A Night at the Club

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“Did you make a mess in your panties? Let me see.”

I stand in front of him. He’s seated at a table in the back of the bar. He smiles, a dirty ogle more accurately, toward the man seated to his right. He looks back at me, sees my nervous reaction. He shakes his head with a somewhat disgusted look on his face. He reaches out and takes the front of my short shorts at the waist band, pulls them out and away from my lower stomach as he pushes with his other hand against my stomach roughly, separating widely the shorts I wear from my crotch. He looks down into my underpants. He sees the huge wet spot on my pink panties and the precum all over my little penis. A ribbon of it jiggles, connected from the hole of my penis to the front panel of my panties.

“Does he want you? Did he want to do more than dance with your little sissy ass? Did he?”

I look at the two men sitting next to my boyfriend, leering at me. He holds my shorts and panties open as he talks to me. One of his friends leans forward and looks down into my panties. He smiles at me, turns back to the bar. My face goes bright red.

“I think so. He was very turned on.”

“Good. If he wants to take you into the back room you go. Show him you’re a good little cocksucker. If he tries to fuck you, you let me know. You know the rules, cupcake.”

He’s slightly drunk. He pats my butt.

“Yes, Daddy. I will.”

“You’re a mess. I should spank you right here. You have no self-control, none. I guess it’s to be expected with a little whore like you. Fix your fucking makeup, clean up this mess you made in the inside of your panties and get back over to the bar. If he comes back to talk with you and wants you in the back room, you be a good boy, you show him what that little mouth of yours can do. Move, Princess.”

He releases the waist band of my shorts, lets them snap against my waist. He turns me by my hips and slaps my butt hard. I wobble on my heels. I say nothing. I head back to the bar. I hear the two men seated next to him laugh as they witness the entire ‘inspection’. I hear him turn to one of them as I move back to the bar.

“He’s never not covered with his own cum. He’s a whore. I should put a cage on that little thing.”

I hear the three of them laugh.

I’m wearing super short skin tight soft pink crushed velour shorts. They are cut low at the top and very high at the bottom, showing maximum curve of my cheeks at the tops of my legs in back. They form-fit up into the crack of my butt, they look like they are painted on. Under them I wear pink lace tiny little panties. My top is bare midriff exposing my navel and stomach up just below my nipples. My top is off-shoulder on one side, hangs sexily exposing my back. I have on open toed thin ankle strap 3″ high heel shoes with bare legs, no stockings. My hair is combed forward and to the side over my left eye. I wear way too much eye makeup and shiny pink lip gloss. I am a delectable piece of baby soft and smooth sissy boy candy.

The reason I am wet is because of the man I just danced with. He would not keep his hands off of me. When he came up to me as I sat at the bar he started flirting with me. I looked to my boyfriend and saw him give me the nod, ‘the look’, telling me to dance with him if he wanted too. My boyfriend parked me at the bar, told me ‘Sit and stay put.’, the way he does often in this club. He likes to watch other men hit on me. I know ‘the look’, meaning let the flirtatious man take me to the dance floor, even feel me up if he likes.

His hands were on my rear end almost immediately. He pulled me up close to him, so close I could feel his erection rub and grind against me. I could tell he was huge. I felt his cock push into me through his pants. And he did the one thing that makes instantly wet. He put his hand on my butt as he danced slow with me.

There is nothing that gets me hotter than that instant, that moment a man, a real man, puts his hand on my butt! And he would not keep his hands off of me. He held me by the back of my neck, running that hand down my back and then back up, his other hand cradling my right cheek tightly, holding me firmly in place while he rubbed up against me. He was grinding his hard on against me the entire time we danced. I was lost to him and the way he used his strong hands on me.

I sat down back at the bar and watched my boyfriend in the mirror, saw him taking with his friends. I know canlı bahis one of them all too well. I was given to him on several occasions. The last time he spanked me for over an hour, I could not sit for a week after that. Although my boyfriend forbids any man other than him from fucking my rear end, he forbids no man from spanking it.


I turn quickly. It’s him again, the man that got me all hot and bothered on the dance floor.


I smile at him, look back toward my boyfriend.

“You belong to him, don’t you.”

It’s a statement more than a question.

“I do. And I love that fact. He’s my boyfriend. I’m sorry if I led you on. He likes to see men with me but I go home with him.”

I see my boyfriend look over at me. He watches.

“So, if I got his permission to have you suck my cock, you’d do it.”

He sips his drink. He put his hand on the back of my neck, ran it down my back and into the back waist band of my shorts. I pulled up on the chair, pulled away from him.

“You are embarrassing me. Please…”

He takes the last of his drink down, puts the glass forcefully down onto the bar. Before I can complete my sentence he walks away, toward my boyfriend and his two friends. I feel my heart jump to my throat. I want to rush to my boyfriend and tell him I did nothing to insult this man, nothing to make him mad. I feel helpless. I stay seated. I know better than to move from the bar until he motions for me.

I see the man talking with my boyfriend. My boyfriend stands and moves away from the other two men he was seated with. He talks with the stranger. I can see them laughing, then see them shake hands. I feel total fear, apprehension.

