A Lovely Older Woman

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I woke up in a fog, I looked blearily at the clock, it was 1.40pm, afternoon. ‘God,’ I thought, ‘what a night!’ We had held a party with friends in our house, nothing special, just a house party that had gone on and on. It had been a terrific night, plenty of food, and plenty more to drink.

Everyone had had a great time, it had all turned out perfect, I seemed to remember clambering into bed beside my already snoring husband about 6am. Then my eyes popped open wide, I just lay there resting, trying to waken properly. Then scattered thoughts came into my befuddled mind.

“No, no I didn’t,” I said to myself, “I can’t have, please tell me I never.” But I knew from my fanny that I had, it was happy, I know when I have been screwed well, and screwed good, and my happy fanny was telling me just that!

Then that warm feeling I get afterwards crept over and around me, it’s like a warm glow I get from making love, or, as I just said, being well screwed. Then the memory became pictures, then a film in my head. I shook it, which I shouldn’t have done, it ached. My hand went down and I cupped myself, “Yes Sal, you did, and you have been.” I whispered to me.

It was swollen, the lips puffy, soft and tranquil, and it was still hot, and when I moved a leg I could feel me still full of his cum. I pulled my panties up tight to keep it in. Then I stumbled from the bed and hurried to the loo. I sat down on the bidet before I fell down. I turned the tap on and began to wash myself out, as I watched there was tons of it, no wonder I was still full. Then I remembered I had done this last night, or I should say, this morning.

I can’t have washed it properly, then I thought he must have filled me up to my breast plate, there seemed to be gallons of the stuff. My nipples gripped me, they were hard, and sensitive, just as they usually are after a whupping by a good cock. I touched and felt one innocently, and I had a small orgasm, this was impossible? I didn’t do this, I wasn’t like this, why? Then I remembered, the cock, and no, it wasn’t my husband’s, had completely defiled me, routed me, and filled me as I had never been filled, even if it had taken at the most only two minutes, or even less.

I’ll stop here for a minute, I need to fill you in on me, my family, and the rest of the evening’s events. I am Sally Greene, but people call me Sal, I am 39 years old, and have one son, he is eighteen and will be going to college soon, so we, my husband and I, are planning on living the life when he has gone, not that I want him to go, I love him to bits.

I’m 5ft 8″ and a bit, have a good figure, all my bits are where they should be, not only that, they are how they should be too. I still love a good set to in bed with Ian, my husband. My nipples can be a damn nuisance at times, they are still a bane in my life by letting me know they need attention. My breasts are still firm, proud and upward looking. I have good legs, and my shape is not too far off when I was younger. My face and hair are my best features. I am good looking, I know it too, and I’ve had all the necessary attention over the years to let me know how I attract the opposite sex.

I have been naughty a couple of times over the years, but I won’t go into that, suffice to say they were very enjoyable encounters. But last night wasn’t a surprise, not until I just woke up a few minutes ago, then it was a massive surprising shock to me. My body, and now my mind both knew I had been screwed to wherever and back, no question about that.

Then the video played then in my head, it all came back. I had gone up to use the loo, we have one downstairs, but I prefer the privacy of my own en suite. As I had got to the top step, my bedroom door opened, and out stepped Leo, my friends 19 year old son, he is pals with my son, but he was here because of them, his parents. He is a well developed young man, good looking, tall, and has girls hanging from him, his mother keeps me informed. We do discuss our children, and from what she had told me Leo was quite the stud!

He, like all of my son’s friends gave me the eye, they tried to be secret about it, but I knew, we can tell when we get the eye can’t we girls? Anyway, I eyed him as he exited my bedroom, he saw the look I gave him, and apologised. He does know our house, he’s been in hundreds of times. There wasn’t a problem, I just wondered why.

“When I came up because downstairs was locked and in use,” he told me, “I came up here, and the family bathroom was closed too, so I hope you don’t mind, but I used yours.” I wasn’t bothered and assured him all was okay.

I can appraise a man in moments, and Leo looked terrific, black Tee shirt, black corduroy pants and black loafers, he looked great. I admired him as any woman would admire a good looking male. I had no other thoughts in my head I swear to you, none at all. But now I suppose he saw me checking him out, but as I just said, it was innocence on my part.

