A Boys Only Weekend

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The boys opened up the door to their hotel suite and explored the space where they would be spending the night. As the tour of the interior finished up, the boys opened the curtains to the patio and were surprised to see a large private hot tub. None of the boys knew about the hot tub, but each quickly agreed that they’d happily take a dip in their underwear that evening.

Nick turned bright red, hoping that the boys wouldn’t notice his embarrassment as he realized that his going commando recently was about to bite him in the ass, again.

A few drinks later the sun had gone down, and the boys were ready for a nice dip in the hot tub. Tom was the first to strip down, revealing a pair of red boxer-briefs. John was next, his pair of tight white trunks showing off more than he intended, and that was before they got wet.

Cody, the newest member of the group was next to strip, revealing a pair of thin light grey bikini briefs. Cody’s choice of underwear surprised the group, who were all staring at the fabric tightly clinging to his clearly uncut cock.

After snapping out of his trance, Zach removed his jeans to reveal a pair of green frilly panties. The whole group started laughing, until Zach explained that Jess had agreed to wear anything Zach wanted around the house as long as Zach wore the panties she picked out for him. Even after his explanation the boys continued giggling, particularly as they saw the thong back that made up the other half of Zach’s panties.

With the entertainment over, everyone turned to face Kevin, Brendan, and Nick. Kevin quickly stripped off his shirt, and dropped his shorts to reveal a pair of grey boxers sitting low on his hips. At the same time, Brendan dropped his jeans exposing a pair of white low-rise trunks that barely covered the base of his shaft.

Nick was the only one still dressed, and the longer he waited, the more uneasy he felt. As he struggled to explain why he was hesitant to strip to his underwear, the boys grew tired of waiting and grabbed a hold of Nick’s arms pulling his shirt over his head, exposing Nick’s hard six pack and treasure trail.

The boys didn’t spend too long taking in Nick’s smooth upper body before they began wrestling with the fly on his pants. As Kevin struggled to get Nick’s fly open, his hands found their way into Nick’s pubes and Kevin noticed the lack of underwear in his way as he felt the base of Nick’s cock between his fingers.

The remainder of the boys had pulled Nick off of the floor and held his squirming body in the air. With his newly discovered information, Kevin was even more excited to get Nick’s pants off, but he felt there was a better way to do it. Kevin raised his voice and loudly informed the group that Nick was going commando and that must have been why he was so resistant to strip down.

Nick had stopped struggling and his face grew red with embarrassment as Kevin tugged on Nick’s jeans, exposing Nick’s pubes to the group. Kevin stood between Nick’s legs and undid his fly exposing Nick’s full set of pubes to the excited group of boys. Kevin didn’t waste any time before he pulled Nick’s jeans down to his knees causing Nick’s hard cock to bounce up against his abs.

The boys quickly took turns playing with Nick’s cock before letting him down and jumping in the hot tub. None of the boys had taken their eyes off of Nick who stood awkwardly on the patio considering what to do. As he reached for his clothes, Zach called out to him, and in a comforting voice, told him to stop.

Zach climbed out of the hot tub, his frilly green panties now fully see through as he walked over to Nick. Zach turned to face the hot tub, and caught Tom’s knowing glance. Zach nodded to Tom, who informed or reminded the members of the group of Zach’s dare, earned in a game of strip poker a few weeks earlier.

Once Tom was finished telling the story, Zach put his hands out to his sides, and waited. Nick looked confused at the group, who all motioned for him to continue. In one quick motion, Nick pulled Zach panties off as Zach stepped out of them.

Nick then proceeded to grab a hold of Zach’s cock, tugging on it until it stood up on its own. Tom had grabbed his cell phone, and took a picture of Zach and Nick before starting his countdown app, and telling Zach to grab the guys some drinks.

Nick followed Zach inside and the two went to the kitchen where they had put the beer in the fridge. As soon as they were out of earshot, Nick thanked Zach for stepping up, and gave him another tug or two as he smiled at him.

Zach told Nick it wasn’t a big deal, especially since Tom or John would have forced him to strip eventually. As Zach loaded up Nick’s arms with cans of beer, he added that at least this way his hard on wasn’t trying to force it’s way out of his panties.

Nick laughed at the picture developing in his head, but he stopped laughing as he saw Zach’s hand grab a hold of his cock tugging on it until precum flowed canlı bahis şirketleri out of it. Nick knew this was against the rules, and was torn whether to rat out his friend, and hopefully see him punished in some way, or to simply enjoy the show.

