A Father’s Kiss Ch. 03

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In the living room where I grew up, where so many childhood memories of mine could be told, my heart pounded wildly as my arms continued to wrap around my father’s neck, pulling his lips onto mine, each of us caressing the other and bringing our bodies, our longing into an almost insane, incestual desire that seemed to have no end.

During it all, deep within the recesses of my mind, I tried to take it all in. Here I was, dressed as completely feminine as I knew to be, with my red lipstick pealing so wonderfully, magically from my father’s lips, my father who once bounced me on his knee, scolded me for not picking up after myself, put a bandage on a cut finger and consoled me as I cried… Yet somehow, in some way, with each kiss all of that came together and only magnified my longing for him, my wonderful, incredibly handsome father.

When we finally parted, I wanted nothing more than to go back the couch and revisit the night before, pulling his amazing cock back into my mouth as deeply as possible. However, that hope quickly took a turn as my father lifted me up off the floor and into his arms. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but when he kissed me again fully and began carrying me into his bedroom, I began to understand.

Laying upon my parent’s quilted bedspread in my sister’s little red dress, with my mother’s underthings now completely mine, so deeply within all my hoped for femininity, I looked up at my father who stood above me, just beyond reach.

“Not yet, illegal bahis daddy…,” I said as I got up to go and fix myself up a bit, knowing my makeup was surly a mess. “I’ll be right back!”

“Women…,” my father said smiling, which thrilled me to no end!

In my parent’s bathroom, I found what now seemed like my own things in my mother’s makeup drawer and began to make myself up as glamours as I possible.

After about 10 minutes, I as pretty happy with my look. My mascara and makeup seemed just right, and my long blonde hair brushed-up, femininely. I fully coated my lips with another shade of my mother’s red lipsticks, which I couldn’t seem to stop applying to get it right. Then after I adjusted my underthings, made sure my bra and breast forms were in place, pulled down tight my sister’s dress… and after I felt myself up a bit, I took a long look at myself in the full-length mirror on the door. Not bad, I thought as I opened the bathroom door, walked nonchalantly past my father with every ounce of coolness I could muster, my heart pounding so, and laid back down upon his bed, hoping I looked every much the woman I felt to be.

“My god,” my father said. “You look gorgeous, honey.”

“Thank you, daddy,” I said trying to take in the moment as much as I could. “Now what,” I said somewhat playfully.

Then our eyes locked and the room seemed to take on another feel as my father slowly began to untie his robe.

I had seen naked guys before in my school’s locker room, illegal bahis siteleri but had always looked away in fear that my desire for guys would be noticed, would manifest itself. But on this day, things were different and I somehow knew my deepest, hidden fantasy to be with a man in every way, yet alone my own wonderful father, was but moments away.

With his incredible, muscular, naked body there so completely before me, with his huge cock so erect just for me, I found myself more aroused as I had never been.

Just as I could stand it no longer and was about rush back up into my father’s arms, his lips, his full erection that I had known so completely the night before, he smiled and sat down next to me, leaned in, and kissed me.

“It’s ok, honey,” he said almost whispering, realizing my near panicked excitement as I laid so femininely adorned on his bed and looking up to him with such obvious longing. “I’ll take it from here.”

With that, he opened a drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a little tube. At first I didn’t understand, but then when he put a little dab from the tube on his cock and began to cover it completely, I began to realize what was to come.

Slowly my father laid down on top of me and kissed me more deeply than I thought possible, with his cock hard and pressing on my own. Then, he rose up, reached below, quietly pulled off my mother’s white lace panties and pantyhose, and pulled up my dress just above my waist. When he parted my legs, canlı bahis siteleri I knew what was coming… though could hardly believe it was happening. As my legs opened, I instinctively pulled my knees to my shoulders to position myself. And then he laid himself down onto as I wrapped my legs and arms around him, bringing him to me, desperately longing for him to be completely inside me.

And then it happened. My father began to press himself into me.

I was a virgin, of course, but the lotion he had used seemed to be all that was needed for my wonderful father to completely, though so very slowly and gently, slide his enormous cock into me.

The feel of my father’s cock entering me was lightyears from anything I had ever imagined possible, so far beyond reason. It hurt at first, but with each slow stroke inside, my father tenderly kissed my lips, stroked my hair and told me how much he loved me. With that, the pain just gave way to my desire to have him inside me completely.

When my father was fully there, deep within me, with my legs and arms completely around his body, we soon found our rhythm, with me pulling his wonderful masculinity into my very soul. On and on we went, fully making love, and with each of my father’s thrusts we kissed again. I was in complete heaven.

And then, just when my father was about to cum, he looked deeply into my eyes, kissed me, and said the most wonderful thing that I’ll hold to my heart for the rest of my life.

“Honey, you are amazing. Such a beautiful, beautiful woman.”

With that, he exploded inside me.

As my father’s cum entered me, I pulled his lips to mine, wrapped my arms and legs even more tightly around him, and took in each pulse of his desire.

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