But thinking illegal bahis back now, I suppose I must have been horny, and then I knew. I had been horny, more than horny as well! I was feeling bloody randy. I always do when I’m happy, or excited, the party was in full swing, going great guns, so it got me sexually excited. Just like it does with a lot of women, including, and especially, me! I was right then the hostess, with the mostest. I don’t know if he just took the chance, or even what really happened. I was passing him on the landing, we were close, face to face, and then I was kissing him, or he was kissing me. I don’t know which, it was just there, happening, and I was jamming myself at him.

I didn’t even think, NO! Stop! I didn’t fight him off, my arms went right around his neck and I was holding us together like super glue. I was in the throes of having a hot sexy body pressed right up against mine. And then there was his cock, it stuck right into me, right where it wasn’t supposed to sticking in to me. But it was, and it was stuck right where it did nothing but damage, to me.

Tongues were entwined, and then the unknown coup de gras, he nipped a nipple and I exploded. I felt my fanny flood with my love juices. I came, it wasn’t a huge bomb, but I definitely came. And that is, I think, what triggered the next stage of this impromptu fling. Of course if someone had started up the stairs it would have all ended, but obviously no one did.

I dropped a hand to feel for the weapon gunning my fanny, I gripped it, and it felt fabulous. I was wearing a loose fitting summer dress, buttons down the front to my waist, and then elasticated, it was very comfortable. But it also provided him with the means to get at me. Leo suddenly spun me round to face away from him. I have to admit, I get turned on by a man who knows what he’s doing, and doing what he likes. It turned me on even more.

I squealed softly, then my dress was pulled up, he pushed me hard and bent me to the stair rail, as soon as I was stood there hands holding tightly on, he raised my dress right up. He hooked my panties and I felt them twang away, now this fully excited me, and there was no way now to prevent him doing as he liked. You must understand, that what was happening was seemingly at breakneck speed.

I felt my cum run down my thighs, then that sound of a zip being pulled down, it frightened the hell out of me, but I was rigid with lust now. Then Leo banged himself into me, my fanny parted like the Red Sea, I just opened right up, or he opened me right up. I was being screwed out of my head, and if there’s one thing I do like? It’s this, feeling a man’s balls slapping the bottom of my fanny when he’s screwing me. And if I hadn’t held my ground I would have gone over the rail, I know I would.

I came, then I came again, then he grunted and I felt the hot flood of his young cum filling me, it made me cum once more. He jammed in and out like a train, and he was shooting his cum right where it was wanted. I was staring at the bottom stair, and the music and noise filtered up, but my mind was on the cock pounding me to heaven. Then it and he was gone.

I felt him pull out, cum dribbled down me, I half came to my senses and hurriedly went into my bedroom, I never even turned to look at him either, where I cleaned myself up. My head was spinning, I was dizzy, and I bounced off both sides of the bedroom door trying to get in! But I couldn’t clean the memory of his cock, it was wonderful. And what aided the feeling was the fantastic danger of it, the illicitness, the utter madness, all made it all the more heart stopping. I dashed around so Ian wouldn’t come looking for me, and left my room. Leo was half way down the stairs, we both stopped and looked at each other. Then he held up my ripped panties and smiled at me. I had to smile back, the cheeky young devil, I thought.

He held them to his face and sniffed, “They smell just wonderful Sal, I’ll see you on Tuesday,” he told me, then he was gone.

I stayed there for a moment wondering to myself, “Tuesday?” I thought, “What is he on about?” I went down again, and managed to carry on as if nothing had happened. My legs were jelly, my knees knocked and crumbled, but I carried on fortunately.

Now here I am lying next to my husband, it’s Sunday afternoon, and knowing that last night on my landing, I had been overwhelmingly banged by my friend’s son. And when I say banged, I mean banged. Whether it had lasted two minutes or not, or even less, was of no consequence. I got out of bed, and that’s where we pick the story up, I’m on the bidet feeling absolutely flabbergasted, unbelievably stunned, and undeniably satisfied. My fanny felt like it hadn’t felt for more years than I can remember. And that after several years, I had been beaten, turned over, stuffed to the core once more, and I have to tell you with total honesty, I loved the feeling.

