A Chance Encounter

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This story was inspired by and is dedicated to Carly. May you have a long, happy, healthy and, prosperous life, girl.

Ed Scott’s passion was rare books, however he was also well versed in antiques from the Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. And he knew about and looked for etchings, lithographs, and paintings from those centuries as well as early 20th Century artists. He seldom considered furniture. Too big. Too bulky. He drove a Shelby GT500 Mustang and couldn’t get anything big in it, obviously. Still, he occasionally found something that he knew could be resold or auctioned off for a substantial profit that was too big for his car. Then he’d call local movers and have it crated and shipped to his partner in L.A.

Ed had made a reservation at the Inn at the Tides in Bodega Bay. Thursday afternoon he’d driven up from L.A., stopping in a few small towns looking, searching, as he always did. On Saturday there was an estate sale in the nearby town of Bodega, a couple of miles inland from Bodega Bay. He was a day early so he could do some local searching at garage sales and local bookstores. You never knew what you might find.

Ed had booked one of the deluxe rooms, almost a suite, at Inn of the Tides. That was where he usually stayed when he was in the area. He had asked for the room he always stayed in when it was available and got it. He liked it.

The next day, Friday, Ed drove back down Highway 1 to Valley Ford, then on to Bloomfield, and then Petaluma. He found two books in Petaluma that he bought for fifty cents each at a garage sale. He knew he could get between one hundred and one hundred fifty dollars for each of them. When he got back to the Inn it was near sunset and he decided to have dinner at The Tides restaurant.

It was almost a quarter of a mile from his room at the top of the property to The Tides restaurant across Highway 1. It was mid-June and there was a crisp on-shore breeze and the sun was going down into the horizon of the ocean as Ed decided to walk to the restaurant.

He was crossing the parking lot when he saw a gold-colored Honda Accord pull into a parking space in front of the restaurant that had just been vacated. Grandpa car, he thought. But instead of a grandpa or grandma, a lovely young woman got out of the car and headed for the entrance to the restaurant.

It was a busy night and they both entered the restaurant together. Ed held the door for her. She smiled and thanked him. He smiled back and followed her up to the hostess’ station. Of course they weren’t together, as the hostess first assume. Then the hostess suggested that they share a table. It would be faster that way. Ed and the young lady looked each other over, then agreed. Still it was going to be a bit of wait so they went to the bar to have a drink.

Ed now had a close look at the young woman. She was about five feet four inches tall—she wasn’t wearing heels—a very pretty face with intelligent brown eyes and dark blonde hair. She was wearing a lightweight blazer and he could see that she didn’t have large breasts, not that it mattered to him, and looked to have a fit, athletic body. All in all, a very attractive young woman.

Ed ordered his usual scotch and soda. The young woman had a gin and tonic. They smiled at each other, no fancy drinks for either of them. Ed insisted on paying. She protested but Ed assured her that paying for drinks, and dinner, came with no strings attached and that he could well afford to buy a beautiful young lady a drink or two and dinner. She looked at Ed for a second then smiled and nodded. They touched glasses and took a sip.

“Besides, I’m old enough to be your father,” Ed said as he put his drink down on the bar. “I’m 50, and to my eyes you don’t look over 25, if that.”

She gave Ed a devilish look. “What if I had a ‘daddy’ thing?” she asked.

Ed opened his mouth to speak, realized he didn’t have a quick come back, and closed his mouth. Actually, he was somewhat surprised but also a small thrill of possibility ran through him.

“I’m Edward Scott. You can call me Ed or you can call me Edward, but please don’t call me Eddie.”

“Pleased to meet you, Edward,” she said and held out her hand.

Ed took it in his. They both squeezed a little and shook once.

“I’m Carol Bradley.”

“Pleased to meet you, Carol.”

Carol had sized Ed up at the door to the restaurant. He was tall, easily over six feet, with blonde hair combed straight back, but without any kind of grease or gel. It was down on his collar and over the tops of his ears but it suited him. In the light at the door she could see he had dark green eyes. He had a lean body and moved with an assured grace. His smile was easy and quick and sincere. Yes, he was old enough to be her father but even so she thought he was a handsome man.

“So what brings you to Bodega Bay?” Ed asked, trying to be conversational. But he was curious since she was alone.

“Just needed to get away from the City,” Carol said. The “City” is San Francisco to most people canlı bahis in and near the San Francisco bay area.

“And you?” she asked.

