3 Families Vol. 03 Ch. 01

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Volume Three: Home Sweet Home

Chapter One: All Good Things

Edited By: Todger65

“Okay dinner is served.” Alex smiled as he brought over two plates, one with hotdogs and one with hamburgers. He saw his mom coming out with the chips and other food followed by Nicky and Aunt Vicky. “Right on time.” Alex smiled.

“Boy that looks good. What are y’all going to eat?” Nicky teased. The girls had told him about Nicky’s appetite now that she was expecting.

“Here you go Candy. Mom put the salad bowl down on the table. Candy had gone back to her healthy eating habits and might have a hamburger or hotdog as well for the protein but with no bun not wanting the carbs. Alex slid onto the bench next to Jo who grinned at him as she was already making her a plate. He felt Angel tap his shoulder.

“Can I have two?” Angel asked pointing at the hamburgers.

“Yes.” Alex smiled. Angel put two hamburgers between a bun and a little bit of salad on top of it and pushed it down. Girl took after Jo for sure.

“You all couldn’t wait for me.” Aunt Maggie joked as she walked up as everyone said hey. The gangs all here Alex thought as the eleven of them sat and started to eat.

“Well now that we got all of you together me and Liz like to talk to about something.” Aunt Vicky said looking down the table at the kids.

“What’s that?” Abbey asked munching away.

“Me and Aunt Vicky have been seeing each other for a little while now.” Mom smiled to her and reached out and took her hand.

“What?” Abbey said stopping mid chew. Alex was a little stunned but had had his suspicions, but he could tell he had been just as stunned by the news as everyone else.

“We didn’t want to rush things but she had been a great comfort to me since your father passed so we decided to tell you now that you’re all here.” Mom squeezed Vicky’s hand.

“Told you; pay up.” Izzy grinned at Kitty.

“Sure let me just pull the money out of my, oh wait.” Kitty looked down at her barely there bikini; a kid’s bathing suit would have covered more Alex thought. Unless she was keeping the money in her other purse Alex thought.

“You knew?” Aunt Vicky said as she looked at Izzy.

“You been way too happy mom, and I haven’t smelt any pot on you when I hug you so.” Izzy grinned; Aunt Vicky just shook her head at her daughter.

“We wanted to know if any of you have a problem with this.” Liz smiled and looked at them.

“Well Alex and Jo might.” Kitty teased as she grinned at them, she hadn’t stopped eating and just kept chewing her burger.

“Why is that?” Liz asked looking at him and Jo.

“They’re dating.” Abbey grinned.

“What.” Mom smiled.

“It’s about time.” Aunt Vicky teased.

“How long have you two.” Mom asked pointing at them.

“Oh! a few hours now.” Jo shrugged, though it felt like longer Alex thought, it had really been since the start of their winter quarter when they started living together.

“So no one has a problem with this?” Aunt Vicky asked. Alex glanced around but no one seemed to have any argument.

“No mom, I think I speak for everyone when I say we only want you two to be happy.” Alex stood up and walked over behind them and put his arms around them hugging them both.

“Thank you dear.” Mom smiled and kissed him on the cheek as did Aunt Vicky.

“So that brings up another topic; I am thinking about moving in here.” Vicky smiled.

“What about the trailer.” Izzy asked.

“I am giving it to Nicky, she is just about to have a baby and needs her own place and you two are going off to college and I don’t want to be there all alone, we will have to work something out when y’all visit.” Vicky shrugged. Alex sat back down as he felt Jo take his hand giving it a little subtle squeeze.

“Izzy can crash in my room with me and Jo and Alex can have his room.” Abbey smiled, Izzy just smiled and gave Abbey a little hug.

“But we should do it before the end of summer, So Jo and I can help move our stuff plus we will have Alex here to do the heavy lifting.” Izzy grinned at him.

“There won’t be a lot. The biggest thing will be your bed if you want to keep it. I am leaving all the furniture.” Vicky smiled. The girls talked the logistics of it and decided sometime next week which meant Alex should have his room back by then and though Nicky was moving out the house would get a whole lot fuller with the Miller girls moving in though he didn’t mind in the least.

Later That Night

Alexander toweled off his hair having gotten dressed after a nice long shower. They had gone swimming after dinner playing a little three way chicken. Since there was six of them, Angel had decided not to get back in, saying she didn’t like going under water. Alex could understand that since she would be both deaf and blind under the water. Alex and Abbey had won of course being the heavy weight team so to speak, even with Jo trying to cheat and trip him. Abbey had lost her top at one point which Alex didn’t get to see since she was on his shoulders.

