A Meeting

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We meet at a nice hotel bar, which is a block from my place. We are both dressed tastefully, professionally, but guardedly you have unbuttoned one more button on your blouse than would typically feel comfortable for you. I notice immediately as I tilt my head in towards you to say hello. As I lean in, I come very close, not uncomfortably so, but closer than you expected. You can feel me breathe.

We talk and laugh and talk some more. We have a glass of wine. I turn my head slightly to the side. I gently touch your shoulder to make a point. My hand brushes your sleeve. I smile as I look to your eyes. You touch your hair; you touch your neck. You excuse yourself, not because you need to go to the restroom, but because you want to watch me watch you walk back into the room.

I watch you return, and smile. I stand up as you come back to the bar. You laugh softly and smile.

Later it is time to leave. I reach for your hand and ask if you would like to stop over for one more drink. You smile as I slip on your coat over your shoulders. I touch your cheek. As we leave I put my arm around you and my hand grazes the side of your breast. You feel every touch. You feel warmth resonating from me. You feel weak. You feel moist.

We are now at my building. The night person at the desk buzzes us in, smiles, and says goodnight. We are now in the elevator. I pull canlı bahis you close to me as the door closes. My hand gently caresses your shoulder and then slides slowly and lightly all the way down your back to the upper back of your thigh. I kiss your cheek, and your neck, and you feel my breathe at your ear. You shiver. You sigh.

We are in the hallway. I gently take your arm and pull you to a stop. My left hand brushes your cheek, reaches for the back of your neck and gently pulls your face towards mine. I stop momentarily and think you are beautiful. My eyes look into yours, and then I gently, but urgently kiss your mouth. My lips open slightly. You feel my tongue brush and dart at your lips. You feel me breathe. You feel the heat from my body rising. I pull you close against me. You moan softly. You feel my body press against you. You are wet.

Minutes later, we are inside my condo. The exterior walls are all glass. You can see the river.

I take your coat, but you do not even notice. You reach for my shirt and unbutton the third button from the top, and lightly touch my chest. You lean into me and kiss me there. I close my eyes momentarily, and feel your heartbeat as you press against me.

We each have a glass of wine, but you cannot remember whether it was white or red… or whether we drank any of it at all.

You see the bridge out bahis siteleri the window lit up brightly in the night and reflecting on the river. You see the lights of the late night passenger jets in the distance circling towards the airport.

I am standing behind you. I am caressing, massaging your neck, your shoulders, your back, lower and lower and lower. I reach around you, my arms have encircled you, you feel completely wrapped inside them. You feel light, you feel warm, you smile. You feel me press against you. I am hot, firm, unmistakable. You moan suddenly. You feel the urgency of my body.

My hands are inside your blouse. You feel me gently caress your skin. Your senses are alive. My fingers graze the underside of your breasts, and then the sides, lightly, but determinedly. I kiss your neck, your ears. You moan audibly, your breath quickens. You feel weak. You are dripping.

Suddenly, I turn you around. You are pressed against the wall. Your hands are above your head, your blouse is open, and then off. My tongue is touching your skin, licking your neck, kissing, darting, tasting. You can feel my breathe on your nipples. They are hard, protruding, aching to be touched. You shiver, you move. You feel hot. My hands are soft and strong and generous and demanding all at the same time. You want to feel them against your skin. My tongue is darting bahis şirketleri at your nipples, licking, biting, teasing. I am breathing quicker. I want to be against you.

Your skirt is gone, but you don’t know how it came off. My tongue is at the side of your panties. I rip them off. You shudder. You ache immediately. I taste you. I tease your swollen clit. My tongue moves around, over, envelopes you, covers you. You feel it hot, and wet, and quivering against you. It is unbearable. You moan, you squirm. You grab my shirt, my neck, my hair, you want to kiss every inch of me. Your legs begin to buckle, you quiver.

I quickly turn you around and you lean across the back of the sofa. You can still see the lights reflecting off the river, but no sound remains, at least not any that you can hear. You want to be touched. Your breathe becomes ragged. My pants are off. You see my cock, hard, strong, fierce, aching. You reach for it. You feel it throb against your side. It is hot, glistening at the tip. You want it inside you, right now. You cannot wait. The tip gently presses against your beautiful, swollen clit. You exhale quickly, and your abdomen starts to shudder. You press urgently against me. Then you feel the tip pull away, momentarily. You feel nothing, and you are desperate, but it last only a split second.

I cannot wait. I can’t hold back. I need you. I ram myself deep inside of you, forcefully, urgently. I thrust and thrust and thrust from behind. You feel me deep inside you. You feel the heat searing, the drive, the force. I grab your hair and pull, I moan, you scream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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