Ed pulled a card out of his jacket’s inside pocket and handed it to Carol. It said, Edward Scott, Rare Books and Antiques Dealer, and gave an L.A. address and three different phone numbers.

“I’m an antiques dealer. Well, actually, buyer. I have a partner back in L.A. that does the wheeling-dealing and makes us money. I specialize in rare books, but there are many other things that might get my attention. There’s an estate sale in Bodega tomorrow and I think there might be a few things that I’ll want to buy.

“And you,” Ed tossed the ball back in Carol’s court.

She grimaced. “I’m a work-from-home medical transcriptionist. Boring work but it pays the bills.”

“Well, someone’s got to do it, right?” Ed said.

Carol laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Ed and Carol started their second drink when the hostess came up to lead them to their table. Dinner was fun, exciting. Carol was definitely flirting with Ed and he wondered what gods he had pleased to have such a young and attractive women paying that kind of attention to him. Of course, he was 50 but most people didn’t put him much over 40. He naturally looked younger than his real age and kept himself in good shape. Maybe that had something to do with it… or maybe Carol really did have a ‘daddy’ thing… as in older man.

“So,” Ed said, “do you and, uh, your daddy get along?” He thought he would push the envelope a little to see what would happen. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Carol gave Ed a blank look for a second. “What…?” Then the light went on. “Oh no! Oh God no! Uh? I love my father… but not that way. He’s a great dad, but kind of short and bald and, well, a big beer belly. And, uh… well he’s my dad and, and, uh that’s all… .” She trailed off and looked embarrassed.

“Sorry if I offended you,” Ed said with an easy smile. “I mean, you did say… .”

“Yeah, well, sometimes I say things I really shouldn’t just to see if I can shock people,” Carol said. But, she thought to herself, if my daddy looked like you, Ed…?

Then she gave Ed a wicked smile. She liked this older man. She was really enjoying his company.

“Besides, Ed, can’t a girl have a ‘daddy thing’ without it being her actual daddy?”

Ed almost choked on the sip he was taking of his wine. He recovered quickly and the waiter showed up just then with the bill. Ed got out his credit card, checked the bill, added the tip, and closed the leather folder setting it on the edge of the table. Don’t get your hopes up old man, he told himself.

“So, Carol, where are you staying?” Ed asked as he walked with her to her car.

“I just got here. I drove up from the City on a whim. Can you recommend a good place?”

Ed took a big chance. Swallowed. Felt his heart rate go up. “Well, uh, you could stay with me over there.” He indicated the Inn at the Tides across the highway. “I have a large room, almost a suite… .”

Carol stopped and looked at Ed. Nothing showing on her face. “I thought you said ‘no strings attached.”

“Forgive me. Perhaps I was out of line. And yes, dinner and drinks were on me. Like I said no strings attached. You can get a room at the Inn, or I can direct you to other good hotels.

“However,” Ed continued, “the offer still stands.” If this lovely young woman really did have thing for older men he wouldn’t find out without taking the risk of offending her.

Carol stared at Ed for a long while not saying anything. Her face didn’t show any emotion. She’d be a good poker player Ed decided.

“You can call anyone you want and tell them who you’re with and where you’ll be staying,” Ed suggested. He wanted to add that he wasn’t a rapist or serial killer but decided that probably wasn’t the right thing to say at a moment like this. Besides, he assured himself, she’s a smart girl. She’ll know what I mean.

“Is it really a suite,” Carol asked, a very small smile suddenly appearing on her face.

“It’s a very large room, with a very large bathroom, table, chairs, and a fireplace.”

“What about the bed?”


“First things first,” Carol said.

“What’s that?” Ed asked, puzzled.

Carol turned to fully face Ed. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. He was momentarily surprised, but recovered quickly. He put his arms around Carol’s waist and pull her lithe young body against his. The kiss lingered. It was a good kiss. Ed assumed it was for Carol, too, because when she finally pulled her lips from his she said: “Okay, Edward, I’d like to spend the night with you.”

Carol shivered. She was wearing a light-weight, grey nubby silk blazer over a white silk blouse, jeans, and black flats. Ed was wearing a plaid flannel shirt—predominately green with red and yellow running through it—with a T-shirt underneath. Over that he had on a black, medium weight jacket. He also had on jeans, and black cross-trainers.

“This bahis siteleri is just like the City,” Carol said. “Cold even in the summer.”

“Well, you know what Mark Twain said about San Francisco, don’t you?”

