A Day at the Gym

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Rob had opened the morning post, and the usual stuff was there; bills, circulars, advertising. A letter from his bank seemed a little different, because it offered all sorts of free gifts to thank him for his overdraft!

One of the offers was a free days membership of Banantynes’ Gym, and so he tore off the promotional code and thought about, perhaps, having a relaxing day swimming, and a sauna at the local branch.

He grabbed his mobile, and made inquiries, and decided that he would go on Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived, and he told his wife that he was taking advantage of the free offer, and he was having some ‘me’ time.

At about 9.30 he drove down to the gym and did the necessary signing in, and listened to all the explanations, although he was already familiar with them from previous ‘guest’ visits.

It was quite a well appointed gym with a pleasant lounge area, a work out room, with all the latest machines, a class teaching area, and a large pool with steam rooms, sauna and showers, and a couple of Jacuzzis at the poolside.

He made his way into the mens’ changing room, with its lockers and sectionalised areas.

Out of sight from where he was, were a group of early morning swimmers, drying off and getting dressed.

They were young lads compared to him; in their early twenties.

They were laughing and enjoying blokes’ banter.

He overheard one of the lads say, ” Hey, did you see that Mrs Cunningham in there looking for a likely fella. You know Katie Cunningham’s mum from school?”

“What do you mean?” said another guy.

” Oh she’s well known for picking up guys and taking them home for a shag.”

“How do YOU know?” and there came raucous laughter from all of them.

“My Uncle told me…she goes for the older guys.”

More laughter followed, and then the subject changed, and they were discussing what they were going to do that weekend.

Rob smiled, and wished, enviously, that he was young, free and single again.

He got his swimming shorts on, and sorted his locker, and with just his locker key and towel made his way into the pool area.

It wasn’t too crowded. A few people lazily swimming lengths, one or two sitting on the edge of the pool with legs dangling, and a couple of women in one of the Jacuzzis.

Occasionally, the door to the steam room would open and a sweaty body would appear and make its way to the shower.

He dropped his towel on one of the shelves at the side of the pool, and stepped gingerly down the steps into the pool.

It was pleasantly warm, and he quickly plunged further in and set about his first length.

“This is the life,” he thought to himself.

He completed three or four leisurely lengths before he stopped at the far end and leaned, chest high in the water, against the wall.

He was a bit of a people watcher, and he cast his eyes around the pool area.

Apart from the few swimmers, there was a guy about his age sitting on one side of the pool with legs dangling into the water.

A slim blonde woman had swum up to him, and hoisted herself out of the pool in one movement to sit by his side and start to talk with him.

At the far end of the pool to him was the exit, and entrance to the changing rooms, and out of the womens’ section he noticed a black woman enter the pool area and wave at the blonde woman across the water.

She returned the wave, and shouted something which Rob couldn’t decipher.

The black woman made her way round the poolside to where the woman was sitting with her male companion. They both went into one of those ‘girly’, giggly conversations, and it was obvious that the blonde introduced the man to her friend, and it seemed from his body language that he was nervous and slightly shy with these two females.

Anyway, the black woman descended the steps and entered the water.

Rob couldn’t help but notice her breasts. They were what you would call ‘ample’ and with such a wonderful cleavage.

“Oh my god,” he almost casino oyna heard himself murmur, and smiled to himself before pushing off to continue his next block of lengths.

Puffing slightly, he completed six more, before resting again against the wall.

The blonde and her shy friend were still chatting, with her laughing out loud.

Her black friend had been swimming lengths a couple of lanes away from Rob’s.

As she turned for the next length a couple of feet away from Rob, he took a long look at the water glistening on her swollen breasts, and just a brief glimpse of her rounded buttocks as she disappeared away from him up the pool.

He waited and watched her turn at the far end, and as she approached he felt a slight stirring in his swimming shorts.

It had been a long time since he had felt that urge suddenly come upon him.

As she came to the end of the length she stopped and turned towards him.

He almost looked away guiltily as he had been ‘ogling’ her, but in that split second she had smiled at him and said, ” get moving, you won’t get fit standing there like that!” and before he could reply she had pushed off and was several strokes into her next length.

Rob was surprised by his reaction because his heart was actually beating faster and he hadn’t done anything but stand there!

As his eyes followed her, she had reached the other end of the pool and had climbed out, and both her and her blonde friend had gone into the steam room together.

Rob slowly swam to the other end of the pool and got out, and after a quick burst of spray under the shower headed for the Jacuzzi.

