding, ‘I could do with some exercise and less of these lovely slices. I’ve put on some weight canlı casino since my husband died.’

‘I’m sorry to hear about your husband,’ Maddisyn replied with a sympathetic tone and consoling smile. ‘Enjoy your coffee and I’ll introduce you to Doctor Love when you’re ready,’ she added.

‘Thank you,’ I simply replied, returning an appreciative smile.

Maddisyn’s tall with a slender athletic build and about in her mid-20’s. She looked fit and her toned runner’s legs were obvious under her close-fitting dark grey pants. Maddisyn looked stylish with a short matching jacket and a soft pink blouse. Her hips sensually swung as she walked back to her desk in her black high-heels. She reminded me of a younger Chelsea who, in her early 40’s and a mother of three, could still attract a second glance.

I’d never had an hour-glass figure, even as a teenager. I wasn’t a glamorous dresser either, preferring loose-fitting clothing to accommodate my chubby build and wide hips. All the same, I thought I looked quite nice in a knee-length patterned dress with a knitted woollen top and high-heels. I finished my coffee and slice and went over to Maddisyn’s desk.

Noticing me, she smiled and stood up. ‘I’ll take you through to Doctor Love’s suite,’ she offered.

I followed Maddisyn down the passageway that lead from the entrance hall towards the back of the building. I began wondering what Doctor Love might be like. Chelsea obviously found him attractive. Her description sounded enticing actually. I was also interested to meet the man who had created such and enchanting place for women. About halfway down the passageway Maddisyn paused, catching my attention.

‘This is another door to the Guest Lounge that you can use,’ she explained. ‘It saves you having to come back through the Sitting Room.’

I smiled and returned to my thoughts. I was getting excited about meeting Chelsea’s new lover, now our doctor. It was a pleasant distraction from my own issues to see what he was like. Knowing their secret made it all the more exciting. A little thrill of arousal stirred as the images Chelsea painted of Doctor Love came to mind.

Doctor Love was sitting at a large antique desk when we entered the suite and got up to greet us. ‘Doctor Love, I’d like you to meet Jane,’ introduced Maddisyn.

‘It’s a pleasure,’ he greeted me extending his hand.

The warmth and softness of his hand caught my attention. I wanted it to linger longer as I ran an eye over my friend’s lover. In those brief, few seconds I could see what attracted Chelsea to him. I instantly recognised Doctor Love’s heart-melting natural smile and soft sensual gaze that she so accurately described.

What Chelsea had failed to mention was how distinguished and refined he looked. Doctor Love was wearing a three-piece suit and immaculately groomed. I like men who take pride in their appearance. He had a gentlemanly look and a manner that was at home, surrounded by the elegant ambiance of the suite.

There was something exciting about this older man I found arousing. He was handsome for a man in his late 50’s with silver threads through his dark hair. I could imagine women throwing themselves at Doctor Love, he’s so gorgeous. He had a fit and toned looking body that would please any lover. I had Chelsea’s reassurance on that.

I couldn’t help but return his gorgeous smile. ‘Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,’ I mentioned.

‘Please, let’s take a seat,’ he offered, directing me to one of the two couches.

I was impressed with Doctor Love’s manners and politeness, waiting for me to take my seat before he sat down. I glanced around the room admiring the lovely décor, soft furnishings and wonderful period features of the suite. I felt more comfortable with every passing second and relaxed in his presence. It was like the feeling you get when with a dear friend. I heard the door close and realised Maddisyn had left.

‘What a lovely suite,’ I exclaimed looking around the room. ‘The whole building is lovely.’

‘We’ve tried to make it comfortable for the Guests and maintaining the historic features and furnishings,’ he explained in a calm and gentle voice, already teasing my emotions.

We sat opposite each other on the matching couches with luxurious soft cushions and a covered footstool between us. An ornate fireplace with a large mirror and an elegant chandelier hung overhead from a ceiling rose. Several other pieces of period furniture and lovely table lamps added to the intimate atmosphere.

I immediately felt at home in the suite. It didn’t feel like a consulting room or even a doctor’s appointment. The beautiful wooden desk the only obvious indication of the suite’s function. As I looked around, I wondered where Chelsea had enjoyed her sexual therapy. Wicked I know, but curiosity is one of the reasons that brought me here.

‘I’ve reviewed the survey you completed when you registered with the Practice,’ Doctor Love continued causing me to refocus. ‘I’m sorry to hear about John’s passing.’

‘Thank kaçak casino you. That’s the main reason for seeing you,’ I replied, touched by the sadness displayed in his warm eyes.