I see the man walk back to me. He takes my arm.

“Let’s go.”

I resist, start to pull away from his grip on my arm. I look to my boyfriend for protection, look to see that he is aware.


I hear him shout from across the room to me. I feel the hand on my upper arm so tight it hurts. I look at my boyfriend. He motions with his hand to move, go with the man. I feel myself pulled toward the door to the back room of this bar. I’ve been to this area of the bar before. It’s where we ‘girls’ are taken for use by the men we are given to.

I’m somewhat dragged down the hall by the man holding my arm. I say nothing. I know that when my boyfriend says ‘go’, I go. I hear my heels click rapidly as I am hurried down the hall.

He opens the door at the end of the dark hall he is taking me down. He pulls me into the room, turns on the light and closes the door behind him. I can see the two of us in the mirrored walls, see the couches and chairs I’ve seen others sit in while my boyfriend has had me in this room.

“Don’t say a word. Not one fucking word, boy.”

I feel his hands go to my waist, feel his thumbs go into the waist band of my shorts and panties. He bends forward. I feel my shorts yanked down, ripped down fast over my butt and down to my knees. He stands straight, takes my arm again and turns me. I feel his hand run over the curve of my naked rear end. I feel my penis shrink with apprehension, even smaller than it already is. I feel afraid of this man.

“Pretty little butt, it really is.”

I feel him turn me back toward him. I feel his hand take my penis in it.

“You’re like a girl. A baby boy little thing like that is more like a girl than a boy. Pretty boy.”

He’s starting to get hot. I can hear it in his voice. I feel him pinch my penis and pull it upward, feel myself rise to my tip toes as he holds me up like that. He kisses me, pushes his tongue into my mouth. He kisses me deeply. I push up against him, feel myself get lost to him.

I start to get hard in his hand. I feel him just hold me, not pump me, just keep me up on my toes as my penis struggles to get hard between his thumb and index finger. I start to whimper, moan.


His tongue deep in my mouth, down my throat, he reaches back with his other hand and puts his fingers up into the crack of my butt between my cheeks. I go fully erect, all two and half inches of my penis, in his hand. He rubs the head of it between his fingers. I feel one finger go up into my butt. I push back against it, feel him almost lift me off the ground as he slides his middle finger up deep into me.

I put my arms around his neck, kiss back, hard. He starts to finger fuck bahis siteleri me. I feel my shorts and panties fall down around my ankles. I step out of them.

He pulls his mouth off of me, his hands away from me. I see myself in just high heels and the sexy top I’m wearing, my little thing standing straight up in front of me. He unfastens his belt, undoes his pants and takes them down quickly. His huge erection bounces out of his underwear. As it does I take it in my hand, smile at him. He sticks out a full five inches past my hand as I grip him at the base of it. I lean forward and kiss him on the lips. I go to my knees.

He looks down at me as I take him into my mouth. He cock throbs. He is so big I can only get two thirds of it into me. He is full of precum. I feel and taste it all over the inside of my mouth as I start to masturbate him slowly, rhythmically, fully to the back of my throat, in and out. It’s as if he already came in my mouth. He drips precum none stop.


He starts to moan. He grips my head firmly.

“I knew you’d be good at that. You perfect little pretty boy.”

I feel him start to fuck. It goes on for over half an hour. I feel my lips somewhat numb as he uses my mouth to please himself.

I feel him pull up and out of my mouth quickly. He reaches down and takes a condom from his pants, unwraps it as his cock bobs in front of my face. He holds to my mouth.

“Put it on me with your mouth.”

I hesitate.

“I can’t be fucked. He forbids it.”

“Put it fucking on me with your mouth!”

I feel him take my hair in his hand and slap my face. I quickly open my mouth and cradle the condom between my teeth and lips. I know how to do this, have done it for other men. I feel him guide the head of his cock to the condom. I feel him push it in as I hold it steady with my lips and teeth, feel the condom unroll over his huge erection as it pushes past my teeth and into the back of my throat. He pulls his cock out of my mouth. He unrolls the full length of the condom over his cock with his hand, holds me by my hair and looks down at me. He pushes his cock back into my mouth and starts to fuck again. I feel his cock pulse, feel him at the edge of cumming. I feel relief that he only wants my mouth, that I will not be possibly whipped severely for letting another may fuck my butt without his permission.

Then he changes it all.

I feel him take my arm so tight I know it will leave a bruise. I feel him yank me to my feet and turn me quickly. He bends me over.

I panic, try to pull away from him, as I start to stand. He hits my rear so hard I almost fall into the wall. I feel him grab my hair again, hold me bent over and in place.

“Nooo, he won’t allow it, noooo…please…”

I feel him slap my ass again. I start to cry.

“He’ll whip me, beat me…nooooo…please…”

I beg him not to fuck me.

“That’s not my problem, is it?”

He slaps my ass twice so hard I start to cry harder. I hear the loud music distantly from in the barroom, no doubt drowning out my crying and begging far down the dark hallway and all the way in the back of the bar.