Before Nick could decide what to do, Zach walked by Nick, giving his ass a quick squeeze before making his way back to the hot tub, beers in hand. Nick quickly turned and followed, his eyes locked on Zach’s ass.

As they got back to the hot tub, the rest of the boys quickly turned their attention back to Zach and Nick’s naked bodies. Zach carried only a few beer and put them in the cooler sitting on the patio, giving everyone a view of his spread cheeks and exposed hole. Zach walked over to Nick, and grabbed his cock, using it to pull Nick around the hot tub as Zach handed out beers to the rest of the boys.

Each boy thanked Zach and Nick by groping the boys’ cocks and asses. Once the beers were handed out, the two naked boys jumped in the hot tub and with the exception of Zach handing out a few more beer, the night remained surprisingly tame.

Zach was the first to head to bed, leaving his clothes on the patio and cheekily shaking his ass at the boys as he walked back inside. The group slowly dwindled until only Cody and Nick remained. Nick was hoping that Cody would head to bed, saving him the embarrassment of having to walk naked in front of his friend again.

As Nick considered how much longer to wait, Cody cut off his train of thought, as he said he wouldn’t be leaving until he saw Nick naked again. Nick was shocked at how forward his new friend was, but his growing smile gave away his true feelings. Cody saw Nick’s smile and climbed out of the water, his tight bikini briefs tightly formed over his hard cock.

Cody’s bikini briefs had shrunk, revealing a significant portion of his ass. Nick felt his own cock growing, realizing he wasn’t getting to bed without showing Cody his naked body again. Cody gave Nick a choice, walk to bed now and stay naked until after breakfast tomorrow or walk to the lobby and back naked. Nick wasn’t sure why Cody felt he had control over him, but it quickly became apparent as Cody showed Nick a series of photos, gifs, and videos of Nick naked and bound in a bar called CMNM.

Nick’s cock grew larger, which he didn’t think was possible. He quickly agreed to stay naked through breakfast tomorrow and stood up, revealing himself once again to Cody. Cody took the opportunity to once again feel Nick’s cock and ass.

Cody smacked Nick on the ass and told him to get to bed, and that he’d be wise to not jerk himself off as his friends would almost certainly reward him for it later that weekend. Nick walked to his bed, turning to see Cody’s eyes locked on his ass as he walked around the corner.

Nick awoke to a still naked Zach standing beside his bed demanding he help get breakfast ready as Zach’s eye remained locked on Nick’s cock which was exposed by the blankets crumpled up laying on the floor.

Nick rolled over, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and followed Zach into the kitchen. It took Nick a few moments to realize he was still naked, but he quickly remembered why as Cody ran his hand across Nick’s ass before grabbing a coffee and leaning against the counter to enjoy the early morning sight of the two naked boys.

Cody wore a loose fitting pair of black basketball shorts, and based on the bulge showing in his shorts, that was all he was wearing. As Nick imagined what Cody’s cock must look like, Kevin, dressed in the same pair of tattered grey boxers he wore last night entered the kitchen.

Kevin’s boxers had dried, but their soaking last night had stretched them out, exposing a couple inches of his ass and pubes as he reached high into the cupboards, stretching his strong back muscles. Although Nick was enjoying the sight of his friends, their collective attention turned to him, as they questioned his continued nakedness.

Zach lead the charge as Cody held a finger to his mouth, prompting Nick to make something up, mumbling something about being lazy, adding that they had already seen him naked, so who cared. With this comment, Zach asked Nick, in a daring tone, if he was going to stay naked all weekend.

Cody nodded his head at Nick as Nick reluctantly agreed to stay naked. Cody quickly volunteered to gather up Nick’s clothes and store them safely since he wouldn’t be needing them. Nick looked angrily at Cody, feeling setup, but as Zach continued to bug him, Nick revealed to the group that Zach had been playing with himself in the kitchen last night.

John, wearing his revealing white boxer-briefs, who had just walked in to the room with Brendan who wore a blue pair of the same low-rise trunks he had been wearing last night, started to chant forfeit as Zach’s stomach started to rumble, partly from hunger, but more so from his fear of what the boys would decide to make him do.

