A Brace Of Pheasant

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“Oh yes!…Yes!…Ooh…” Polly panted as she writhed under Mike’s persistent thrusting. Her eyes tight shut, she couldn’t see his expression of grim determination as he held on to his load far beyond what he’d previously considered possible.

As he saw Polly’s face contort in the brief ecstasy of orgasm, he gratefully came inside her, growling through gritted teeth at the relief of that release. His semen boiled from his cock, hosing Polly’s twitching cervix as Mike thrust hard into her two…three more times. Feeling her cervix press momentarily against his post-orgasmically hypersensitive glans, he sighed with ecstasy and pain, his hips finally ceasing their grinding.

Polly sank limp against the mattress, humming in contentment as Mike rolled from between her legs and slumped heavily beside her, his breathing slightly ragged from his exertion and his slick cock softening against his thigh.

“Hmmm.” Polly purred. “It’s been far too long. Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” Mike murmured sleepily.

“No nodding off on the job, Mister.” Cassy leant over the exhausted man and kissed him deeply, finding herself being kissed back just as forcefully. Good! He wasn’t as spent as he looked. The spirit was clearly still willing, even if the flesh looked weak.

As Polly’s twin administered the kiss of life, her hand withdrew from between her own thighs. She broke off the kiss and pressed three moist and pungent fingers to Mike’s lips. “That’s what watching you two has done to me.” She smiled wickedly as Mike parted his lips and drew her fingertips into his mouth, suckling on their tips like an infant. “We had a deal, Mister. You’d better be able to keep up your end of it.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, Sis. Look down.” Polly propped herself up on an elbow and came to Mike’s defence.

Cassy glanced down the bed. Sure enough, Mike’s penis was stirring. Both twins reached for it, ten fingertips caressing it back to full vigour. Cassy watched it grow with greedy eyes. It was a fine specimen: That was for sure. Long, thick and heavily veined. Judging that he was as hard as he was going to get, Cassy lay back and flung her legs wide.

The speed with which Mike took up the invitation surprised – no, delighted her. “Michael, Dear.”

“Yes.” He looked down at her solemnly, his cock unmoving inside her.

God! She thought. That feels wonderful. Sis was right: it’s been too damned long. “I know this is a cash deal but you are allowed to enjoy yourself too.” Cassy had noticed how – workmanlike was the only word for it – how workmanlike his servicing of Polly had been. It was like he was trying to avoid intimacy even while having sex. Sweet boy. “Now earn your money. Giddyup!” Her heels kicked at his buttocks and Mike took the hint, thrusting hard, deep, fast…

* * * * *

Mike had known the twins for several years, ever since they’d returned to Bridgehampton from University in England. They’d become friends when the twins had hired a local handyman – him – to fix up the shop for them. Ever since, he’d been dropping by for coffee on quiet mornings and shooting pool with them in their local bar.

He’d watched with amusement as ambitious young bachelors foundered on the rocks, trying to win one of these two sirens. In all the time he’d known them, none of the guys had succeeded in getting anywhere near the twins – and many had tried, hard. For this reason, their proposition had taken him somewhat by surprise.

Being a casual worker, there were inevitable dry periods for Mike and, occasionally, he supplemented a meagre income with deposits at a sperm bank upstate. While this was not common knowledge, the twins were close friends and in the veritas of vino one long ago evening, he’d confided in them.

When he’d turned down a pot roast invitation last week because he was getting a free ride “upstate” with a removals firm he occasionally worked for, the twins had turned up at his house by Kellis Pond with their absurd proposal.

They wanted to buy his “deposit” instead. They’d discussed it and they both wanted babies. Moreover, they wanted their children as close to being siblings as possible, so they should at least share the same father. The trouble was the absence of said father.

None of the local hopefuls were even considered but Mike was their pal and, not beating around the bush, they were aware how much he needed the money.

Incredulity, disbelief, bemusement and realization that the twins meant it, pretty much covered the rest of Mike’s evening. Finally, he’d agreed.

It was the most sleepless night of his life. He’d had a hard-on until daybreak, just thinking about fucking the twins – and they’d made it clear they were not intending to use a turkey baster for this deal. They’d said, practically in unison, that their children had to come from an act of love. Fuck! How often had he jerked off, fantasizing about those two? Now it was scheduled to actually happen he was rock hard but couldn’t do anything to relieve his tension. He needed canlı bahis his sperm count high when they called.