Abbey had left with Kitty, Candy, Angel, and Izzy. Kitty invited bahis firmaları Alex and Jo saying that they were going to do some shots, teasing Alex that it could turn into a repeat of this morning but Alex knew he’d never survive if that did turn into an orgy. Abbey wanted to let Jo and Alex have her bed tonight if they wanted to get intimate, though Jo had teased her about she could stay and watch if she wanted to which had really flustered her but Alex thought he saw her think about it for a second. As he stepped out into the hall he ran into his sister Nicky.

“Oh hey, night.” Nicky smiled.

“Going to bed?” Alex asked.

“Yeah that late night swim plus I ate too much earlier; I swear I am going to be huge by the time the baby gets here.” Nicky smiled rubbing her belly.

“Just more of you to love.” Alex winked as he leaned in and gave her a kiss while softly touching her belly.

“Thanks.” Nicky kissed his cheek. “See you in the morning; you and Jo try not to make too much noise tonight.” Nicky teased touching his arm.

“No promises.” Alex grinned though he doubted they do anything, maybe make out if he could get her to. Though he was tired as well so he’d be fine with just cuddling as usual.

“You wake me up; I just might come join you.” She winked at him and headed for his old room.

“Jo wouldn’t mind.” Alex teased.

“I am sure she wouldn’t. Good night.” Nicky smiled and went into her room.

“Goodnight Nicky.” Alex smiled as she closed the door. He headed downstairs to see his mother and Aunt Vicky and Jo. Mom sat on the couch sideways as Jo sat beside her on the arm of the chair rubbing his moms back. Aunt Vicky sat on the other end as mom rubbed her back. Mom looked quite happy to be between the two red heads who were massaging her.

“Hey I thought you wanted me to give you a massage.” Alex grinned at mom.

“I found someone else to do it for me.” Mom smiled as she looked at Vicky. The more Alex thought about it the more he should have seen it, that his mom was happy. “I could get used to this.”

“Unless you want to start in the middle, though you have to ask my mom first, she might get jealous.” Jo teased.

“Fine I will just do your mom then.” Alex shrugged as he walked over and sat on the arm of the couch and started rubbing Aunt Vicky’s shoulders.

“Umm, that’s the spot.” Aunt Vicky laid her head back against him. From here he could see down the shirt she no doubt got from mom to sleep in. He had more than a nice view of her tits in the baggy shirt not to mention a view up his mom’s night gown to her panty clad pussy.

“Actually I think you already did her.” Jo teased him.

“Joanna.” Aunt Vicky said.

“Just saying.” Jo shrugged as she grinned at him. “Plus I wanted to see the look on Alex’s face.”

“We were talking about it before you came down sweetheart.” Mom said looking at Alex.

“I just don’t want what we did to affect your relationship with Joanna; I told your mom all about you and me when the two of us started dating.” Aunt Vicky looked up as she touched his hand rubbing it.

“It’s okay, you don’t mind though if me and Aunt Liz go have a little fun to make it even.” Jo laughed as she put and an arm around Alex’s mom.

“Joanna.” Mom laughed at Jo.

“What your still a beautiful woman, I can see why mom likes you.” Jo smiled as she hugged her.

“Thank you dear.” Mom said as she turned and gave Jo a light peck and rubbed her arm.

“Knock yourselves out, Alex can keep me company. I hear you two are quite the swingers already.” Aunt Vicky teased.

“Well actually we weren’t a couple yet then so it didn’t count. We haven’t even had sex yet.” Jo shrugged as she leaned back and started rubbing Alex’s mom’s shoulders again.

“What don’t know where it goes?” Aunt Vicky teased her.

“I know where it goes mom.” Jo smirked at Aunt Vicky. “I am just used to being the one putting it there.”

“It’s just you know, I am nervous I never been with a guy, I know girls, I mean I spent enough years you know, on myself. I know how to pleasure them.” Jo said.

“I can attest to that.” Alex raised his hand playfully. Jo threw him a smirk and shook her head at him.

“Come here sweetheart.” Mom said as she folded her legs, sat up and patted the couch between her and Aunt Vicky. Jo came over and sat down.

“I am sure Alex will be plenty patient with you.” Aunt Vicky rubbed her leg.

“It’s not Alex being patient I am worried about mom.” Jo shrugged. “I love Alex, always have. He is the only guy I have had feelings for, I mean ever.”

“Then what is the problem.” Mom said as she brushed a hair from her face. Alex knew but he didn’t feel it was his place to say or his secret to share.

“I just, what if I can’t you know. Please him. You know sexually.” Jo shrugged as she looked at him.

“Jo.” Alex said as he came over. Aunt Vicky made room and he sat beside her.

“I want to be with Alex but it’s a little scary for me.” Jo shrugged, Alex took her hand. He hadn’t considered that. Technically she was a virgin in that regard.

“I kaçak iddaa mean the only sexual experience I have about guys is a few pornos Alex had that I watched.” Jo had a soft laugh under her breath.

“What you watched straight porn?” Alex teased trying to lighten the mode.