I collected my thoughts, had a real good long hot illegal bahis siteleri shower, and made myself presentable for the world, I hoped. Ian was still out of it so I went down and started clearing the remnants of last night, along with copious amounts of strong coffee. I even had eggs and bacon, which is unusual for me, I’m normally a cereals person.

Then I sat down and ran the video through my mind again, trying to pick out how it had happened, but I couldn’t, it just had, simple as that, and just as quickly too. But there was one irrefutable, and undeniable fact, it had been one of the best fucks I had ever had, or I should say, been given, it had been only momentarily, but quality can’t be bettered, not that kind of quality anyway, not in my book!

The rest of what was left of the day passed by, I took several phone calls congratulating me regarding what a fab party it had been, for which I was grateful. But I did wonder if Leo would be cheeky enough to make a call too, he didn’t, this annoyed me a little, though unreasonably. I was back in bed and sleeping soundly a few hours later, but I just could not rid my mind of Leo screwing me like that, then I asked myself that crucial question, did I want to rid my mind of it? The answer seemed to be no.

Then the question about Tuesday from Leo became apparent on the Monday night, when Ian came in from work. “Got them,” he chortled.

“Got what?” I asked a bit confused.

“The tickets for tomorrow night,” he said.

This was a bit like a merry go round, “What tickets, how about explaining what the hell you’re on about!” I ranted.

“Ah,” he said, “you’ve forgotten, City drew on Saturday didn’t they, we replay tomorrow night, big game, we’re off, me and Thomas,(my son) we’ll leave about lunch time, and we won’t probably get home until the early hours, its a long way.”

Now I understood, they are both ardent fans and go to most of the matches. “Ah, right,” I told him, “I’ll pack you food and drinks then, thanks for letting me know,” I told him somewhat sarcastically. He went off to do whatever he does after coming in, and then the hammer dropped. “I’ll see you Tuesday Sal!” Leo must have known they would be travelling to the game, a game he wasn’t going to go to watch. No, he had another game on his mind, ME!

I laughed at myself, then I tingled, “The cheeky young sod!” I muttered, but unbelievably it excited me too. “What would Heather, (his mother) say of his obvious intentions, by screwing me again?” I leaned with both hands on my kitchen table, and thought about him. Then I thought, “Wow, I could be leaned over right here with him banging me again?” A small rumble ran through my nether regions.

“Sal, for God’s sake get a grip, this is not going to happen, okay!” I yelled in my head. But I knew for certain that if he did come round, he would be. And I already wanted it to happen right now. The memory of his cock buried so far in to me, so far up, so thickly ensconced, was burned into my brain, I don’t think it would ever be able to be expunged.

I had to sit down, I lay my head in my hands, I thought about the lovers I had had in the past, none of them had affected me like this. They had happened, I had forgotten about them and got on with my life, but not this time. This time I wanted him again, not the other way round like before. It was me who was wanting.

All night I thought about him, I wanted him to call so I could at least hear his voice. I wondered what was wrong with me, I had never got hung up on a guy like this, not even my husband could have put me up in the air the way Leo had. And to top it all off, he was young enough to be my fucking son! I went to sleep with him on my mind, I woke up with him on my mind. And by the time the following lunch time came, I was dying to push my husband and son out of the door, just so he could come round to see me.

They left, I raced upstairs to put on the clothes I had decided I would wear, a straight but short skirt, it ended about 2″ above my knees. I like my knees, there are no lumps or bumps, whether I’m stood or sat with them bent. The skirt also had a secret slit up one side. It overlapped by around 2″ but you couldn’t tell it was a slit until I moved, then it became apparent. I wore a snug but not tight top, I had my hair up in a defined tangle, dangly earrings, and high backless heels. I made myself up lightly, kind of nonchalantly, and I was ready. Ready for my young dynamo, a dynamo I wasn’t even sure would appear, to turbo charge my already running turbo!

I also made a tiny mistake, one that would definitely lead to me second seduction to him, or rather, confirm it. I hadn’t put a bra on, I never wore one in the house, I love the feel of material on bare flesh, or in my case, bare nipples. The way cotton slid over them irritated them so much sometimes, it was a gorgeous feeling I get.