‘Would you like to tell me what happened?’ He prompted. ‘It would help,’ adding an encouraging smile.

I explained that John and I ran a plumbing business and he died in a tragic vehicle accident 18 months ago. John was on the way to a job and a large truck crushed his van. The driver was avoiding a collision with another vehicle that cut him off and the truck rolled over, killing John instantly.

‘How have things been since?’ He softly inquired.

‘I had to sell our plumbing business and luckily there was the insurance but it’s John I miss,’ I continued.

I was touched by his compassionate gaze. ‘I see you don’t have any children,’ Doctor Love mentioned.

‘John and I both couldn’t have children. It was just meant to be that way,’ I replied. ‘We were very happy and so much in love,’ I added with a faint and reflective smile.

‘There is no mention in the survey of a partner . . .,’ Doctor Love observed, willing me to answer.

‘No,’ I quietly muttered while breaking our gaze.

‘Does that trouble you?’ He astutely asked in a kind and sympathetic voice.

‘It didn’t initially,’ I replied. ‘I was grieving and couldn’t consider replacing John.’

‘And now . . .?’ Leaving the question hanging, urging me to continue.

‘I’ve thought about it but I’m over forty. I don’t think anyone would be interested. I’ve put on some weight and never really been attractive. I don’t think I can start dating again at my age,’ I replied with a slightly dejected laugh.

I felt the warmth of Doctor Love’s eyes roaming over my body and a growing sexual tension during the lengthy pause. Just sitting with Doctor Love was doing wonderful things to me, stirring my arousal. My heartbeat became noticeable and I felt a little flushed and warm.

His gaze finally returned to mine with an accompanying heart-melting smile. ‘I think you’re attractive,’ he finally commented.

I had to remind myself to breath. I’d never thought of myself as attractive. Friendly, reliable, and easy to get along with, yes. I’ve never considered myself as unattractive, but attractive as in personal looks? The last person who thought me attractive was John.

‘You’re bright and have a lovely personality,’ Doctor Love continued.

‘That’s kind of you to say,’ I smiled feeling flattered and arousal pulsing through my veins. ‘I don’t feel attractive,’ I added with a shy school girl blush.

His words continued to excite me. ‘You’re a young woman with lovely eyes and a sweet smile that would excite any man. You can lose weight but they’re something special you’ll never lose,’ Doctor Love complimented.

I enjoyed his warm engaging eyes and soft sensual tone of voice as we discussed the possibility of dating again. I could feel my heart beating rapidly and a rush of adrenaline through my body. Were his words professional or was he flirting with me? His comments drifted around in my mind seductively like an aphrodisiac inciting something within me. Images of Doctor Love and Chelsea were also frequently on my mind, fuelling my arousal. There was a pleasant tingle between my thighs as we talked and I could feel moistness forming.

I wanted more than Doctor Love’s kind words. I wanted what Chelsea was enjoying. In reality, I subconsciously wanted it since being aroused when filling out the survey during the review. I’d been in a dull state of arousal since my intuition about the Practice was confirmed by Chelsea’s admission of her sexual therapy.

I could feel my sexual frustration uncoiling as I sat opposite Doctor Love. ‘Do you mind if I visit the Guest Lounge?’ I inquired, initiating a fantasy that had consumed me for the past week.

Doctor Love stood up. ‘Please do. There’s an ensuite through there,’ he answered, indicating a decorative archway leading to a room off the suite.

I made my way to the ensuite, feeling the heat of my flushed cheeks at what was going through my mind. The Practice never ceased to amaze me. I discovered an exquisitely furnished bedroom! I imagined it’s where Chelsea’s sexual therapy would have taken place. There was a king-sized bed with a luxurious bedspread and the room had lovely period furniture. I couldn’t help but think of the scenes of Chelsea and Doctor Love that must have occurred on that bed, adding to the moist throbbing sensation between my legs.

Another door led off the bedroom. I found a magnificent ensuite with a roll-top bath, double shower and a dressing table with a large mirror. The antique brass taps and light fittings looked lovely against the brilliant white walls and furniture. A small chandelier hung from the ornate ceiling. It’s a beautiful room and so convenient for Guests.

I briefly fantasised about Chelsea and Doctor Love having therapy in the bath or the shower. I don’t know if she is that kinky but it took my fancy. The more I thought about them, the more my desired and need for Doctor Love intensified. I had a little surprise in mind for Doctor Love. After freshening up, I removed my damp panties and placed them in my shoulder bag and returned to the suite, sitting opposite Doctor Love.

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