He entered the far one and was soon followed by the man the blonde had been talking to at poolside.

They made eye contact, briefly, in acknowledgement, and settled down to relax.

Rob had hardly closed his eyes when the peace of the quiet bubbles was broken by giggles from two ladies entering the jacuzzi.

It was the blonde and her black friend.

As the blonde stepped down into the tub she shouted, ” Hi David who’s your friend?”

David replied that we didn’t know each other, but Rob broke the awkward moment and said ” Oh I’m Rob…we just happen to be sharing the tub.”

As she sat down beside David she said to him, “Hi Rob, I’m Bev and this is Di”

Di nodded, and smiled broadly, and stepped across the Jacuzzi and sat beside him on the moulded, plastic, underwater bench.

Rob’s thought processes were in overdrive. Normally when two women went into a Jacuzzi with complete strangers they would sit equidistant from them, yet both Bev, and Di had positioned themselves almost touching both him and David.

“Well I guess both you guys are having a day off work?”

We both nodded, and Rob replied that it was a day to chill out.

Both girls laughed out loud and Di said ” Oh well we’d better do our best to relax you!” and they dissolved in giggles.

” Lets get some bubbles going,”

As she said that, Di half lifted herself out of the tub and twisted and reached behind Rob to press the five minute bubble burst.

As she did so, her breast pressed into his shoulder, and he got a close up of her brown skin on the tops of those wonderful breasts.

The bubbles erupted and they all settled down to enjoy them.

The girls giggled and Bev shouted meaningfully to Di, ” ok go for it.”

Both David and Rob were puzzled by what she had meant, but they didn’t have long to wait to find out.

Rob felt a hand move on top of his shorts and start to grip his cock.

Di had half turned and her face was close to his and Rob almost gasped, and resisted the temptation to push her hand away.

Looking across at David’s startled face, and his open mouth, Bev was obviously carrying out a similar exercise.

Rob’s cock stiffened, and Di quickly with one hand pulled Rob’s waistband to his swimming shorts away from his body, and her other hand slid inside and closed around his cock.

Rob looked around canlı casino the pool area to see if anyone was watching.

Oblivious to everything, David’s eyes had closed and both girls had started to massage their cocks so expertly that soon Rob’s was stiff and rampant.

Di certainly knew what she was doing.

Her hand went sliding up and down, and as it did it massaged the shaft and then the tip and very quickly got Rob preparing to cum.

As the bubbles seemed to get louder and frothier Rob just gritted his teeth and closed his eyes….he let out a stifled moan and Di shouted “Yay” at the top of her voice and shouted, “Beat ya!” and burst out laughing.

It was obviously a competition to see who could get one of us to cum first.

David didn’t stifle his moan and gasped “Oh fuck” and Bev shouted “Gotcha” and then within a few seconds the girls were sitting beside us as though butter wouldn’t melt.

With a smile Di said,”Ok you guys, you don’t get away with just that. We will meet you both in the lounge and you can buy us coffee and we will see if we can chill some more,” and with that they were gone to the changing rooms.

Rob looked across at David with raised eyebrows and David said “Did what happened just happen?”

Rob was dumbfounded, and didn’t really know what to think, but was wondering what Di meant by ‘chill some more’.

“What are you doing for the rest of today David?”

He replied that he had no commitments, and by the knowing look in his eyes they both knew that they had to see what the rest of the day had in store!

They both dried and changed back into their clothes, and made idle conversation, and it became apparent that they had a lot in common.

Both married, both had quite a ‘colourful’ experience of the ladies in their single days,and both of them just a little bit bored with their ‘traditional’ lifestyles.

They exited the changing rooms and went into the lounge/reception area, and to their dismay neither Bev or Di were anywhere to be seen.

Both their hearts sank a little and David muttered, “some you win, some you lose’” but just as he had barely said those few words, out of the ladies’ changing room came Bev, followed closely by Di.

They were both smiling and laughing with each other, and when they noticed Rob and David came over and Di said “ok you guys I never did like the machine coffee here so do you fancy coming back to my place for a proper cuppa?”

The two men did not need to hesitate a second and Rob replied “yeah that would be great.”

“Cool” said Di “I guess you’ve both got cars so both of you follow my Fiesta, it’s not that far,” and with that they all trooped out of the gym and into the car park.

“See you when we get there David,” Rob said and they all got in their respective cars and drove out onto the road.

