A Friendly Curiosity

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Author’s Note: All Characters are 18+. This is a personal story, and took place during my sophomore year in college.

This story isn’t about perfect grammar and proper comma placement. If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t read any further! True fans – thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Sitting in my best friend’s dorm, on her bed, I avoided eye contact as she stripped out of her work uniform. After I came out as a bisexual all of my female friends became nervous around me.

Nicole was no different.

She suddenly turned to me and said, “You’re not about to turn on me, are you? Can I trust you to keep it in your pants?”

“Yes.” I watched her throw her work clothes in the laundry basket. “I don’t see you that way.”

“What do you mean?” She seemed offended.

I pulled my math textbook out my book bag. College courses were weighing heavy on me, so I wanted to get a head start. “I don’t find you attractive.”

“Did I hurt your feelings or something?” She crawled onto the bed, dressed only in her bra and panties.

I opened the book to my homework assignment. “No. Why?”

“Cause you’re being really rude.”

“How?” Now, I was getting offended. Every lesbian isn’t attracted to every women out there in the world. We do have standards.

“What do you mean, you don’t find me attractive?”

“I don’t find you attractive. I don’t know how else to say that.”

“How can you say that?” She stood on the bed just hovering over me for several seconds. Almost completely naked, she spun around on top of the bed. I didn’t touch her, nor did I bat an eyelash.

Nicole let her hair down from the clip before sitting down on the heels of her feet in front of me.

“Because I’m not a guys, and I don’t think every girl I meet is fuck worthy. Sorry.”

“You’re a bitch.”

“Okay.” I grabbed a pencil and started to solve the problems on the page.

“You’re really going to ignore me?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“You fucked Brianna.” She said, referring to the college Professor I told her I had an affair with the summer before.

“I didn’t fuck her. She fucked me. It’s a difference.”

“But you said she taught you stuff.”


“Teach me. Or better yet,” she said forcing my book closed. “Show me.”

“I’m not a coach. I doubt I can teach you anything.”

“I learn fast. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“Why are you so curious anyway? Are you a lesbian?”

“Maybe I am; maybe I’m not. I just want to try something different.”

“Why with me?”

“Who better than a friend? Stop stalling.” She leaned in and kissed me.

Her lips were soft and a little moist from constantly licking at them. Her hand touched my cheek as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I still canlı bahis wasn’t used to kissing, but I was getting tired of it already. Everyone was shutting me up with kisses.

It gave me a slight rush even though the act was too slow and passionate. Something like that should be reserved for a committed couple. Once the juices started flowing, I didn’t want to spend time slowly kissing someone. How boring?! This would – supposedly – be Nicole’s first time with a girl, so I let her kiss me for as long as she wanted. But my hands were going to have their own fun.

With our lips still connected, I pushed my textbook onto the floor. I leaned back against the headboard of bed, pulling her close enough that her breast smashed into mine. She broke the kiss – gasping for air – when I pushed my hand into her panties. She was already wet, and I slide a finger inside of her without a fight. I added a second finger, and she kissed me again – a lot harder this time.

Her eyes shut, her hands tugged at my hair, and her hips rocked against my hand. Nicole began to tremble as I twisted my fingers inside her. She was wetter than I could imagine for someone I was basically arguing with a second ago. Nicole’s juices were flooding my hand.

“Stand up.” I said, pulling my hand from between her legs.

Using my shoulders for leverage, Nicole stood up on the bed with her legs wobbling beneath her. Pushing her legs apart, I could see the moist running down her inner thighs and her legs. I shifted to sit on my knees, letting my hands work their way from the curve of her hips around to her ass. I pulled her colorful underwear down her legs.

Not giving her a chance to step out of the panties, my mouth covered her pussy as soon as they were free from the fabric. I kissed her pussy as if it were her actual mouth; the peck was slow and wet. Nicole’s body tensed up, her nails dug into my shoulders, and her head fell back.

Her lips were swollen and the bush cover her mound tickled my nose. Sliding my tongue between her wet pussy lips, I could taste her tangy yet bitter juices. Her clit was hiding in the pink folds of her flesh, but I quickly found it with my probing tongue.

One of her legs broke free from the panties around her ankles. Lifting her right leg, Nicole placed it on my shoulder and pulled me closer. Nicole squirmed against me as I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue.

“That feels so good.” She moaned.

“You like that?” I pulled away for air before sliding my tongue back in between her swollen lips.

“Yes, yes!” she panted, pushing her hips forward, demanding more from me. “Please don’t stop! Please!”

Nicole grabbed one of my hands – pulling it off her ass – and put it over her breast. She kept her hand over mine, guiding all of my actions. Nicole was a mere bahis siteleri A cup, but she demanded they receive a lot of attention. When she squeezed my hand, my fingers twisted her nipple.

