A Perfect Facial

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My swollen cockhead, pink from Lauren’s lipstick and the insistent rubbing of her pretty lips, is about an inch away from Lauren’s gorgeous, sensual mouth. Lauren holds her lips softly closed – gently, poutingly closed. She watches my piss slit, knowing I am about to fire the first thick rope of my semen all over her pretty face and her top lip. We have done this so many times that Lauren knows exactly what I want. And what she wants. We’ve done it many times for the camera, for our own home movies, gazing at the replay with such renewed excitement that I have to jerk myself off over Lauren’s pretty, cum-stained face again, while we watch.

We’ve perfected the art of the facial, at least to our own satisfaction. The way we like it. Lauren on her knees, while I stand over her and watch her suck and rub my cock to the edge of orgasm, again and again. She knows that bringing me to the edge, and then letting me cool down while she rubs my leaking cockhead over her nose and cheeks and eyes, then working me back up to the edge again, will produces the biggest loads of cum. Which is what Lauren loves. She loves the quantity of spunk as my cock throbs out rope after steaming rope of cum.

She knows what I love, too: seeing the casino oyna clinging, gluey masses of semen splash onto her achingly pretty face, covering her pretty lips, her small, narrow, tip-tilted nose and her perfect skin.

If I stand back six inches or so from her upturned face,I can cover most of her face with semen, and by rubbing the cream around her cheeks and nose and forehead, Lauren can give herself a complete cum facial and feel the cream drying on her face as I lick her pussy to orgasm.

She knows what I like best: I like to watch my spunk-jelly cover her delicate top lip, the soft, smooth skin between her little upturned nose and her pretty mouth.

When my first two or three blasts have saturated her nose and mouth, sometimes masking them from view with a dripping, clinging coat of thick cum, Lauren leans back a little on her heels so that my remaining bursts erupt over her face.

She knows I’m watching.

Lauren knows I’m watching now, as the instant approaches and time seems to stop.

It’s time for the words that will push me over the edge and open my piss slit to let out the first hosing blast of semen. I can hardly hear her, as she murmurs to my twitching, throbbing cockhead, ‘You’ve got such canlı casino a big cock…I want you to cum…’ Now she glances up, straight into my eyes, and her green eyes are so hot with lust I can’t hold back a second longer. ‘Cum on my face,’ she whispers.

My mouth is dry and my legs are shaking. If I move my hand so much as a millimetre along my cockshaft the spunk will plaster Lauren’s lips. The shaft feels like it’s on fire. My cockhead is completely numb.

‘Where do you want to cum?’ she mouths up at me, almost without sound, but we both know this is the signal for me to ejaculate in her face. She wants to hear me say it as I cum all over her lips:

‘On your pretty mouth. On your face.’

‘Yessssss.’ Lauren hisses, and as she turns her gaze back to my numb, quaking cock, the piss slit opens and the first, long, thick rope of cream-colored semen hurtles out and spatters her upper lip, draping over her sweet, closed, pouting mouth.

I know how much Lauren longs to eat it, how much she craves the taste of cum. But she knows how badly I need to coat her cocksucker’s pout in spunk. Her lips are so pretty – and she knows it – that I have to cum fully on them, all over them, before she may open them to eat my savory kaçak casino semen.

There’s one more little ritual. Lauren gasps as my spunk hits her soft, perfect skin – it’s a grunt just like the moaning grunt she gives every time I enter her pussy with my cock bone-hard – and gasps out: ‘Jesus!’ as she did in disbelief the very first time I came on her face, a ‘Jesus!’ of helpless excitement and lust, the word slipping out of half-closed lips.

We had been watching video clips of huge facials while I jerked her off, again and again, until Lauren was ready to take my first load, in wild excitement. It became our favorite kind of sex, our obsession. Now as I shoot again on her faultlessly pretty little face Lauren repeats the word helplessly as the second and third volleys of thick semen fire gainst her mouth. ‘Jesus!…Jesus!’

Giving a screaming cry, Lauren closes her eyes in ecstasy – her fingers have been between her legs all the time she has been sucking and masturbating me towards orgasm, and now she cums with a violence that forces her head back on her shoulders as I fire again and again, sperm raining down on her ecstatic features.

Pity we didn’t get this one on film – but we’ve filmed plenty like it, Lauren’s cum-soaked mouth gasping obscenities as she cums and cums and licks my semen from her lips and I spurt over her dripping upturned face, her sweet girlish features coated with my hot spunk jelly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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