Carol slid her arms under Ed’s jacket and around his back and pulled her body tight against his. “No, I don’t. But tell me quickly before I freeze to death.”

“The coldest winter I ever spend was summer in San Francisco.”

Carol laughed. “I like that. Did he really say that?”

“To the best of my knowledge and belief,” Ed answered.

Carol tilted her face up to Ed’s. “Kiss me again and warm me up, then let’s get going.”

The kiss was another good one, with lots of tongue probing tongue, touching and sliding around each other.

“Okay, Edward, I’ll follow you up.”

“Actually, I walked down here, so I’ll ride with you and tell you exactly where to go.”

Carol opened the locks with the key fob and Ed held the driver’s door for her before walking around to get in on the passenger side.

“Nice car,” he said. He noticed that it looked like new, although the car was at least six or seven years old.

“Carol gave Ed a look. No, my grandfather did not give this car to me.”

Ed laughed. “Well… .”

“Oh believe me, I’ve gotten that before,” Carol said. “I just knew you were thinking that, too.

“Actually, I did buy it off a grandfatherly type. He’d had a stroke and couldn’t drive it anymore. It has really low miles, regular oil changes and maintenance, and, as you can see, it looks great inside and out. So, rather than a sporty model, I bought this and I’m glad I did. A sportier car might have made me want to go fast when I shouldn’t.”

“A wise women as well as a beautiful one,” Ed said.

“Stop it,” Carol responded. “I know I’m pretty enough, but I wouldn’t call myself beautiful.”

“Actually, Carol,” Ed said, “beauty is not just measured by physical good looks. At least not in my book. You are intelligent, witty, and wise. You have a lovely figure, what I can see of it and, of course, as you said, you are definitely pretty enough. For some people, myself included, that adds up to beauty.”

The inside of the car was dark but Ed thought that Carol might be blushing.

“Uh… ah… . Thank you Ed. That’s a nice thing to say.”

“You’re welcome,” Ed responded.

Carol started the car and Ed directed her across the highway and up the main drive of the Inn at the Tides to a parking space beside his Mustang in front of his room.

Carol looked over at the Mustang. “Your car?”


“Okay, so now I know that you really could afford dinner and drinks.” Then Carol laughed. She also knew that it was an expensive car although she didn’t know just how expensive

“You know about Shelby GT’s?”

“My dad has a restored 1967 Mustang Fast Back. He loves Mustangs, so yeah, I know about Shelby GT’s. Oh, and that’s another reason for buying this car. When I was eighteen my dad foolishly lets me drive his car. I almost wrapped it around a power pole.”


“Yeah, it was close but no impact. I did spin out into a field. Luckily there was no fence. My dad was pretty hot under the collar, as you might imagine. He hasn’t let me near that care ever since.”

“Remind me not to let you drive mine.” Ed said but he laughed.

“So Ed, are you very rich,” Carol indicated his car. “Who knows, I might be looking for a daddy. A sugar daddy.” Carol laughed again and so did Edward.

“No, I’m not very rich, but I do alright.” He didn’t know if she was serious about maybe wanting a sugar daddy or not. She seemed to be just teasing, which was alright with him. However, if she was serious… . Well, he’d have to give that some thought.

“Shall we go in,” he said.

As Ed and Carol came in through the door, Carol stopped. “Wow, you weren’t kidding this is almost a suite.”

They were standing in the entryway. To their right was the main room about thirty feet long by twenty feet wide, and carpeted. The far wall, the west wall, was floor to ceiling windows with an unobstructed view to the bay down below and the ocean beyond. They could see the lights of a boat coming into the bay. The bathroom was on the left from the entryway and it was about ten feet by eight feet. And had a large shower/tub combination along with double sinks on a counter that ran from wall-to-wall with full mirrors above it.

The room was furnished with a king-sized bed, two wing-back chairs with a table and lamp between them, a round table with four chairs by the windows, a large flat screen TV, a highboy dresser, a desk, and a fireplace.

Carol had pulled an overnight bag off the back seat of her car. “I just threw some things in a bag and got out of town. I had a bad day and… .”

“You don’t need to explain anything to me,” Edward said quietly. “I’ve been there, done that, too.” He smiled.

Carol smiled back. “Well, I’d like to, you know, take a shower. Okay?”

“Of bahis şirketleri course, Carol. I need one too. I was out all day in a couple of the small nearby towns and then over in Petaluma. I went straight to the restaurant after I got back.”