This wasn’t intentional, I was so used to doing it, it was just a natural canlı bahis siteleri progression to me. All the while I was getting ready, I kept saying to myself, “He probably won’t even come, he’ll be too scared, maybe forgotten.” I also thought that this would be for the best too, let it go, get over it, move on, get back on track with my life after my recent derailment, behave myself once more.

Then the front door bell rang. I jumped up to answer, but then thought, ‘No, this can’t be him, it must be someone else,’ why? Because Loe always came round the back, always. I muttered to myself, hoping it wasn’t one of my friends calling to see me. I suddenly didn’t want to answer, but I knew I had to.

I opened it, and there he was, he had a shy smile on his face, and from behind his back he brought out a red rose, he held it out to me, and I took it. I had to smile a thank you, and then he was stepping in. He was so close I stopped breathing, I gulped at his nearness. Then unbelievably, I went on the defensive, I closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

This was not going to happen again, whatever it was that had transpired between us was to be put to one side and forgotten. “Leo,” I said, “we need to talk about what happened. It shouldn’t have, I’m sorry, but I think you need to leave please.”

He moved to me, and I shook with fear, I felt as if I was being administered a drug of some sort. The warm glow spread around me once more.

“No Sal, I need to stay, you need me again, you want me again, and you know you do. You want to feel this in you again don’t you?” He grabbed his crotch, he wiggled and squeezed it at me.

His utter confidence muddled me, for someone so young, he had the air of a real man about him, a man who knew what he was about, and what he wanted. I picked up my coffee mug, he approached me, and I put my hand on his chest to hold him off. I took a drink, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was in la la land. “No Leo, that’s where you’re wrong,” I said, “I don’t need you, and I don’t want you. What we did was a mistake, I’m sorry.” I put my mug down, dropped my hand away.

That was when he stepped right up to me, he put his arm around me, and said. “If I even thought a tiny bit that you meant that, I would leave, but you don’t, and I’m not.”

He lowered a hand, slipped it into my skirt at the slit and cupped my fanny, his finger sought and pressed me. It took me totally by surprise. Fireworks went off in my head and bombed me. I saw stars, I gasped, I heard myself do it. “Stop Leo, don’t,” I told him as I pressed down on his wrist to move his hand. Leo didn’t stop, he pressed further. And then instead, he took a hold of my skirt at the top of the slit and literally ripped it apart, he yanked it, it ripped upwards to the waist band, then went sideways, and that made a flap of the front of it.

The effect was astronomical, it turned me from attempting to refuse him, into a wanton believer, it turned me on enormously. My fanny fluttered in the wind of arousal he was creating in me. I’ve already said I love a strong man, or in Leo’s case, a strong boy. Leo was proving that he was, just as he had on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and he had all of that in spades.

The dizziness I got before because of him came back, my head was spinning again. The next thing I knew was, I was being hoisted off my feet and sat on the table. “Leo,” I shouted helplessly, I had no option but to put my hands behind me to keep me from falling backwards. He held the new flap in my skirt open, he hooked his fingers in, again, and my panties twanged away from me, again!

He dropped to his knees and I watched as his mouth closed over my bare and shaven fanny, his tongue probed in, and his lips sucked. I just fell backwards, he had beaten now, I was seduced once more. And I was about to be routed anew. Somehow I managed to raise myself back up on to my elbows, only for him to reach up as I did, and he just ripped my blouse open. The buttons popped everywhere, my breasts were there for the taking, and Leo took them, the control was his. He gripped both of my nipples and I surrendered completely.

From being the very confidant wife and mother that I normally was. I never and didn’t suffer fools. I wouldn’t put up with horseshit, and was in control of my life, well most of the time anyway. For all that, I was now being reduced to a quivering, gibbering silly school girl, wanting to please her master. I knew now I had wanted this, yet I had feared it so much I had tried to deny it. Whatever it was Leo had, I had wanted it, he had the mojo on me that was certain. Here I was, a nearly 40 year old woman, a loving wife and mother, a beautiful sexy one I might add! I have proof of that, and I was being run ragged but a boy half my age.

When the time came for me to think about all of this, I would admit to myself that. I had after all, prepared myself for my second seduction by him hadn’t I? I had very easily and conveniently forgotten about that. I had gone to sleep with him in my head, I had dreamed about him, I had woken up with him. I had practically pushed my husband and son out of the door so he could come round and get me, again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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