“Threesome mostly, can’t just go cold turkey, got to have my girls in there.” Jo teased him back. That sounded more like it. “I also started taking birth control again. You know. This isn’t some spur of the moment thing, I been thinking about this for a while.” Jo squeezed his hand. “Part of me just doesn’t want to be a disappointment in bed. I know Alex won’t be from what I seen and what Candy has told me, and you liked it enough to go back for seconds.”

“Well.” Aunt Vicky shrugged and nodded.

“There anything you two don’t tell each other.” Mom laughed at them. “I mean don’t get me wrong, I think it is great.”

“Not much.” Jo smiled at him. “Plus there is the whole, you know cock- a-saurus, when we do, do it, I am going to be sore for a week.” Jo laughed.

“You get used to it sweetie.” Mom ran her fingers through Jo’s hair.

“Though I feel you sweetie, it is a lot to take in.” Aunt Vicky smiled as she reached over and touched Jo’s arm.

“Ha, ha. Mom, next you tell me it’s a real mouth full.” Jo smirked.

“If you want, your mom could show you a few things.” Aunt Liz looked at them.

“What?” Jo and Alex said at the same time.

“I am not the jealous type sweet heart; hell knows I tried to get Frank into a threesome or two but it wasn’t his thing, he was a one woman kind of man which I truly did love about him.” Mom shrugged. “I don’t know how you feel about sharing Alex with your mom but I am okay with it, hell if I didn’t think it’d bother Alex I join you two lovely redheads.”

“I guess that depends on how mom feels about me having sex with Aunt Liz.” Jo laughed. “Hey you slept with my boyfriend.” Jo grinned at her.

“He wasn’t your boyfriend at the time but it doesn’t bother me in the least.” Aunt Vicky teased.

“So you’re saying if I kiss her right now you wouldn’t be the least bit jealous.” Jo grinned.

“Nope.” Aunt Vicky shrugged.

“Okay.” Jo turned towards his Mom. “I’m going to do it.”

“Just make it good.” Aunt Vicky said. Jo shrugged and leaned in softly kissing mom as if waiting for Aunt Vicky to stop her, a few seconds later though soft pecking became smooching which quickly turned into a full blown make out session. The sight of Jo’s tongue sliding into his mom’s mouth was hot as hell. Alex knew Jo had a little thing for older women but up until today didn’t know why. Aunt Vicky began to softly caress his leg and just made gave him a smile when he looked at her. Jo and Mom’s lips slowly parted and Jo sat back and did her typically tell of touching her lips meaning she liked it.

“Well?” Aunt Vicky asked looking over at his mom.

“Not bad; a little to direct for my taste.” Mom smiled. “You got the passion Joanna, you just lack the seduction.”

“What’s that mean?” Jo smirked. Alex knew all too well Jo was about as subtle as going fishing with dynamite. She calmed a lot since starting college but she still had her moments.

“Here let me show you, you don’t mind if I kiss Alex do you.” Aunt Vicky grinned.

“Go ahead.” Jo shrugged. Aunt Vicky touched his face and pulled his chin towards her.

“Do I get a say in this?” Alex laughed.

“Not really.” Jo teased. Not that he’d say no unless it bothered Jo. Aunt Vicky leaned in and kissed him softly pecking at his lips.

“Take your time, enjoy it.” She said softly, her breath on his lips. Even when they started to really kiss she took her time. It was very soft and sensual. She gently pulled away. “When you kiss someone, you should make them want more, tease them a little. Leave them always wanting more.” Aunt Vicky touched his chin and turned it towards Jo. “Guys like a girl who plays hard to get, but not too hard to get.”

“I don’t know about that I been playing hard to get and Alex never stop chasing.” Jo grinned as she leaned in.

“Yeah but he finally got you didn’t you.” Aunt Vicky teased. Jo was smiling as they kissed. This time she was taking her time like her mom had said; more lips than tongue. He knew how good she was with that tongue seeing her put it to good use. After a few seconds she playfully snipped at his lips with her teeth which made them laugh but they stayed close. “That’s it. Have fun with it.” Jo went back in kissing him again but just when he was getting really into it she playfully snip at him then come back at him with her soft lips. “You’re teenagers, you got nothing but time.”

“Lean away dear.” Mom said to Jo. “Make Alex come to you. Guys love the chase.”

“I think that’s what she been doing for years now.” Aunt Vicky teased. Jo and Alex laughed but they didn’t stop kissing even as Jo leaned back allow Alex to press in. Maybe not as much as he wanted to as he softly touched her face, she grabbed his shoulder for support then ran her hand up to his neck. Alex had to admit it felt weird with their kaçak bahis moms watching them make out but he wondered if it was why Jo seemed more comfortable. She felt safe; was that why she said it was okay for them to bring others into the bed he wondered, though only for half a second as she bit at his lip and playfully pulled away tugging at it. He ran his hand down to her neck and pulled her back taking a little more charge as he kissed her deeply before he pulled away grinning leaving her there with her eyes closed and her lips partly opened, wanting more from him. Jo opened her eyes and covered her mouth actually blushing a little as she gave him a playful push.