The canlı kaçak iddaa boys weren’t happy that Zach wasn’t following the rules, but they weren’t sure how they were going to punish him. In the meantime, they decided that he should keep Nick company in the nude.

Nick and Zach finished making breakfast and the boys ate their meals on the patio. All of the boys enjoyed the limited to nil clothing they wore out on the patio, and were somewhat relieved that no one could see them. After breakfast a few of the boys took another dip in the hot tub as Nick and Zach, who had taken over the role of housekeeper, cleaned up the mess from breakfast.

When they had finished, Nick and Zach made their way to the patio and found all of the boys inside the hot tub. It didn’t take Nick long to realize that there was a pair of black basketball shorts hanging on a nearby chair.

Nick’s cock started to grow as he fantasized about Cody’s cock, balls, ass and dark pubes. Cody sat comfortably in the hot tub, arms resting on the sides. Nick could see through the turbulent water that Cody was entirely naked, and he could barely contain his excitement as he sat down in the water opposite Cody.

The boys slowly grew tired of the hot tub, and began moving inside to play poker and video games. Soon, it was only Cody and Nick left, and this time, it was Nick who would wait as long as it took for Cody to leave. Zach called out that lunch was ready, and Nick jumped out of the hot tub, waiting patiently for Cody to show himself, however, Cody didn’t move.

Instead, Cody instructed Nick to hand him a towel. Nick obliged, but was disappointed when Cody ordered him to turn around. It was becoming clearer that in this relationship, Cody was in charge. Nick waited patiently, his back turned to Cody. Suddenly, Nick felt the soft towel running over his hair, then down his back.

Once his ass had been thoroughly dried off, Nick saw the towel flip in front of his face, drying off his chest, six-pack, and hard cock. Nick’s cock strained as the full weight of the towel dropped onto it.

Cody walked past Nick, holding his basketball shorts in his hand. Cody turned his head around, smiled at Nick and continued into his room. Nick removed the towel from his cock, using it to clean the precum off his head before heading in for lunch.

Although Zach and Nick were both pretty good cooks, the boys decided that they were going to order in sushi for dinner. This gave Cody, who had recently re-emerged from his room wearing a pair of tight white compression shorts that he had found in Nick’s bag, an idea for Zach’s punishment.

Zach would order, and pay for the sushi. When the delivery person arrived, Zach would answer the door in a poorly tied towel, letting it fall and remaining naked for as long as the delivery person stayed. Finally, Zach would be used as a table for the boys dinner.

At this point, Brendan added that once the boys were done eating, Nick should clean off Zach, with only his tongue. All of the boys were visibly in agreement as their various states of undress revealed hard and hardening cocks on every member of the group.

As dinner time approached Zach couldn’t help but have an erection. He had already buzzed the delivery boy into the lobby, and he knew that anytime there would be a knock on the door.

Zach had the towel tied around his waist, and he knew from practice that it would fall about 30 seconds after he opened the door. The knock on the door finally came, and Zach opened it, shocked to see Jack, one of his neighbour’s from back home standing in front of him.

Jack was going to university, delivering sushi to pay the bills. Zach wanted to abort his exposure, and so he tied the towel tighter around his waist. After he had all of the sushi bags in his hands, he continued talking to Jack, catching up on old news from the neighbourhood. As Jack was getting ready to say goodbye and head home for the night, Zach heard footsteps in the hallway behind him, and before he had a chance to turn around, Zach felt his towel fall to the floor, and saw Kevin walk past him, still wearing his tattered, sagging boxers.

Kevin introduced himself to Jack, pretending that nothing had happened, and quickly inviting Jack to join them for dinner. Jack was somewhat busy staring at Zach’s hard cock. Kevin snapped his fingers, momentarily grabbing Jack’s attention, which he managed to keep by explaining that Zach would have to remain naked as long as Jack remained there, and that he would be acting as their table.

Jack didn’t need any more convincing, but that didn’t stop Cody from pushing Nick out into Jack’s view, and explaining that Nick would be cleaning Zach off with his tongue.

Jack didn’t answer the invitation verbally, instead he walked in past Zach, taking a long look at Nick before taking in the rest of the partially dressed boys. Zach closed the hallway door, and was pulled cock first inside canlı kaçak bahis and instructed to climb up onto the table and lie on his back.