The drive was only about 10 minutes, but Rob was desperate not to lose sight of Di’s car in the traffic. David was following him, and fortunately the gods were with them, and they soon pulled into Di’s road and parked up outside a very nice suburban house, with neat lawns and attractive curtains.

They followed the girls in through the front door and Di told them to go into the lounge and sit down while she disappeared into the kitchen with Bev to make the coffee.

Rob sat on a generous sofa and David sat on a large armchair opposite in the corner.

The girls soon entered with mugs of coffee.

“Hope you like white without sugar,” said Di which seemed quite ironic coming from her dark lips and sweet sweet smile.

She came and sat on the sofa next to Rob, and Bev sat on the pouffe next to David’s armchair.

” So you guys, how come you’re not at work in the middle of the week?”

We both explained that we, coincidentally, were having a day off to relax from our usual work.

“How lucky for us then,” smiled Di and winked across at Bev.

Di put her mug down on the coffee table and then took Rob’s from his hand and placed it beside hers.

She kaçak casino turned, and pulling her legs up underneath herself on the sofa, leaned forward and with her face inches from his, she whispered, “So we had better get rid of all those stresses and strains.”

She parted her lips and slowly kissed him, prising his lips apart, and pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Rob returned the kiss, and leaned in towards her.

He felt the heat of her body and caught the suspicion of a sigh.

The kiss seemed to go on for ever, and when it ended he looked over and noticed that Bev had knelt in front of David, and was kissing him in the same passionate way.

Di pulled away slightly, and as she looked Rob in the eye with a half smile, she reached for the zip on his trousers, and slowly pulled it down.

She unbuckled his belt, and opening the top of his trousers, she reached in to slide her hand under the waistband of his boxers.

Her fingers clasped his semi hard cock, and pulled it out.

Her head lowered, and Rob felt her mouth surround his hardening flesh.

He let out a groan so loud it made Bev turn round and smile briefly, before she began to unzip David.

Within a minute they were both as hard as iron, and both girls heads were rising and falling in the most exquisite way.

Rob was trying to reach down to touch the ample black breasts of Di, but she stopped and stood up, looking down at him, she reached her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra and swiftly slid off her t-shirt and revealed her wonderful pendulous breasts, with nipples that stood out like organ stops.

“Hey you guys what are you waiting for?”

None of them needed a second invitation.

Within a few seconds they were all naked and both David and Rob were kneeling on the carpet with their heads between the legs of both Di and Bev.

After that the next half an hour became a whirlwind of sexual lust.

As Rob lapped at Di’s pussy she became wetter and wetter, and her groans became louder, as she became more aroused.

He could sense Bev’s passion rising too and as he glanced over, Bev had mounted David, and was riding his cock with slow gyrations of her hips.

Her head was thrown back, and she was muttering with almost a growl, “oh god oh fuck!”

Di must have seen them as well, because she pushed Rob onto his back, and slid her soaking pussy down on his cock and started to ride him.

Her breasts swung back and forth and Rob grabbed them and squeezed the big black nipples.

She groaned out loud, “Fuck me fuck me harder.”

Rob felt as though he was going to cum, but she slowed, and turning to Bev said ” C’mon swap” and with that they both rose up and swapped places, and Bev’s pussy enveloped his cock, and she started to rotate her hips on his pelvis.

Di had quickly taken her place on David’s cock, and he was grabbing up at her wonderful breasts. All four of us were very close to cumming.

For much of the time Rob’s eyes had been half closed with the intensity of the sex they were having. Bev was squeezing his cock with her pussy in a way that couldn’t last.

He opened his eyes just at the moment when Di looked across at them.

Her body was glistening with perspiration and her titties were swinging, but Rob’s and her eyes met, and something in that split second made them want to finish what they had started together.

She slid from David’s cock and whispered to Bev to swap again.

She lowered herself onto Rob again and it felt like the perfect fit.

She only had to move a few times when he started to cum.

It came from deep within him, and just when he couldn’t hold on any more Bev shouted “Christ I’m cumming,” and he moaned out loud and shot a stream of semen deep into Di’s cunt, and then another, and then another.

David started to cum too and as Rob looked up Di shuddered and bucked, and he knew she had reached her climax.

They all collapsed exhausted, and the whole of that suburban lounge was filled with the aroma of sex.

These two women had had their way with the two men, and awakened in them sexual fires that had only smouldered in the last few years. What had they done? TBC

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