Yes, it’d been a long week waiting for the twins’ calendar: A long hard week.

* * * * *

Taking Cassy at her word, Mike relaxed a little and took time to enjoy his work. It was a fantasy made flesh after all. He’d never been able to tell the twins apart – they appeared to work hard at remaining identical – but now he realized that he wouldn’t even be able to identify them by fucking them. Even the little moans and sighs, the smell of perspiration, the way Cassy’s vagina pulsed around him – all were just like her sister.

Mike was grateful for the déjà vu feeling as Cassy started trembling under him as if she were going into some sort of seizure, signalling the onset of her orgasm. Manfully, he raised his game long enough to finish with a flourish of hard, deep thrusts, letting his seed spurt directly onto her cervix as it dilated during her orgasm. He’d done some research on the web and read that this was the best place to put the semen.

He didn’t have the energy left to roll off her, lying instead, still sheathed inside her, his weight settling gently on her heaving bosom. The sounds of Cassy catching her breath were interrupted by applause from Polly.

“Bravo! Encore” That was spectacular!”

“No encores.” Mike mumbled as Cassy’s fingers entwined themselves in his hair. He turned and kissed her cheek. “Thanks Polly.”

“Cassy” Cassy gently corrected him.

“Both of you. It certainly beats whacking off into a plastic cup.”

“What do you use for… motivation at the sperm bank?” Cassy asked, her fingers still toying with his hair.

“Is it true they have porn collections?” Polly asked.

“It’s true, but I don’t bother with it: I can’t touch those girls or smell, or…” he looked straight into Cassy’s eyes “taste them.”

Cassy dipped her lashes demurely.

“So?” Polly prompted.

“So… I can’t believe I’m telling you two this…” Mike rolled onto his back and waited while the twins nestled against his sides. “Well, usually, I fantasized about you two.”

“See Sis!” Cassy lifted her head to look across Mike’s chest at Polly. “I told you he’d thought about it before we propositioned him.”

“You were right, I was wrong.” Polly conceded “Now please shut up: I want to hear this fantasy of his. Go on Mike.”

* * * * *

Despite obvious attempts to make the small, windowless room comfortable, it managed to retain its clinical nature. Ignoring the stack of DVDs that the nurse had indicated before she left him alone, Mike settled himself in a chair and unbuttoned his jeans.

All the way here, some three hours by road, he’d primed himself by constructing a fantasy about the twins. He got hard now just thinking about them.

His daydreaming had got as far as discovering them skinny-dipping down by the bay. He’d stood on the shore; daring them to come out but only succeeding in making them stay neck deep in the cool water. Christ! Their nipples must be like diamonds in that water. The bay was never that warm.

That was as far as he’d got en route. Now, semi-rigid cock in hand, he picked up the thread…

“Well, if you girls won’t come out…” Mike peeled off his shirt and reached for his belt. His body had that tone and deep bronzing of a life spent outdoors that the New Yorkers so often fell short of with their expensive gyms and solariums. He kicked off his sneakers and stepped out of his jeans, his thumbs already hooked into his shorts.

“Last chance, girls…” but the twins didn’t answer. They just watched his hands, waiting for his shorts to fall. One of them licked her lips – which one was it? Damned if he knew. He’d never been able to tell them apart.

Mike shrugged and peeled his shorts off, letting his cock swing free. The girls laughed.

“That? That’s not worth coming all that way for.” One twin heckled.

“Not if we have to share.” Amended her sister.

Mike looked down at his flaccid cock and pulled a face, his mouth comically down turned. “He just needs a reason to wake up.” He glanced around and espied what he was looking for. Stooping among the twins’ things, he picked up a scrap of white with each hand. “These ‘ll do the trick.” He called out to the girls.

“Hey Mister! Hands off out underwear.” One twin shouted, but Mike made a show of sniffing first one pair then the other.

“Damn, Girls, I can’t even tell you two apart by smell.” The faint musk of their underwear was working its magic and his cock grew longer and firmer. Mike kept one pair pressed under his nose, sniffing in the scent of warm pussy while he wrapped the other pair around his not-quite-hard-on and pumped rhythmically getting himself fully aroused. “There!” he called to them, taking his hand from his rigid cock and shaking his hips to make it bob like a conductor’s baton. “Is that enough for two?”

For answer, the twins exchanged one of those long glances between them that seemed bahis siteleri so much like a telepathic conversation; then they moved towards the shore. As their firm breasts came out of the water, draped with long, wet, blonde hair, Mike re-wrapped his cock and continued masturbating with the panties. He took another long sniff for good measure.

