A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 05

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Linda heard the front door open from her room and she heard him walk up the stairs and into his room and close the door. Linda crept out on her hands and knees and pushed open the door to see him.

Greg flipped on his lamp and got undressed. His cock was still as hard as ever and his balls were tight. As he turned and faced the door Linda had to cover her mouth to stop from gasping out loud. His cock was massive.

It was dark red from the base to the middle and was a light pink from the middle to top and the bulbous head was a cherry red. Thick veins bulged from every direction and his tight testicles were the size of a tennis ball.

A pain filled expression was on his face as he reached under his bed and pulled out a pair of dark blue panties. Linda watched as he wrapped her panties around the thick mushroom shape of his cock’s head and started stroking his cock. Gregory felt pain as he stroked his sensitive cock but his cock was quickly coming to a state of release.

He couldn’t muffle his moan as his nine inch cock throbbed angrily.

“Mom.” He moaned. “Please…oh god mom. I’m gonna cum.” He moaned. Linda could hardly breathe as she watched her son pump his cock to the image of her in his mind. There was no denying it. He wanted her and she desperately wanted him.

“Mom. I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” He groaned and his cock erupted with thick streams of cum that the royal blue panties barely contained. With every stroke of his cock he groaned out another spurt of thick white cum. The panties, so full of his semen fell to the floor.

A wave of weariness washed over Gregory and he crawled into bed shutting the light off as he did. Within moments his breathing regulated and she knew he had fallen asleep. Linda slowly pushed open the door and grabbed the panties and left. She went to her room and closed the door.

On her nightstand was her cell phone and she laid out the panties and took a picture of them filled with his seed. She opened a previous conversation with Marsha and attached the image. A few minutes went by before Marsha replied ‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT!’

Linda put down her phone and grabbed the panties and slid them on. His cum was much warmer than last time and there was much more of it too. She pressed it against her pussy smothering his warmth around. canlı bahis

Whatever was left on the panties she scooped up with two fingers and slid into her pussy. She laid in bed feeling his warm cum both in and on her pussy. She needed to know what it felt like to have him inside her.

As soon as Gregory woke up his cock was already up and ready to go. His recovery time was what astounded him the most. He could blow his entire load and only a couple hours later he would be ready to go at full capacity.

He got dressed and hurried out of the house. He stopped at the bank to deposit half of the money he made yesterday and another third of it he used to pay a couple school bills. Once he had gotten that done he hurried to work to greet the morning rush.

Linda sat up in bed and touched her panties. The cum had cooled and dried and crusted over. She hurried out of bed and over to Gregory’s room and looked to see if he had cum in another set of her panties but to her dismay she found none.

At that moment she suddenly realized that she was getting to be slightly obsessed with his cum. Before she could think too deep on it her cell phone ran and she ran back over to pick it up.

“Morning Marsha.”

“Linda! Was that a real picture?”

“Yes. I told you he came a lot.” Linda replied.

“No sweetie. Jim cums about two tablespoons worth. Gregory cums a fucking cup. Tell me you are going to seal the deal today?” Marsha asked.

“I’ll have to wait until he gets out of school but yeah I am.” Linda said.

“Why do you sound hesitant still?” Marsha asked.

“Because he is still my son.”

“And?” Marsha retorted. “He is a man. He is a man with a cock the size of a horse.”

Linda nodded in agreement. There was no denying how badly she wanted him.

“Linda, do it. Tonight or I swear I’m going to do it. I know when he gets out of school.”

“Geez I’ll do it.” Linda said.

“Good. Tell me all about it tomorrow.”

On normal mornings there was a small line of two or three people waiting outside the back door. However this morning there was a line of nine or ten. Valarie waited anxiously for him to come in and handed him his white bathrobe and opened the door for the customers to come in and start filling out paperwork.

“Do bahis siteleri you have school today?” Valarie asked.

“No. Only on-“

“Good. If you can work until tonight I’ll be eternally grateful.” Valarie said.