She gasped again with her other hand keeping a tight grip on my hair. My other hand reached up to cup her other breast; both her nipples were being squeezed by my fingers.

“Dear God,” she whispered, her legs shaking around my head. “Fuck me!”

The tip of my tongue continued to flutter back and forth, teasing her clit and dabbing at her dripping hole.

“God!” And all her yelling? I’m not sure why that’s a turn on for men.

I thought my neck was going to break from all of her jerking. I was practically cramping from having it tilted up for so long. It was too late to tap out. She was too horny and my ego was now involved. It wouldn’t be over until we were both satisfied with the outcome.

I had only had sex once – kinda – so my stamina hadn’t fully built up yet. I really was not prepared to have my head assaulted this much. I wanted Nicole to have her orgasm, but my neck couldn’t last much longer in this position.

It was a bit of a fight, but I broke free from Nicole’s grip.

She whimpered when I pushed her leg off my shoulder. “That’s it?”

“Shut up.” I flexed my tightened jaw and massaged my neck.

“Lesbian are like guys, huh? You need a five minute break in between to get yourself together?” She stood over me – playing with her clit – upset I deprived her of a release.

“Shut the fuck up!” Pulling her down on the bed, I watched her eyes widen in surprise. “Stop talking.”

I push her flat on her back prior to taking my shirt off. There were already a few drops stained on it from her cunt dripping over me. I threw the shirt onto the floor; it can’t get any dirtier. Turning my attention back to Nicole, I spread her legs open wide.

I stare down at the thick layer of moisture covering everything between her thighs. I ran my hand over the small patch of dark hair covering her pussy. I lean forward, moving face first between her legs. My nose touches the hair while my tongue searches for her clit through the wet, pink folds of her pussy.

“God yes,” she moaned, thrusting her hips towards my face. “Just like that…Don’t stop!”

I used my fingers for assistant, feeling her walls clinch once I slid one into her wet dept. Sliding another one inside of her – down past my knuckles – I buried two whole fingers. Her upper half jumped off the bed every time I twist them inside her. Nicole held my head in place, not wanting me to free her clit from my mouth. Muscles all over her body were tightening; her breathing became frantic; and her grip on my head was lethal.

“More please!” Nicole begged, and I slid another finger into her.

I sawed my three bahis şirketleri fingers in and out of her wet slit, feeling her shudder against me. Her hips jumped forward as she fucked back even harder. Her small breasts rapidly rose and fall as she heavily breathed. Nicole released my head and gripped the sheets beneath her. She planted her feet flat on the mattress, lifting her hips up closer to my face.

Another finger made its way into her pussy. Her walls squeezed my fingers so tight they felt knotted together in her juices. I couldn’t open my fingers – or part them even a light. All Nicole’s clinching walls allowed me to do was slide them in and out of her. With all of her squirming, I had to use a hand to hold her waist. I almost took a knee to the eye because of all her moving.

“Dear God! Fuck me, baby! Harder! Harder!” Nicole was so loud. She even soaked my face more, and Nicole hadn’t reached orgasm yet.

My tongue took a break from lapping at her clit. I pressed my cheek against her moist inner thigh and just watched my fingers enter her over and over again. Her pussy gushed and tightened whenever I pushed my fingers into her. Nicole’s juices kept oozing out each time I pulled back my hand. There was a large, wet stain underneath her butt on the bed, continuing to grow the more I fingered her cunt.

“Dear God!” She prayed for the hundredth time, but this time she was finally getting off.

I pulled out my fingers and cover her dripping hole with my lips. She was worse than a guy the way she flooded my mouth. I sucked up as much of her juice as I could; most of it rolling onto the bed. I pushed my tongue inside of her, cleaning up the last little bit she had.

Nicole kept panting, her hands yanking my hair, and her legs shaking around my head. My lips were covered in her wetness as I untangled myself from her. Nicole’s hips bucked forward into the air a few times before she laid on the bed motionless.

It was quiet for several seconds. When I sat up, some of the juice rolled from my mouth down my chin and onto my exposed cleavage. Nicole’s hands covered her eyes. I didn’t know if she was tired or just trying to avoid looking at me. I grabbed my shirt and used it to clean my face and chest off. I reached for my fallen textbook to push it back into my bag.

“I was wrong.” Nicole finally spoke. Her hands were still covering her face.

“You said that already.” I went to her closet to grab a shirt.

She dropped her hands to look at me. “You are a lesbian. And I think I am too now.”

“You’re not a lesbian after one time.”

“But I really liked what you did.”

I pick a shirt I can wear home to my dorm. “And you have a boyfriend.”

“That’s a minor detail.”

“If you say you love me, I will slap you.”

Nicole bite her bottom lip.

“I’m leaving now.” I grabbed my bag off the floor.

“Are you coming over tomorrow?”

“Maybe.” With my bag over my shoulder and gray shirt in my hand, I left out Nicole’s bedroom and house.

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