“Better hurry girls.” He could feel the swift approach of his orgasm.

“He’s bluffing.” One twin said to her sister.

“He wouldn’t really… would he?” The other answered.

By now they were waist deep. Mike stared hungrily at their breasts – he’d been so right about those nipples – and pumped harder.

As their shaven pussies came into view his gaze lowered to them. Two perfect pairs of pink lips, innocent of any curls. They were gonna be too late.

With a lustful grunt Mike let his semen pump out into the plastic cup. As spurts became dribbles, he sank back in the chair to catch his breath and pondered what the twins would have said or done if he’d held on awhile longer.

* * * * *

“So he did fancy us all this time.” Polly spoke to her sister across Mike. “I wonder why he never tried his luck.”

“He.” Mike interjected “Is right here.”

Polly glanced at him in feigned surprise. “Oh yes. So Michael, why didn’t you try your luck?”

“When we first met, I was… involved-“

“Jo-Jo the serial philanderer.” Polly opined.

“We remember that!” Cassy added.

“Yeah, the whole village remembers that. Gotta be some kinda Guinness world record for the most public break-up. Anyway, by the time I was single again, I’d seen a lot of guys shot down by you two. I figured men clearly weren’t your thing so why spoil a good friendship?”

“Clever boy!” they kissed his cheeks in unison.

“Good friends have a value greater than rubies.” Polly said

“You’re thinking of a virtuous wife.” Mike corrected her.

“Are you sure?”

“Proverbs 31. I paid attention in bible class.”

Cassy interrupted. “I can’t believe you’re quoting the bible after what you’ve just done to us.”

“Actually, your sister started it but she misquoted. Can I ask a personal question?”

“Sis, can you believe this guy?” Polly spoke across him again. “Five minutes ago he was jerking off into our panties. Now he needs permission to ask a personal question.”

“He’s just being polite.” Cassy replied. Then to Mike, “Ask.”

“I wasn’t jerking off into your panties – that was just an old fantasy. My question is this: You don’t act like you don’t like guys. You gave every indication of enjoying getting…”

“Laid?” Polly offered.

“Fucked?” Cassy suggested.


“We never said we don’t like guys.”

“We prefer girls but guys are fun too.”

“It just that this is a small community-“

“And we share everything. How many local boys would be discreet enough?”

“Hence, no boyfriends.”

“So you like girls?” Mike asked.

“Boys too but girls are better.”

“But I’ve never seen you even look at another girl that way. I’m pretty sure I’d have noticed.”

“I’m a girl.” Polly said flatly.

“Me too.” Cassy responded, lifting her head to look down on Mike. She wanted to see his expression as this sunk in. She wasn’t disappointed.

“You?… You two?” His face showed all the confusion and befuddlement that this revelation always precipitated.

Cassy took the opportunity to kiss him. As she pulled back, Polly took over where she’d left off, kissing Mike deeply. When she broke from Mike she kissed Cassy too, just inches above Mike’s face. He watched in stunned silence as their tongues entwined.

“Don’t tell me this wasn’t in any of your fantasies.” Polly smiled down at him then the twins settled back with their heads on his shoulders.

“Well, yes. But…”

“Shh.” Cassy put a finger to his lips. “You can tell us all about that fantasy another time. It’s late. Let’s just sleep now.” She didn’t want to get Mike aroused again tonight. He had to service them two more nights and they needed his sperm count as high as possible.

Polly understood. She turned out the lamp on her side of the bed. “Sweet dreams Michael.” She snuggled down and closed her eyes.

“Er… Sweet dreams.” Mike hadn’t expected to stay over but… then… he hadn’t expected quite a lot of stuff that had happened tonight.

“Goodnight sweet prince.” Cassy buzzed his cheek.

“And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” Mike finished off the quote as she made a long arm and turned off the other lamp, plunging them into sudden darkness.

“So you paid attention in English class too?” Cassy whispered, draping an arm across him in search of Polly’s hand.

“Yep. Sweet dreams.”

* * * * *

The following afternoon, Mike came into the shop about half an hour shy of closing time. “Afternoon, Boss.”

“Boss? Don’t I get a kiss.”

He leant over the counter to buzz her lips. “Well, since I still can’t tell you two bahis şirketleri apart, even after…”

“Point taken.”