“Not bad, there is hope for you kids yet.” Aunt Vicky teased. “So you two crazy love birds actually do anything yet, besides kiss. I mean at your little foursome.”

“Well I was going to give him a hand job earlier or started to in the shower afterwards but Candy interrupted and I chickened out.” Jo shrugged and grinned at him.

“Well how was it Alex?” Mom grinned over at him.

“Okay I guess, I mean we didn’t do it for that long.” Alex shrugged.

“Well why don’t you pull it out and she can show us.” Aunt Vicky smiled.

“What?” Alex said.

“Come on Alex don’t be shy.” Jo teased as she rubbed his shoulder.

“If it bothers you baby I can go, or…” Mom began to say.

“No mom, it’s okay.” Alex shrugged; part of him wanted her to see it. He reached down and tugged his pants and boxers down showing off his cock.

“What girls making out in front of you not make you hard?” Aunt Vicky teased. He was semi hard but not full blown there yet.

“He is kind of used to that mom.” Jo rubbed his shoulder.

“Well let me see you do it.” Aunt Vicky smiled at her.

“Just like that?” Jo laughed.

“He is your boyfriend; I just want to see how you handle him.” Aunt Vicky smiled. Alex debated how to handle this. He didn’t want to put pressure on Jo to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with but he also knew she was comfortable here with their moms watching.

“Okay.” Jo said as she reached over softly grabbed his cock. “Feels funny soft.” Jo laughed as she began to slowly stroke his cock. It didn’t take Alex long to get hard in her hands as she softly stroked him; slowly get more confident as she did.

“Not too fast dear.” Aunt Vicky said as she caressed Alex’s leg.

“Twist your wrist dear.” Mom smiled.

“What?” Jo glanced at her but kept slowly stroking his cock.

“Like you’re polishing something.” Mom shrugged not sure how to explain what she meant.

“Can you show me; you don’t mind do you Alex.” Jo looked at Alex, he saw a little smile.

“No go ahead.” Alex shrugged trying to play it cool. Jo smiled and leaned back as she let go of his dick she slid her hand to his thigh softly caressing the inside of his thigh.

“Here like this.” Mom leaned over Jo as she scooted closer. As she did she showed off her nice huge tits as they hung in her night gown. Alex knew he wasn’t the only one probably looking. Jo sure as hell was. Mom gripped his cock and moved her wrist back and forth as she worked it up and down along his shaft.

“Oh.” Jo shrugged as she watched. As far as he knew Jo might have known what she meant and was just playing dumb though he sure as hell didn’t mind mom doing it for her he thought, and Jo didn’t seemed to mind being pinned in by mom and her huge tits as they rubbed against Jo. “Just a lot of cock to handle.”

“I’ll say.” Aunt Vicky grinned.

“Yeah I do miss it sometimes.” Mom smiled as she glanced at Jo.

“Well parts of her do anyways.” Aunt Vicky teased. Mom just tossed her a glance. “Don’t forget to play with his balls.” Aunt Vicky said she clutched them softly strumming the trimmed hairs with her fingers. Jo moved her hand and reached under the shirt of his she had borrowed and began to caress herself through her panties. Alex grinned when he noticed her, she blushed a little. It was weird as hell to see Jo blush and act all girly. Jo smiled as she took his hand putting it in her lap and softly rubbed it against her panties. Alex softly began to caress her pussy through her panties, feeling her soft pink pussy lips which clung to her moist panties, her very noticeable clit which he ran a single finger around as she let a soft sigh escape her lips in response.

“Enjoying the show.” Aunt Vicky teased. Jo shrugged and smiled at her.

“How do you, you know, fit that in your mouth. I saw Kitty do it but she has a big mouth anyways.” Jo shrugged. “I mean, I hear stories of girls deep throating guys, but you can’t really deep throat that can you.” She said. She had been rather interested of Kitty sucking on it earlier Alex thought.

“Oh no sweet heart.” Aunt Liz smiled at her. “Well you can but not all of it. We can show you if you like?”

“I guess.” Jo shrugged shyly.

“Why don’t we go upstairs?” Mom smiled at them.

“Okay.” Jo nodded for the both of them. She was up before Alex even had his pants on and took his hand in hers. Ms. Vicky led the way. Alex couldn’t help but watch that nice still very tight panty clad ass twitch back and forth as she walked. Mom stopped to check on the baby though she said she slept most of the night now. Alex went into the room as Jo playfully pushed him onto the bed.

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