Carol walked into the bathroom and plopped her bag on the long counter. She noticed the large tub and the bubble bath bottle display with shampoo, conditioner, and the small, wrapped bars of soap.

“Ooo! A bubble bath. Ed?” She turned around and leaned out the door. Ed was at the mini-bar getting ready to fix himself another scotch and soda.

“Yes?” he answered.

“I would dearly love to take a bubble bath… if you don’t mind that is.”

Ed smiled and shook his head. “No, I don’t mind, but let me take a shower first then you can soak as long as you want, Carol.”

“You’re nice,” Carol said.

“Thank you, dear. I try to be.”

Ed showered and shaved quickly and came out of the bathroom wearing one of the terrycloth robes provided with the room. Carol had the TV on and was going through the channels. She’d drawn the curtains over the windows and was standing in front of the TV naked.

Carol turned and smiled at Ed. “So I thought, since we’re going to, uh, sleep together, there was no sense in being shy, eh? So you can take off the robe… unless, of course, you feel more comfortable with it on.” She tilted her head a bit and gave him a mischievous look.

Ed undid the sash to the robe and slipped it off and tossed it on the bed. He smiled. “No, I’m fine without clothes. And may I say, Carol, you have a lovely body.”

Carol had turned on one of the lamps beside the bed. The only other light in the room was from the TV. Still, Ed could see her clearly. She had a lean, athletic body. Her small—but not tiny by any means—well-shaped breasts had medium-sized areolas and nipples. The ends of her straight, dark blonde hair had brushed her right nipple when she’d tilted her head to give him that mischievous look.

Ed noticed that Carol didn’t shave her pussy, just kept the hair closely trimmed, which was fine with him. She also had a navel piercing with a dangling bit of jewelry. She looked fine, better than fine, to Ed. And he felt the blood begin to flow into his cock at the thought that soon they would be making love. It was too soon for the Viagra pill he took while in the bathroom to be taking effect but it would kick in by the time, or before, Carol got out of her bubble bath. She was a young woman. He was fifty year old. The pill was to make sure he didn’t disappoint her… or himself. Although, considering how his cock was beginning to grow now, he might not have needed it.

At dinner Ed had noticed Carol’s well manicured lovely red fingernails, just fingertip long and rounded. He loved red painted fingernails on women and the sight of Carol’s had made him think of how her slim fingers with their deep red colored nails would look wrapped around his hard cock. At dinner it had only been an older man’s fantasy. Now, hopefully, it would become a reality.

Carol walked up to Ed and handed him the TV remote. He took it and tossed it on the bed then slid his arms around her waist. She tilted her face up and Ed leaned down to give her a long, sweet kiss.

He felt her hand on his cock, which was more than halfway to full erection. He felt Carol squeeze it firmly and stroke it. Ed looked down. She was holding his cock with her palm on the bottom of it and he could see her slim fingers, with the red nails, wrapped around his cock, just like he’d imagined at dinner. The sight increased the flow of blood that was already flooding into his cock and making it harder by the second.

“You have a nice cock, Ed,” Carol said. Actually, in her mind, he had a nice everything. His tall body was lean and muscular, no fat, and he had the “six-pack” that so many men wanted. Only his weathered and rugged face gave away his age. Still, he didn’t look fifty to her as he’d told her he was. All-in-all, she was sure she was going to enjoy this chance encounter with this older man.

Carol lowered herself to her knees in front of Ed and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking it as deep as she could without gagging. She smiled to herself again as she heard Ed gasp with pleasure.

Carol sucked on Ed’s cock until it was fully hard and erect. Yes, she thought, a nice cock. It had to be at least seven inches long and on the thick side. She liked that more than length. Ed’s cock would stretch her vaginal sphincter muscles and feel so good fucking her, filling her up. A shiver of anticipation ran through her body.

She stood up and kissed Ed again. She squeezed his cock. “I’m going to be a while, will you and your, uh, buddy here, be okay?”

Ed gave Carol a quick kiss on the lips. “We have patience, dear. You take as long as you want. We’ll be ready when you’re done.”

Carol smiled. “Good.”

Ed was reclining against the headboard of the bed, propped up on pillows, watching a rerun of NCIS when Carol came out of the bathroom, all clean and fresh, and naked. He was lightly stroking his erection. It wasn’t as hard as Carol had left it but he knew it wouldn’t take long to get that hard again. And the Viagra was definitely in play now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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