But Mike continued anyway. “And since I’ve been hired to be your prize bull, you are technically my boss…”

“Prize bull? Hmm. I suppose, yes, that pretty much covers it. But, Michael Dear?”


“You can tell us apart now.”

His eyebrows rose quizzically.

“Remember last night, you told us about your fantasy but you got a little detail wrong?”

“What little detail? Oh! That!”

“Well we thought it’d be nice for you if we… complied. One of us at least… Me.”


“Smooth as a peach. And, Good Lord, am I sensitive? I’ve been practically sliding off this stool all afternoon.”

“This I have to check out.” Mike stepped around the end of the counter.

“Hold on a second Mister. Not so fast. This is a respectable establishment and we don’t tolerate that sort of behaviour in Bridgehampton. Let me lock up and we’ll go see what Cassy’s cooking up for dinner.

But Mike pressed himself against Polly’s back, pinioning her behind the counter. He nuzzled the back of her neck as a rough hand slipped down the front of her slacks. Jeez! She had shaved it! His fingertips encountered only smooth warm skin all the way to the start of her cleft. He pushed his hand further down her trousers, cupping her sex and feeling the heat as Polly pressed back onto his bulging jeans and sighed. Her own hand groped behind her, squeezing the hot hard lump of his penis. She hadn’t been kidding about her sensitivity. She was gagging for it.

Polly’s deft fingers unbuttoned his jeans and fished inside them for that cock. He smelt of hard work, musky with sweat from a day on somebody’s roof, repairing shingles. His calloused finger pressed the length of her denuded lips, its tip probing inside her slick flesh.

Her slacks zipped at the back… but not for long. Pulling his hand free, Mike bent her forward over the counter, fumbled her zipper and peeled her pants and panties down in one swift motion. He’d had an arousing day too and the slickness on his fingers belied the need for foreplay. Without a word, he guided the head of his cock between her thighs and shoved hard into her. A squeal was the only protest before Polly pressed back against his hips, taking him all into her body.

“Look across the street.” Mike urged her. Polly lifted her chin and looked through the glass pane in the door. Across Main Street, Polly’s sister, a brown bag in the crook of each arm, had stopped to chat to the vicar. “I hope he doesn’t offer to carry her groceries for her.” Mike husked, his teeth gritted as he stroked in and out of Polly’s pussy. The thrill of possible discovery was just one more aspect of his recurring fantasies about the twins.

Polly didn’t care. All she wanted right now was an orgasm. She ground her ass against him. “Just fuck me.” She begged.

Mike was more than happy to comply, upping the tempo until he could hear the change in the cash register rattling with every push. He glanced down, admiring his work. Her ass hole was perfectly framed between her spread cheeks: Now there was a fantasy he wasn’t likely to act out. It still spurred him on though, watching her labia stretch around his driving cock and those smooth butt cheeks quivering as he buried his root.

Polly’s climax hit so suddenly it took him by surprise. Her vagina seized him in its pulsating grip as she writhed on the counter, gasping in ecstatic release. He fought the friction of her grip to thrust a few more times, pressing the ball of his thumb against her anus and massaging it, just the act of touching her there sending him over the edge, tightening his balls and forcing lava-like semen erupting all over the entrance to her womb. His thumb had made her tense but that felt good too and, as her pussy milked him dry, she relaxed, despite Mike’s thumb circling her anus.

All passion spent, Mike pulled out his slick, sticky cock and tucked it back into his jeans, fastening the buttons while looking down at the supine figure of Polly, gasping for breath, lying across the counter with her bare ass still perfectly presented. Her newly shaved slit looked red and puffy and glistened with moisture. He could smell them both.

The bell announced the opening of the door, rousing Polly from her reverie with a sudden “Ooh!” of surprise. She rose upright and hauled her pants up in one swift motion. Mike, ever obliging, pulled up her zipper. There wasn’t time to fasten the hook at the waistband but she’d look decent enough from the front, if a little flushed, and her trousers wouldn’t fall down.

Pulling a screwdriver from his back pocket only to, rather more conspicuously, put it back, he covered his presence behind the counter by saying, too loudly. “That should fix it, but if it’s still sticky tomorrow, call me and I’ll pop over to grease it more thoroughly.”

Stepping from behind the counter, Mike headed for the door where Cassy was thanking the Vicar for helping her with her bags. “… Thank you so much Reverend Jones. Just put them down anywhere. Polly and I will sort them out later. Oh. Good afternoon Mike.” Cassy noticed the handyman coming round the counter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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