As he climbed up, Zach’s ass cheeks opened up, exposing his hole to Jack for the first time. Kevin grabbed Jack a beer as the other boys started to lay the sushi pieces strategically on Zach’s body. Kevin told Jack that he was over dressed, as Brendan and John pulled his shirt over his head revealing a tight upper body, complete with a treasure trail which lead between his abs, ending just above his tan line which sat above the waistband of his white boxer-briefs.

As the two boys ran their hands over Jack’s abs, Kevin got involved, around Jack’s waist, undoing his belt, and unzipping his fly. Jack’s pants pockets were full of coins from his full nights tips, and they fell to the floor without any further prompting from Kevin.

What everyone had assumed were boxer-briefs turned out to be little more than a waistband with a small pouch for Jack’s cock, and a tight fitting back that didn’t quite cover his ass. Jack had managed to stay relatively soft to this point, but the increasing attention he was getting became too much, and his cock grew.

With nowhere to go, Jack’s cock forced it’s way out the side of his tight pouch, exposing the top half of his cock to the boys. Kevin, standing behind Jack, hadn’t yet been treated to a view of his cock. This didn’t stop Kevin from pulling the fabric covering Jacks ass into Jacks ass Crack, exposing his cheeks, and tightening the pouch over Jacks cock, forcing more of his cock into view.

Jack grabbed a hold of John and Brendan’s cocks, squeezing them between his fingers. This was the first bit of attention either boy had publicly received this weekend, and both enjoyed it. Zach ruined the fun when he reminded everyone to eat, selfishly wanting to get dinner over with.

The boys sat around the table, and began pulling pieces of sushi off of Zach’s body. The pieces were spread all over Zach’s body, but the Wasabi and soy sauce were only available on Zach’s burning nipples, and on his cock and balls respectively. The boys started by using their sushi to dip in the condiments, but Jack had a better idea. Jack stood at the end of the table, leaned forward between Zach’s legs and licked the soy sauce off of Zach’s hard cock.

The remaining boys quickly followed suit, sometimes two at a time until the only thing they were licking off Zach was precum and each others saliva. The sushi, minus a few pieces saved for Zach, was all gone, and Nick began his duty, sucking all the remaining mess off of Zach’s body.

Nick left Zach’s cock for last. As Nick’s tongue started on Zach’s balls, Zach pulled his head off the table, watching his friend suck first on his balls, and then his cock. It didn’t take long before Zach’s back arched, and he shot his load onto his chest and abs as the boys looked on.

Cody told Nick to clean up after himself, but as the two argued, Jack quickly slurped up every drop of Zachs’s cum. Jack looked embarrassed, and only said that he had always wanted to do that. Zach smiled at Jack as Tom shrugged his shoulders and ripped Kevin’s boxers off of him, taking his hard cock in his hand, and pushing it into his mouth.

Brendan grabbed Nick’s cock, which he had some experience with, and began jerking him off. Nick immediately kissed Brendan, simultaneously pulling his low ride trunks down to his knees.

Cody, who had been trying to take in the sights to this point quickly found a warm mouth on his cock even before John had managed to pull the white compression shorts over his cock, throwing them across the room where they’d stay for the remainder of the weekend.

Zach quickly found his way to Jack, wanting to live out his own fantasy. As Zach pulled Jack’s cock free of his skimpy underwear, Jack removed the last piece of clothing still worn, John’s white boxer-briefs.

With this, the eight boys were all naked and devoured each others bodies. Tom, always wanting to be organized backed off of Kevin’s cock, stood on a chair asking for the groups attention.

Most reluctantly gave him their attention as they tugged on whichever cock they could reach. The only exception was Nick, who gave Tom’s cock his full oral attention. Tom had to pull Nick off of him, spanking his ass, adding that there was no question about why Nick was so submissive to Cody.

Tom proposed that they all work together to get one guy off at a time. Cody proposed that they start with Nick, who he had promised an enjoyable experience with the group. Everyone agreed, and Cody told Nick to close his eyes.

Nick felt ropes being tied all over his body as a blindfold was tied over his eyes. He secretly loved the idea of being bound again, particularly with Brendan and Cody. Nick quickly felt a warm breeze on his naked body as the boys walked him outside onto the patio.

Nick liked the idea of being naked outdoors, especially as he felt a warm set of lips on his cock, nipples, asshole, and mouth. It didn’t take long before Nick was on the edge of cumming, but what finally pushed him over the edge was the feeling of a cock head pushing it’s way deep inside him.

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