He bends my arm up behind my back, holds it like that by the wrist. It feels like if I move an inch my arm will break

“Don’t you fucking move. Don’t! I’m warning you.”

He hits me fast and five times, spanks me hard. I can feel his erection up against the crack of my cheeks in the back. I feel him guide it to my tight little hole. And then I feel it enter me. I start to cry softly. I don’t resist. I resign myself to him. I whimper softly as his erection pushes into me as far as it will go. I give in to him. I lose myself to his rhythmic pumping hard into me, his slapping up into my butt as he fucks me. I am completely his to do with as he pleases.

He fucks me for what seems like forever. I just stay still, whimper and shake slightly as he runs in and out of me. Then he pulls out quickly, turns me so fast I feel dizzy. Pushing me to my knees he moves to the front of me. He quickly peels off the condom, lays it across the top of my head. He just as quickly squeezes open my mouth with his fingers. I feel his cock pushed into my mouth. He pumps in and out several times. He starts to cum almost instantly. I feel the first huge spurt hit the back of my throat. I try to swallow but am so shaken I start to choke, most of it spills out and down bahis şirketleri the front me. I continue to cry softly as he finishes in my mouth.

“Don’t look so sad. Tell you didn’t like that. I know you loved that. I could feel that tight little ass of yours open and close around me. I felt you squeeze my cock as I fucked you. You loved that.”

He wipes his semi erect cock on the side of my face. He hurries to pull up his pants, fastens them and then his belt.

“You fucking loved that. It’s what you were made for. I could tell you wanted that when you pushed your butt back against my hand on the dance floor.”

He pulls me to my feet. He pats my butt as he faces me, stands very close. He looks at the wet condom hanging off to the side of my head. He pulls it off, sticks it into my mouth, lets it hang across my lips. I can taste my rear end and the k-y I keep on my little hole at all times, per my boyfriend’s orders, all over it. I defiantly pull the condom from my mouth and toss it to the floor. I glare at him. He laughs.

“Oooo, the little girl has some nerve. I like that. I’m going to do that again. You get ready to see a lot more of me. Count on that. I don’t care if he is your boyfriend. Now fix your makeup, get your little sissy pants back on and go back to your boyfriend. I’ll be in touch. Trust me on that.”

He kissed my cheek. He reached back and squeezed my butt. He turned started to walk out of the room. I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back to me.

“I did love it. And I want it again. Do you hear me? I want it again.”

I leaned in and kissed his cheek. He laughed.

“Oh, it’s going to happen again. Count on it.”

He patted my butt. He was gone in an instant. I stood there stunned. I could feel my little hole throb. I could still taste his cum all over the inside of my mouth. I could taste my rear end too. My panties and shorts still down around my ankles, I just stayed like that frozen. I liked what I felt. I didn’t want it to end. I liked this man. A lot.

I quickly disposed of the condom in a trash can. I hurried to the ladies room, fixed my makeup, put myself back together as best I could. His cum was all over the front of my little top. I didn’t care. I couldn’t do anything about that. I went back to the main bar to find my boyfriend seated at the bar with another of his friends.

“Were you a good girl, Princess?”

He patted my butt. I could still feel it throb. I was hoping he’d leave it at that.

“Do you ever lend her out to others?”

The man next to him leered at me. He was gross, overweight and bald. I looked away, ignored his comment.

“I do. But only her mouth.”

I felt him squeeze my butt. He kissed me on the cheek. I put my arm around his shoulder.

“I’m a very good little cocksucker when my baby tells me to be. But only when he tells me to be. This belongs to him alone.”

I slapped my butt with my hand, kissed my boyfriend on the neck.

“Daddy, I want something to drink and want to chat with some of the other girls. May I? Please, please, please?”

He turned back to the bar. Ignored the gross man next to him, I felt safe that he’d never know I had just been fucked.

“Go ahead. I have things to talk about here. We’ll be leaving soon. I want to fuck that ass of yours. You know how hot it gets me to watch you with others. The way he danced with you, felt you up, that turned me on. You can take care of that when I get you back to your house.”

I started to leave. He grabbed my arm.

“That man you just played with.”

My heart froze.

“He wants to see you again, says he wants that mouth again. I told him that could be arranged. Was he a gentleman with you? He didn’t try to fuck you, did he?”

“No. No, he was a perfect gentlemen. And he has a very nice cock. Big!”

I opened my mouth wide, then smiled at him.”

“We’ll see. He may even want to pay for that mouth. Go play with the other girls, princess. I’ll come and get you.”

As I walked away to the other sissy girls seated down the bar, I could feel my tight little hole throb. I wanted that man again. I wanted him to cum in me next time. If I saw him again I was going to make that happen. And I would see him again.

I didn’t know it then but I would become his completely. I would be sold to the man that just fucked me in the back room of this club. And I would be featured in several other clubs he owns…and spend a lot of time in rooms like the one in the back of this club I just met him in. For now I was care free. I saw the girls smile as I walked to them at the end of the bar.

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