“That’s a thirteen hour day.” He remarked.

“True. But the payout will be huge.” She replied.

“Okay. I need a few things though.”

“Name them.”

“I need a vibrator, lubricant, condoms and a bucket of water.” Gregory said.

“No problem.” Valarie said and disappeared and reappeared with all four items. “You ready?”

Gregory nodded and waited for the first person to come in. To his surprise the first person was a young girl who looked like she was about to go to the beach.

She had a long sundress on and sandals. The girl had long blonde hair and tan skin. Gregory pulled open his robe and she stared at his cock and looked up at him.

“You are enormous.” She said and showed him the small ticket that had a stamped label on it that said ‘fuck it.’

She pulled off her dress and exposed her nakedness. She had A-cup breasts and small curves and as she straddled him he realized something.

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” He asked.

She nodded her head and he sighed.

“Don’t you want your first time to be with someone who loves you?” He asked.

“I’m already twenty two. I’m tired of being the only one who hasn’t felt a penis. And I want my first to be one I will never forget.”

Gregory nodded and helped her into a comfortable position as he added lots of lubricant both to himself and to her. Even as he touched her pussy she whined. She was extremely sensitive and he knew that this was going to hurt her.

“It’s going to hurt.” He said.

“I know. It’s okay. I want this, please.” She said.

Gregory didn’t bother with any further arguments. “I don’t normally do this but wrap your arms around me like this.” He swung her arms around his neck and he hooked his hands under her legs lifting her away from his body. “Now follow my lead.” He said and he leaned forward and kissed her gently.

Her tongue merged with his as they began to make out. He lifted himself up and started rubbing his thick head against the outside of her pussy. Every time he brushed over her clitoris she made a soft bahis şirketleri whine and to help open her up wider he rubbed her clitoris with his cock.

“Oh yes.” She whined. “Oh yes right there…oh don’t stop…don’t…stop. I…I’m gonna cum! Fuck yes! Oh yes!” She screamed as she came from just the clitoral stimulation. A sudden bang at the door made her shriek in surprise.

“Ten minutes left!” Valarie shouted.

She looked into Gregory’s eyes and leaned in and kissed him.

“Please. Fuck me.” She whined.

Greg lifted her thin labia apart and pressed the swollen head of his cock against her wet pussy and pushed. Tears filled her eyes as his swollen massive mushroom headed cock filled her pussy tearing away virgin flesh as it went.

“Oh god! It hurts.” She cried.

On the other side of the door Valarie looked towards the room hesitantly and then at the other customers who could hear the shouts. She was worried that most of them might be scared off but she was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be the opposite.

Gregory slowly pushed another half inch of his thick cock into her tight pussy tearing more untouched flesh away. Tears were freely falling from her face as she cried from the intense pain. Gregory was about to pull out when she dove into his shoulder and whispered through the tears; “please don’t stop. No matter what, I beg you to mark me. Tear my pussy in two if you have to but please don’t stop.”

Gregory looked into her eyes and kissed her forehead.

“I won’t stop until the time is up.” He said and picked her up and laid her back first onto the bed. She shrieked in surprise but that shriek was quickly taken over by an uncontrolled scream as he buried his cock deep within her.

She screamed as if someone was stabbing her over and over again. Per her request he didn’t stop. Gregory didn’t stop the tears that were trickling down his face as the young girl beneath her cried from the sheer pain.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” She screamed. “It hurts! Oh god! Fuck me!” She screamed even as blood flowed freely from her torn and stretched vagina.

“Times up!” Valarie shouted.

Gregory slid himself out and she crumpled up on the bed cringing in pain.

“Val.” Greg called.

Valarie came in and looked at the girl on the bed and then at Greg.

“What the fuck did you do?” She asked.

“I…wanted this.” The girl said as she gritted through the pain. “I’m fine. Thank you.” She looked at Greg.

“Come, I’ll help clean you up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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